Tuesday, February 9, 2010

By God's Grace, we continue on...

WE are reproducing this section of the previous post titled, "WHY I USE "ALLAH." written by Pastor Eu Hong Seng, to be more focused on the Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur Crisis Saga, so that readers can focus on the church issues and thereby make relevant "Comments".

This is also a gentle reminder to all Concerned Members and friends to pray for the outcome of the next mention date for our case which has been scheduled on 24 February 2010.
To bring this article closer home to us in Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur, we borrow Pastor Eu’s words and reproduced them to read like this:

But the Calvary Church community has always been a peace loving people.

For the sake of harmony, TTG members engaged in closed door meetings in the past, to negotiate the issues of Truth Transparency and Godly Governance in the running of Calvary Church, rather than to bring it to the courts. And we were always assured by the Senior Pastor and Deacons that we could use our Church Constitutional rights at our AGMs to exercise our rights as church members to voice our opinions and to make decisions by way of voting so that the members voices are heard and carried out as allowed by our Church Constitution

But today (as decided by PG and Deacons since last AGM), they are saying we cannot use the Church Constitution and the various Church leaders have started rejecting all the Resolutions put in for consideration by members at the EGMs and the last AGM thereby confiscating the fundamental rights of the church members to vote at an AGM. And the claim is we "used to accept it" – but that's because the Church members have been tricked into negotiating behind closed doors in the name of the Christian and Church culture of "talk and resolve quietly." So because “nobody” heard from the Concerned Members, (many in the past and the present TTG) now PG, Pastors and Deacons of CC take advantage and say, we accepted it all this while. This is absolutely not true.

Different Concerned Members have been moaning, complaining, objecting and writing to the Church leadership for more than 20 years. (Many have said their peace and left to worship in other churches)

Should we concede for the sake of peace alone? Friends, the days of closed door meetings - where our views are deliberately misrepresented and compromised - where the Church Members are always bullied (i.e removed from church membership as in Dr Lum) and threatened (i.e axed from serving in church ministries) into submission for the sake of Christian Love and in the name of bearing a good testimony, are perhaps over?

It is indeed sad, that after 49 years of existence, the Church is still not ready for mature dialogue, and is still struggling to hear the voice of reason.

This is not a Christian Love issue, this is not a Touch not God’s anointed issue, this is not even a Forgive and Forget your pastor issue.

And this is definitely not a maintaining a good Christian Testimony in Malaysia issue.

Before us are simply constitutional and “human rights” issues, a call to respect the spiritual convictions and Godly principles held by members of Calvary Church. This is simply a call to exercise common sense and to respect boundaries and rights of Calvary members whose monetary contributions are paying for the salaries of the Pastors who are now "biting the hands which feed them".

We hope and pray that the above facts and reasons would help Calvarites understand that TTG brothers and sisters, are not insisting on using the AGM to propose RESOLUTIONS to be voted upon by members to "irritate" the “easily confused people” of the church.

We continue to pray for peace and seek a reasoned solution, so that Calvary Church can indeed shine as a great testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ, so affectionately known as a fountain-head church in Malaysia and the world over.

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