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Has TOTT Worked?

Many members and ex-members of Calvary Church, KL have been asking this question :-
“Has TOTT (Turn Off The Tap) worked?”.
The answer is a resounding “Yes”.

CT has tabulated the figures below from the Annual Reports of the Church from 2007 to 2010. The total income has dropped since 2007 with the highest drop registered in 2010 of 19% from the previous year. With the expenditure remaining high, the surplus has also dropped since 2007 with the highest drop recorded in 2010 of 30% from the previous year. Similarly, the Faith Promise has also suffered the same fall in income since 2007.

This is clear evidence that when Church members are unhappy, they will “speak out” with their wallets. This should also serve as a warning to all the pastors out there that they ought to conduct themselves and their Church affairs with integrity, transparency and accountability lest they suffer the same consequences as Calvary Church.

TOTT has been giving Pastor Prince Guneratnam (PG) nightmares and scrambling for Bank loans, which he had hoped, to avoid. Despite his constant dose of prosperity gospel, continuous reminders to the members to bring their Tithes and Offerings to the storehouse (Church) and the oft-repeated remark that they should not eat in McDonalds and pay in KFC, the giving by members continue to dip.

The original plan was to borrow only RM35 million to help fund the construction of the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC), however later, the loan amount became RM43 million instead.

Now, with the cost of CCC escalating to RM200 million for just Phase 1 alone and the drop in Church Income , the Church has to borrow an additional RM75 million, making a total eventual borrowing of a massive RM118 million.

The total estimated cost of the CCC is now at RM300 million, an increase of RM150 million from the original approved budget of RM150 million in 2005.

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The latest question on everyone’s lips is:-
“Will PG be able to complete CCC?”
The simple answer is “Yes”.

So long as the Church is able to give sufficient collateral to the Banks, the Banks will lend the necessary funds to the Church. Well, the Church does have sufficient landed properties accumulated over the last 50 years to secure the Bank loans.

However, the more important question to be asked should be:-
“If the CCC is completed with the Bank loans, will the Church be able to repay the loans?”
The obvious answer is “No”.

Based on current interest rate of say, 8% for such Commercial loans, the Interest Payable on a loan of RM118 million amounts to RM786,000 per month while the Principal Installment payable over a 10-year repayment tenure amounts to RM983,000.

The total monthly payment of RM1.769 million is way beyond the means of the Church, considering that their surplus per month for 2010 is only RM508,000.

If the loan is stretched to 15 years, the total interest and principal repayment will still be a massive RM1.44 million per month.

This is even before taking into account the cost of maintaining the CCC which is not likely to be cheap.

Based on the present congregation size and income, Calvary Church is surely headed for financial catastrophe. Calvary Church may lose all the properties charged to the Banks and the CCC itself. If this happens, Calvary Church may even go into bankruptcy.

That was what happened to the Crystal Cathedral mega church in USA when it could not service their US$36 million mortgage.

Click on Title below to read the article from Berita Calvary
US Church files for Bankrupcy

Coming back to our present topic, It is always easy to borrow money but the repayment is seldom as easy. With a world-wide recession looming ahead, times will get tougher. Members’ ability to maintain their giving will, invariably, be affected.

PG may have planned to sell off some or all of the Church properties to reduce the Bank borrowing but with the anticipated slowdown in the property sector, the properties will not likely fetch as much value as he had estimated.

This is actually the time to exercise wisdom and refrain from excessive spending and borrowing. The Bible warns against getting into financial slavery and urges the believer to always prepare for bad times. And bad times will come, that’s for sure.

Here's another article posted in Berita Calvary which is worth taking note of : Borrow to Build


Anonymous said...

Worshipper of 25 years says :

In my DREAM, I saw the building bearing the name "CALVARY CHURCH" SANK slowly , in a slow motion manner, into the DARK DEEP OCEAN ! I saw many die-hard members trapped ,drowning and crying for HELP but I could not help them! I swam out lest I get drowned in vain !

I concurred with the warning given and so my whole FAMILY left Calvary Church ! My gifted children noticed the decadence within CC and left much earler than me !

Dear readers, so what is your interpretation for my DREAM ?

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 19, 2011 1:45 PM. Taken from the previous post and reposted here by CT.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CCC can be completed but at what price?

SK had already said CC will have difficulty to meet payment due in October. Hence his desperate appeal and talked of a dying person to give RM6 mil to CCC.

When the PWC is held in CCC in 2013, the delegates will sigh in awe and heap accolades on the glory seeking PG. He will be smiling from ear to ear and say "thank you, thank you". Then when the delegates leave for home, it will all be over and CC will be left holding a massive loan in its hands.

Has CC used the DH church as a collateral? Don't ever sell CC DH. Heaven forbid!. Everyone can see that CC is on a prime piece of land. Calvary Church at DH is an icon to Christians. However this is fast diminishing because of the saga. The pioneers built this church with sweat and toil and moved in DEBT FREE. PG has forgotten that it is CC is the platform for him to become what he is today. The Malays say "saperti kacang lupakan kulit".
PG has no love for CC and would, of course, keen to get rid of CC to eradicate this stain on his fingers (like Lady Macbeth).

The GS AOG M'sia will be specking at the CCC Cornerstone laying event. The Assembly of God is one on the many Christian denominations that do not accept Freemasonry. What is the stand of AOG M'sia regarding Freemasons. Does Ong Sek Leang not know this or he is just "buat ta'tahu"! Or has he compromised his Christian beliefs or allegiance?

Do a google search on "cornerstone" and it is found that the cornerstone is common in freemason practices. Knowing that CCC is designed by a freemason rises some doubts on this event.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 16 Sep. at 12:58pm:


Why can't these so-called reverend pastors who feel that they are above all others think about why this blog was started? Why can't they spend time finding out the reasons and who caused this blog to exist? Maybe they choose not to.

These pastors who want the blog to close down is because they may have skeletons and are afraid that these skeletons will be exposed. Further they are afraid that if their church members become more discerning, their control over these members will erode and their dependency on members for their finances will then, of course, fall.

The person who is primarily responsible is none other than the General Superintendent Emeritus of AOG Malaysia who is the SP of Calvary Church PG.

It's easy to point your fingers at others but not at your own kind. The present GS AOG Malaysia, Ong Sek Leang will be the speaker at the CCC Cornerstone laying ceremony and also assisting PG in the organization of the world conference in 2013. So you can form your own conclusion whether AOG Malaysia will or even contemplate taking action against PG who is the GS Emeritus, AOG Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Interesting dream....
One would literally think that this is the existing builing at Damansara Endah..being sunk in a coming Deluge possibly sooner than most can imagine
IN view of current circumstances think this is of a spiritual kind of warning.


Anonymous said...

Get hold of Pastor Susan Tang latest book on Commercialized Religion and Contaminated Christianity. A truly prophetic message for the so called ego-seeking, authoritarian, carnal pastors who seek to build their own kingdom & glory instead of God's kingdom which we have been forewarned through God's anointed servant.

Anonymous said...


TOTT (Turn Off The Tap) symbolises the voice of the oppressed in cc. TOTT is a clear indicator of the frustration, indignation and anger of the congregation with the present oppressive regime, under a tyranical self serving, self loving, ever scheming, materialistic, worldly, ever money loving, arrogant, unChristian sp. He is in fact a cult leader, a satanic not Godly person.

Just like the registered voters in a country, come the next general elections, the populace would definitely indicate their individual (and collective) choice of candidates / political parties they choose to represent and uphold their rights and privileges, c-rites use TOTT as a weapon of righteousness against the forces of evil in the form of the earlier said rogue leadership.

The other weapon available to c-rites and concerned supporters is LAW (Lies Awareness Weapon). We all should equip ourselves with Spirit of Discernment and God Given Wisdom to spot lies, deceits and trickery from these satanic priests who unashamedly misquote the Bible scriptures or mask them with half truths, especially to tailor suit to their evil aim of extracting money from the rich and poor alike among the congregation for the building ccc, a monumental symbol of tyranical sp's personal glory, not GOD's !

Needless to say, Calvary Today 2 and its mirror blog sites are also priceless and effective weapons against these satanic priests and their evil masters in cc and other churches, who try to clamour for the closing down of these sites. they tremble in fear of their sinful secrets being exposed to public.

TOTT is working so beautifully, hindering the evil schemes of these cults. We hope the other oppressed congregation would also rise up to fight for justice and honor in their respective churches or organisations. We should return GOD to His rightful place in the churches - by inviting GOD to reside in our hearts first ! Not some mega structures designed by self confessed cult worshipper in the form of a Freemason, who incorporated the symbol of serpent (symbol of Satan also known as Lucifer), and a Pharoah's tomb (symbol of ancient Egyptian cultic religion and satanic worship again) !

Do you therefore still think God wopuld be pleased to reside in ccc ?
Of course NO !

Do you still think your sp is "annointed" by God ?
Of course NO !

Do you want to support a mega project which is headed by a Project Director who is the sp's own son, who is not a qualified engineer, witjout the minimum number of practical contruction experience, costing hundreds of millions RM, and with the budgeted costs keep on expanding and expanding and expanding ?

Have you ever thought of the future astronomical costs of equiping and furnishing ccc ?

NO ?

Think about it now,before too late !

How many hundreds millions RM more?

Would it bankrupt cc and ccc and us all ?

Anonymous said...

Please check this out:

FreemasonryFreemasons sometimes perform the public cornerstone laying ceremony for notable buildings. This ceremony was described by The Cork Examiner of 13 January 1865 as follows:

...The Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Munster, applying the golden square and level to the stone said ; " My Lord Bishop, the stone has been proved and found to be 'fair work and square work' and fit to be laid as the foundation stone of this Holy Temple".' After this, Bishop Gregg spread cement over the stone with a trowel specially made for the occasion by John Hawkesworth, a silversmith and a jeweller. He then gave the stone three knocks with a mallet and declared the stone to be 'duly and truly laid'. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Munster poured offerings of corn, oil and wine over the stone after Bishop Gregg had declared it to be 'duly and truly laid'. The Provincial Grand Chaplain of the Masonic Order in Munster then read out the following prayer: 'May the Great Architect of the universe enable us as successfully to carry out and finish this work. May He protect the workmen from danger and accident, and long preserve the structure from decay; and may He grant us all our needed supply, the corn of nourishment, the wine of refreshment, and the oil of joy, Amen. So mote it be.' The choir and congregation then sang the Hundredth Psalm.[6]

In Freemasonry, which grew from the practice of stonemasons, the initiate (Entered Apprentice) is placed in the north-east corner of the Lodge as a figurative foundation stone.[7] This is intended to signify the unity of the North associated with darkness and the East associated with light.[8]

Anonymous said...

Churchgoers need to be vigilant to ensure church funds are not abused according to the whims and fancies of church pastors. Already it was reported today that 29 elders of Yoido church had requested the Korean prosecutor to probe Cho Yonggi for embezzeling church funds to help cover investment losses of his son.

S.Korea church leader faces embezzlement probe
(AFP) – 5 hours ago
SEOUL — Prosecutors launched an investigation into the founder of South Korea's largest church, who has been accused by religious elders of embezzlement involving millions of dollars.

Twenty-nine elders of the Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul asked prosecutors Tuesday to investigate Reverend Cho Yong-Gi and his eldest son Hee-Jun, for allegedly siphoning off donations worth 23 billion won ($20 million).

Cho denies the allegations, calling them a smear campaign.

The elders claim Cho used the money to help his son, a former chairman of a church-affiliated newspaper Kookmin Ilbo, recover losses made in stock investments.

"We have collected enough evidence regarding Cho's management of church funds and will continue to file additional lawsuits," the elders said in their complaint to prosecutors.

A Seoul prosecutors' office spokesman said investigations were under way.

"We first have to summon the complainants and receive evidence they have gathered before summoning Cho," he told AFP.

Cho, 75, founded Yoido Full Gospel Church in 1958 and it now claims more than 450,000 followers.

His proteges have built their own "disciple churches" across the country, creating a congregation of around 800,000, with Cho as the leader.

Cho dismissed the allegations as "a smear campaign by an opposing faction of an extremely few people" in his church.

"The truth will reveal itself during the prosecutors' investigation. Those who filed the complaint will have to take responsibility accordingly," he said in a statement.

South Korea has East Asia's largest Christian community after the Philippines, with about 8.6 million Protestants and 5.1 million Catholics. About 10 million South Koreans are Buddhists.

Copyright © 2011 AFP. All rights reserved. More »

observer said...

Cho seems to better than our sp who never denied anything that TTG brings out.

He is hedged by all the bod, associates....he does not even bother to defend himself.

Anonymous said...

The table indeed shows that the level of collection has dropped significantly from 2007 to 2010. Infact the church leadership has openly admitted that. The more crucial question however is whether for 2011 (8 months to August) the level continues to drop or has begun to pick up.

Anonymous said...

The number of partners for the Faith Promise has dropped drastically.

On page 16 of the souvenir book of PG's 30 years, the stack of cards is about 900 pieces. On page 13 of the Calvary news Issue 131 (Sep./Oct.), it is so pathetic and is only about 230 pieces in DH. PG and SK must be having migraines now.

Looking at the figures tabulated by CT, let's add the Building Fund together with the Faith Promise as these are intertwined and make a comparison.

Comparing 2007 and 2010, the decrease is a whooping 42%. For 2009 and 2010, it is 32%. That is why there is no building fund pledge this year. The surplus from the Faith Promise will be diverted to CCC.

TOTT is indeed working very well. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

The following is reported in the Star 22 Sept. Page 45:

Seoul: The founder of South Korea's largest church is being probed after he was accused by of embezzlement. Twenty-nine elders of the Yoido Gospel Church asked prosecutors to investigate Reverend Cho Yonggi and his eldest son Hee-jun, for allegedly siphoning off donations worth 23 billion won (RM60 mil). Cho denies the allegations, calling them a smear campaign. - AFP

Rev Kong Hee, founder and sr. pastor of City Harvest Church, Singapore has stepped down as the Chairman of the 10-member management board. Half of the board are replaced. The investigations into misuse of church funds is still ongoing.

Gaddafi has fallen.

Everywhere people are now calling for transparency and accountability. In Malaysia, too, the government has taken the initiative to carry out changes.

Church goers today have more discernment and say "Amen" with a questioning mind when the scripture is twisted. It is a very sad state of affairs that in CC, power is invested in one man over the whole congregation. Bear in mind he is not the founder of CC and came to CC in 1972 at the "invitation" of the pioneers when he was in the backwaters in Klang. He has forgotten his roots and is obstinately squatting in CC running the church as his own private domain. The Deacons who are elected by the members are equally guilty of failing in their duties to push for changes. Imagine the Elders in Yoido initiating action against Yonggi Cho the founder because of his alleged mismanagement.

This brings to a conclusion that today church members today want transparency, accountability and wants to know how their givings are used.

Hurray for TOTT!

Anonymous said...

If elders in Yoido church can called for prosecutors to investigate on Pastor Yonggi Cho into the question of embezzlement of members funds, then why can't the elders of CC do likewise and investigate the CC leaders on the misuse of members funds.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christians,

Now what else does one expect but a drop in pledges after all the postings around here for a start...

However let it be known to one and all, that no matter what goes on... anyWHERE in every corner of the planet, that God is always above it all and if He wants some facility to be built somewhere even if on the moon when man gets to go there to live one day , HIS WILL is always certain & WILL BE DONE.

nOW i cant say anything more on current matters here because i am not God either but God knows everything and everyone.


Anonymous said...

My only concern is for those deceived sheep still under the spell of SP.CC is preaching its own gospel right now- and what is most important for SP and gang right now is that building.Its a house being built on sand.

That "Yes Sir" ministers, RY,SK, PO and the rest - they should look for another job than to continue squatting on CC to earn their bread.That goes to other AOG " Reverends" too- who lord it over their congregation.

It appears these Revs' have no sense of shame. Sigh! Sigh!!

Bamboo Conspiracy said...


We may think that the Lord is unfamiliar with the pain of a church split. He is not. WHY? Because God Himself suffered a type of SPLIT.

Even before the creation of man, heaven endured a time of 'great rebellion' - a split. Fueled by ambition, Lucifer deceived a third of the angles to worship him and rebel the authority of God.

Consider the cunning of Lucifer. He could convince angles, who once gazed upon the glory of God, that he could defeat the Almighty!

Yes, consider the deceptive powers of our ancient enemy and wonder not that he could separate good friends and families within Calvary Church!

Did the Lord remain unaffected by the strife? How did He feel seeing one third join Lucifer and rebel against Him?

Beloved consider with trembling fear what happened next. Until this ancient split, to the best of our knowledge,HELL DID NOT EXIST!


Have you wondered the consequences when Rogue Leaders deceive members to join them and fight the righteous in Christ?

When a division strikes a church, there are three primary groups. The first group consists of those who seek the truth. The second group are the "loyal" members, current leaders and staff who, though embattled, remain loyal to the senior pastor. The third group - often the largest - are those who are caught in the middle of the division. These are those who have friends in both sides and suffer the most.

As I read the blog and tremble at the financial figures, I sometimes wonder, whether this is the end of Calvary Church. With such debts - can she survive the future? Even if the rogue leaders leave, the debt still remains.

This is that which has become a burden? Is it the will of the Lord to end Calvary Church? From a human perspective the future does not look bright for Calvary Church.

The only way forward is to know the will of God. What is His will? Although we hear of churches going bankrupt, is this the future path for Calvary Church too?

I find comfort in the fact that the Lord never discarded the pot that was marred. He did not make a new pot from new material. NO! He used the same material to fashion a new pot. This gives me faith to stay the course.

Having put my hands on the plough, there is no turning back. What I believed in the light, I now declare in the dark, this in spite of all the odds staked against her, the Lord will preserve His church.

What if I am wrong? What if Calvary Church will one day eventually die because of her debt, rogue leaders etc?

I have two choices: - one that requires the exercise of greater faith and one that does not require faith at all. To believe that the former glory will one day return to Calvary Church and that her latter glory will be greater than the former requires GREATER FAITH.

The other, option, that Calvary Church will die requires no faith. This is the easy way out.

However, we are people of faith and I would rather exercise faith and "fail" than exercise no faith at all. The Bible says God honours faith and so as for me, I rather continue to fight the good fight of faith and believe for a miracle to see the Lord return Calvary Church to her rightful place than lose heart and give up.

Let us be overcomers because the Lord has promised a crown for us even if what we believed for does not happen the way we had expected. All we know is we never lose when we put our faith in God.



Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

My Pastor seems to be very circumspect these days. He is preaching new sermons now.Previously it was the same old sermons. The church youth believe that it must have something to do with this blog.

God bless this blog.

Fr CT2 @ September 25, 2011 10:44 AM

Anonymous said...

Will CC goes bankrupt? Probably.
I think the Lord is not interested in saving the local institution of CC. If it goes bankrupt, so be it. God's concern more on His sheep that hurted and stumbled. Our focus should be on these hurted sheep, not the institution, not even restoring CC former glory. In fact, if it is CC's glory, it is not God's glory. SO our faith should be trusting the Lord in restoring the faith of our brother & sisters. The institution is secondary, the people is primary. That is why my focus is bring greater awareness & comfort those who is hurted.

Anonymous said...



Bamboo Conspiracy said...

Anonymous September 25 2011 3:55PM

I am in agreement with the above writer - the Lord is more interested in saving His sheep than the local institution of CC.

However, the Lord does use Institutions and they have served great purposes in the past. Furthermore, an Institution does not have to be a building.

Take for example the China Inland Mission founded by Hudson Taylor. They had to flee because of Communist China.

Nevertheless, the Lord used the scattering for His purposes. The scattered missionaries went into Laos, Burma, Taiwan and SEA to spread the message to Chinese living in these areas. Today OVerseas Missionary Fellowship is the new form of the China Inland Mission.

Today, we have scattered members of CC in other churches serving God in 'new places'.

Until the Lord clearly tells some of us that CC is a lost course, we will continue to believe that the Lord will preserve CC - because there is a group of dedicated people fighting for TTG.

At least I wish to see that this fight is not in vain and there is some form of victory - even if CC is preserved in a new form that stands for TTG.

I fully support what my brother has said, only that the Lord has not shown me that I need to place my faith in a Plan 'B' or 'C'.


Anonymous said...

The dilemma a while ago facing some attending the institution of Calvary Church came to a point,(well at least in the minds hearts spirt of the some attending there) that some thing was amiss on some matters.

Hence a number of these (part of the some)decided to take some action and that was exactly what was done in that they a least first met up then stood up to the matters at hand.

For many reasons since then, the matter at hand was not resolved at least to those who first stood up. Within the process of these events, somewhere sometime this blog became to be, and today many around the world have come to know about much.
Right or wrong, the Holy spirit will minister, while God knows ALL but nevertheless in the journey the blog had been of help to many other issues touching many others not related to CC.

Anyway, today the journey continues as GOD does not live or reside in any one institution/building but the church consist of people of believers everywhere even in huts made of hay.
As to the institution of Calvary Church per se, well, the process of/and workings goes on as God's sheep are also THERE.
Yet everyone must be circumspect always and not get caught up with things of the world or the way the world thinks ( to put it in a spiritual perspective}.

Jesus is still in the FORGIVING business and The goal is really the harvesting of souls in these last days.
As to the brick mortar and abode, God will give the peace as to what and where.
Jesus still takes care of today till rapture. -LUKE

Anonymous said...

It should be clearly knowned by now and in fact be accepted by all that CC is already a lost course. It has come to a point of no return. It is now not about putting your faith in God or continue to believe for Him to suddenly come up with a miracle solution, because there will be none. It calls for us to be more matured believers in Christ. Its now totally spiritually meaningless to continue worshipping in CC under these dictatorial, self serving false preachers week after weeks. I cannot understand why some of you can. Our time is short & precious and we have to live on to guard our own spiritual life & grow in Christ.

Anonymous said...

About the new CCC- My personal thoughts.

What a waste of so much
Kingdom money!!! Christians slog and slog throughout the week just to contribute to a building of such a magnitude? Sure it will be impressive.But at what cost? I forsee that the money appeal from the CCC pulpit will never go away.Just imagine this, Mr. Christian- just the cost of maintaining the building is staggering indeed. Of course SP and family are going to pay the money out of their own pockets.

But this is not the first time that Christians are known for their spiritual disease and madness. The present CC leadership is deluding itself.All the vibrant worship is already disappeared at CC.And Satan has successfully sowed seeds of doubt in the congregation's mind-- all due to the madness of SP and leadership.

All other AOG churches take note. Have a closer look at the Church Constitution and re-check the position of the so called "Senior Pastor". And make the changes as you can.Don't wait for another beast to arise in our midst and start axing this and that. Lets learn the lesson ... or repeat it.

All my condolences who are still worshipping at CC.
Caution- Many Rogue Ministers have Risen in Christentown!Quite a few are hiding in the shadows- to re-emerge when the CC crisis is over- because they have their own big building plans for those dumb sheep attending church.

The AOG "Reverends" are spreading this disease.

Anonymous said...

The AOG "Reverends" are spreading this disease.
I have never believed in these so called Reverends. Just like the Catholic Priest, Reverends are not mentioned in the NT Scriptures. It is a creation of the Protestant movement- and they know it.

By hiding behind various religious titles they come across to give the orders.Me and family woke up from this delusion a long time ago.

Right now- SP is a disgrace to the whole AOG.His actions and the AOG indifference to his actions have put the whole system in a new light.

I left the whole AOG church because my wife and teenage children were not convinced with his yelling and screaming from behind a pulpit.There was really nothing in his sermons.

We left the church in a hurry when he said "Last night I heard the voice of God audibly....and the voice was sweeter than honey.."

What a load of AOG crap.It was our teenage son and daughter who dragged me and wife out of church immediately.That was the last time we attended that lunatics church.

Awake from slumber.

Anonymous said...

The cornerstone laying event at CCC on Sunday Oct.2, is over. It was so disgusting to hear Ong Sek Leang speaking today. The brown-nosing (apple polisher) Ong sek Leang said "I have no respect for people who may be doing the right thing but saying it the wrong way." Does he mean to say that asking for truth, transparency and good governance in the church is the wrong way to say to speak out loud? Keep quiet and accept total submission? Is getting concerned Christians like the prominent calvarite, his defense lawyer and NECF to make attempts at arbitration again a wrong way to say?

He is showing his arrogance after having being mentored by the General Superintendent Emeritus AOG Malaysia i.e. PG. He had repeated a couple of times that he is the General Superintendent AOG Malaysia during his message as if he is fearful that those at the function does not know who he has.

He forget to mention that he is brown-nosing PG to host the PWC 2013 as the Chairman of the Host Committee. Concerned Christians out there, sleep well, forget about AOG Malaysia intervening in the shameful saga in CC with the present conduct of the supremo of AOG Malaysia.

Guynes who condones freemasonry was here to say a short prayer and heaped accolades on PG. Who paid for his airfare and expenses to travel half way around the world to come to attend the event? CC? You know, I know-lah! What extravagance!

Anonymous said...

" IF ONLY ,and IF PG is ever to be charged for CBT ", will any two die-hards & faithful to him from CC prepared to stand in two (2) sureties for him and pay his 3 million bail in CASH ?
AG have not NFA & close his police IP yet ! I am waiting patiently for this to come to pass !

Anonymous said...

Anony Oct.2th 11.55am. Like you I too left CC long time ago because I do not believed in these AOG Pentecostal pastors & their false doctrines. I have heard Petrina Gunaretnam told the congregation more than once about the "visions" she claimed God showed her, but I find those visions "strange & odd" and simply hard to believe they came from God. If what SP claimed that "he heard the voice of God audibly...and the voice was sweeter than honey", then we can be very sure that they DO NOT come from the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, but from "another jesus", an imposter and a "false christ" that Paul in the Bible warned believers to beware of. This is the "roaring lion" that roams about looking for someone to devour, and it does appears that he has devoured the CC pastors.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of the comments above, i feel that many of us are too concerned about CC whether it will remain or sink.I'm reminded of what Apostle Paul asked "why do you say, we are of Paul, or we are of Appolos?" Paul was concerned that we stress too much on the local body of Christ. I believe in the universal today of the bigger picture we are His Body in MALAYSIA. When God does something i believe He looks at the geographical groupings to accomplish His purposes. If Calvary is no more, its ok, its jusrt that the members have attended other churches, they have moved on and not parked themselves and remain stagnant at one point.

Anonymous said...

When Ong Sek Leang was speaking on Sunday at the CCC site, he said that he has no respect for people who are saying the right thing in a wrong way. This remark was in no way related to his main topic. Out of the blue, he said this spontaneously. What is he trying to insinuate? Overheard during the fellowship time, in hushed tone, someone asked "what is rev. Ong implying?" The answer he got was "it is obvious that he is referring to TTG." Then the conversation took a sudden twist because others were close.

If this was his aim, then it is shameful to have come from the top man of AOG M'sia. Instead of making an effort to solve the long standing saga in CC which is putting Christians in a bad light or in the least remain neutral, he is biased and taking sides for PG. Shame on you, rev. Ong for not honouring your Christian principals. Just like what Anonymous Oct. 2, 2:31pm said you are a apple polisher. If you want to climb the ladder in the international Christian arena, don't betray your christian allegiance.

Bersih! Bersih! Bersihkan Calvary Church! said...

Hi Administrator of Calvary Today,


Anonymous said...

Since I came to know that saga going on in Calvary Church I have not contributed a cent, I am a former worshipper there having moved to Melaka. Of course, I regretted giving a tidy sum towards the CCC project. I have a strong feeling that this Church will have ceaseless problems one after another.

Fr CT @ October 3, 2011 1:49 AM

watching you said...

about Rouge Pastors

It is more than one year i have follow this blog. Some of my friends attending CC are confused and misled. They are new Christians. They are scared and cannot get out. You know the words? Leave and you go to hell. Listen like dumb sheep and you go to heaven mah. It is not just the money issue.

When they told me of the scandals, i feel shocked because got sexual scandal also. This is not a light matter. If any others have been victim of PG & PG2 you must charge these rogue pastors who promote and take part in immoral activity.
PG & PG2 have you no shame? To use abuse the people who trust you? The sheep want to worship in CC but you have spoilt the name of Christianity by your dirty ways. It is Satan ruling you, not God anymore.

Your time is near. Leave and seek forgiveness before it is too late.

Posted by watching you to Calvary Today at October 3, 2011 6:02 PM

Anonymous said...

i just heard the audio clip between Liza Low and your all powerful SP! I salute you Sister Liza Low. Dear CT and those still worshipping in CC, i am dumbfounded and aghast that you can still call him your SP. Why he is a rogue pastor who is arrogant, a bully and downright deceiving... yes he and his wife have been preaching the wrong values to the sheep who look up to them, not to mention the twisting of the gospel to serve their selfish means - financial and many other ways (including playing with the lives of young women and men).

Instead of letting him Lord it over you all FOR SO LONG, its time the tables are turned - do not allow him to be up in front and tell you what to do week after week asking you to leave for seeking the truth. All of you should by now be strong, listen to God in you. You know what is happening is wrong. Stand up and ask this brood of vipers to leave CC so that the sheep can be fed with the right food.

SP1 and SP2 your time is over. to quote and earlier blog post - why do you bother with who is dating who? You have destroyed enough through the years. Prince and Princess of darkness, you have had your fill. Now its time to move out. Shoo. Flee.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 3, 2011 11:52 PM

Anonymous said...

When Ong Sek Leang was speaking on Sunday at the CCC site, he said that he has no respect for people who are saying the right thing in a wrong way.
So this Rev.has publicly admitted that some people were "saying the right thing??(although in a wrong way?)

This is an obvious reference to TTG.Well there a few things that we can infer from this Rev's statement.I believe he had made what psychology students describe as a"Fruedian Slip". We can safely infer the following:-

1.This Rev. has been reading the write ups in TTG's blog- Not a doubt about that.No use for him pretending ignorance.Many pastors do.

2.This has bothered him enough to the point of making a veiled statement against TTG at CCC's site.That's really hypocritical indeed. He should have said it in TTG's blog with his name and church address so we can sort out the issues.

3.He has admitted that what was said were the right things albeit- in his opinion it was done in the wrong way.Well, he can keep his opinions to himself.Many out here think otherwise.We will not be fooled by great talkers.Its amazing where he got his western accent from.In the early days it was plain Asian voice and English.

4.Rev.Ong was just buttering SP and gang.After all who can give him the world connections for preaching?

5.Lastly,it was shameful conduct on the part of a visiting speaker.

What was done in the wrong way? In case this Rev does not know- all the avenues were exhausted before this blog was birthed.That is the whole truth.We out here did not create TTG but we believe this blog has become very necessary against those who have the power of the pulpit to dominate to abuse others. What has he got to say about the 400 who were axed? He is strangely about that issue.

So Mr.General Superindendant of the AOG... if you have no respect for us bloggers out here- we too don't have any respect for religious high titled religious people like you. The game is over.There is no evidence in the entire Scriptures that God ordained anybody with a Rev.title when called to serve him
and you should know that.No respect ah? What a joke.

TTG ... keep up this light.Although we have not met,all of out here love and support you. Bye.


james said...

Hi Brothers & Sisters,
Pray for God's wisdom and understanding in your daily walk with the Lord.
"Do not let a root of bitterness spring up and cause trouble." Bitterness is always wrong. No matter how justified the cause of bitterness may be, to have a bitter attitude as a Christian is always wrong, for resentment, envy, and bitterness are always of the flesh. The trouble is, they are highly contagious diseases. If one person is bitter and continues in an unforgiving, bitter spirit, others are infected by this and it spreads and defiles many. This is the problem in many a church today. So, if you see someone around you that has this problem, help him to see that this is a terrible thing that will wreck his life and destroy the grace of God, thus making it impossible to grow as a Christian.


Fr CT @ October 5, 2011 5:03 PM

Anonymous said...

Bro.James @ Oct.5th 5.03pm. I would say there is a difference between creating bitterness among christians and exposing hypocrital church pastors to fellow believers. Rouge leaders are aplenty today and many unsuspecting members had been misled by them. In showing concern for fellow believers, exposing these rouge leaders to them is not to create bitterness but to warn them so that they would not be misled. Jesus Christ was even more harsh in exposing the false leaders of His days, the Lord loudly called them in public and in synagogues "Ye hypocrites" and "you brood of vipers". Surely the Lord was not trying to create bitterness among believers but merely exposing them to alert others.

It is utter dissapointing these days to see the hypocrital behaviour of today's church pastors. Instead of shepherding the flock with love & gentleness, they created rules & constitutions to give them power to lord over church members. So I believe its the intention of this blog to expose such rougue leaders to fellow believers and not to create any bitterness among them.

Anonymous said...

i just heard the audio clip between Liza Low and your all powerful SP! I salute you Sister Liza Low
Sis Liza should not have been humiliated in that manner in full view of the congregation.Power has gone into SPs head.
Sis.Liza-I hope you have found another church where there is transparency and accountability.Don't let one Pastor's conduct ruin your faith.They are simply not worth it.I think this situation has revealed something very important to you.There is no point arguing with these devils.They are backslidden and they don't care if they hurt and wound the sheep. They just want their buildings.You just have to move on and get rest in another church.Praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Sep. 23, 2pm wrote: "If the elders in Yoido church can call for prosecutors to investigate on Pastor Yonggi Cho into the question of embezzlement of members funds, then why can't the elders of CC do,likewise and investigate the CC leaders on the misuse of members funds."

No way the elders will act like those in Yoido! Who are the elders in CC? PG has appointed his diehard supporters. One of the elders, Patrick Wong failed in his bid to be elected as a Deacon. Immediately PG appointed him as an elder! So much for transparency. Patrick's wife who is an assistant pastor is the in-charge at calvaryland and drives the church's waja there almost everyday. What a waste of church's fund for petrol, tyre wear and maintenance looking after a handful of residents t the home.

Will the elders and deacons reprimand the recalcitrant PG? Never! The elders and deacons are just wall decorations only.

Anonymous said...

Sis Liza should not have been humiliated in that manner in full view of the congregation.Power has gone into SPs head.
It is not just SP who is power crazy right now. This spiritul sickness has gripped many AOG Reverends.If someone had shouted at his wife or daughter- than the whole reaction will be different. But after all - who is Liza??After all, who are we? Someone "Mow Meng". We are just supposed to pay our tithes and just listen what they have to say. Dr. Guynes heaping priases on SP at the CCC site was downright pathetic- to say the least.But he can't speak against someone who pays his flight and boarding expenses.Who else can give him a 10,000 love offering?? And its all church money.He can give money away to his cronies just like that because he did not slog for it.We were the ones who worked hard for it and he has the privilege of giving it to whoever pleases him.

Now coming to Mr.Ong the wannabee Prince. He even sounds like SP these days.(mm sai paan ye lah!!!)As I see it, he is trying hard to butter SP these days.And why is that? You guess the motive yourself!!Of course, what he said was meant to hit out at TGG.

These AOG Reverends- they earn their bread from members money-but they talk like we have no rights. Just sit silent in church- as they turn out they religious crap.As one writer wrote here that his Pastor " Heard the voice of God audibly and it was sweeter than honey!!" My office friends when they read that and laughed until they were pink in their faces.It certainly would be fun if that so-called Rev. was an employee at our office!!

All church goers beware of those who try to lord it over you.SP is a write off case.For axing 400 and getting away with it- he deserves a place in the Guniness Book Of World Records.( Maybe we should have a Members Union inside the church for the protection of members) Something like a Trade Union.

What a disgusting state of affairs!!

Anonymous said...

To Anony, Oct 7th, 12.18am. When I said elders in the church, I am not refering to people like Patrick Wong or the deacons for I know very well are all "yes men" of PG. Perhaps I should clarify elders to be meant those who have been with CC for many years & other members who felt some form of action should be taken to investigate CC pastors, especially PG on suspicion of corruption and misuse of members funds.

Anonymous said...

" Heard the voice of God audibly and it was sweeter than honey!!"

Anonymous said...

I cant help but feel Calvary Church people have idolized this man Prince for far too long until they cannot see what he really is. I still remember the many calvary church outreaches being started all over Selangor, one even right next to my church I was attending. My pastor's objection would only fall on deaf ears. I remember as a college student saying to myself who are these people, why start a church just a few shop lots from another AOG church. This was when Prince was the superintendent. It is very unscrupulous in violating the space between churches. Anyway that was a long time ago but I still can remember feeling a certain dislike for Calvary church and the pastors there. They act like they are better than all of us....cheh....sorry to say that whats happening now, calvary church members and Prince really brought this on themselves...What do you expect from unscrupulous actions of your pastors and you all allowed him to grow into this monster, now you all want to remove him also so susah.

Anonymous said...

Last week the cornerstone service was held at CCC site. Prior to this, pastor PO mentioned that Holy Communion for first week of October will be held one week earlier i.e. on last week of September as something like not convenient at CCC. What a crap. What better place to have Holy Communion than in the very first service at CCC! I told my family that the main reason could be that normally there is a second collection for mission during Holy Communion and I was sure that SP and his team will definitely ask for a sacrificial offering for CCC in the cornerstone service. Thus if Holy Communion had been as scheduled and held at the cornerstone service there willl be three collections.
At today's morning service, the invited guest speaker told the congregation his message was 'how to overcome the devil'. What a shame when his main aim was to turn the pulpit into another platform to coerce the sheep to give to CCC. I wonder what sacrificial offering he himself made to CCC as during his buildup to the eventual appeal, he gave the impression that he was so impressed by CCC as reaching out to others and he doesn't to miss out the opportunity to be part of it.
I wondered if from now onwards there will be appeals for sacrificial giving to CCC every week. I also wonder whether today's technique is the latest desperate and high pressure style. Those who heard God speaking to them to give to STAND UP!!! Pastor PO kept telling the sheep something like not to be pressured. If this is not pressuring then I wonder what is. Perhaps next time they will tell the sheep to show their offering like the Pharisees who let others know what they gave??? I noted that many did not stand.
BTW, pastor PO mentioned that some people who won't come to church will come to CCC when they see such a .....building. Come on pastor please go back to your Bible...people come to Jesus because of Jesus not CCC. I am really sad that such a senior pastor as PO can say this...


Anonymous said...

Calvary Church just had their first service on last Sunday at CCC. My question is have they gotten the CF yet, if not how can they risk people lives when the place is still under construction?

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 8, 2011 8:58 PM

Anonymous said...

I also wonder whether today's technique is the latest desperate and high pressure style. Those who heard God speaking to them to give to STAND UP!!! Pastor PO kept telling the sheep something like not to be pressured. If this is not pressuring then I wonder what is.


Anonymous said...

This blog is every interesting and my wife stumbled upon it by accident, Actually she wanted to access Gods work on the Cross at Calvary and somehow this blog appeared with some other blogs.

Anyway we decided to tell the story of why we left the AOG church some years back.

Firstly our children were growing up and we felt the Pastors example was not being very helpful.

For example-sometimes he turns up for his church work wearing shortpants like hes reprting for work in a pigsty/.(shorts were dungarees cut short with all the fibres hanging out here and there.Like he is lacking in self respect and esteem.

Secondly he likes to hang out with the youths taking them for Island outings here and there.On hindsighht he was just making use of church time to escape from work.

He not the motivated sort.Just likes to hang out and drink tea. And if by some miracle he is actually in the office working, most of the time its just fooling around with the computer( heard this from one of the former church staff)

Our children were growing up to be teenagers and we could not afford the risk of the pastor influencing them. And i think we made the right decision.We attend a church now where most of the deacons and elders are Doctors, Accountants , Architects and lawyers.They take turns to preach and their message is very well balanced unlike the stale fiery sermons we heard before.My children are very exposed to matured Christians now and I am very happy that we decided to move.

Making the right decision.

God Bless yOU all.

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh during the Cornerstone Gift time at Bukit Jalil. The ushers gave the singers on stage an envelope each for the pledge. The singers just held the envelopes. Then when it was time to collect the envelopes, the singers passed the envelopes back to the ushers.

Btw are the cars the AP's driving including Jim belong to the church? Seen at the carpark near the portable toilets at CCC, Jim drives a new KIA suv and PO drives a new Mitsubishi Lancer. I am driving a 14 years old junk. They are still in the comfort zone.

PG was literally begging the congregation at site to give to CCC. He emphasized to the congregation to give sacrificially. Has PG or the AP's or his family members downgrade their cars or whatever to make a sacrificial gift to CCC? Don't expect an answer from them. to them "silence is golden".

Anonymous said...

Has PG or the AP's or his family members downgrade their cars or whatever to make a sacrificial gift to CCC? Don't expect an answer from them. to them "silence is golden".


Anonymous said...

And if by some miracle he is actually in the office working, most of the time its just fooling around with the computer( heard this from one of the former church staff)
Ha!! Ha!!You think the above is limited to that AOG Reverend??

Anonymous said...

Our children were growing up to be teenagers and we could not afford the risk of the pastor influencing them

We think we know who this pastor is.That man is just plain lost and lacks motivation.Whatever is bothering him -he should just move on to another job for the time being.Maybe someone should tell him that pastoring is not just preaching on Sundays.Sigh.

Presently I dont see any hope for this religious man. He is just the plain AOG type.His Rev,title is so important to him.

Anonymous said...

If these cars belong to the church, then they have misued mem bers money for their personal comfort. They have failed to be good role models and yet they can tell others to give sacrificially when they themselves don't lived by what they preached. This is really shameful.

Jesus Christ said we are to test these people BY THEIR FRUITS to know if they are true or false preachers. In so many ways, CC pastors had utterly failed the tests and THEY ARE THE FALSE PROPHETS that the Lord warned us not to be deceived by them. They parade like 'ministers of righteousness' but the Bible called them "wolves in sheeps clothings" who deny the Lord by not living based on biblical principles.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is utter dissapointing these days to see the hypocrital behaviour of today's church pastors. Instead of shepherding the flock with love & gentleness,they created rules & constitutions to give them power to lord over church members..
Yeah of course, if you have the $$$ they have lots of love & tenderness especially for you.Its all about money and power lah- so chai!!!The issue here is control. My pastor used to be a control freak. But he began to change after 2 years after my wife started attending "this Rev's" church. She told him off once for removing the head band of a young lady in church after service.Maybe that was the tip of the iceberg concealing something else.My advice is this- respect pastors who do Gods will and don't fear the so called reverends who don't!

God bless. Christian family.

Birds of the same feather said...

The Church Growth International conference in Seoul started today. PG mentioned last Sunday that Richard Robert was on his way to Seoul and hence got Richard to come to CC.

David Yonggi Cho, Senior Pastor EMERITUS of Yoido Full Gospel and Kong He, City harvest Church,Singapore organised this conference.

29 elders in Yonggi's church are protesting about his misuse of church's fund.

Richard Robert, President EMERITUS of Oral Robert University, resigned as president of URU over the misuse of University's funds. Richard is on the Board of CGI.

At home, PG, General Superintendent EMERITUS AOG Malaysia, is mired in controversy over his handling of church's fund, too. PG is also on the Board of CGI.

Lovely scene, isn't it? Three EMERITUS who are world renown personalities in the Christian world with scandals rubbing shoulders in seoul.

Birds of the same feather flock together, right?

Anonymous said...

Not all who carry Reverend titles have pastoral hearts.Many are there for various reasons.I know one Reverend who is the "cari makan" type.In fact, he is so insecure that he will only invite those other Reverends who fall in the same category as himself.Another is an incurable gossiper- has a habit of talking behind other Christians back.I personally believe he should go to the "Station of Life" because I see he has some hidden issues. I don't mind to hearing him preach on Sundays- but if he says something at the teh tarik stalls about any other minister or fellow brother- I quickly close my ears.I will never listen no matter how hard he tries to justify himself.What a reproach to the pastoral calling and ministry. It is ministers like this who give the AOG a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago when we were still attending an AOG church- our pastor told me & wife that God had told him that we would be sponsoring his air tickets to attend one of those Morris Cerullo's seminars.We did as we were financially able and also we were not matured in the faith yet.The financial appeals just got worse and worse from the pulpit." "Test me in this, if I will not open the windows of heaven..." - " Don't invite Gods curse..."

Later he and wife got divorced and that ended his ministry.

All AOG churches need a strong Board to keep their Pastors accountable.Dont be fooled by their spirituality or their talk. SP is just one Pentecostal Horse on the loose. He is where he is now because he is proving to everyone that he just cannot be controlled.This man literally got rich by milking the dumb sheep.And only now the sheep are realizing it.

All those attending AOG churches- learn the lesson from the present CC episode or pay the price ...some time.God guide us all.

Anonymous said...

During Sunday services, PG introduced the guest speaker Richard Roberts to the congregation and also mentioned that Richard is the President Emeritus of ORU. How did Richard became President Emeritus?

Richard then President of ORU was caught up in political and financial wrongdoing and his wife, Linday, vice President of ORU enmeshed in late night misadventures with underage teenage boys.

On Nov. 13, 2007, there was an overwhelming faculty vote "no confidence" against Richard. On Nov. 23, 2007, Richard resigned as President of ORU. Then in Jan. 2008, the outgoing board of regents named Richard President Emeritus. Surrounded with controversies and yet can become emeritus!

Richard was heaping praises on CCC and said he will bring his wife, Lindsay, in future. He neglected to say that Lindsay is his second wife. Richard and his first wife, Patti, were married in 1968 and divorced in 1979. Richard married Lindsay in Jan. 1980.

Thanks to the internet, quoting SK "there is an wealth of information in Wikipedia." In today's world whether a person is an actor or politician or spiritual leader or whatever, once they become famous as a public celebrity, their private life is no more their own. One will be able to gather much information on the internet whether it is their achievements or scandals. Examples: Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, David Yonggi Cho, Richard Roberts and many others.

Anonymous said...


We believe PG1 suffers from very severe case of inferiority, all the way back from his unhappy childhood days in Pokok Assam. We think we have reasons to suspect his inferiority complex, creating a dangerous vacuum, a critical inbalance during his crucial formative years and later developmental stages, stunning his psychological, social, emotional and other development, possibly transforming him into a ABNORMAL person. We believe the results can be easily analysed through detailed observation and study of his character, mannerism, speech and behavior, action/inaction.

No wonder he no longer differentiated rights from wrongs. No wonder he showed no remorse bullying his church staff and pastoral staff. No wonder he had no humane feelings/pity for others.No wonder he could cooly flip flop (even before a huge crowd of people eg in AGM, EGM) what he just said/committed without batting an eye. No wonder he could lie through his teeth. No wonder he could sack his faithful deacon Dr L, throwing false accusations against the poor man. No wonder he could axe 400 plus members of cc without any regrets (maybe now he is kicking his own backsides for reducing the weekly collections) to alarming low levels, due to this harsh spontaneous action.) No wonder he was reluctant to come to the negotiation table to settle matters amicably, out of court. No wonder he panicked about the mass media effect of CT2, telling people the truths about his rogue leadership. No wonder he wanted CT to be shut down. No wonder he is afraid of practising truth, transparency and godly governance. He could not deal with the truths, since he is so deep in sin and (past and present) sinful actions.

No wonder he is so obsessed to build ccc, as a monument to the whole Christian world, signifying his personal glory, an international Pentecostal success story. No wonder he must continue to squeeze money from the congregation and the general public. No wonder he must build all rthe blocks at once, against normal prudent practice of building block by block, phase by phase.

No wonder only he PG1 and his wife PG2 were present at the corner stone ceremony. even RR and OSL who were the two VIP guests specially invited for the cornerstone event were EXCLUDED from the ceremony ! PG's inferiority complex dictates that these two must not snatch the limelight away from the Prince & spouse ! and these are his close trusted buddies ! None of his assoc ps and ps are allowed to be standing near PG1 and PG2.

Selfish to the core !

We cannot allow such cult leader to control cc and ccc. Let's get our act together to remove him.

Anonymous said...

CC is in "dire straits" because of CCC. CC needs RM12 mil to meet its obligation to pay the contractor and does not have the cash.

On Sunday, Oct. 2, at the Cornerstone laying event, PG was like begging the congregation to give a gift to mark this event. It's aka Building Fund pledge-lah. PG kept on repeating to make a sacrificial offering.

Then on Sunday, Oct. 9, the guest speaker, Richard Roberts make an impassioned plea to the congregation for CCC.

On two consecutive Sundays, two appeals to the congregation to make two "sacrificial" gifts.

SK has seen it coming. He told the congregation "not to take from one offering/pledge to give to the other; fulfill all your obligations". Does money grow on trees? Pluck it when you like.

The church and even Richard Roberts is asking the congregation to "squeeze money out of stones" for one man to realise his dream for glory.

Anonymous said...

Not only is David Yonggi Cho involved in financial misuse of church funds, the ways of the flesh also tempted him.

Taken from Wikipedia under the topic personal controversies:

In 2003, Jung Gui-Son, a Korean-born soprano who allegedly was working for a opera company in Paris, France, published an autobiographical novel, "Madame Butterfly in Paris", which depicted an extra marital love affair between Jung, a single mother at that time, and Cho.

Anonymous said...

"We cannot allow such cult leader to control cc and ccc. Let's get our act together to remove him."


Like what? Court case lost. TOTT fail to stop CCC. 400 remain sacked.
What can we do?

Anonymous said...

PG1 INFERIORITY COMPLEX SHOWS (amendment to typo error)

The beginning sentence of the blog should read as : We beleive PG1 suffers from a very severe case of inferiority complex, all the way back to his unhappy childhood days in Pokok Assam. The rest of the text remains unchanged.

Anonymous said...


Wah man... Looks like SK must buck up fast. His SP has arbitarily increased his "sales target" to RM 12 MMILLION, double what he was assigned to hunt down and get (preferably) cash in hand. Hmmm ... looks like maybe SK must cut down on his sleeping hours from 8 hours to 3 or even 2 hours, to increase his "productivity time" in hitting the targetted sales results - within the month of OCTOBER 2011. He should use his time productively to drive or even walk up and down the streets of exclusive neighborhoods, throughout Klang Valley, filled with mega rich people residing, esp multi multi millionaires or millionairesses !

He should perhaps also hang out at prestigious golf clubs, yacht clubs, equinne parks, marinas, outside snobbish private kindergartens, schools. colleges or universities, businessman's clubs, private islands, helicopter pads, etc.

SK, you better have medical check ups. You may have already experienced the palpitations, heart burns, stabbing pains, fast heartbeats, flushes ... Feeling feverish lately, SK ? Hot and cold ? More nightmares ? Disturbed sleep ?

Meanwhile, anyone knows when PO was "demoted" or "removed" as Missions Director, to be replaced by a more junior SK ? Was there any public announcement ?

PO must be feeling very relieved away from being "fried" on the hot pressure seat !

We think by axing the 400 plus members, the satanic priest made a very serious mistake of removing the commited ones who numbered 10 %, but who were faithfully doing 90 % work for cc. They probably were the main contributors too.

Any regrets now, rougue leader ?

Case of money no enough ?
No money, no talk ... !
NO money, no ccc,
No ccc, NO world conference,
No conference, no shame...
No shame, no face,
No face, no future ...
No future ... die lah !

Habis semua - end of story.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog occasionally and I do stand with TTG for what they are doing. When something is so grossly wrong, surely a group of people must stand up and speak. TTG has indeed done a commendable job and very above board. I appreciate that very much. However, in these recent months, I have also read many troubling posts villifying all pastors espcially AOG pastors. I am saddened by that. Jsut as they are many bad pastors there are also very many good pastors. My pastor is one of them. In fact, my pastor is bullied by the Board. They pay him just enough to keepn him humble and they make his wife work in the church for nothing. OUr church boast of healthy account by the same Board but theyb treat our pastors poorly. I feel I too must speak up. Let's be fair. THere is always the other side of the story. I am of the opnion that many gossipy church people who has nothing to do come here to bash their pastors. The language used can tell the motive/character of the writer. While we hold the villains to transparency, we should also encourage those who are faithful and true and also hold Board members accountable as well. I have attended 4 churches before. In all 4, the Board is the problem. So I am just asking us to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Most of the AOG churches is about money these days. They may talk tough and spiritual- but its the "wan sek" sort who talk tough using the pulpit.

CC is going down. NO matter what they say -it will be unending appeals for more money.It should be renamed as CBC- Calvary Begging Church.And the rest of the AOG ministers who pretend as though nothing is going on- maybe there are some in the congregation whoi have already seen through the cloud with which you have camagflouged yourselves.

Adios Sayonara.

Anonymous said...

What is going to be more significant is the plans WHEN CC defaults on its financial obligations. :-(

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 14, 2011 5:21 AM

Anonymous said...


Your mission, SK, should you decide to accept it ... You got no choice, SK ... I SP said - you must accept this do or die mission ... is to go why no sane man (or woman) has gone before ... to beg, beg and beg for RM 6 million. No wait change that figure to RM 12 million (subject to future change by PG) !

If you fail in your mission, SK, you must not show your face back here ever again.

Don't come back here, so that we can classify you as MIA (Missing In Action) and give you an honorable discharge from your assigned mission, telling the whole world that you have carried out your duties to the last breath.

Now go and hunt down King Midas and his golden hoards. Not hordes, you idiot ! We need the vitamins, lots of it. Do not fail me.

Thniking he was superman, SK almost flew out the window, but almost ala Teoh Beng Hock style (except it happened to be ground floor), but instead he headed for the back side door (not backside door, you nincompoop!).

Psst, PO, RY, TO, DS and others all stand by to take over from SK incase he fails in his MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - growls the SP at the top secret conference hall, at base camp of socalled Prayer Mountain (here in Kay El ?) OK, everybody turn on the secret digital recorder... skip intro, go direct to mission stattement.

Sigh, another day, another dollar, in cc over ccc - financial matters, that is.

Stay tuned folks. Don't turn off the dials !

Oh no, NOT another sickening replay next Sunday service - begging rof money again. You guys and gals must be gourmets for punishment and abuse by this satanic priest.

Anonymous said...

In fact, my pastor is bullied by the Board. They pay him just enough to keepn him humble and they make his wife work in the church for nothing.
...................................The Church Board cannot force the pastors wife to work in the church for nothing.Who are they to be forcing another to work for free? In case they did not know Our Federal Constitution does not condone slavery. But I have a nagging feeling that this writer has not given the full facts.Personally I have not come across a Protestant women who's all meekness and humility and submits to the church and husband to the point where "... they make his wife work in the church for nothing." (Sounds to me,like a story extracted from Aesop's fables than one based on real life.Of course, you can see women like this in Genesis " Sarah obeyed Abraham and called him lord..." But I am sure you wont find women like this in Church today.

Surely 4 Church Boards cant be in the wrong?? maybe they are just afraid that their Pastor will turn to like SP- who is able to kick out 400. And that's a big big number.

Given the present circumstances, it would be prudent for every church to have a strong board.For one thing, the Senior Pastor must not have a say in finances nor be involved in the signing of cheques. Secondly,the church secretary must not be young and pretty. The opposite goes for lady reverends.

No use arguing over this.Just observe what has already happened,the numerous scandals that has rocked the AOG system and learn the lesson.

To all AOG pastors out there we want to say this- If you do Gods will we will always be there for you, but if you start behaving like a 'Tai Koh" we will not hesitate to boot you out. Lets honour the man of God in our midst and resist those who dont.


Anonymous said...

Recently I met a stranger in a pharmacy. We struck up a conversation and somehow the subject centred on Christianity and Calvary Church came into the picture. He remarked that "There are a lot of problems in CC with Prince Guneratnam" and asked about the problem.

I told him it is a long story that started in 2007 about truth, transparency and governance. I gave him the blog address and he immediately wrote it down said he will read it.

Anonymous said...

PO designation is "Executive Pastor" whatever that means and SK became the "Missions Director". I had asked a few Calvarites then what is the role and responsibilities of an Executive Pastor and no one seems to have a clear-cut answer. I asked a friend in another AOG church and was told that the Executive Pastor is responsible for the administration and the direction of the churc; the Senior Pastor is primarily responsible for spiritual matter.

I do not see how that is possible in CC with PG clinging on to his self-claimed powers and the Executive pastor is just a figure head and a wall flower. This practice is again one of those that is introduced in America. The Americans are very good in introducing high profile job titles to suit their ego and give a feel good atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

On Sunday, Oct 9, PG asked for money for CCC, Richard Roberts asked for money for CCC, SK to give and also fulfill the pledges made at the same time.

The 8:00am service ended at about 9:45am. Altogether about 40 minutes was on the subject of giving, giving and giving. Why? Church got no money-lah. Take loan? No need to pay interest and pay back the principal sum meh?

You can be sure that the church will be talking about giving money very, very often until December. They will raise the tempo and use every conceivable means to ask for more money.

Whether it is PG, SK or guest speaker, it will fall flat. Why?
Because the congregation is more discerning now.

TOTT is working great!!!

Anonymous said...


Btw talking of hnaorable discharge, SP's dotter P**m got an honorable discharge from the church (via his position) - never mind their publicly declared announcement of her readiness, commitment and dedication to serve God and the church ! She had gone MIA (missing in action earlier). Is she still attending cc ? No sight of her at all. they said She resigned from her Director's post. Why ? They never bothered to tell the congregation. Maharaja Lela can learn alot from SP on absolute authority and dictatorial powers, you bet.

Anonymous said...

How they force her? They call her cell phone and tell her to run errands for their wives and pick their kids from tuition - with her car and petrol and she has no children on her own -that's how. If she refuse, they say she is not helpful and blame the pastor. You sound very bitter, annonymous - are you one of these controlling over exalted board member and I hit a nerve?

Anonymous said...

How they force her? They call her cell phone and tell her to run errands for their wives and pick their kids from tuition - with her car and petrol and she has no children on her own -that's how. If she refuse, they say she is not helpful and blame the pastor. You sound very bitter, annonymous - are you one of these controlling over exalted board member and I hit a nerve?

The Pastor is the servant of our Lord Jesus Christ AND NOT THE CHURCH MEMBERS SERVANT.True,some members behave as though they own the pastor and his family. The Pastors wife should not feel guilty about not going on errands and tell them off.Or this matter can be dealt with at the next church Board meeting. If this matter is not dealt with now- it will only get worse to the point where the pastor is taken for granted.

This is not the first time where members behave like this.In my opinion its all about respect.Malaysian have a notorious reputation for abusing their maids-including Christians.And sometimes this sickening attitude creeps into churches.And its usually the humble laid back pastor who pays the price AT THE HANDS OF THESE BULLIES.

Tell your pastor friend that he must protect his wife from being abused by church members.Talk to him. It is certainly most unfair and unscriptural to be treating the wife's pastor in that manner.

AN OLD TIMER [God bless your Sunday Worship]

Anonymous said...

I have been reading comments posted on this blog and I am glad that there are concerned Christians who love the Lord who take the time to write to this blog so that other Jesus's sheep who are also concerned for the well being of JESUS CHURCH can be aware of the wrongdoings and unChristian practices of those who run GOD's houses like CC.
Bro. Hong Meng, I attended your "Financial Freedom'in 2004. It was and still is very practical and grounded on Biblical principles, some of which I was already practicing and some new insights which I adopted after the seminar. I still hold on to the three very basic and practical principles...1 Do I need it or do I want it? Want can never be is to feed man's fallen nature, ego etc etc etc...2 2 Can I afford it? and 3 Is it the best deal? Applying these principles to CC and CCC...Principle 1...Does CC need CCC or a just venue that can accomodate 5000?...Principle 2... can CC afford it? the answer is obvious from.....'You can be sure that the church will be talking about giving money very, very often until December. They will raise the tempo and use every conceivable means to ask for more money.'...Principle 3...Is this the best deal?... 'Now, with the cost of CCC escalating to RM200 million for just Phase 1 alone...' call this best deal??? RM200 million is a lot of money and who knows how much more this RM200 million will balloon to by the time Phase 1 is completed from the way the original cost of RM50 million keeps going up.....'First, they told the members that the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC) will cost RM50 million to build, excluding land cost of RM35 million....It would now cost RM200 million to have the auditorium with lower quality roof and with the cherubim wings still clipped off and the rest of the facilities as promised earlier, still “shell and core” but now they will come with some wiring and basic electrical installations.All these just for RM200 million and it is now called Phase 1.(from Article # 3 : CCC Cost Continues to SOAR posted on June 2, 2011)... to those in power in CC, please handle GOD's money with respect and honour

I just pray and hope against hope that some pastors or deacons have the love, wisdom and of course the guts to put things right.


Anonymous said...

At the Cornerstone Laying ceremony, PG said "Give a Cornerstone gift. Make it a sacrificial gift." Richard Roberts said "Give a seed to CCC."
Richard's father, Oral Roberts, preached a prosperity gospel Seed Faith and taken up by Richard.

The following is from

Oral Roberts claimed that God revealed to him the plan for the "City of Faith Medical Center" where God told him that he would find a cure for cancer. It was told that God told Oral Roberts to raise 8 million dollars to keep the City of Faith going, or He will kill Oral Roberts. After he raised the money, he claimed that there was 1 million dollars more than was need. Eight months later, the City of Faith failed and the whole operation closed. Oral Roberts has not found the cure for cancer. God is made to look like a failure because of the false claims of revelation by Oral Roberts.

The above ring a bell, right?

What will be the next ruse SK will resort to on Sunday to get calvarites to part with their money for CCC?

Anonymous said...


Can anyone with the relevant professional working experience and technical financial and banking knowhow please explain in layman's language what would be the various highly possible WORST CASE SCENARIOS for cc and ccc ?

Thank you for sharing with those whoare still in the dark about the harsh truths, kept hidden by the rogue leader and his bunch of yesmen/yeswomen.

Anonymous said...

Not only Jim (Senior Pastor's son) owns a new Kia suv but also owns a 2 storey house in Bangsar, walking distance to BSC shopping centre. He recently bought the house for more than 1 million ringgit. What sacrificial giving? His own son is living his lives while the congregation sacrifies! Go and ask him or his wife whether it is true or not. What a shame!

Anonymous said...


If CCC defaults on its monthly payments to the End Financier[EF- the Bank)-firstly the EF may call the signatories to the loan to re-negotiate the agreement.In simple language- CCC pays a lower amount monthly over a longer period.This is known as a Scheme of Re- Arrangement).

Secondly,on default the Bank will recall the total amount due immediately. This is done through their lawyers by way of a LOD.( Letter Of Demand)14 days after this a Summons will be filed against CCC.

Lesson 2- The Banks will get a Summary Judgment against CCC. What this means is that there will be no full trial because CCC will not be able to dispute the loan.The loan documents says it all and is legally binding between the EF and CCC.

Lesson 3- On default once the Bank obtains the Judgement from Court against CCC- CCC must pay the full loan amount-THIS TIME INCLUSIVE OF 8% INTEREST UNTIL the full loan sum is paid up.( You think CCC can come up with the full sum of RM200 million? Imagine the judgment interest Mr. Enquirer??)

Lesson 4- the Power Of Attorney and Deed Of Assignment. This is one of the most important information that is kept hidden from Calvary Members.Assuming-even after CCC is completed- they will not be the real owners- but the Banks who have possession of the DOA & POA in their hands.They will have the power to auction CCC in case of default.Thats how powerful a POA is.
(On the spiritual side- you can imagine the state of mind of CC leaders who will always be under stress for more money- and they look to the sheep for more " sacrificial giving")This will be the future CCC- forever worrying about repayment of debts.Cananyone worship freely in such a church?

No bank will give out any loans unless it gets a collateral from the debtor.For buildings they will INSIST on a DOA & POA- Deed Of Assignment & Power of Attorney.



Let me explain Mr.Curiosity. Prior to the release of any $$$ from the Bank they will ask the borrower to assign ALL their ownership rights of the CCC building to the lending Bank.The right to sell off CCC if unable tp pay the $$$ monthly on time.

So once they get a Judgment from the Court-they will immediately auction off the property to any buyer (developers will scramble madly to buy any property that is on auction).


CCC property will be on sale and this will probably be front page news.Maybe even CNN will have some time to air this to the whole world.

Well TTG,this is the first time I came here on this blog.There are other dirty linen buried in CC's backyard OR swept under the CC's red carpet- But I did not visit here to cause problems.Pray for discernment {SP & AOG PASTORS ARE NO EASY PIECE OF CAKE}What I read here is just the tip of the ice-berg.

Smile for me-JJ- School of Micaiah

Anonymous said...

CC could have been a glorious missionary church today. Instead it has sunk into disrepute and debt.What happened? This is just an example of what one AOG Pastor is capable of doing if left unchecked.

SP is not listening to anyone. Of course- he is already backslidden a long while ago.Even if the whole congregation empty all their bank accounts and sell off their properties- it would still be insufficient.

I think CC members have some serious praying to do.In this case, the leaders are backslidden and have led the church into enormous debt. You cant fight these religious titled demons. They have been gripped with the madness of Balaam.Gone are the glory days of CC.

Lets Pray Together.

Anonymous said...

What will be the next ruse SK will resort on Sunday to get Calvarites to part with their money for CCC?

What a real surprise today at the 8:00am service. During the offering time, CL did not say one word about the RM12 mil needed for CCC by Dec. (SK was the speaker today)

Is it because CL cannot make a good appeal or ????? Make a wild guess. It is probably the church had got to know the above comment either by reading the blog or being updated by another party.

Whatever it is, let's see how long can PG and SK can keep silent on the issue of the RM12 mil that CC needs to pay what is due in Nov. and Dec. Probably next Sunday, SK will be the worship leader and be up to some veiled appeals again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Steven, your hair would probably drop faster if there is any more to lose.

The monthly Faith Promise pledge for July to December 2011 is RM469,000.

The Faith promise collection for July is RM300,188 which is 64% of the pledge.

And all is, is even before the Cornerstone gift and Richard Roberts "seed" appleal.

The collection for August is RM256,565 i.e. 54.7%.

The collection for September is RM239,394 or 51% of the pledge.

Wah. You smart lah. You already got the figures earlier and last Sunday, appealed to the Calvarites not to take from one offering to give to another but to fulfill all the obligations that had been made.

Your colleague, the executive Pastor, PO must be grinning widely, as he is no longer in the hottest seat in CC.

To all concerned calvarites, keep TOTT up!


RM12 Million? NO SWEAT!

Just puzzled why PG keeps asking for "Sacrificial Giving"
If indeed he understands what it means, then the answer/solution is with him & family, the BOD, his Associate Pas and his CCC Committee Heads.

It just take him & all his inner circle to do their bit of sacrificial giving: Estimated
A)1. PG's Bungalow worth RM4.5M
2. Jim G's Bangsar Corner Link RM1.8M
3. Pam G's TTDI RM1.2M
4. Withdraw from their EPF RM4.0M (combined)
5. Sell their personal cars RM0.5M
(CC provide cars)
TOTAL RM12 MILLION ( Bingo!!!)

A) And IF the each of the 6 BOD also give *GENEROUSLY (and not even sacrificially, since they are all millionaires, and few also own with Multi-million Co.)*say just RM1M that will be another RM6M.

B) Now, IF Steven Kum, Peter Ong, Richard Yun, Timothy Ong, Raymond Yong, Shireen Wong her Spouse Elder Patrick Wong will also withdraw from their EPF : another RM6M (easily)

C) Now, IF the CCC Committee Heads will do the same,
Another RM6M ( easily)
( not even counting on the SuperRich RAMAS, HANs, and the likes yet. Suppose they can take over Phase 2 & 3)

GRAND TOTAL :PGs (Rm12 M) + A,B, C (RM 6,6,6M)=

So, what's this call for "sacrificial giving" from the ordinary members, and raising funds L, R & centre???

Well, has anyone in the congregation asked WHY PG has not got the "sacrificial giving" ball rolling first --before he comes for you?

Hope someone can convey this solution to SKUM and he can sleep well. ( oops! maybe not --because that would hurt OUCH!) Besides, he can expect PG's response: "Sacrificial giving? 'over my dead body' " and so say the rest of them too.

Anonymous said...

CC could have been a glorious missionary church today. Instead it has sunk into disrepute and debt.What happened? This is just an example of what one AOG Pastor is capable of doing if left unchecked.


Anonymous said...

Bashing anyone is not okay but we have to face the facts these days.Some Pastors are okay but our church REv loves to linger outside church and quarrel with other ministers.

Of course, the church does not pay for that. But whats the use? Nobody wants to rock the boat. I left the church when I saw firsthand his malice.Likes to throw his weight around.Maybe he has some hidden issues like SP. But I dont want to hang around to find out.

These AOG Reverends can talk & talk as though they just bumped into Jesus yesterday. Its really a joke and a sham!!

God showed me this land for him and build a sanctuary for him!!! Familiar!!?? Some of these Rev's need to go for counselling.

Anonymous said...

Anony. 16th Oct 1:47pm... "SP is not listening to anyone. Off course-he is already backslidden a long while ago."
Did SP actually backsliddened? I doubt it. A very long time, about 30 yrs or so ago, my niece was in CC Kindergarden and while I was in CC some yrs ago, her mother told me to be very careful with this man, ie SP as he is very sly and cannot be trusted. I know not why she said that, but she must have sensed something "not good" about him. So after reading in this blog all the spiritual misdeeds SP had committed against the members especially those 400 members he has axed without any feelings for them, I began to recall what my sister-in-law said about him could after all be correct. So did SP really backslided or is this 'sly & cannot be trusted' character was all the while in him and all it takes is for something to happen that could expose his true character. I guessed that 'something' was not there at that time or even later. However,CC has through out the years became successful as a lot of money came pouring in from 'all kinds of offerings' taken from members. Greed of what money can do for his personal gains and power to control was now there and there you are, his greed, his 'sly & untrusted character' which was in him all the while began to be knowned to you all now, when he & his cronies had been 'cheating' for some many years. Sometimes it does take a long time for us to know the hidden 'true self' of someone we have knowned for years. TTG & many others finally knew what kind of person PG was, perhaps a bit too late, was it.

Anonymous said...

What a real surprise today at the 8:00am service. During the offering time, CL did not say one word about the RM12 mil needed for CCC by Dec. (SK was the speaker today)...
Pastor RY was the speaker at Cheras last Sunday and his message was 'Pray Like Jesus-The Lord's Prayer'; definitely a very appropriate message and prelude to this 21 Days Fasting and Prayer. However RY was elaborating on what prayer is etc etc etc...well and good but to spend 20 minutes! on this before coming to his actual message is a bit too much especially when during this intro he mentioned in quite ...tone...'pray instead of GOSSIPING'...and 'CRITICIZE PEOPLE'. I sincerely pray and hope that it was caring pastoral Christian advice and not a subtle under the belt hit against TTG. As the sermon continued I told myself 'Aha, at last after two continuous weeks of appeals for sacrificial giving to CCC, the sheep can have a solid meal of spiritual food minus the $$$'...then it came suddenly...'How nice if Calvary Church paid all the...debts!'...'YOU RECEIVED SO MUCH YOU BETTER BE GENEROUS'...and he also added...'OTHERWISE'...Dear Pastor, please what are you trying to say?? Another taktik to appeal for funds???..earlier on at the Scripture 'Give us this day our daily bread', he very confidently said that none in the congregation need to pray this prayer...dear Pastor, are you trying to imply that ALL Cheras sheep are well off and there are NO POOR CHERAS SHEEP?...please don't make sweeping statement, how do you know, you drive a Honda CRV(new?) anyway when there are sheep in Cheras who don't even own a decent transport and had to depend on transport number 11... Otherwise dear Pastor, the meal was nutritious spiritually.
The meal would have been beautiful and complete had the dessert been better served. Dessert good but serving it can be better. Both Pastors RY and PO emphasized on the high cost of production of the Prayer booklet. Again $$$ talk. We the Cheras sheep are not that dumb! We the Cheras sheep can see that the booklet is well produced and it cost $ to print them.


Anonymous said...

I fully agrees with all that was said by @:A CONTRIBUTOR said.... RM12 Million? NO SWEAT!Just puzzled why PG keeps asking for "Sacrificial Giving"If indeed he understands what it means, then the answer/solution is with him & family, the BOD, his Associate Pas and his CCC Committee Heads.

I believe in all WISDOM that PG and his die-hard leaders and supporters NEVER practised "Sacrificial Giving" at all !

What a SHAME !

Anonymous said...

Did you notice, most of the pastors of CC, drive nice cars?
live in nice houses?
Eat in fancy restaurants?
Travel overseas in style and very often even now when they are asking members to GIVE SACRIFICIALLY?

Time to ask them, why PG & family, PO & RY have not downgraded to use our national car - Proton? If the church need money to print the booklets, surely the sacrifice of their car can print many booklets for many years.

Time to ask them, why did PG need to go to Seoul for church growth conference? His airfare there can pay for some wiring for ccc. How many souls did he bring to God's kingdom during his trip? Or was it for him to mark attendance there and show people he still has plenty of money to travel first class. He should have SACRIFICED that trip but did he? That trip would have cost the church at least RM20k (for PG & wife)

Ask the fund raising ppl, how much work they have to do to raise RM20k?

I also read that Guynes is here in KL. How much does it cost the church to bring him back here? Airfare, food, lodging and pocket money for him. Looks like the church has one more pastor to feed for life.

You guys who are still attending CC, be prepared to sacrifice your increment money, your coming year end bonus, your extra commission earned to feed all the pastors in CC. No more overseas holiday for your family, your children should buy 2nd hand books and then sacrifice the money to build their dream ccc and take care of the retired pastors in luxury.

I'm glad I'm one of the 400 they kicked out. I'm going overseas for holiday with my family using my bonus money.

Anonymous said...

RM12 Million? NO SWEAT!

What about his properties in USA? Or foreign accounts?

If indeed he has properties in USA, why? Is it because he is planning to retire and lead a comfortable life there, whether he is evangelizing or not, no one will know. Or is it a refuge for him when things get too hot here such as CC's debts or consequences of his misconduct?

Anonymous said...

Sacrificial giving has been a recurrent theme for some time now at CC. But the amazing thing is Rev RY is now driving around in a new CRV.Brand new I suppose? I thought with all these spiritual mumbo jumbo about sacrificial giving the CC gang would at least have downgraded their cars and lifestyle.Or perhaps skip one meal for the upcoming CCC.

Thw whole thing sucks. I miss good old days of CC- with it glorious worship & fellowship. But all those days have come to an end with the madness and stupidity of the present leadership.

Anonymous said...

Not to be offensive, but I think many of the AOG Rev and Pastors are gripped with the disease of building multi million dollar buildings.Somehow they are able to convince the crowd and sqeeze from the multitude whatever they can.

All AOG pastors should read Susan Tang's latest book- Commercialized religiosn and Contaminated Christiantity..It may sound like its written for those who desire to live in a monastery, but it is a real eye opener on several issues.I think she has handled many current hot issues very boldly. Must Read for both pastors and laity.

Desire of God.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


After reading this comment, it appears that RY is making a subtle reference to writers in the blog and a veiled appeal for money. There are many ways to express what a person wants to say, what is important is what is implied!

You see, the rev pastors know that no one in the sanctuary will stand up and object/protest what he says from the pulpit. In colloquial words, he can get away with murder.

RY just cannot learn from his past mistakes. After his fiasco about Noah's ark, he can continue to make disguised criticism and camouflaged appeals for money.

RY has changed from a pastor with kids to a smiling tiger.

Anonymous said...


Based on their previous actions and speeches, we believe we may have good reasons to suspect that PG1, PG2, PO, TO, SK, DS, RY and others subscribe to the overused saying "Do what I say, not what I do." We may conclude Meaning in layman's English they do NOT practise what they preach ! They tell us to give sacrificially, but do you notice them doing so ? Do they do their bit of sacrificing for God's sake, for example sell off their houses, cars and other possessions for ccc fund ? Why don't they sell off their expensive properties costing millions to top up ccc fund ? Why not switch from driving their expensive cars to Proton Saga, selling the former ? NO way lah... No such fat hope... No need to because we suckers are the ones doing the sacrifices, they are the ones enjoying "MILKING AND REMILKING THEIR HOLY COW". Now the "golden cow" is dehydrated and weak from abuse and torture. Now they are running sacred (of losing their luxurious lifestyle, paypackets, perks, etc) in circles, trying to import speakers to brainwash us further to counter TOTT effectiveness.

Keep on TOTT ! God bless TTG !

Anonymous said...


The rogue leader and others do NOT practise what they preach ! These hypocrites suck the blood of tohers to fatten themselves, like human parasites. They do not faithfully follow Jesus Christ's footsteps. They only know how to enjoy good life, at the expense of others. Jesus gave his life for us all, but these satanic priests brainwash us to sacrifice for the church (meaning them) ! Subtle hint - so that God can give you double portion. We believe the Holy Bible does not contain such false teachings. GOD loves us with all his heart, HE GIVES US HIS BLESSINGS UNCONDITIONALLY !!!!! As long as we pray and ask according to God's will ! God does not hold back His blessings, with conditions laid out that we must fulfil a list of terms and conditions. That is NOT His style... but that resemble lies from satanic priests in cc.

These crooks subscribe to "DO what I say, not what I do" !

They love twisting Bible verses to suit their messages at teh pulpit, most of which is now centred on give, give and give ! And they dare to call it spiritual food !

Beware of their bag of tricks.

Check the "colorful" background in the internet and news reports including Cho Yonggi, Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and many others. Are they annointed ones ?
Why are they given such honorary titles ? Find out the truths.

Open your spiritual eyes and ears.
Be on guard, always.

Anonymous said...


Ha...Ha....Hee. hee. ---ho-ho ho finally the truth is out!!!! Its just another way to fleece the dumb sheep.On this day, special curry chicken and a special cake is usually prepared for the Rev pastor. Then he will sit on the biggest sofa chair with all the members seated around him and on the floor and he will give a quiet speech that is in the manner of the Dalai Lama of Tibet.( but the Dalai is more noble-he simply will not accept any gifts from his hearers but will only accept food on his begging bowl. And they don't draw a salary,ask money to build bigger temples or have a " Dalai Lama's Day" to collect gifts from the crowd.

It was a real eyesore for me witnessing Pastors Day.And I returned home to watch Animal Planet.It just proves one thing- Christians can be downright stupid and dumb.One writer said it right-ITS JUST ANOTHER BULLSHIT STRAIGHT FROM THE AOG CRAPHOUSE.

Anonymous said...

We as a Christian family struggle to maintain our 3 college kids but RY can send his children to Australia to study!!!And SP's children to the USA. Its all the congregation's money. And now RY can upgrade to drive a CRV?? Does he practice sacrificial living?? What a bunch of frauds.--Church Jokers!!Looks like they have fleeced the congregation in broadlight!!

And now-its sacrificial giving?? These pastors have become contaminated and are after the filthy lucre.Their life says it all- don't be deceived by their spiritual sounding sermons.Although they are holding a Bible- they are not preaching God's Word anymore.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm one of the 400 they kicked out. I'm going overseas for holiday with my family using my bonus money.
I felt happy reading the above comment. I personally believe that one's one family comes first." with my family..." blessed my heart.I am really glad that you did not fall for SP's crap on sacrificial giving this time around.May your holidays be most blessed!!!

suckers said...

To Anonymous 19.10.2011

While I agree to with you, may I have the liberty to add to your observation?
PG's grandchild Azalia too goes to USA to study, come back with youths to minister in CC youth camp. Is it free airpassage both ways? Why ask? just pay lah, no problem, u know who signs the cheques mah!!!

She comes back every now and then,
poor sheep who are asked to sacrifice may NEVER have been to America becos they have to foot the children, children's children etc airfares?

Anonymous said...

SP has created a family dynasty at CC.By the way, where is Pam??- the lady who once said " Whatever I like is expensive!!"

There was quite a fanfare when she was admitted to the CC staff with these glorious (deceptive) words by SP- Its a great joy to serve CC as a family!!

What happened?? Since SP publicly admitted her as a Minister at CC he must also publicly explain her disappearance to CC people.

Face up lah- all those Soh Chai still attending CC- she made her money by parking her personal business at CC- when the whole thing was exposed- she bolted. You think SP is going to admit this??

In the end- we were the real Soh- Chai's!!

I am taking my family to Vietnam for the year end holidays this year.I am not falling for the "sacrificial giving " crap anymore.
It does not end there!! Now its the "Cornerstone Gift". SP has always some novel ways of inducing people to give.

Next time when he makes a financial appeal look at his face carefully. This is the fox that axed 400 faithful for opposing him. In Malaysia's political history nobody has been arrested under the ISA at that number. Even Dr.Mahathir's was circumspect in the matter of ISA arrests.Just imagine if SP had political clout in this country!!!He would probably order his picture to be hanged in the public square like Mao Tse Tung or Saddam Hussien.


Anonymous said...

If it is true that the church pays the airfares for PG's granddaughter to minister at the outh camp, then it is a double standard being practiced in CC. Remember pastor Phil who was invited to be a guest speaker at the youth camp - SK had the audacity to say that the collection was for his airfare and not for him. On what grounds is PG's granddaughter qualified to speak at the camp, she is still an undergraduate! All things are possible with the patriarch of the G dynasty.

My wife and me had to tighten our belts when we sent our son overseas for his tertiary.

Anonymous said...

RY, do you not know what the prayer "GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD" meant or are you with no fear of God again purposely distorting and twisted His Word to influence members for more money to support & build your "idol" of worship CCC. "GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD", I believed meant for us to live by the Word of God, our daily spiritual food and NOT refering to material things.

This so called "sacrificial giving" is just another men's invention of generating more money. The only true biblical teaching on giving taught by Jesus Christ,is "GIVE TO THE POOR". Because when we give to the poor, they know that we care, and they will see the love of God in our hearts and this love will reflect upon their hearts that God loves them the poor too, and may win their hearts over to receive Christ. Isn't this a form of witnessing, testifying and evangelising for Christ? But you people preached to give money for a building which cannot understands the needs of the poor or change their hearts? The Bible had never emphasized on any other kinds of giving other than 'giving to the poor.'

Are we gossiping or criticising you all. To be correct we are EXPOSING you all as false prophets as you all are no different from the self righteous Pharisees & Scribes in the Bible, whom Jesus exposed them as "Brood of vipers" and "Ye Hypocrites". Surely the Lord would have call you all the same if He were to walk on earth today. So RY you and your fellow APs need to seek and search your own hearts first, before you teach others on how to pray like Jesus.

Anonymous said...

This year 2011, there is no Building Fund pledge. SK has said more than once that whatever is left over from the Faith Promise after meeting its obligation will be channeled to CCC.

Faith promise collection is much, much below than what had been pledged. So that means that what is left for CCC will be very meagre.

So since there is no Building Fund this year, the Cornerstone gift is akin to the building fund.

PG said that "I know your have your tithes, Faith promise and etc, etc to give to. But make this a sacrificial gift". What's he talking about? Bottomline is: "I need RM12 mil. I couldn't care less about your problem. Just give me more money for my vision CCC."

I remember he had said that there money to build CCC but it's in your pockets. So now he knows that if Calvarites are frustrated with him, the money would not come. He can carry on getting more members. This may help him to get votes at AGM but will not get him more money.

Many who attended the cornerstone laying event were there out of curiosity to see what this monument CCC is all about. That's why with all the hullabaloo, the cornerstone gift till December is only RM500k. It is a pathetic figure but PG made it sound so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

RY, do you not know what the prayer "GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD" meant or are you with no fear of God again purposely distorting and twisted His Word to influence members for more money to support & build your "idol" of worship CCC. "GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD", I believed meant for us to live by the Word of God, our daily spiritual food and NOT refering to material things.......
Thanks brother for the enlightenment, yes Jesus wants us to live by the Word of God our daily spiritual food. The gospels so clearly tell us that when a very hungry Jesus was tempted by the tempter to turn the stones to loaves of bread after His forty days forty nights fast in the wilderness' He answered the tempter "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God".
Last Sunday was the first of three parts of what RY titled 'Pray Like Jesus'. Dear pastor please don't just interpret Scriptures materially only. Btw in your message you also told the Cheras sheep 'It is important that we bring to God our needs and not our GREED'. quote n unquote. Definitely Scriptural. But i doubt if you are qualified to utter this statement when you drive a RM100 plus k Honda CRV, change your specs to follow current trends and send your children to study overseas. If this first part is like this what can the sheep expect of parts two and three of your trilogy 'Pray Like Jesus'?.
This is not the first time RY has made a fiasco of God's Word besides his fiasco about Noah's ark. On 07/08/11 at the Cheras worship service RY spoke on 'Making Wise Choices'. RY mentioned that Lot saw Jordan rich...he chose to settle/live there at Sodom and Gomorrah...very sinful...and Lot landed up in bad company...and he lost everything.
In no uncertain terms RY implied choosing to live in a sinful place is wrong choice! Dear pastor please tell us a place on earth where there is no sin so we can go and live sinlessly!! i told my LG leader this is very wrong teaching becos the world is full of sins and wherever you are, you have to be like a lamp to shine for Jesus and to bring God's love to those still living in darkness. If Christians only click among Christians; if missionaries had not gone to places not unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, how is The Great Commission going to be fulfilled? i hope my LG leader told RY about this. i can't do it bcos i am only a small fry.
RY, if you are humble enough to read the blogs posted here you would have learn your mistakes and perhaps be brave to change??.
Btw since the Ampang satelite church had joined other satelite churches at least two pastors jobless now?. Just check out the preachers list in Calvary News for September/October 2011. For September RY,TO jobless whole of September; PG2,DS jobless 3 weeks; SP,PO jobless 2 weeks...October SP,PO jobless whole of October...Please don't give us the crap about them having a thousand and one other duties. Isn't preaching God's Word one of if not the main duties of pastors? Perhaps CC overstaffed AP wise? Time for VSS???


Anonymous said...


P*m G, had so quietly and mysteriously left cc, without any fanfare and clapping of hands, unlike when the time when her daddy, PG1 proudly proclaimed that she decided to commit her life to serving God and the church.

Loads of questions started popping up in our minds.

Very valid questions like what happened to here public announcement of commitment to God and church ? Is this how she pay back cc for sponsoring allegedly her whole eight years education, overseas.

P*m's credentials reds like below:
CLM Director. Director of Calvary Life Ministry, P*m holds a Masters odfScience incounselling, a BA in Psychology, a Dipoloma in Psychological Studies.

We suspect all these costs (eg tuition fees, plane accomodation fees / house rentals), travel expenses, food expenses, miscellaneous expenses, etc were borne by cc.

If a person were sponsored by thee govt. or private sector, he or she got to be bonded in service to the govt or private company or organisation, or if he or she decides to leave, He or she must PAY BACK so kind of compensation !

Why is P*m's case so special, PG1 ?

She can just pack up and leave, no questions asked, PG1 ?

The postings about P*m G reads as follows:
"CLM Counselling and Care established cy cc in 1993. Non profit counselling and care organisation to address the emotional needs of people in our community. the Center provides counselling services to individuals (children, adolescents, children and families). A broad range of mentaql health issues are addressed including depression, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, abuse, grief, difficult life adjustments."

So what happens now to those who need such counselling, PG1 ?

PG1 please explain to we the congregation who sponsored P*m's overseas education.

Don't just keep quiet. You owe it to us all. Have some decency to clarify the matter. We have all the rigfhts to know the truth.

Why did P*m leave the CLM MINSTERIES ?

Where is her dedikasi (dedication) ? To Go ? To church ?
Is she, daughter of SP, setting a good example others, especially new born Chrstians and non believers ?

Or is it really more dadikasi, thanks to us poor suckers ?

Anonymous said...


We definitely agree with your obeservation ANOTHER SMALL FRY that cc is full of too many APs, being overstaffed with them, basing on the fast shrinking size of the congregation, plus the rare visitor(s). We at cc should introduce pay cuts, and terminate redundants and sycophants starting from the top PG1 and PG2 down to bottom.

Anonymous said...

If a person were sponsored by thee govt. or private sector, he or she got to be bonded in service to the govt or private company or organisation, or if he or she decides to leave, He or she must PAY BACK so kind of compensation !

Why is P*m's case so special, PG1 ?
She is special because she belongs to the family dynasty of SP. What is there that we dont know? They have been living off the congregation for all these years.Its only now that some sheep are waking up.Power has gone into their heads- like Ananias of old- who was behind the commercial activities of buying and selling in the temple. Unfortunately one day a young carpenter from Nazareth dropped by to say "Hello?"

This blog has become a lighthouse to Christendom.There are many frauds and quacks out there- not to mention those AOG Reverends who have no concern for the sheep. All they care about is the power to domineer & bully the sheep,money matters and they desire to put up another big building and call it a church.The race to build a church bigger than yours is so evident among these religious devils.

The more sly AOG Reverends are quietly reading this blog in privacy... to see the outcome of these ongoing events.These are the wolves hiding behind various religious titles.

Lets "berganding bahu"(stand together)against those who see the ministry as nothing more than a job to get a salary. What a shameful state of affairs.

RY & SK -please stop making another money appeal.Preach God's Word-in case you have forgotten- Christians come to church to worship God and to listen to the Word for the day-- not to hear someone asking for more $$ and distort the Word of God.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Btw since the Ampang satelite church had joined other satelite churches at least two pastors jobless now?.
From what I know Rev. Jerry Chow has bolted to Canada under the guise of study.He was sent off quietly after a private pastor meeting and this was not done during the main service. Well at least the exit was a bit more honourable that Pams exit whose absence is still a mystery.

Your observation is correct- RY is another hireling. With all the talk about sacrificial giving, I would have though that he would have downgraded to a Kancil to show an example.Instead he upgraded to a brand new CRV!! Wow!! That's really cool!!

Dont listen to their spritual talk- observe them and their manner of life- and you will see a lot.The new eyeglasses he sports is somewhere near the region of RM800or more /=. How many of us can afford this??

Sacrificial giving??? What a farce!!! I am learning many lessons from this smooth talking AOG frauds.I think discernment has landed on the majority of CC members.


Anonymous said...

At the Cornerstone Laying ceremony, PG said "Give a Cornerstone gift. Make it a sacrificial gift."


Anonymous said...

Let me be clear. I am just a little lamb. I have no credentials. I have no training. I am just a seeker after Jesus Christ that tasted the "revival" at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola.. and even though I have never tasted a true revival, I know in my heart, and by the Spirit of God, that this is not revival. May we humble ourselves,
pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek His face, then we will
experience true revival..


Anonymous said...

Whether it is Building Fund, Cornerstone Gift or Seed as propounded by Richard Roberts, it all means asking for money for CCC.

Btw, anyone knows what was the response to the Golf Fellowship tournament? Surprising that no one in CC either PG or his APs spoke about it. Possibly, it again was a dismal event. Otherwise, PG or SK will sing about it using words like successful, wonderful and blah blah blah.

Come December, I will take my spouse for a well deserved holiday overseas. Visiting historical buildings, we can stare in awe, not knowing whether it was designed by freemasons or not. It is unlike looking at CCC and knowing that the architect was a freemason. We had been to London a couple of occasions and visited St. Paul's cathedral. After finding out that it was designed by a freemason, Christopher Wren, we avoided this sight.

Anonymous said...

RY a question for you, "Do you think you had done a right thing before God when you & Pastor Susan without any hesitation supported PG, took his orders & tried to force Sister Liza out, denying her rights to speak. Do you call this justice & a righteous act in the eyes of God? Have you ever felt sorry for her & regretted for this cruel action? I surely do not think so, for you people who called yourselves "pastors" don't even have any conscience of what is right or wrong. Just by this one test would already qualify you a "false preacher". So RY, before you go preaching to others on how to "pray like Jesus" in your so called Part 2 & 3, I suggest you go & learn on "how to live" like Jesus first.

And if you considered the above as "criticism', then be brave and learn to accept them as sometimes they can be helpful to you, as from them you will only be able to realise the wrong you did and change to correct yourself. Can you be humble enough to accept this advice from an elderly christian?

Anonymous said...

When CCC is completed, it will have a capacity to seat 5,000 people. Wonder how many seats will be empty? At the last count, there were about 1,500 members (voting and associate), plus another hundred or two of non-member worshippers. That gives a total about 1700 altogether. Bear in mind this includes those in the satellite churches. Considering the distance to travel, it will be pathetic congregation even if the satellite churches are closed.

PG and his adherents better start thinking about ways on how to partition off the new sanctuary. Just look at the number of empty seats at the 8:00am and 5:00pm services in DH and that is considering the fact that the original Chinese section has been closed. Then pastors like Guynes, Robert Lim and Richard Roberts who have been praising CCC sky-high, had better shut-up. The Chinese say "if you do not say anything, nobody says you are dumb."

Richard Roberts had better bring his second wife, Lindsay, to the opening ceremony, otherwise an almost empty auditorium will greet the controversial couple.

Anonymous said...

What is happening with christianity, why are their hundreds and thousands of churches these days, why are the so called pastors fighting each other these days, why are the pastors getting greedy, i thought religion was about helping the poor people out but these days, it seems to me christianity is on sale, all what the pastors seem to be doing these days is linning their pockets with millions of pounds, dollars and naira, the pastors send their kids to private schools abroad, buy luxury cars and buy houses abroad, am sick to death of the so called churches, everyone wants a taste of the pie these days, everyone wants to start a church, pls do not get me wrong, their are good churches out dia but what most care about these days is big donations from whoever has money, sometimes, u see the pastors hanging out with politians and celebrities, they want a branch of their church in every continent of the world, u see them buying private jets, holidaying in Dubai and Miami, if u disagree with them they want u out of the church. they try to run people's life and family but they do not care about the education of the poor or accommodation, all they care about these days are material things, am thinking KICC, i remember the church bn investigated for over £2M by the charity commission here in london few years ago, i also remember a CCC was raided by the police few years ago and 1M worth of drugs was found in the church, Baba Ageboye holds a holy ghost cruise thingy in summer in miami, how many nigerian's can afford that, i remember seeing picutures of it in ovation, redeeme, winner chapels et cel need to focus on the needy not material things, its as if JESUS IS FOR SALE, these is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

RY& SK should start looking for another job in the secular world instead of treating CC as a source of income.Face up to it man-there many preachers out there who, unlike RY live a modest lifestyle.

His preaching on Noah- "obey now - ask why later" is just sales talk. He should start showing CC folks an example on sacrificial giving.He dosent seem to me to be living a sacrificial lifestyle. I have seen him on several occassions in fancy restaurents And the clothes he is wearing is not cheap either. I am taking my family on holidays too with my bonus money.RM50 every week in the offering bag- we wont be responding to any so called " Cornerstone Gifts"

Anonymous said...

Nuisance Of Rogue Pastors
Topics: society

The past few weeks have been unsettling for the Church in Ghana as collared charlatans running so-called churches taint its image with untoward conduct.

They come wearing assortment of titles ranging from Prophets, Dr. Reverends and Bishops, self-conferred labels which appear to taunt genuine clergymen engaged in the serious business of shepherding their flocks.

Each clergy claims that God had asked them to build a massive church.Strange that God had not told them to visit the orphans or feed the poor. Which begs the question- " Which voice have they been listening to?'

Anonymous said...

RY $& SK should start looking for another job in the secular world instead of treating CC as a siurce of income.

You serious? Where can they go? SK is 56 this year, RY not very far off to retirement according to the Staff Handbook whose retirement age is 55. And best of all, the cunning PG said that this condition does not include both of them! isn't this tyranny?

TO (his wife already retired from Govt. service) and PO are also passed retirement age. On top of that, the sly old man had probably priced them out of them market where remuneration of pastors are concerned, to compel the undivided loyalty of the APs.
As it is, the APs are living in the comfort zone. Even if they can secure a job elsewhere, would they take the risk or give up their present lifestyle. After all, they are also humans.

Back to PG and PG2, he is much too arrogant to be employed in another church for he considers himself to be above all other humans. PG2 has her finger in every pie in CC. Whee else can she be so formidable. Hence if PG & PG2 leaves CC, they be jobless, migrate or evangelize. If he goes, the G dynasty will collapse. Can he be an evangelist in M'sia with his present lifestyle. Your guess is as good as mine!

Therefore, PG, PG2 and the APs will hang on at CC to the end because of their luxuriant lifestyle and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Praise be to God for His miracles, for His wonders, for His Truth which has brought all of us together, unified by our universal desire to seek His Truth, especially including exposing
rogue pastors, sinful priests, and evil church leaders, etc. It is most encouraging that our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, from different continents, including copuntries like Ghana and America, have started using Calvary Today 2 to share our experiences, comments and feedback, to uphold each other's churches in prayers, to reach out for each other's needs, to alert each other on rogue leaders, to fellowship together.

May God's flame of Truth spread throughout the whole world.

God is GREAT ! Amen.