Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Calvary Church's New Theme ... Make CCC Debt-Free!!!

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How true as one blogger puts it. Since Easter service on 31st March 2013 every service and sermon seemed to be enslaved by ‘MAKE CCC DEBT-FREE!!!’ And no matter how the speakers ( including invited special speakers ) tried to disguise his/her sermon, anyone with some grey matter can discern that each and every service and sermon is nothing much more than $$$ appeal. 

Becos of CCC, there had been so many strategies and tactics, some psychological, some seemingly Biblical and some plain secular ( like sponsoring a seat at RM5000.00 each ) that we have lost count. The latest was CCC Day on 7-8 July 2013. The speaker RS emphasized on ‘Miracle Harvest Offering’ and that now is God’s divine kairos moment to give towards CCC Debt Free challenge.

The following week, SP again highlighted this God’s divine kairos moment to give towards CCC Debt Free challenge. Again and again he repeated and even said… ‘ during this kairos/divine moment, God wants to do some something for you… I don’t know how long it will last..’

Both of them ( RS and SP ) tried to tell the sheep that this is a once-a-lifetime opportunity to give towards CCC so that you can get once-a-lifetime opportunity of God’s special/kairos blessing. It doesn’t come every day!! SP even WARNED… ‘ God is giving you divine/kairos, IF YOU FAIL TO GIVE…’

Nowadays it is no longer give when God bless you. Give even when you don’t have!! Blind faith or testing/forcing God? Please don’t get me wrong. Yes, God can bless you if He calls you to give what you don’t have.

I wonder how many sheep were intimidated by them. Had it not for this blog I and my family would have been so ‘frightened and coerced’ by such cleverly orchestrated fund-raising tactics.


Consider the following…

I SK on 26/05/2013… ‘ we had a wonderful AGM…OUR FINANCES ARE WONDERFUL!!’
‘…Every year, we take TWO faith promise, beginning of year and middle. This year we are not taking for this July to December ( since our finances so wonderful? )’ 

Is that not outright LIE when the faith promise for February to December 2013 already taken? Such clever planning so that they ( SP, APs and BOD ) can have a CCC Day pledge.

II SP on 26/05/2013 (same day)… ‘ we have a balance of RM50,000,000.00 to pay to be debt. free…without having to go to the banks..’

III one deacon on 7 and 14/07/2013… highlighted how God provided the RM175million for CCC.

Dear readers of this blog, how can CC declare God provide the RM175million when more than RM60million is bank borrowings secured via the church properties that God blessed CC with through these 50 plus years. And now with no more properties to charge to the banks, how can SP go to the banks? They must be desperate and had no choice but to milk the sheep by whatever means! 

And how can SP, the APs and BOD DECEIVED the sheep by saying if they ( sheep ) raise the RM50million, CCC will be debt. free when there is millions in bank borrowing to be repaid? 

Dear SK… owing more than RM100million ( bank borrowings and current debts to contractors ) and you said ‘OUR FINANCES ARE WONDERFUL!!’

What about the enormous maintenance and bank interests?

If the above does not illustrate LIES and DECEIT I don’t know what is.

On one occasion in his money appeal, SP even say once CCC fully paid, the sheep no more opportunity to give. By then, even if the sheep want to give, he ( SP ) won’t accept.

But sad to say many many sheep are so easily taken in. Many are so naïve. Many think that this RM50million is to pay the remaining or balance bank loans so that CC no need pay any more interests.

They seem to think the tens of security guards, cleaners etc work for free. Yes…water and electricity also free like fresh air!!!

As I wrote in my last blog, the MONEY APPEAL WILL CONTINUE ON AND ON AND ON…..

Dear sheep at CC…please be discerning



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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pentecostal World Conference 2013 to be held in CCC

The 23rd Pentecostal World Conference 2013 will be held at the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC) on  27-30 August 2013. The controversial CCC, which was designed by freemason Ken Yeang, has freemasonic symbols incorporated into the design and had been fraught with costly delays, conflicts with contractors and  work stoppages due to serious cashflow problems throughout the construction period.
Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam  (PG) who mooted the idea of this grand wasteful  project, used his autocratic style to silence  all opposition and protests from his members to the building of the CCC. During the height of the Church crisis a few years ago, he sacked some 400 members and several more  hundreds left the Church in disgust of his vindictive actions and mismanagement. In rushing to complete the CCC in time for this PWC, he has successfully gotten Calvary Church heavily into Bank debts of up to a tune of about RM60 million at the last count.
Calvary Church which used to be the largest Church in Malaysia now has less than 2,000 members and has now been overtaken by other bigger Churches like Full Gospel Assembly, SIB, DUMC and Glad Tidings.Of course, Calvary Church can now claim the title of being the largest church debtor in the country!

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Other News
CCC to be officially opened by shamed Dr David Yonggi Cho
PG’s good buddy and mentor. Dr David Yonggi Cho was recently indicted in the Korean Court for Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) in a share scam that resulted in a loss of US$14.5m for his Church. He is also being investigated for possible tax evasion to a tune of US$5.5 billion. Read the story at:
Dr Cho has been invited by PG to officiate the opening and dedication of the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC) on 27 August 2013. 
It is ironical that both pastor-buddies have similar histories. During the height of the Calvary Church crisis, a police report against PG for CBT was lodged by a church member. Fortunately for PG, the case against him was not taken up by the authorities although much evidence was furnished to the police, thanks in part to the political climate and religious sensitivities prevailing at the time.
PG was also investigated for tax evasion during that time. The tax department raided both his office and home. However, PG promptly paid up the taxes and penalties imposed and no further action was taken.