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Honestly Speaking by LL

26 Sept 08,

Dear Administrator,

I have read the articles & Comments posted over the last week, and wish to respond as follows :

KUDOS to DKAY (2sen worth of Opinion posted 16 Sept 08)
Kay, I wish more will ask the questions you did (a-f). All that you said
and asked made so much sense—it showed clear understanding of the
real issues we are confronting and what indeed is at stake:

“displaying high integrity in attitude, behavior and actions is the one expression that shows everyone - we belong to Christ.”

I commend your direct to the point questions & comments. Sorry, if I had been one of those who “were not direct enough ” ( at EGM) in posing our concerns & questions. Nevertheless, I did write a 14 Pg ‘Unanswered Questions at EGM’ posted in the Blog, which I believed I have asked very direct questions and given frank views.
)Unfortunately neither the BOD nor Sr.Pastor-CEO would give any answer, not even to a single question! (But non-reply it seems is a policy, it was the same for all previous Letters I have written in which no answer to any question was ever given)

Your so called ‘2sen worth’ -- on the contrary is a gem of a contribution. In fact I hope what you shared would be able to open the eyes of those who are still not able to grasp the actual issues, to see clearly what concerned Calvarites are pursuing.

By the way, I would strongly urge you to send it as is to the BOD & SR. Pastor-CEO & all pastors directly via email or by post. ( Because, they are likely to miss reading it here)

I would like to highlight the few thoughts you shared, which in every sense & intent are exactly the views I & those sincerely who are pressing on for this cause, have about them. Quote:

“d) CIM - I find the matter of the "seed fund" a very strange matter. Personally, Sr Ps and Ps Peter have told BCM students year in and year out that we are called by God and that we live by faith. That when we are called to do what we destined to do, we depend on God and HE will provide for us. We have been told that we are not to look to the church and depend on it to support us. The money that is given from faith promise to support us is minimal so that we might learn to live by faith.”

“Honestly, I struggled with great mental "dissonance" when I heard Sr Ps's reply because what he has said to BCM students and what he is doing for CIM is entirely different.”

“The money was given away in "secrecy" simply because of the failure of the BOD to check with the members if the members were ok with gift. So, in principle - it is a tainted gift - faulty in the name of integrity. The monies should all be returned to the Church accounts.”

“For me, right now, my pastor has a "money" issue. I am really sorry but I can't help but see him as clinging on to a gift, one that are not supported by members. Even if there just be 800 or 2000 voices against this gift - is that not already the shrieking siren of bells for a servant of God that all is not right?”
( It appears more than money issue to me, it’s covetousness: the latest Calvary News 3-pg advertisement says a lot.)

“If Sr Ps believes that GOD will supply all his needs and walks the talk, then I hope that Sr Ps will let this money go.”

“And since Ps Wirachai Kowae's name was mentioned at the EGM, let me say that his ministry - Compassion of Christ - is so different from what our BOD have done for CIM. Compassion of Christ survives on its own.”
(I’m so glad you bought up this fact. I feel indignant how BOD could bring themselves to compare white with black. I do not wish to *elaborate here, but enough is said how church funds have been used to make the latter look good.)

(An extract from Unanswered Questions)

The questions raised herein merely touches the surface of the serious issues the church faces, and are by no means exhaustive. There is just too much to ask since the issues go way back in years. And whatever has been discovered to date is just the tip of the iceberg. Besides CIM, other major issues surrounding CCC and Calvary Land, such as their financial and ownership status among others, need thorough investigation too.

What has been covered under the scope of Mr. KK Wong and the forensic accountants was limited in scope, and the former was not investigative in nature. *There are many people within and without who possess material information and firsthand knowledge, and can be asked to testify and reveal facts on the various issues.

Hence, the proposed setting–up of a TRUTH COMMISSION is essential. Until the church comes clean with the truth and not sweep matters under the carpet or simply whitewash them, Calvary Church cannot claim nor can expect to be a good testimony to the community.

It is simply untenable for the church to remain in its present state.


1.Would you sign-up for the call to set up the TRUTH COMMISSION ?

2. Would you sign-up for the REVIEW of CHURCH CONSTITUTION?

3. Would you Sign-up for the *Stipends and Benefits of the Pastorial Board
to be made known?

* the Stipends/EPF /Socso as stated in 2007 Report stands at RM 2,870,602
(and this excludes the EXTENDED MINISTRIES’ i.e. the Head of Department
& their staff account for another approx RM500,000.

The total would be over RM3.3 MILLION.

Liza Low

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All These Mud-Slinging

Things are really getting heated up here. We would like to remind all Concerned Members, to be careful of what we say in our Comments. Please do not mention anything that is personal with regards to people who are not involved in this whole Saga. We have intentionally deleted a Comment from this blog which we felt was attacking persons who are really not a part of and should not be dragged into this whole discussion.

Let us all stay focused on the IMPORTANT ISSUES HERE. This comment sums up our thoughts quite simply. Thanks Chic Kee

Chic Kee said...

I am glad SS brought out something I always wanted to say:

“Yes, it is sad that all these mud-slinging by SP supporters, TT supporters and self proclaimed neutral parties are being seen by the whole world. The amazing thing is that when I check around, I found out that neither SP or any pastor or any deacon has approached the TT group to try to stop all this blogging and find an amicable solution to resolve the conflict. They don't seem to care at what's happening. so the mud-slinging goes on....”

Has anyone seeing and replying to this blog ever thought of this:

1) SP being in the centre of the controversy, our shepherd, who has a higher calling and knows he should lead us – HAS NOT COME OUT AND NIP THE TROUBLE IN THE BUD AND EXPLAINED EVERYTHING.

2) Right at the start when SP sensed something was wrong, should he not being our spiritual leader meet the “truth seeking” group and his Deacons and sort things out. If what SP perceived is not wrong, should he not for the sake of peace and for Christian love, do something about it?

3) The so called “illegal” meetings outside the church, this blog and all the slander being posted would and should not have happened at all.

4) All those who posted their remarks on the blog should show love for each other – pro or against SP.

5) The person who advocates people to go to another church (naming some) because they could not be spiritually fed in Calvary should not have suggested that. Fancy driving sheep out of the fold. Instead of checking and putting things right – why were they not fed spiritually but rather an easy way is chosen – GET OUT!

This would never be our Good Shephard’s way as He left the 99 to seek the one that is lost. Imagine a child in a family who rebelled against the father as she is not happy with what the father is doing with certain things. Would the father not talk to his daughter first and if everything fails, would he the father ask his daughter to get out of the home??


If changes need to be made – make them!! Let us not wait until God comes down in judgment as He is the one that can see the motives of every heart.

If the administrator wishes to put this as a main item instead of a comment, please feel free to do so.

I pray that God will help everyone to think right and resolve things SOON!

September 22, 2008 8:40 PM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Simple August 15th 2008 (EGM) by TS

Wow, things are really going around or rather heating up. Did not know that there are so many differing opinions and strong views out there. Calvary Today Administrators thank you all for your honest and frank opinions. We view all these siblings debates as just debates, nothing more. In your debates and comments, please do not let your emotions overcome you and turn these debates into a feud. But we believe Calvarites are matured people. We can have differences and yet be united in one body. Unity in diversity, that's what makes life wonderful and exciting.

However, we now want to bring you back to IMPORTANT ISSUES, and one of the main reasons for this blog. How do we move on from here? Here's a little recap on what happened at the recent EGM which we borrowed from "The Spikeee" because it is simple to read. The young writer of this summary is not one of our known TT Members. (Actually there is no register of TT members. We don't even know how many "sympathisers or supporters" we have and it does not matter because there are no different camps. We are all still part of one house, our Father's house called Calvary Church)

My Simple August the 15th 2008 by The Spikeee

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

I'll try to capture the highlights of the EGM with what i deem as interesting details.

By the time we reached, the EGM just began with the introduction of Reverend Dr. (Honorary) Pastor Delmer Guynes, as the guest Chairman-cum-Moderator for proceedings. The EGM was also observed by the General Superintendent of the AOGM, Rev Ong Sek Leang. We were sitting much further behind, hence we could not really see who else was there. Proceedings began with a presentation of 3 points in the agenda by the various deacons and interspersed with professional comments and explanations by the two independent investigators (that were hired by the BOD) , one Lawyer KK Wong and the other , a Forensic Accountant.

Summary (and i agree with the summary):

1) CIM and CARED are not liable to be sued or to sue
2) There is no basis for any forms of suspicions of CBT nor Dishonesty
3) All legal investigations were done via a poring through the documents (as provided). There were NO verbal investigation with the said parties.
4) There are also no irregularities discovered in the accounts and financial statements


5) The Forensic Accountant noted that there was a lack of transparency and accountability and governance in the way the accounts were tabled and handled.

T.B.H.U. (Things Begin to Heat Up)

Announcing the beginning of the Q&A Session. Once again, i'm just going to highlight a number of questions or incidents that i feel are worthy to be remembered and taken note of.

Incident #1

Premise : Datuk KC (very calmly, i have to add) asked for a clarification to see if the Minutes of Meetings (that were provided) were the genuine original copies.

Verdict : KK Wong (Legal Inquirer) admitted that there was no forgery inquiry towards the materials used for his legal investigation.

Incident #2

Premise : A variety of concerned church members inquired as to the thin-line seperating CIM and CC, and why there was a need for two seperate entities to perform the same objectives, and finally on the issue of the initial seed fund as 'donated' by the Missions Department to CIM

Verdict : I don't believe there were any real answers given due to the fact that the deacons kept reusing different ways of coining the same message in a variety of creative manners. Generally, the large amounts of monies transferred into CIM is not justified both spiritually nor morally.

Incident #3

Premise : The concerned church members who wanted to voice out were constantly reminded to ask just 2 questions, although the BOD mentioned that this EGM was a forum for discussion and a voicing out of opinions and questions. I do understand why the Chairman had to halt things, but to the point of turning their microphones off?

Verdict : The BOD disappointed many by saying one thing (agreeing that the EGM was a forum) but followed through with only allowing 2 questions per person. Datuk KC Lim at one point asked the Chairman "Mr. Chairman, wouldn't you want to help keep the word of the BOD by allowing more time to speak?"

Incident #4

Premise : Disillusioned Faithful Elders Issue :

A number of elders (members who have been faithful for many years) spoke out that , although they have been faithful in giving and in serving all these years, they are now disillusioned when they see how the money they faithfully give (to God) has been used (misused?).

Ronnie Lew proceeded by asking why so much of the money was spent of Travelling Expenses

Verdict : Senior Pastor himself responded by saying that ministry requires travelling.
Alas, this was a very feeble explanation, as almost everyone knows that you don't require RM78k a year to travel 4-5 times? That's some expensive ride, bro!

Incident #5

Premise : Were they really malicious allegations? (As alleged by the BOD during the after-service announcement in all the church services)

Issue : A sister explained that they have been fasting and praying for months now, and that she wants to hear directly from the BOD on whether what they have done (prior to the statment by the BOD) are truly Malicious?

Verdict : 'Shockingly', none of the deacons said anything (concrete) , possibly for fear of the repercussions of their allegation, or the misuse of the term 'Malicious'. A younger lawyer then spoke up saying that he read an email (which was later found to be sent only AFTER the statement by the BOD) which was truly Malicious.

Some of the interesting (some questionable) things that happened throughout the EGM was :

1) The vocal support (applauses, cheers, shouts of encouragement) that a large majority of church members gave to the concerned members' questions regarding transparency, accountability, truth, morality and good governance.

2) The vocal "support" that the front portion of the sanctuary gave to a number of those who were asking totally legit questions by telling them to Shaddap! And the most interesting thing that happened in this EGM was ... *drum rolls* The parking lot in Tongkah Building was packed to the brim and so was the sanctuary! It was even fuller than 2nd service (lately)! Wheee!.

Update Conclusion

I feel that it was a very important night for the church, because after yesterday, it seems that a large majority of the church realize what needs to be done, and less people are on the fence today. From the applauses and vocal agreement, we are able to see that there is a much larger group of church goers who agree on the need for transparency, accountability and the likes.

Also, it is worth to note that although the legal and forensic advisors concluded that there was nothing wrong or irregular (now it's slightly different, with the minutes of meetings unverified of its' originality), it does not mean that the moral and ethical issue is resolved.

The issues of the heart cannot be resolved that easily. It needs to be resolved by the leader himself. I'd like to say that i do believe that God was in total control of everything that happened. I believe this because i believe that in anything good or bad, God is ALWAYS in control.

Nothing happens without God allowing it to happen. Yes, i'm saying that all the things said (and not allowed to be said (example, the first lady who went up to give her observations was disallowed from speaking by the Chairman and a large majority of a boo-ing congregation)) and all the things that have happened is brought to the fore because of the prayers of the people for Truth.

All this has happened not because of any ambitions (no, i don't want to take over the church) but because everyone just wants the church to begin thriving in the work of the Lord all over again!

My simple August the 15th is now over!

2 Sen Worth of Opinion by DK

This comment was posted by one of our readers. We post it here with permission.

Dear Administrator,
I give permission to have my comments posted as you see fit. However, I want to stress this and appreciate if you would add it to my comments - that I am not against BOD or any of the pastors and neither am I part of the TT team.

I am a Calvarite who has been and is still concerned with what has been brewing over these past months in our church, particularly the matter of the CIM, CARED and Missions accounts. Due to unavoidable work commitments, I missed the AGM but decided that I would attend the EGM, hoping that the BOD and Snr Ps would clear the air and the queries that I wanted answers to.

Sadly, this did not happen. What I saw was really a use of the legal law and financial law on the members - to prove that no "technical mis-handling of funds" had occured. Using such tools available is fine but I wonder if the BOD realise what they were telling the members? Being told that any money that I give to God is "absolute gift" is perfectly fine - if GOD is directly handling the money because HE is perfect and I trust HIM with my life.

However, hearing this from a church, governed by mortals with limitations - is like telling me that once I give the money, then whoever receives it can do what he, she or they want with it. I believe this - "In GOD, we trust; others, show me clean hands, hearts and minds!" I can't accept this legal information because we are human beings and we must be accountable to those who give especially in financial matters - for too many servants of God have fallen by the wayside when they gave in to the temptation of money.

In fact, at BCM, where I studied my first degree, our lecturers - most of them pastors, have always told us to always practise accountability and if it was possible, do not decide on money matters - let that be handled by those who are professionally trained to do what is right and have controls that show you are constantly practising accountability and transparency.

Next, at BCM when I learned the subject Church and Law and later about Church Management, my lecturers have constantly reminded us that we should always pay attention to the Spirit of the Law and not the Letter of the Law. You may have the law on yourside but as Christians, we have a higher calling. We need to look at the Integrity issue of the entire matter. If not, how does that make us different from the people who do what is right legally or financially, but do not know Christ?

I believe displaying high integrity in attitude, behavior and actions is the one expression that shows everyone - we belong to Christ. And that is what I had hoped that the TT group would have brought up that night. I guess that a member or two did try - but they were not direct enough.

What I want to know is this:

a) CIM - It is a personal ministry of Sr Ps and at its launch, we were told about the RM30K seed money. How come the BOD can inform us of this but giving RM200K - is not informed to the members? Does the BOD consider that RM200K is so small a figure ( mind you - an average person does not earn that much in a single year! ) that it should not be tabled at the AGM? And it is kept quiet for 6 years? Ironic, don't you think that RM30K is announced by RM200K is kept silent? Why? Do the BOD realise that omission(failure to speak the truth) is also a wrong? Have not one of them ever checked their hearts and spirits in the past 6 years - each time they authorised the payments?

b) CIM - Before CIM was formed, disbursements of all designated funds were through the Missions Dept and they had been doing this for many years. I can't reconcile the fact that once CIM came into the picture, the Missions Dept lost its capacity to do what they have been doing for the past decades? So, why the switch? What purpose does it serve? Saying that they have the same objectives will render that one of them - Missions Dept or CIM as obselete?

c)CIM - BOD said that all designated funds given, even though from CARED or CIM - recipients were told, the gift was from Calvary Church - my question, why the roundabout way of doing something? Why not go direct? What was the objective for doing this?

d) CIM - I find the matter of the "seed fund" a very strange matter. Personally, Sr Ps and Ps Peter have told BCM students year in and year out that we are called by God and that we live by faith. That when we are called to do what we destined to do, we depend on God and HE will provide for us. We have been told that we are not to look to the church and depend on it to support us. The money that is given from faith promise to support us is minimal so that we might learn to live by faith.

So, my question - why is there a need for such a large "seed" fund? Sr Ps says that we need money to do ministry - correct - then should the way be - to pray and God will provide. Sr Ps could come before us anytime with the burden that God put in his heart, and I believe that Calvarites would respond generously. Honestly, I struggled with great mental "dissonance" when I heard Sr Ps's reply because what he has said to BCM students and what he doing for CIM is entirely different.

And since Ps Wirachai Kowae's name was mentioned at the EGM, let me say that his ministry - Compassion of Christ - is so different from what our BOD have done for CIM. Compassion of Christ survives on its own - of course, Romyen Church, the BOD with the ok of its members, does give support -but much of the funds for ministry comes from Ps Wirachai's sharing of his vision to those he meets and the books that he writes and sells. And I have great respect for PS Wirachai because he has many times, brought out his own money to fund the ministry of Compassion of Christ than to look to Romyen. Many times, he tells me that God never fails.

e) The accounts show that much money in CIM was used for travelling - it did not have details but quite a substantial sum was shown. I may be wrong but as far as I know, when one is invited as a speaker to crusades, the chances are that your air-ticket is paid by the organisation that invites you. The same go for accomodation, though food and etc could be another matter. If the church that invites you is small, then, yeah, being more financially able, you, the speaker would pay for some of the expenses or so. Many times, however, when you speak and pay your airfare, there is a high possibility that the church would take an offering for you to help meet your expenses. Usually, when one speaks, it is often for a few churches too.

So, my question - why the high expense account for travelling overseas? It is fine with me if the money was used to build churches, to build orphanages, etc - but I was really surprised to see "travelling" as the large expense on the account.

f) Monies in CIM and CARED - I think that saying the money is an absolute gift and even vouching that it will be used for ministry is not good enough. Why? The money was given away in "secrecy" simply because of the failure of the BOD to check with the members if the members were ok with gift.

So, in principle - it is a tainted gift - faulty in the name of integrity. The monies should all be returned to the Church accounts. Then, the BOD can table this with the members - so that a consensus is reached and the gift is given openly. But this was not said nor did the BOD push for it at the EGM. To me, this matter has not been resolved.

There is a need for the BOD to regain their level of integrity with the members, like me and if I am not wrong - many similar ones. No one should call for your resignations - but seriously ask yourself, in all that you have done in respect of CIM, CARED and MISSIONS - have you done your duly best to protect the interests of the members who have put you there?

If you were an ordinary member, would you approve of what you have done? If you have doubts, then perhaps, you need to apologise and take that decision to vacate your seat, so that others who will do protect the interests of the members can occupy that seat.

Sr Ps too needs to regain his integrity and it starts with returning the money from CIM and CARED. For me, right now, my pastor has a "money" issue. I am really sorry but I can't help but see him as clinging on to a gift, one that are not supported by members. Even if there just be 800 or 2000 voices against this gift - is that not already the shrieking siren of bells for a servant of God that all is not right?

If Sr Ps believes that GOD will supply all his needs and walks the talk, then I hope that Sr Ps will let this money go. Hasn't Sis Petrina said many times at the altar? - Only when you let go of what you are holding, when you open your palms and look to God, can God fill your hands with more than you can hold!

That is my 2sens worth. Thank you and I apologise sincerely, if my words have been unduly harsh.


September 16, 2008 3:03 AM

Monday, September 22, 2008

BOD's Reply to LL's Open Letter

A couple of you have asked if Liza & Grace received any reply to their letters.
Here's Liza's personal reply to you Concerned Members who asked the following questions.

1) I would really like to know what happened or what actions has been taken by the church after the EGM?

As far as I know as shown in this blog, there are a number of us who wrote to the BOD to follow-up on the issues raised.and asked for specific answers and actions. However, unfortunately, there is no concrete course of action forthcoming from the BOD. I would suggest all concerned members who CARE, to write to the BOD for their plan of action in writing.

2) Sis. Grace and Lisa, did both of you receive any reply from the BOD with regards to your letters?

I received what I discovered was a standard ( template) reply to my 14 page letter, on 18 Sept 08 from the BOD. Perhaps you would like to read the *OPEN LETTER, 2nd time if you had read it once and then read the reply to understand what the concerned members are up against.*( entitled Questions Unanswered at the EGM 15 aug 08--posted in the blog)

3) Anyone of you have seen and read the two reports and recommendations from the external parties?

I have made the request in my Open Letter to the BOD--unfortunately, they did not even acknowledge this request in their reply. It would of course be very useful to read and know the A-Z of these reports. As a matter of fact, I would have thought it is not even necessary that we as members have to ask-- because in the light of the serious nature of the issues, the REPORTS should be made readily available at the church office and to any member who wishes to have copies. The BOD only believe in Transparency, but not practicing it . It's just paying lip service.

In Respond to Diana's comments "why are we celebrating...?"

Well, quite frankly all these events are just 'red herring' hopefully, they wish to divert attention from the efforts of the concerned group to raise awareness of all that has taken place--CIM & Missions episode is just one of them. There are also, CCC and Calvary land. How I wish they see it as you have--then what truly matters will be addressed, and not be white-washed. Nevertheless, there are many who believed this has to come out in the OPEN, for the good of the church. As we all know God is long suffering, but He will never condone sin.

Here's what Liza also furnished us to update you on her behalf. Grace also received a same letter as this. We have chosen to identify the Deacons and Pastors by initials on purpose and not because of Liza's typing error.

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 1:10 AM, FLF wrote:

Dear Liza

Thank you for your email dated 30 August 08.The Board of Deacons appreciates your taking time to provide various inputs concerning the Church.

Please be assured that the Board of Deacons also has the interests of the church at heart. Please pray for us continually that God's will concerning the Church be done always.

From time to time, the Calvary Family will be informed on the progress of the commitments made by the Board of Deacons at the EGM held on 15 August 2008.

May the Lord bless you and your family.

on behalf of the Board of Deacons

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: liza low
Date: Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 9:10 PM


Dear B ,

Thank you for the courteous reply herein. However, I have to express my disappointment that none of the questions and proposed solutions in my 14 page letter was addressed. I had honestly hoped and look forward to the BOD to finally respond with AFFIRMATIVE actions, and not some vague response and open ended 'commitment'.

However,very sadly, it did not come about. In fact, the absence of resolve to confront the specifics, showed concerned members' efforts to press for truth had yet to be taken seriously by the BOD. The attitude of the BOD up to this minute, showed Deacons have not grasped the gravity of the crisis-- instead of tackling the root issues with utmost urgency & priority, the BOD busy themselves with trivialities of activities. This is regrettable.

Calvary church's integrity of Christian conduct of those charged with the responsibilities to uphold the Kingdom's values will remain tarnished as long as continued denial of all the issues raised are real, and the all-out attempt to justify what is wrong to be right, persist.

May all of you have the boldness and courage to face-up to the crisis and act with wisdom-- God fearing. This is my prayer.

In God we trust,
Liza Low

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Questions from a Matured Heart

This comment was posted by one of our readers. We post it here with permission.

Dear Administrator,

I give permission to have my comments posted as you see fit. However, I want to stress this and appreciate if you would add it to my comments - that I am not against BOD or any of the pastors and neither am I part of the TT team.

Dear Hong Meng,

Thank you for sharing the history of Calvary Church. However, I believe the motivation that caused you to write this article is actually in connection with the announcement of the Thanksgiving Dinner to be held on October 2008 at the Sunway Convention Centre for the Calvary Family.

My comment is this: I think that whether Calvary Church is 40 years or more, is not the fundamental issue that should be focused on. In the light of the current state of affairs in the church, concentrating on this issue could be a distraction from the main issues that are still not addressed. Besides history is always written from a person's perspective and many times, historians find out that history can be faulty in certain points due to the writer's point of view. Documentaries that we watch in ASTRO, do at times speak about how the truth of a matter is far from the history that we popularly know.

Even in the Bible, the Synoptic Gospels stands as good examples (at least that is what I think I caught from my pastors at BCM.) Each book was written to specific audience and what values that they held dear to their hearts and minds. It also took in their culture which really is not much different in how we deal with the world today. What the apostles did was to enter the world of the audience and explain GOD's truths and principles as they would understand. Let me explain that the authors did not bend God's fundamental truths but used illustrations, object lessons and explanations that their audiences could understand.

I am sorry, Hong Meng, but I fail to grasp what point you are trying to bring across to us in detailing the history. What I fear, glancing from the comments that have been posted in response to your article, is that people have now been left with an even poorer image of Sr Pastor. I am not supporting him but if we were to walk in another's shoes, do we want people to do this to us? In my heart, I hope that this was never your intention and from what I know of you, I don't believe it ever was.

The real issue that I think should be questioned is this:

Why is Calvary Church holding a Thanksgiving Dinner when the church has not settled many outstanding issues and conflicts that are present today?

Can anyone tell me if the steps that the BOD mentioned at the EGM are already in motion? I believe that it has been almost what a month or so since the EGM?

Yes, we are to constantly give thanksgiving to God - because thanksgiving is a form of worship. But then, is the Church forgetting the attitude and spiritual criterias that comes with corporate worship? When we give thanks personally, we come before God and acknowledge that all things have come from Him, that He is working all things in our lives. Generally, but not a must, a visible and acceptable expression that follows from a heart that gives thanks - is to lift our hands, sing our songs of praise and worship and also to give of our belongings. I believe that many will agree that these elements are present in both personal and Corporate Worship.

Yet,are we forgetting something else? That love for our brother and making peace is a very important part of the Corporate Worship of which Thanksgiving to God is part and parcel of. Do read the articles from and

So, right now, my question is this:

Why are we having a Thanksgiving Dinner when there are so many issues outstanding at the moment?

Does one throw a party if there exist conflict in that house? Sure, there will those who say don't look to the circumstances but look to God. Yeah, but are being overly theological (and perhaps overly spiritual?) in saying this. Theology is given to us so that we may internalize the truths of God and put into practice in our daily lives?

So, with questions unanswered and parties not yet answering them satisfactorily; when there are shadows of doubts lurking in the corridors of Calvary Church and in the hearts and minds of the people - will someone please explain why we are having this Thanksgiving Dinner?

To be frank, the issue at hand is about the proper handling of money - in terms of accountability, transparency and integrity. And "giving to God" is one of the outward expressions of worship to God in thanksgiving - how can the members be expected to reconcile this?

Someone please help me understand this?

Next, when there is such a crisis in church, shouldn't we be putting on our "spirit of mourning" and appealing to God to intervene and end the crisis?

When Israel went through "civil war" after Solomon's death - was there a celebration party of thanksgiving? I know that some people will talk about Jericho and so - hey, but I have also been taught by my pastors, that singular events cannot be considered "normative" events.

Again, this is my 2sens worth - I apologise again if I have sounded harsh and this writing offends anyone. I do not write to spite but to ask questions that float in my mind - than let them fester in my heart and to gossip with others.

God bless everyone!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Calvary Church – 40 or 47 years old? by HM

This is a SPECIAL UPDATE by HM (29.09.08)

"Met an oldie from Glad Tiding PJ recently. He laughed when he heard that we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. He said GTPJ is celebrating its 45th anniversary and GTPJ was birthed from Calvary Church. How then can Calvary be celebrating only its 40th anniversary? He showed me the GTPJ constitution which was first adopted in 1963. Apparently two years after the founding of Calvary Church in 1961, the Bible Institute was started along Jalan Gasing in PJ. Rev Osgood, its principal, encouraged some members of Calvary Church to use that location to start GTPJ. My oldie friend was one of those who went over.

He was very excited and agreed to my suggestion that in 2011 GTPJ join with Calvary to celebrate our 50th anniversary together."

" The AOG 50th anniversary book given out last year, 2007, has on page 42 this quote from Dr Guynes, "When we left in 1964, Calvary Church Kuala Lumpur was developing into a strong congregation; Glad Tidings in Petaling Jaya was gaining strength..."


I was a little puzzled when it was announced that Cavalry Church would be celebrating its 40th anniversary in October. I remembered reading from the AOG Malaysia website the following:

“January 1961 saw the birth of Calvary Church, the English language division of the Assembly of God Church in Jalan Sayor, Kuala Lumpur. Rev. D.R. Guynes was its first Pastor. Calvary Church is now the largest Assemblies of God Church in Malaysia and has mothered several assemblies in its outreached efforts under the able leadership of Rev Dr Prince Guneratnam (our former General Superintendent) who is faithfully serving as the Senior Pastor since 1972.”

That would make us more than 47 years old, not 40. Then I checked the Calvary website and discovered the following:

“Calvary Church was dedicated to the glory of God on 11th February 1968 through the efforts of dedicated missionaries. Rev. Tan Sri Prince and Puan Sri Petrina Guneratnam was the first Malaysian couple to pastor the Church. From a congregation of 120 in 1968, the church has grown, pioneered and established 27 daughter churches. Today, Calvary Church and her outreaches minister to more than 8,400 people.”

Neither statement is untrue. Just that the emphasis and the impression created in the minds of the readers would be very different. So I decided to talk to a couple of “oldies” from those years to know a little more of our history before we moved in 1968 to the present location in Damansara Heights. How did it all start?

For starters and to help me follow the story, I was given a list of the missionaries who pastored Calvary Assembly of God in the early years.

Delmer R Guynes 1956 – 1959
Cyril G Francis 1959 – 1961
David H Baker 1961 – 1963
Delmer R Guynes 1963 – 1964
James W Jones 1964 – 1968
Victor Trimmer 1968 – 1969
James W Jones 1969 – 1972

They were assisted by the following local pastors (including Singaporeans):
Allan and Rosie Leong 1963 – 1964 as assistant pastors to Ps Guynes
Anthony Chong 1965 as special assistant to Ps Jones for Light for the Lost follow up
Fred and Rita Abeysekera 1966 – 1969 as assistant pastors to Ps Jones and Ps Trimmer
Johnny Yeoh` 1969 to 1970 as youth minister under Ps Jones

The story goes like this. Ps Guynes came in 1956 as pastor for First Assembly of God, our mother church in Jalan Sayor. He noticed that the children of the Chinese speaking believers in the Church were growing up and was making up a greater and greater proportion of the congregation. There was a need for an English service to cater to the needs of the younger generation who were educated in English. Therefore in 1957 he started an English service on Sunday evenings. The Christ Ambassadors (CA) programme was started at about the same time. This went on for a few years until in 1961 it was decided that a separate English speaking church be established under the name of Calvary Assembly of God. Although the idea of an English speaking church was mooted by Ps Guynes, it was Ps Baker who had the honour of actually officiating in its establishment. In January 1961 Calvary AOG was birthed. Robert Ng remembered that day most fondly, “It was a Sunday night service, about 50 or so of us marched proudly up to the pulpit and signed on a beautiful document - The Chartered Members Roll of Calvary Church”. Sadly it is believed that the roll is now missing although Ps Jones said he had left it in good condition in the church when he left.

It had been said that it was only a youth group. Although younger, they were by no means just youth. The oldest charter member was 28 and Robert Ng was 18. Tony Lee was 22. They had a simple charter (or constitution if you like). Robert remembered that because 70% to 80% were young adults there was even a provision in the constitution that the President of the CAs would automatically be a member of the Board of Calvary AOG. He should know as he was then the president of the CAs.

Robert remembered that during the pastorate of Guynes and Jones there were three major door to door tracting campaigns. In April of 1965 in the first campaign, 25 “Invasion Teams” saturated almost all of the residential areas of Kuala Lumpur with 50,000 pieces of Light for the Lost salvation literature. In those days there were no restrictions. Tracts were given to all households regardless of race or religion. The campaigns were the result of the massive revival in both the Chinese and English speaking congregations brought about through a series of evangelistic meetings in 1963 by a famous Hong Kong actress with the stage name of Mui Yee. The harvest would soon follow; some sow, some water and some reap but all to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It was Ps Jones who felt the deep burden that the English speaking congregation must have its own church building. Together with the leadership in this young church they embarked on a building project. They bought 25,000 s.f. of land in Damansara Heights, then an undeveloped ex-rubber estate. The purchase price was $67,500.00 or $2,70 p.s.f. (In those days it was called the Straits dollar and not the Ringgit.) As Robert puts it, “The young congregation through God’s divine motivation and much sweat and sacrifices managed to raise sufficient funds to purchase the piece of church land in Damansara Heights.” I was privileged to sight the official receipts issued by Selangor Properties to the Church. There was one for $5,000.00 being the first payment for the purchase of the land dated 7 December 1965. The second payment of $25,000.00 was dated 4 February 1966.

The church building with a seating capacity of 300 would cost around $147,000.00. From the start the church was blessed. The Kathryn Khulman Foundation through Evangelist Rev Gene Martin pledged to match dollar for dollar of funding raised by the church members. And the members raised the money needed. Robert related a story when he went to sell bricks in the rich Lower Ampang area of KL. The man who came to the gate told him that he would buy some if Robert would wash his cars. Robert agreed not knowing that the man had six cars. Although it took him almost the whole day to wash the six cars he was hopeful that the man would buy at least a few bricks. The Lord was good. That man bought all the bricks Robert had. He reported back to Ps Jones the wonderful blessing of God. And as all good pastors would do, the next weekend Robert was given a double allocation of bricks to sell. Others volunteered to do overtime at work to earn overtime pay which could then be contributed to the building fund. That was how the money was raised to pay for the building of Calvary Church.

Ps Jones himself made personal sacrifices for the Church. He offered to contribute the housing allowance he was receiving from America to support the church. Instead he and his family would make do by staying in the small extension at the back of the Church. Finally the church building was dedicated in early 1968. In those days Damansara Heights was very inaccessible. The Church had to hire two buses to ferry worshippers from the Bangkok Bank bus-stop to the Church.

So are we 40 years old or 47? Both answers can be correct. It depends on whether you take it from the date the present church building was dedicated or the date when a group of young believers came together and committed themselves with their pastor that they would be a congregation of believers under the name of Calvary Assembly of God. It depends on what you value more, the building or the people making up the body of Christ. It depends on your understanding of what the Bible says is the “church”.

Without the sacrifices of the early missionary pastors and the dedication and commitment of the young believers we would not have the building or be able to celebrate our “40th” anniversary. Let’s not forget those who went before us.

Wong Hong Meng
5th September 2008

A Gentle Plea from a Young Heart

26th Aug 2008

To the Board of Deacons of Calvary Church,

My name is __________ and I have been attending Calvary Church for the past 28 years, ever since I was born. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I have grown up in this church and in so many ways, Calvary Church has been a big part of my growing up life. From attending nursery as an infant to attending CW and the youth ministry as well as the lifegroup and being involved in our church presentations and ministries, I have grown to love this church and its people. I have also been serving in the Music Ministry for the past 10 years and enjoy serving the Lord through music.

The reason I am writing this letter is to express my discouragement and sadness in many of the decisions made by the Board of Deacons. The issues raised by the Teh Tarik crew are indeed valid and are the truth, and I am pretty sure deep in your hearts and spirits, some of you do realize that these are not just ‘malicious allegations’. These group of men and women from the Teh Tarik crew whom God has raised up to ask for transparency and accountability in the church have nothing whatsoever to gain by raising their concerns; they have everything to lose but yet, they choose to do so because they love God and they love the church and do not want the devil to destroy what God has built.

But somehow, due to your deep sense of loyalty and devotion to one man, you have chosen to disregard the concerns of these church members and instead stood by your ground to defend your pastor regardless of whether he is right or wrong. Loyalty is a good thing but blind loyalty is
nothing to be proud of.

I was shocked to hear that you have chosen to use the ways of the world to shut the church members up during the recent EGM, ie. by employing an external lawyer and accountant to prove that all is right and that there are no irregularities. In a church context, it is not just legal issues that matter, but what is more important are the moral and spiritual issues and this I must say, have been totally neglected by the board of deacons from the way you handled the queries and concerns raised by the Teh Tarik crew and from the poor decisions you have made.

I have been a voting member for the past many years and played a small part in choosing some of you as my board of deacons, as the group of leaders whom I respected, the group of people which many of us have placed confidence in to protect the interest of the church members and to speak up for those of us who are not able to. But to my deepest disappointment, this was not done as evidently seen in the light of all these events arising from the AGM and EGM. I am saddened that the Board of Deacons have instead chosen to cover up for the many irregularities and bad governance practiced by the church for so many years. Even when the accountant declared that there was indeed not enough transparency and accountability in the church accounts and in CIM, not one word of apology was ever heard from the senior pastor or from the deacons for having kept the church members in the dark for so many years, for transferring funds out of the church into a personal ministry, for deceiving the church members into thinking that the hard earned money which we have given to the church all these years was used to help real missions work and to help the needy when in reality, they were used to fund a pastor and his ‘travelling expenses’.

I have since become so disillusioned with the dishonesty of the church leadership and the lack of love from the church leaders that I have decided to stop serving and step down as a musician in Calvary Church. I am sure to many of you, one individual seems totally insignificant in the grand ol’ hierarchy of the Church but I would like to inform you that it has a far deeper meaning for me as a Christian, as a child of God. I love playing music for the Lord and have been doing so for the past many years. But I cannot play anymore under the leadership of a group of people who have betrayed my trust and respect. I cannot serve God anymore in a church which does not care for and which does not love its church members and instead, start witch-hunting and preaching sermons (and even influencing guest speakers to preach sermons) to condemn those who dare to question. I cannot be joyful and be at peace anymore under a pastor who cares more about furthering his own kingdom instead of God’s kingdom. And I cannot be a Christian under a group of deacons who only serve to protect the interest of one man, and not the church as a whole. Calvary Church does not just belong to a single person or his family, it belongs to the few thousand people who attend the church faithfully every week; to grow in the Lord and to worship Him.

And I am sure I have not been the only church member to have been hurt and disillusioned by this turn of events. Many others too are either considering leaving the church and some have become bitter and angry and refuse to even go to church anymore. Those who still choose to attend Calvary to keep up the good fight of faith and righteousness are meanwhile not able to accept any of the sermons being preached anymore from the pulpit as it all seems so fake and hypocritical.

You may ask why I am writing this seemingly trivial letter to you. The reason why I am doing so is to let you all be aware that every decision and action made by the board has severe consequences in the kingdom of God. Your actions are hurting many, many faithful church members – both young and old, people who just want to serve God but are not able to anymore because of the decisions you have made. Your very actions are hindering Calvarites in reaching their true potential for the Lord.

I do not in any way mean to be disrespectful by writing this letter but I am sure this is not the first letter received by the Board on such matters and I am sure this will not be the last. You can choose to disregard and throw this letter away as you did the petition signed by so many of us faithful church members but I hope and pray with all my heart that God will open your eyes so that you may see the truth and not be blinded anymore.

Lastly, I hope you will forgive me if you feel that I have been too harsh in this letter or that I am being disrespectful to any of you. Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I pray that you will indeed be faithful to your calling and do the right thing for the church members and the future generations of Calvary Church.


(The writer of this letter is one of the young working adults in the church. As such, we have chosen to withold the identity of this writer to protect this writer's interest)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Matters Arising out of EGM by GC



To: The Board of Deacons, Calvary Church
From: Grace SK Chew

Re: Matters Arising out of EGM held on 15th August, 2008
Date: 2ND September, 2008


I would like to give a short introduction about myself, I have been a Voting Member of Calvary Church since 1994 and worshipping with my husband and family at Damansara Perdana congregation. I was involved in Church in various capacities as Life Group Leader, Altar Worker and SCG Teacher for the past many years. I believe God has given me the gift of teaching and as such my desire has always been to serve the Lord in teaching God’s Word and encouraging others.

Normally it is not my nature to speak out openly on issues in Church. However, since 1st March 2008 after attending the Church Leaders Meeting I was deeply disturbed by matters expressed then whereby Senior Pastor and the church leadership had taken a particular stand. Consequently I spoke out during the AGM on 28th March, 2008 on the need for accountability, integrity, transparency and good church governance in Calvary Church.

Due to the above stand that I had taken during the AGM I was informed soon after the AGM, that it would not be appropriate for me to be appointed as a SCG Teacher as I am not in line with the current Church leadership vision.

In fact, during the past years my husband and I have always been very supportive of Calvary Church’s vision and projects but over the past few months many events and matters have arisen which have caused much concern and doubts to us.

Consequently, it is with the deepest concern and sadness that I am writing this Memo to you following the EGM held on 15th August, 2008.

Although over the months various concerned members in Calvary Church have brought out many relevant issues with the Board of Deacons (BOD) but unfortunately these issues were not handled properly nor dealt with in a timely manner. Instead of attempting to solve the problems BOD had chosen to avoid them and taken the position to protect and justify what has happened over the years. BOD had through its announcement on 6th July, 2008 pathed the way for the EGM. Although the Church Secretary had informed that members will be given opportunity to speak out at the EGM, the actual conduct of the EGM did not reflect the stand at all.

During the EGM I was led by the Lord to speak on the same issues as I had spoken during the AGM and asked why our Church leaders and BOD in particular were using the legal opinion and forensic auditors’ report to shut concerned members up and by applying the laws of the land to brush aside critical issues and further ignoring God’s laws and Kingdom principles to establish truth and righteousness in Calvary Church.


In particular, I wish to state that the following actions and conduct of the EGM displayed unfairness to members and tantamount to oppression and suppression of members during the EGM:

1. The Chairman of the EGM was bias and prejudiced against concerned members who sought permission to speak up on relevant issues. The Chairman cut down members from speaking and kept on interjecting them at intermittent intervals with the view to disrupt their trend of thoughts and reasoning so that they could not continue and hence causing others unable to follow through with what was spoken.

2. At the outset the Chairman announced that each person can only ask two questions which are relevant to matters raised in the Agenda. Why was this limitation imposed? Was there a fear that other damaging matters could be revealed by concerned members in the course of the proceedings? Hence the need to impose limitations at the very beginning.

3. The microphones at the EGM were positioned in-front on the left and right sides of the sanctuary only whereas at the middle and rear portions there were none available at all so that members seated there were deterred and prevented to speak up. Furthermore, the microphones were controlled and switched off by the leadership whenever they sense matters are sensitive and they wish to cut off the particular member(s) from speaking.

4. The whole proceedings at EGM was being orchestrated and the Agenda was fixed by BOD with intent to legalise matters so that concerned members have no chance to voice dissent or their differing opinions.

5. Several concerned members had given 7 Resolutions to the Church Secretary on 30th July, 2008 in accordance with Rule IX (5a & 5b) of the Constitution and yet by BOD’s own wide interpretation of the Constitution under Rule XIV, they rejected them two days before the EGM and notice of BOD’s decision was only delivered by Courier Service to the concerned persons on 14th August, 2008 (again not showing good faith in their actions as the said Resolutions were already given to BOD on 30th July, 2008).

By rejecting the Resolutions BOD went right ahead to give their one-sided explanation and the two reports by the criminal lawyers and forensic auditors respectively and hence to get their own Agenda through without any other input from concerned members or debate by members based on the 7 Resolutions.

6. The Questions and Answers Session was merely to put up a show as despite all the doubts raised, BOD did not intend to do anything to consider the different views but just pushed the Agenda through.

Furthermore members had come to seek the Truth but BOD only wanted to give their one-sided opinion and explanation instead of doing all that it takes to find out the Truth, declare the same, stand by the Truth and to let the members know so that the Church can move towards reconciliation and healing. BOD by its stand and unfair actions at the EGM has caused the Body to be even more disunited.

7. The Chairman announced that NO VOTE will be taken during the EGM and yet BOD proposed and adopted two reports and to declare CARED to be grouped under Calvary Church Missions Department and have it adopted as an Extended Ministry of Calvary Church.

As such matters are so vital and critical to the Church and as under Rule IX (1) of the Constitution “members have full powers on the administration of the Church” why were these two reports not given to members and why were members not given opportunity to discuss and debate about these important matters during the EGM?
Why did BOD have to push its way through and ignore the rights of members under the Constitution? Wouldn’t this tantamount to suppressing the views of members?

I believe that most if not all who came for the EGM came to seek the Truth and all wanted to see the Church being united in love and pursuit of God’s plan for the Church. Instead many left disappointed and disillusioned by the church leadership.

From the very outset we, members all had very high hopes and confidence in BOD to handle the matters brought before the Church leadership. We have looked to you, Deacons being matured Godly men and woman and the elected representatives of members of Calvary Church, filled with the Holy Spirit, who loved the Lord and were commissioned by God and Senior Pastor in the presence of all members and worshippers to act for the good of the whole Body of believers in Calvary Church. We ask ourselves where is the Christ-like love and compassion for the members who are earnestly seeking for the Truth and Righteousness in our Church?

Throughout this whole episode was there more fear of man rather than fear of God? Can we honestly say we all have been good examples to our fellow believers in speech, in conduct, in life and in purity? Granted we all are subjected to this test but we should also take note that God requires an even higher standard of accountability from our teachers and leaders.


I would sincerely urge the BOD to re-consider what various concerned members who have differing views, have expressed to the BOD and that the leadership will re-evaluate their stand again to seriously consider the following matters which still remain unresolved:-

1. Establishment of an independent Truth & Reconciliation Commission as stated in the proposed Resolution tabled to the BOD on 30th July, 2008. Further I would propose that members of this Commission be elected from members by secret ballot during a properly convened general meeting. That apart from matters discussed during the EGM there are other issues that have to be further looked into and since the matters to be investigated involve the BOD and relevant Pastors and to avoid conflict of interests, the said Commission should not comprise of exclusively members from the BOD or Senior Pastor or the Pastors;

2. Establishment of the Constitutional Review Committee as there are serious flaws in the Constitution which could have contributed to the problems that Calvary Church is now currently facing. Further, I would propose members of this Committee be elected from members by secret ballot during a properly convened meeting. That since the functions of the said Committee pertain to and determine the powers and roles of Senior Pastor, Deacons, Pastors and staff of Calvary Church, the said Committee should not comprise of exclusively members from the BOD or Senior Pastor or the Pastors;

3. That both the written legal report and forensic auditors’ report be given to members so that all can be fully appraised on the matters and of the findings contained therein. It is not fair to expect members to just accept the opinions based on a briefing when we were not given a chance to be fully informed of the same and upon what terms of reference the opinions were rendered and further, as the opinions have far reaching implications on the church. Even if the opinions are adopted by BOD we do not accept the way it was pushed to members at the EGM. Further we wish to inform that Sister Lilian Siew had a written submission on the request of the 7 resolutions to be tabled at the EGM but she was unfairly cut off by the Chairman at the EGM and hence, not given an opportunity to state her opinion at the EGM.

If the Submission had been heard then the BOD would not have been able to merely use Rule XIV to shut all members up and take absolute control over the EGM. It further reflects how one-sided and high-handed the EGM was being conducted. I ask myself and I am sure many present there would also have asked the same too : Where were the rules of Natural Justice that night? Where was fairness and justice right in the very place where we always gather to worship our Heavenly Father? Won’t God be saddened by what had taken place that night?

4. That CIM should be renamed without “CALVARY” so as not to give the impression that it is part of Calvary Church as it is independent of Calvary Church and being the personal ministry of Senior Pastor. The true state and position of the body must be revealed and portrayed to Church and the public.

5. Further that CARED being an integral body under CIM but independent of Calvary Church should not be grouped under Calvary Church Missions Department as an Extended Ministry of Calvary Church. Calvary Church already has CARE under Missions Department so why make matters more complicated to bring in CARED, being a foreign body into Calvary Church, consequently resulting in duplication of roles?

6. That Further we like to pose to the BOD whether the Board has carefully considered that apart from the laws of the land the Body of Christ and all Church affairs are firstly governed by Kingdom principles and God’s laws. So in the light of the present crisis has BOD examined the truth of all matters and come out clean before God and man? Can they categorically state that nothing has been done which is not in line with God’s laws and Kingdom principles? Was there more fear of man rather than fear of God in dealing with Church affairs and God’s business in Calvary Church? Was there an overwhelming need to protect a position and maintaining the status quo at the expense of standing up for Truth & Righteousness in the Church?

7. That Finally we have to ask ourselves what is the leadership style of our present Church leaders? Is it one that displays the characteristics that Jesus calls His followers to be like? Is there humility, servanthood, sacrifice, love, gentleness, kindness, righteousness, truthfulness, honesty, integrity, transparency? Do we find instead there is lording it over others, oppression, suppression of truth, pride, greed, worldliness, over indulgence in raising money under the pretext of raising the members’ and worshippers’ level of faith? Has our church leadership lost their first love for God?


I sincerely like to ask BOD: THAT if we desire to experience God’s revival for Calvary Church again would it be asking too much from the leadership that they close ranks with all concerned members and so many other hurting members and let us all humble ourselves before God and seek His face to repent and pray for God’s restoration for our Church?
God has perfect plans for His Church, let Love, Truthfulness, Honesty and Righteousness reign in Calvary Church again.

Indeed let us remind each other again that “the whole duty of man is to fear God and obey His commandments for He will bring every deed into judgment including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 and further let us also claim His Word for healing and restoration as contained in Jeremiah 29:11-14.


Yours Truly,

Grace Chew

Questions Unanswered at EGM by LL


(Strictly for Members & Worshippers of Calvary Church Only)

To: Sr. Pastor- CEO and the Board of Deacons (BOD)
Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur.

Fr: Liza Low


To all who were present at the EGM, I sincerely hope you will understand why I feel compelled to write this open letter.


The EGM proceedings were well planned and orchestrated by the BOD to deny concerned members who seek the truth from being heard. I take my hat off to the BOD for their mastery in subtlety, such as using RM1,490K in place of the normal RM1,490,000 (or RM1.490 Million) in showing the funds in CIM.

The manner in which the EGM was conducted was deeply regrettable. It was a farce. It was not only unconstitutional but most painful of all was the manner it was carried out—the oppressive control of the entire proceedings that completely undermined the Christian doctrines of Righteousness and Justice.

However, like many who witnessed the entire proceedings, I felt sorry for our beloved Pastor Guynes, who was called to Chair the meeting and put through such a difficult situation because he did not have the benefit of hearing from the concerned members first hand.


It was disappointing to see how members who wanted to share the facts and ask questions were sidelined, and consequently those who came hoping to know the truth of the matter were denied.

On numerous occasions during the EGM, members from the floor stood to raise a point of order, only to be abruptly cut off by Pastor Guynes, who muttered ‘I was told by the BOD that this is how…and what it should be.’

Also instructive is the fact that Pastor Guynes was seen constantly looking to Sr. Pastor, who was seated in the front row, for his signal on when to interrupt and cut-off the members who went out to speak, before they could finish what they had to say or ask, myself included. Indeed, several times the microphone was switched off when members persisted in being heard.

In the end, it was not unlike the way all past AGMs were conducted—the intimidation was evident. From the outset, it was clear it would be one-sided. The decree of the all powerful BOD and CEO as enshrined in the Constitution, though not necessarily without recourse for the members, was used to good effect.


· The BOD failed and refused to present and table The Resolutions submitted in Full compliance with the Constitution* (Rule IX: 5)

*For the benefit of all, a letter which I only received on the eve of EGM, from the BOD, advised me that my proposed two Resolutions were not be necessary to be tabled, simply because it was their decision.

· At an EGM (whether Corporate/ Societies/Clubs/NGOs/ Religious Bodies), the right for members to speak on the issues tabled cannot be suppressed or oppressed.

· There exists no such ruling to impose a two question limit on the same subject for each member. It showed a total disregard for fairness and justice.

· The Constitution provides for Adjournment (Rule IX: 8) of the meeting for unfinished business, therefore the excuse of limitation of time does not arise.

(I would leave out the legal aspects to argue on this point in this letter)


Notwithstanding all the above, the group of concerned members was also given an undertaking by the BOD in writing that they would be able to speak and present their views and concerns at this forum (EGM) on all the critical issues that were already brought to the BOD’s attention.

When reminded, none of the Deacons owned-up. They remained conveniently silent, and watched as members pleaded for more time to speak, but to no avail.

Q. Is this how the BOD entrusted with both the spiritual and practical superintendence of the church, beat down and ride rough shot over the Congregation?


Mr. KK Wong had certainly enlightened us on the legal status of Calvary Church (CC) explaining the definition of the different Acts, that the church not a Trust Corporation, etc. His conclusion on the legal status of the church was that the church is not a legal body.

That probably took many members by surprise. But the good news to me is that it reaffirms the church’s status as an institution that is founded on God’s Commandments, Values & Beliefs, not man’s nor the secular world’s.

Q. Why then, would Sr. Pastor & his Board of Deacons prefer, quite obviously, to use Legal interpretations and secular perspectives to deal with the moral and spiritual issues the church is facing?


He said that ‘…as a spiritual organization, the church should be governed primarily using spiritual principles and using the best of the secular practices when deemed expedient. ’

Indeed, this statement underpins the very manner in which the CEO and his BOD are running the church and the objectives the BOD have in mind, i.e. the use of double standards where expedient

Q. Please state which aspects of Spiritual governance have been used or applied thus far?

Q. According to the dictionary, ‘Expediency’ means an action that is convenient and practical, but possibly improper and immoral. What are these best secular practices the BOD has adopted for expediency’s sake?


According to Mr. KK Wong CIM is a personal ministry belonging to Prince Guneratnam. CIM is a separate, independent entity, and has nothing to do Calvary Church.

Also, he concluded, Calvary Church is not a legal body. Hence members are not Shareholders, and have no rights, though they are Stakeholders of the church.

The BOD is the supreme authority with the final say under RULE XIV (i) of the Church Constitution. Monies given to CIM was passed by a BOD resolution and the transfer of funds from the Missions Department to CIM was considered an absolute gift because ‘all offerings are deemed as gifts’, including designated offerings collected for a specified cause.

Accordingly, CIM and the BOD are at full liberty to use and disburse the monies any way they wish and not be answerable for it.

Besides, in the case of the church, as stipulated in the Constitution, these monies are under the CONTROL of the administrators of church finance, i.e. the BOD, of which Sr. Pastor-CEO is the Chairman, as well as the Chairman of Missions Board.

It is important to note that Mr. KK Wong has emphasised time and again that his views are strictly from a legal perspective, and qualified based on documents he was furnished with.

Q. While all the actions and decisions Senior Pastor-CEO and the BOD may deem to be legally covered & protected under the Constitution, has it ever crossed your mind individually, and as Stewards of the church, that the POWER intended for the good governance of the church has been ABUSED?

Q. Every member or worshipper of the church, when they give an offering they GIVE in GOOD FAITH. However, using legal rulings and rationales to justify the transfer of funds and usage of the offerings as has happened, wouldn’t it be perceived that the BOD acted in BAD FAITH?

Q. Furthermore, before the legal opinion came into the picture, did the BOD or the Missions Director ever considered Faith Promise as an absolute gift to be used or spent as the BOD so wishes?

As we all know, since the inception of Faith Promise giving, the Faith Promise card given to members clearly states the purposes of the collection wherein the Mission Department has represented clearly of its intended purposes.

One brother who went out to speak said how he felt ‘cheated’ and another that he would have thought twice if he knew it had been used for the President’s travel via CIM. Their sentiments echoed many of those who gave sacrificially and who had believed the monies were used responsibly and as designated. Now, many feel duped.

*(A sub ministry created by CIM within CIM)

On the basis that CIM and Calvary are separate entities and according to those documents cited by Mr. KK Wong, the transactions were deemed in order. However, I wish to draw attention to the following statements made by Deacon Edward Rajasingam on the overview of CIM & CARED’s Financial Statement:

“Every dollar of financial support from Calvary Church of Missions Dept. goes through a review process of approval & endorsement by Missions Committee or the BOD or both.”

Q. Why was that a Missions Committee member had claimed he had no knowledge of it and was shocked when informed that the Missions Dept. transferred RM200,000 to CIM annually?

Q. Why are there 3 Options in the process–approval: i) Missions Committee, or
ii) The BOD or iii) Both? Where does the actual ‘Authority’ lie?

Q. It appeared from the many RATIFICATIONS made, as revealed, neither party knew what the other has done, wouldn’t such practice open itself to manipulation?


“… the Missions Committee assisted in the set-up of CARE in 2002, which was modelled after WAGRA (World Assemblies of God Agency) and in 2002 when CIM was set-up, its Charter also included humanitarian works. So, 2006 the two independent Ministries CIM & CARE were brought under the common umbrella of CIM purely to improve the efficiency of the administration operations.”

Q. Why would CARE which was originally managed by the Missions Dept. belonging to Calvary Church be dissolved and went to CIM, a Personal ministry, an independent entity? WHOSE idea & decision was this?

Q. Please explain what is meant by “So, 2006 the two independent Ministries CIM & CARE were brought under the common umbrella of CIM…” (It’s a very Confusing statement. In the first place, CARE was under Missions Dept. and was not an independent ministry, nor a part of CIM)

Q. Please substantiate how going to CIM would ‘improve the efficiency of the administration operations’, when CIM actually uses the capital and human resources belonging to Calvary Church?

Q. Speaking of efficiency, why were the funds raised by the church for the Indonesian earthquake victims not reach them, but instead got stuck in CIM?


Q. CARE (the Original humanitarian ministry) was set-up by the Missions Dept. Why did CIM also name its humanitarian activity as CARE with a D, i.e. CARED? (Even the Deacon seemed confused at times as to which he was referring to when presenting the accounts a the EGM)

Q. Can the BOD verify hearsay that the original CARE had a new bank account opened in another bank, which subsequently became a CARED account?

As reported at the EGM, CARED has received RM1,106,000* (RM 1.106 Million) from Calvary Church as of 2007

Q.Based on the aforementioned, would it be wrong to say that CARED was preconceived to take over CARE?


It was informed that of the RM1,106,000, RM550,000 came from WAGRA (World Assemblies of God Relief Agency).

A member had asked: ‘When money was transferred from WAGRA to CARED, was approval given by the incoming President (of WAGRA)?

SR. PASTOR replied: ‘the money that came from WAGRA was a NATIONAL WAGRA… Pastor Peter can confirm it—It’s the National President here, that transferred the money from the organization to the Church Missions’

Q. Can the BOD re-confirm there is indeed a National WAGRA in Malaysia? And, who is the President of National WAGRA Malaysia?

Q. Since the money was given to Calvary Missions*, why was it transferred out to CARED, CIM? Who authorized the transaction?

Until this was made known, I for one, did not know anything about WAGRA and National WAGRA Malaysia. For the benefit of the members, and also because the amount involved was over Half a Million Ringgit ( RM550,000) would the BOD conduct an investigation to the bona-fide status of both, please?

*Incidentally, can the BOD please verify and confirm Sr. Pastor’s answer in reply to a question posed by a member that he is only an Ex-Officio of the Missions Board and not its Chairman, although the Missions Manual has stated otherwise.

A personal Ministry of Prince Guneratnam

Q. Can the BOD verify that the Missions Director had allegedly after conferring with Sr. Pastor-CEO (who is also the Chairman of the Missions Board), went to the BOD for their rubber stamping of the proposed amount to be taken from the Faith Promise-Missions Funds allocation?

Q. Is it true that not all of the BOD were not aware of the RM200,000 transferred from the Missions account for the President of CIM’s travelling expenses?

Q. Did the BOD deliberate on the merits of CIM’s formation, and conduct due diligence before deciding on its financial support of CIM?

Q. Was there any evaluation/appraisal of CIM’s performance against its purported objectives?

Q. Can the BOD confirm that the original RM30,000 gift in 2002 was in fact the ‘Seed’ fund given at the launch of CIM?

Could it be the reason then why in the CIM Accounts 2003 it was stated ‘…the Board of Directors resolved to set up a ‘SEED FUND’ for its long term ministry worldwide, and is trusting GOD to raise RM1,000,000 (RM ONE MILLION) to generate a monthly contribution that will play a major role in providing a continuous source of finance for its growing ministries around the world’?

Q. Can the easy and convenient way of simply asking the Missions Dept. to allocate RM200,000 annually under the pretext of “PRESIDENT’S TRAVEL MINISTRY’ as classified in its Accounts, be considered trusting God to raise the RM1,000,000?


He said “when the SEED FUND was reviewed and approved in 2004 by the BOD… clearly stated the objective was to develop a self-generating gift in recognition of Sr. Pastor service… the idea was for it to be available to fulfil his calling as Missionary & Evangelist at some point in his service to God.

It’s recognized that he’ll continue to hold his responsibilities as Sr. Pastor of the church as God call him to do evangelistic work, but the idea is to have the fund any point in time when he so desires to go full time, so to speak, as missionary and evangelist and... the accumulation of this fund is to be a gift in recognition of his service to the church.”

This whole statement of Edward’s is very confusing, and to borrow an expression, ‘it’s full of holes’.

Q. Since it is a calling, can it be ’when he so desires to go’ and not abide by God’s timing?

Q. “The idea is to have the fund ready and available at any point in time…the accumulation of this fund is to be a gift…” Is it a wise idea to accumulate and store in advance this fund for such a time, unknown in the future?

Q. The term ‘SELF-GENERATING gift’ – does it mean continuous or endless multiplication? How does it work?

Q. When the RM 30,000 was given it was stated it was in recognition of his service. Now the SEED FUND amounting to almost RM 1,500,000 is also for recognition of his service? It seems as if the BOD uses ‘Recognition of service’ as a convenient reason to give financial support to CIM each time money is called for.

Q. Based on the abovementioned, the transactions between Calvary Church, CIM & CARED (a sub ministry created by CIM within CIM) are not as straightforward as they seem – or are they?


Deacon Patrick Wong had cited 4 reasons in support of the CIM as follows:

CIM’s objectives complements that of Calvary Church.

Having such a ministry whilst he is still the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Church paves the way for him to continue to be effective in the kingdom of God, in the event he is no longer the pastor of the church, he can continue to serve God in a long, long time to come.

It is not unique (many other Pastors do it too.)

All funds to be used as stated in its missions & objectives and no personal gain involved. Hence, the Deacons’ view is that there is no conflict of Interest.

I would wish to respond as follows:

1. The objectives of CIM are in fact the same as that of Calvary Church.
Therefore, how and in what area does it complement that of Calvary Church? Is it not just duplication?

2. As citing the reason “paves the way… in the event he is no longer the pastor of the church.” Q. Under what circumstances do the BOD foresee this happening?

3. Based on the rather wishy-washy explanations given, it seems more like a retirement scheme, isn’t it?

4. Whether it is unique or commonplace, it is not a criterion to set up any Ministry. As for other Pastors who also have Personal Ministries – Yes, indeed, but for sure none uses the same name as the church he/she is pastoring. They use either their own individual names or some other names like ‘Healing Jesus’.

In this case, it is named Calvary International Ministries—which many have mistaken as one of the many EXTENDED Ministries of Calvary Church.

5. As for personal gain, it need not be confined to monetary gains alone. Wouldn’t the enhancement of one’s stature and reputation to advance one’s own agenda, be considered personal gain too?

Note: Any assets & Monies in CIM are under their direct and sole control, including how the funds are to be used, now and in the future. Members were informed at the EGM that all the monies transferred to CIM by the Missions Dept. are considered a gift. In effect, the monies have become CIM’s, and the church cannot ask for its return. It is therefore, entirely at CIM’s Board discretion if they choose to return the monies or not.



Calvary International Ministries (CIM) is confirmed as a personal ministry of Senior Pastor:

Founder & President: Prince Guneratnam
Co Founder & Vice President: Petrina Guneratnam
Director: Jim Guneratnam (and one other appointed Director)

CIM is personal and belongs to the Guneratnams, whereas Calvary Church belongs to the Members. (Although members are not the beneficiaries)

Therefore, they are NOT one & the same.


Sr. Pastor and Associate Sr. Pastor are currently in full employment of Calvary Church and serve as full time Ministers enjoying full stipends with all the benefits & perks the positions carry. Yet, his overseas speaking engagements and conferences are under the banner of CIM, in his capacity as President of CIM, rather than as Sr. Pastor of Calvary Church.

Q. Is he able to devote himself fully to the welfare & growth of Calvary Church and its Ministries as required of a Sr. Pastor, while he is also concerned with the advancement of his own personal ministry as an ‘evangelist & missionary’?

Q. Is it true Sr. Pastor spends approx. 3 months overseas in a year? And when he is doing his personal ministry, does he take leave to do it, and his stipends pro-rated for the days away?


The CIM President’s travel expenses are taken from the Calvary Missions Funds –allotted from Faith Promise.

(The travel expenses of Sr. Pastor were not captured in the Main Church’s Accounts under Travel Expenses. In 2007, it showed only RM13,271 when in fact it should have been RM200,000) As of 2007 approx. RM1.9MILLION has been transferred into CIM.)

Calvary Church's other resources: administration, staff, utilities, hardware etc, are used and mobilized for CIM's purposes and activities.

Use of Calvary’s name, address, including email url:

CIM has claimed/inferred events & activities and missions programmes of Calvary Church as that of CIM’s. (As featured under ‘PICTORIAL TESTIMONIES’ in CIM”s brochure)

I remember, very often pastors have reminded good Christian conduct at work place includes not misusing company’s facilities, e.g. use of telephone/fax/internet/photocopier for personal purpose, or moonlighting using office time.

Q. Is this not a parallel in the case of CIM ? Or is there any difference in the case of CIM?


Linking CIM to Calvary Church as if they are 'interchangeable'

Sr. Pastor’s role & positions in CIM & Calvary Church have become seamless.

The ownership of the Missions programmes of the Church and CIM is blurred.


· Is the use of the name Calvary for Sr.Pastor's own personal ministry Calvary International Ministries (CIM) not ambiguous?

· Doesn’t the use of Calvary’s official URL for CIM's email and the church address & its staff further reinforce the notion that it is a Calvary Church's ministry when it is not so? This can be misconstrued as a 'pass-off', or worse, outright misrepresentation?

· Would not any unsuspecting individuals think, and rightly so, that it is a Calvary Church International Ministry? And, that there is every possibility that donations meant for the church may have unwittingly been misdirected or issued to CIM?

· Doesn’t the setting-up of a sub-ministry called Care Relief & Development Agency (CARED) within CIM, which has its own bank account, add further confusion to its original intent?

· Further, CIM with its Founder/ President holding a position in Calvary Church as Sr. Pastor-CEO, CHAIRMAN of the Board of the Missions Dept. as well as CHAIRMAN of the BOD, isn’t it abundantly clear that there is an obvious conflict of interest?


Deacon Philip Tan’s statement, an attempt to justify the role and existence of CIM in its present form, ironically, has confirmed concerned members’ stand that CIM/CARED is REDUNDANT.

He said “While CARED is served as the medium in which funds has been moved for humanitarian needs… in all announcements made to you and in the Annual Missions Report.. it clearly states that Calvary Church is the one giving away this money… we have some video clips to show you that reflect the types where we have given out through CIM/CARED, BUT, really we have informed the people it comes from Calvary Church.”

Q. In other words, what one brother had remarked that CARED functions as a ‘COLLECTING AGENCY’ is correct then?

In reply to my analysis that CIM & Calvary Church has become seamless, Deacon Patrick Wong expressed view representing that of BOD was as follows:

“CIM is formed to set a platform for Sr. Pastor to continue his ministry beyond his retirement. Here we are trying to build a platform that will continue… so, to the BOD the blurring of images is not a big problem because we are, to use a secular word, in the same business—not doing different things but same things, just having two (2) separate organizations to do. And the person in-charge/involved is on both sides of the house – he is in Calvary Church and also in CIM – and that is the view we have.”

Q. So, by that statement “the Blurring of images is not a big problem because we are to use a secular word, in the same business”, the BOD is of the view that what belongs to Calvary’s church is also CIM’s? How does this fit into the fact that Calvary and CIM is independent of each other and they are separate & different entities altogether?

Perhaps the problems confronting the church over the transactions, roles & functions between CIM and Calvary Church—the topsy-turvy state of affairs–could be attributed to this irrational explanation from the BOD.


It was noted in Mr. KK Wong’s opinion that based on the documents furnished to him that there was no misappropriation of funds and no dishonesty since the transfer of funds to CIM were approved by the BOD based on the Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Deacons. The transfer of funds from Mission Department to CIM was an absolute gift. However, I gathered that this view might not necessary be binding, and that Intent could not be conclusive as yet, without a full investigation.

He did emphasise that his conclusion was purely legal, and only based on documents he had access to. And added, it has nothing to do with ‘Trust’ in the Spiritual sense.

Q .Would BOD be able to attest that the Truth and nothing but the absolute Truth was disclosed to Mr. KK Wong?

Q. Would the BOD be able to attest that none of the actions and decisions carried out as disclosed and declared, were not afterthoughts, and/or made up justifications?

Q. Would all the deacons be able to attest that they have the full knowledge of the original intention of CIM/CARED and were not in anyway caught in the web of the process from conception to execution beyond their control in most of the decisions concerning CIM/CARED and transfers of funds?

Q. Looking at the pieces of the puzzle, and in hindsight of all that has taken place with regard to the issues of CIM/CARED and the transfer of Funds from the Missions Dept./CARE to the former, is it highly probable that they took place by skilful manipulation of those involved?

Q. Would it be wrong to say based on the information and the facts that have unfolded thus far, that the BOD has allowed Calvary Church to be used as the stage to lend credence to CIM, and enhance its stature and reputation in the national and international arena to promote its own agenda?

Note: The Founder/ President of CIM, also holds positions in Calvary Church as Sr. Pastor-CEO, CHAIRMAN of the Board of Missions Department as well as CHAIRMAN of the Board of Deacons.

Q. Would you agree even if legally it were found not to be in breach of the law, as Christians we would rather be governed and judged by the SCRIPTURAL CONDUCT laid down in the Bible?


The ‘Moving Forward’ plan put up by the BOD is a cop-out, and does not address the real issues.

To reiterate, I opine that CIM adds nothing to the church, except duplication, confusion and complication. Now, why add a BURDEN too, in getting the involvement of Church Deacons to sit on the CIM Board, and to bother with CIM’s Financial Reports & Audited accounts, which strictly speaking is none of the Church’s business, as for all intents and purposes, it has been established as a Personal Ministry and it is an independent entity?

Moreover, when there is already so much controversy surrounding CIM and its CARED, can this be a prudent and wise move?

Why does the BOD want to allow CIM to remain status quo in spite of all that the church has gone through— the pain and division to the congregation it has brought to the church?

Allowing CIM to remain status quo is NOT moving forward. In fact, it would be taking the church deeper into the pit instead.



CIM as a Personal Ministry, its programme, sub ministries, etc must never be mixed-up with the Calvary Church’s. There must be a clear line drawn.

Hence, CIM’s CARED should not be conveniently allowed to move and park itself under Missions Department as yet another Extended Ministry. However, the correct thing to do is transfer all the monies back to Missions, where it rightfully belongs.

The Missions Department originally has CARE, which is its Humanitarian Ministry, and it should be re-established as such.


Applying wisdom, CIM has to be renamed should its President still remain in Office as the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Church. However, if left unchanged at its insistence, it must then clearly state in all its communication materials, next to its name, that it is a “PERSONAL MINISTRY of Prince Guneratnam’.

Also, it must not use and carry Calvary Church address, tel, fax and url to avoid misrepresentation*.

*At the meeting between the Concerned members and the BOD on 31 MAY 08, didn’t the Deacons Patrick Wong and Phillip Tan acknowledge it was so, but this could be an oversight, and had agreed to look into it?


Not since 2002. Pastor Peter Ong has told me that originally, all the while, the Foreign Ministry under Missions Dept. was placed under the responsibility of the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Church. However, since Sr. Pastor has set-up his Personal ministry—the CIM, it was transferred to CIM. According to Pastor Ong, this was because the purpose is exactly the same thing.

Q. But is this even a sensible reason at all? Or as with the transfer of CARE’s role to CARED/CIM, is it simply an excuse to prop-up CIM?

Q. I believe the members were never aware of this, but was the BOD aware? And did it in fact approve of it?

Q. Is CIM taking over Calvary Church’s Ministries (albeit selectively) and using the church for CIM’s interest?

Q. Against that background, how could the BOD claim CIM will continue to be an independent Ministry to COMPLEMENT Calvary’s Foreign Ministry, which long has been given over to CIM?

The right thing to do is for BOD to ensure that the Missions Dept. of Calvary Church does not abdicate its role & responsibilities for the Foreign Ministry to carry out and support deserving projects and worthy causes, and not let it function mainly as a vehicle for international networking among ‘Mega’ churches at Conferences.


I do understand God’s calling is always specific and for those so blessed to be called there is no ifs’ but to obey. I could cite one example near to home — Pastor Robert Lim who resigned as Sr. Pastor of his church in Singapore because he was called to plant churches in Philippines.

No doubt, members of the church would be supportive of Sr. Pastor’s calling, and surely would contribute to his personal ministry when he needs to step down in obedience to the calling.

However, as long as the Sr. Pastor is holding down his position in the church FULL TIME, is it not highly inappropriate that he should use church time & resources to advance his own Personal Ministry, CIM?

Besides, since CIM is a Personal Ministry, it should have its own resources, including personnel to carry out all its programmes, and also to raise its own funds. Isn’t this true of any INDEPENDENT ministry, not discounting that the church would assist?

Also, the BOD must not forget that Calvary Church, being one of the pioneering churches in the country, still has so much to do for church growth and evangelism to the local community & Malaysia as a nation. We need committed and dedicated FULL TIME PASTORS and Staff alike, to focus, plan and discharge their responsibilities diligently. Sadly, over the past decade not very much of significance has been achieved. Not to mention the shrinking attendance and membership in recent years.


The present Church Constitution, as Mr. KK Wong as said, gives absolute power to the Board of Deacons. It also, gives wide power to the office of Senior Pastor. As the saying goes “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This saying should be heeded as a caution and a call to be wise.

Hence, a complete review of the Church Constitution is of utmost importance and should be given priority. The BOD must commit to a timetable at the earliest possible date, for the entire process from the selection of the Review Committee Board* to the completion of the Amended Constitution.

*Selection of the Review Committee Board should go before the members for their agreement, as a matter of good governance


The questions raised herein merely touches the surface of the serious issues the church faces, and are by no means exhaustive. There is just too much to ask since the issues go way back in years. And whatever has been discovered to date is just the tip of the iceberg. Besides CIM, other major issues surrounding CCC and Calvary Land, such as their financial and ownership status among others, need thorough investigation too.

What has been covered under the scope of Mr. KK Wong and the forensic accountants was limited in scope, and the former was not investigative in nature. There are many people within and without who possess material information and firsthand knowledge, and can be asked to testify and reveal facts on the various issues.

Hence, the proposed setting–up of a TRUTH COMMISSION is essential. Until the church comes clean with the truth and not sweep matters under the carpet or simply whitewash them, Calvary Church cannot claim nor can expect to be a good testimony to the community.

It is simply untenable for the church to remain in its present state.

Finally, I would deeply appreciate answers to all the questions presented herein, and trust seven days would be a reasonable time for the BOD to reply, unless I am informed otherwise. I wish to also request a copy of the Minutes for the approval of transfer of funds from the Missions Department to CIM, the written legal opinion of Mr. KK Wong, and the Report & Findings of the accounts by the Consultant Ferrier Hodgson.

Thank you.

In God we trust.