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Interesting Audio Clips from AGM

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As requested by some members who were unable to attend the AGM last Friday and Saturday, we have decided to include here some extracts of the audio recording of the AGM so that you can understand the feelings and exasperation of members seeking for truth, transparency and Godly governance in our church during the Meeting. As the task of listening and editing the recording is a tedious process, we will be updating this post with new additions every now and then.

Please turn ON your SPEAKERS and click on 'PLAY' to listen.

The Meeting was scheduled to start at 7pm. The first 1.5 hours was spent on roll call, a sermon by SP, followed by Communion and then a short greeting by Pastor Guynes. The actual business meeting started at around 8.30pm, when the Meeting was handed over to the Resolution Chairman, Pastor Ronnie Chin.

Clip 1: In this first audio clip, you will notice that the Chairman has the tendency to give a mini "sermon" before and after each person speaks. You will also notice how bias his opinions are, and how one- sided his decision is and how legalistic his approach is, in acting as the Chaiman for our AGM.

Clip 2: (About 9pm) In this second audio clip, you will notice how the Chairman seems to be prolonging the proceedings by encouraging debates and objections to the Resolution.
Latest addition on motion to appoint SCRUTINEERS posted on 29.06.09. The additions includes the ridiculous scrutiny of SP's supporters for the proposed scrutineers, the "accidental" oversight of ushers, pastors & chairman when an associate member (SP's supporter) spoke out and the chairman disallowing a member to share his personal thoughts. This same rule was not applied by the chairman, when the Resolution to close blogs was called for later. (Clip 5)

 Clip 3: (About 10.10pm) In this audio clip on Ratification of SP's appointment, you will notice the manner important decisions are made by the BOD, without due consideration of it's long term implication.

Clip 4: The first 7 minutes contains the Resolution for AG Council intervention. Notice only Robert, the proposer got to speak from the floor. Bro Robert is one of the original Charter members from Jalan Sayor back then. There was no open discussion. The rest is a collection of interesting dialogues taken from both days of the meetings. There was a lapse of about 1 hour in between the motion to complete all the Resolutions on saturday night @ 11pm and the final decision to adjourn @ 12 midnight, whereby the above resolution and the one to close blogs was carried out. At the end, "words from SP's mouth" is note worthy, whereby he instructed his "bouncers" to take their positions to be ready to "throw out" members who voiced out their emotions loudly. These are not the usual ushers but specially selected men. Just added, the rights of the Associate Members (23:20 mins into clip).

Clip 5: In this clip, you will hear "hurt my feelings," "very disturbed," "an embarassment" but no "unconstitutional," or "violates church constitution" as basis of support for the Resolution to close blogs. It's all about "saving face". No consideration was given to the member's needs, rights and freedom to express themselves. The testimony of SP's supporters seeks to cast a bad light on other church pastors as being unfriendly and uncaring. This is not true as many who have left are now being "nursed" by other Pastors for their "hurts and wounds". Then the Church Constitution came back to play the next day when the Resolution for a new Constitution Review Committee was rejected.

Clip 6 - The final clip: In this clip you hear the Chairman and SP speak the same language, when reminding members to appreciate the priviledge of clarification given by them. It is not our right to speak so we must be grateful to them. We also want to pose the one million dollar question to the Resolution Chairman, "What has Manchester United got to do with issues brought out at our Church AGM?" Then in the later part, you will hear the saddest Q & A at the AGM 2009.

Why Calvary Today will not be closed?

At last Friday’s AGM, the members voted by way of ballot for Calvary Today and 3 other blogs to be closed down for various reasons, one of which is that it causes strife, confusion and division. However, the administrators of CT have resolved that this blog will continue to remain open based on the following reasons:-

1. Calvary Church does not own Calvary Today and Berita Calvary and therefore, the members have no locus standi or any legal right to decide on anything pertaining to the blogs.

2. The resolution passed by the AGM last Friday is purely academic and not enforceable on the administrators of the blogs.

3. The administrators did not vote for the closure of the blogs, therefore, they are under no moral obligation to comply with the 'illegal' resolution.

4. As has been established, the entire balloting process during the AGM was seriously flawed and therefore, the results of the balloting may be inaccurate and may not actually reflect the wishes of the majority of the members.

5. Closing down the CT blog will translate into complying with an unconstitutional resolution secured through a questionable balloting process and this is contradictory to the underlying objective of CT which is to pursue truth, transparency and good governance.

6. Closing down the CT blog will result in denying the members their basic right to true and accurate information about the Church, the Senior Pastor, the Pastors and the Deacons and their wayward ways, unscriptural conduct, unethical and immoral practices and wrong-doings.

7. Closing down the CT blog will deny the members from airing their grievances, hurts and disappointment and also deny them the opportunity to provide suggestions and proposals for the good and well-being of the Church.

8. Closing down the CT blog will also deny the Church leadership from access to the above information which will keep them abreast of the concerns and needs of the members, so that they can take positive action to arrest the problems and move forward. The Church leaders may deny it but any member can see that some of the action plans which they are implementing in their moving forward programme have resulted from their reading the CT blog.

9. If the ballots are accurate and that 342 members did vote to close the blogs, this number represents only:-

a) 51% of the total attendance of 665 members at the AGM
b) 14% of the average weekly attendance of 2,500 worshippers
c) 3% of the total number of 10,200 people whom Calvary ministers to, as per our Church website.

Everyone that our Church ministers to, have a right to know what is going on in Calvary and therefore, we cannot allow the wishes of just 3% of the people to overrule the interest and rights of the balance 97%.

10. CT was born out of necessity in the face of an arrogant, recalcitrant and indifferent Board of Deacons and Senior Pastor. Until the problems in our Church are resolved, CT will remain and will continue to expose the unscriptural conduct, unethical practices and wrong-doings of the Church leadership, Pastors and Deacons.

11. Berita Calvary only publishes Christian-based articles, testimonies and teachings which edify and bless the body of Christ and propagate the gospel. This blog has never published any article on the issues in Calvary Church. Therefore, we cannot understand why any Christian would propose a resolution to close such a Christian blog. It is truly baffling!

The administrators have made a unequivocal stand that the CT and Berita Calvary blogs will remain open until Calvary Church is restored back to God.

Since CT was highlighted at the AGM, the hit rate on the blog has been phenomenal. The administrators wish to convey their appreciation to the Proposer and Seconder of the resolution to close the blogs and the Board of Deacons for the wide publicity of the blogs at the AGM.
Truly, our God is a great and witty God!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

AGM of Shame

Unwanted Senior Pastor Prince clings on unashamedly.

Deacon Patrick Wong gets the boot.

Kangaroo AGM at Calvary.

Pas Ronnie Chin, the unconstitutional Chairman.

No closure to Calvary saga. Division and strife continues.....

The AGM of 19th June 2009 (which ended on 20th June 2009) was the darkest day in the history of Calvary Church. It was a day the basic constitutional right of members was thrown out the window. It was a day truth and transparency in God’s house were blatantly obliterated and members’ feelings and concerns were treated like trash. It was a day the sheep were badly abused by their very own shepherd instead of being cared for. It was a day our God was mocked!

The AGM saw Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam unashamedly clinging on for dear life by hiding behind the ‘skirt’ of the Church Constitution, aided by his faithful deacons and friends from the AG Council.

The AG representatives, Pas Ronnie Chin (AG Malaysia Asst General Superintendent and ex-Calvarite) who acted as the Resolutions Chairman and Pas Kelly Yap (close buddy of our Pas Peter) are obviously not independent due to their close ties with SP and Pas Peter. This situation reminds us very much of the Kangaroo Court that was formed by the Deacons to try Dr Lum not too long ago. Only this time, both the AG representatives together with SP and the Deacons, use the very same Constitution of the members and interpreted it to their advantage, to victimize the members.

Of the 7 resolutions proposed by the concerned members, only the one on the voting process by way of secret ballot was tabled and overwhelmingly approved by the members. All the other 6 resolutions were thrown out on technical grounds.

Pas Ronnie and Pas Kelly were obviously just puppets on the string. Pas Ronnie played the bad guy as the Resolutions Chairman and rejected all the resolutions based on the flimsiest of reasons provided by the Board of Deacons. They found fault with the most insignificant of wordings used in the resolutions and ignored the basic rights of the members. It is shocking that Pas Ronnie can proclaim that the Board of Deacons can overrule the entire body of members who elected the Deacons in the first place. All over the world, the Board of Directors (Deacons) are answerable to the shareholders (members). In Calvary, it is the opposite. Pas Ronnie and the Deacons were more interested in the Letter of the Law than the spirit of the Law.

The Church Constitution clearly states that full powers of administration rest with the members at a general meeting but this basic constitutional rule was totally disregarded. Yet, in the same breath, they claim that they are abiding by the Constitution. Their behaviour was not unlike the Pharisees in Jesus' time.

The most important resolution of the AGM which is the ratification of SP’s Re-appointment was one of the earliest to be thrown out on technical grounds. Had this resolution been put to the vote, SP would have been sent packing. The sentiments of the members and atmosphere of the AGM were clear evidences that SP is no longer wanted and that many members have lost all confidence in him. Any respectable pastor with a little bit of self-worth would have stepped down immediately.

In the rejection of the resolution seeking the intervention of the General Council of the Assemblies of God Malaysia to manage our Church, Deacon Philip Tan lied through his teeth and told the AGM that there was no basis for the resolution because there is no problem, no strife, no division in Calvary and everything is fine.

The resolution to close the 4 internet blogs was tabled and approved by the members. This resolution should not have been allowed to be tabled on the basis that the blogs do not belong to the Church and therefore, the members have no locus standi to vote on this matter. However, Pas Ronnie allowed the resolution to be tabled. From this, we can see the inconsistency of Pas Ronnie’s judgment or rather, his obedience to SP.

The 2nd similar resolution on the closing of the internet blogs was withdrawn by the proposer. The controversial resolution calling for the review/termination of voting members who are not contributing to the church was also withdrawn by the proposer.

The AGM ended at about 12.15am and was adjourned to the following day at 3.00pm. The adjourned meeting finally ended at 8.30pm on Saturday night. This 10.5 hours of meeting will go down in Calvary's history as the longest AGM in her 48 years of existence.

The AGM was very much marred by the conduct of Pas Ronnie. His behaviour as the Resolutions Chairman was very unprofessional and despite being booed by frustrated members, he was adamant on playing his role of being SP's saviour. On the first night, he kept on making unnecessary long-winded comments and remarks and encouraging unnecessary debate, all with the clear intention of prolonging the proceedings and getting the AGM adjourned. Even after the members voted to continue the meeting until after all the resolutions proposed have been dealt with, he kept badgering the members to propose an adjournment. If this is the new breed of shepherds and leaders our AG Council endorses, then the future of the Assemblies of God in Malaysia is dead.


This is a summary of the Results of the Resolutions submitted for Tabling at the AGM.

1. Proposed amendment to Church Constitution RULE XII: FINANCIAL PROVISIONS, Item 3a, 3b and 3c on appointment of external auditors. (Result: PASSED by members)

2. Proposal that all resolutions of this AGM be voted on by secret ballot. (Result: PASSED by members)

3. Proposal that one of the Associate Pastors of the Church be appointed for the purposes of chairing this AGM.

4. Proposal for the intervention of the General Council of the Assemblies of God Malaysia to manage our Church until the Church is capable of managing its own affairs.

5. Ratification of Senior Pastor’s Re-appointment.

6. Closure of CalvaryToday, Berita Calvary, Calvary Kini and Calvary Unity.
(Result: PASSED by members)

7. 2nd Proposal for Closure of the same 4 internet blogs.
(Result: Withdrawn by the Proposer)

8. Resolution on Review of membership rolls.
(Result: Withdrawn by the Proposer)

9. Proposal for a new Constitutional Review Committee.

10. Proposal for setting up of a Truth Committee.

11. Removal of Dr Lum from Church membership to be declared null and void. (Result: REJECTED BY THE BOD)
A member asked Deacon Philip Tan if the BOD thinks that Dr Lum has "departed from the tenets of faith" and Philip Tan said, "YES". Philip Tan and the BOD have effectively passed a "spiritual death" judgment on Dr Lum.

1. Ngeow Zoo Gin (new)
2. Wong Ming Yook (new)
3. Bernadette Foo (re-elected)
4. David Peter (new)

1. Tam Kok Meng (re-elected)
2. Chow Sang Hoe (re-elected)


At the re-commencement of the AGM on Saturday , one member lodged an official complaint on the flawed balloting process. During the balloting of the resolutions in the previous night, there were witnesses that some voting members had more than one ballot slip and a few non-voting members were seen holding ballot slips. When a few members ask for additional ballot slips, they were freely given. None of the ballot slips were numbered. The ballot results are therefore, inaccurate and cannot be accepted.
Pas Ronnie rejected the complaint on the basis that it was out of order and advised that the member can raise it again before the next ballot. As it turned out, there was not going to be another ballot because Pas Ronnie subsequently rejected all the following resolutions on technical grounds.
It is now so apparent that right from the onset, Pas Ronnie knew that all the following resolutions will be rejected and therefore, his rejection of the official complaint on the flawed balloting was a pre-meditated move to defraud the members.

This opens the door for any unhappy member to file a complaint to AG Council against Pas Ronnie for unscriptural conduct. It also allows any member to get a court order to declare the entire AGM null and void.



CalvaryToday had previously resolved that it will not close the blog and will continue to exist to expose the unscriptural conduct, unethical practices and wrong-doings of SP, the Pastors and Deacons until such time, truth, transparency, good governance and righteousness are restored in Calvary Church.

Berita Calvary will continue to publish Christian-based articles, testimonies and teachings which will edify and bless the body of Christ and propagate the gospel to the world.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Much has been revealed. Much has been said. Tonight (19/06/09) we pray for a closure to our church's saga which has gone on long enough. Whatever the outcome may be, it is our prayer that each one will leave the church tonight knowing that God is in control of the whole situation. Things may or may not turn out the way we have planned. It really does not matter because the Church belongs to God Himself. The Bible says, “A MAN’S HEART PLANS HIS WAY, BUT THE LORD DIRECTS HIS STEPS.” Proverbs 16.9

We would like to pen down 2 portions of Scriptures as a reminder and an encouragement to all, as we attend the AGM tonight.

1 The preparations of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the LORD.
2 All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the spirits.
3 Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.
4 The LORD has made all for Himself, Yes, even the wicked for the day of doom.
5 Everyone proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD; Though they join forces, none will go unpunished.
6 In mercy and truth Atonement is provided for iniquity; And by the fear of the LORD one departs from evil.
7 When a man's ways please the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.
8 Better is a little with righteousness, Than vast revenues without justice.
9 A man's heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.
18 Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.
19 Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, Than to divide the spoil with the proud.
20 He who heeds the word wisely will find good, And whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he.

Romans 8: 28 – 39 - More Than Conquerors
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.

What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all— how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died— more than that, who was raised to life— is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? As it is written: For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

God bless us all. Amen

June 19, 2009 4:01 PM


The time and opportunity has come for all Calvarites to vote for a change at the coming AGM on this Friday, 19th June 2009 at 7.00 pm in DH. It will be a historical event, whichever way it pans out.

The last one and a half years has been a trying time for members. Members have been deluged with issues after issues. There appears to be no end to the exposure of questionable practices, irresponsible management, unscriptural conduct and poor stewardship by the Board of Deacons and Senior Pastor (SP).

What started as a ripple in calm waters has turned into a tsunami. Many of the issues raised could have been easily resolved, had SP and the Deacons exercised a little bit of humility and listened to the members. Instead, they took a confrontational stand and went on a warpath that now makes it difficult for them to retreat gracefully.

In any organization, both in the Christian world and the secular world, the Chief Executive or the Head and his Board are always held accountable when things go wrong. From the time of Adam and Eve, God has always held the Head of the home responsible and accountable. The Church is no different.

The power and authority to make changes has always remained with the Head, in this case, SP and the Deacons. Change must always come from the top down. As members, there is only so much we can do, so much noise we can make. However, at this coming AGM on Friday, there lies a small window of opportunity for the members to initiate (not make) that change that our Church so badly needs.

Every Calvarite seeking greater transparency and better governance in our Church should exercise their vote wisely and prayerfully this Friday. Every Calvarite who wants to see the restoration of truth, righteousness and God’s glory in our Church should come out this Friday and make their stand.

How then shall the members vote on this coming Friday?

We hope the following thoughts will be of help in your decision-making. In coming out with this advisory, we have gotten feedback from a fairly large group of members. With so many resolutions to be passed at this AGM and with such a diverse group of members, there is bound to be differences in opinions. Here we attempt to put together the thoughts of many concerned members. It is our hope that members will take the opinions expressed here and ask our Heavenly Father for wisdom and guidance to do the right thing. Many have started fasting and praying for the next three days. Our prayer is that God will bind together in spirit and come Friday, we will be bold to do the right thing and VOTE WISELY.

I. Passing of the Minutes of the previous AGM and EGMs (Vote: NO)

From the feedback received, there appears to be numerous errors and omissions in the 3 minutes which will likely be raised by members at the AGM. As the minutes do not totally reflect what actually transpired at the 3 meetings, (namely AGM on 28 March 2008, EGM on 15 August 2008 and EGM on 4 April 2009) therefore, all 3 minutes should be rejected and not allowed to be passed, unless acceptable amendments are made to the minutes.

II. Acceptance of Church Accounts (Vote: YES)

Although there are many questions the members can and may raise this Friday, on the accounts of the Church, Missions Dept and Extended Ministries, we can accept the Accounts and Report of the Auditors.

III. Acceptance of Church Departments’ Reports (Vote : YES)

The Departments’ Reports should be accepted as there are no major issues or matters of concern to raise.

IV. Election of Deacons

This is one of the most important agenda for this AGM. After witnessing the ineffectiveness and nonchalant attitude of the current Board of Deacons, it is time for Calvarites to put their feet down and vote out the retiring Deacons who are seeking re-election. It is time to “do away with the old and bring in the new’.

Although all the 8 nominees for the 4 Deacon positions have been endorsed or perhaps, hand-picked by SP, there is nothing the members can do except to pick the best of the lot. The expectation of the members and the events of the past year will, hopefully, make the newly elected Deacons more conscious of their spiritual and moral calling and heed the call for greater transparency, accountability and good governance.

The nominations for Deacons at this coming AGM are:-

1. Bernard Loke Yue Heng (new) (Vote: FOR)
2. Ngeow Zoo Gin (new) (Vote: FOR)
3. Wong Ming Yook (new) (Vote: FOR)
4. Veronica See Ah Siew (new) (Vote: FOR)

5. David Dev Peters (new) (Vote: NO)
6. Nicholas Gan Lye Hin (new) (Vote: NO)
7. Bernadette Foo Fong Lian (retiring) (Vote: NO)
8. Patrick Wong Sing Fah (retiring) (Vote: NO)

We would recommend voting in the first 4 new Deacons stated above as the initial step towards a change in the composition of our Board of deacons.

Retiring deacons, Patrick Wong (seeking re-election). Bernadette (seeking re-election) and Han (not seeking re-election) have proven to be ineffective as Deacons. Further, Patrick has been compromised in that his son’s airfare, when he went for overseas studies, was paid by the Church. His wife has also been given employment in Church as an Assistant Pastor despite not having any theological or Bible School training.

Both David Peters and Nicholas Gan are staunch supporters of SP and may not be independent. However, should any of the above top 4 nominees decides not to stand for election for any reasons whatsoever at the last minute, David should be the alternate choice. He is a lawyer, appears to be more matured and better known to the members than the relatively unknown Nicholas Gan.

Please DO NOT send in blank voting slips. Every vote counts. Your one vote can make the difference!

V. Election of Church Auditors

The nominations for Church Auditors are:-

1. Tam Kok Meng (retiring/seeking re-election) (Vote: FOR)
2. Audrey Lim Gaik Khoon (new) (Vote: FOR)

3. Chow Sang Hoe (retiring/seeking re-election) (Vote: NO)
4. Suresh Rahman (new) (Vote: NO)

VI. Resolutions to be Tabled

(For the full details and rationale, click on this link

Please remember that the numbering to the Resolutions listed here has been assigned by us for easy reading and reference only. The sequence of the resolutions which will be tabled at the AGM may be totally different. Therefore, please pay close attention to the resolution being tabled during the AGM and vote accordingly

1. Proposal that all resolutions of this AGM be voted on by secret ballot. (Vote: YES)

2. Proposal that one of the Associate Pastors of the Church be appointed for the purposes of chairing this AGM. (Vote: YES)

3. Proposal for the AOG General Council to appoint a caretaker committee to manage the Church until the Church is capable of managing its own affairs. (Vote: YES)

4. Ratification of Senior Pastor’s Re-appointment. (Vote: NO)

This is the most serious of all the resolutions to be tabled. SP needs the votes of at least two-thirds of the members present at the AGM to retain his position as the Senior Pastor of Calvary. If he does not garner this level of support, he has to step down as the Senior Pastor.

If you think SP has done a wonderful job and should remain forever (because the BOD has decided that he has no retirement age), then you vote ‘yes’ in favour of this resolution. If you vote in favour, then PG will remain the Senior Pastor until he voluntarily resigns or until he goes home to the Lord. Even if he becomes senile or incapacitated or medically unfit, he cannot be removed from his position.

But if you think he has not been responsible as the Senior Pastor or he has been unscriptural in his conduct or he has abuse his position in any way or you have just lost confidence in him to manage the Church or you do not want him to be the Senior Pastor forever, then you should vote against this resolution.

We cannot agree that SP does not have a retirement age. This is the MOST UNWISE decision the BOD has made. Everyone has to retire at some point. Even God rested after 6 days of creation. The Church should not become ‘crippled’, or stifled in its growth or held to ransom by a Senior Pastor (present SP or future SP) who cannot be removed. It is certainly not God’s design for His Church to function in this manner. On this basis alone, we would vote against this resolution.

In the Kingdom of God, no one is indispensable and we know that God is not short of resources. God can provide us another Senior Pastor as quickly as He can remove one. Without question, it is also far better for the servant, that God use his people to remove His servant, rather than for God to remove His servant Himself.

Over the months, members have been bombarded with messages that warn members against touching God’s anointed and messages that have questioned our allegiance and brought on fears. Be comforted that our God is a God of peace and wisdom. Be assured that as a child of God, we are all equally anointed by God. We all have received the seal of the Holy Spirit on our foreheads that sets us apart as being equal children of God. However, please seek God’s wisdom and ask Him for direction in this matter and then, vote wisely according to your conscience and conviction.

5. Proposal for a new Constitutional Review Committee. (Vote: YES)

6. Proposal for setting up of a Truth Committee. (Vote: YES)

7. Removal of Dr Lum from Church membership to be declared null and void. (Vote: YES)

8. Closure of CalvaryToday, Berita Calvary, Calvary Kini and Calvary Unity. (Vote: NO)

This resolution is purely academic and has no power of enforceability on the owners or administrators of the blogs as the members have no locus standi on the matter. It is really up to the owners of the blogs to make that decision whether they want to close their blogs. The church also cannot vote on this as it would tantamount to infringing on the right to freedom of speech of fellow members and citizens.

Voting on this resolution is similar to voting to close down the New Straits Times or The Star. It is that ridiculous.

Blogging is legal and is even practiced by our own Prime Minister, ex-PM, churches, pastors, evangelists and millions of individuals all over the world.

If our Church is clean and our Pastors and Leaders lead righteous lives, then there is nothing to worry about. Our Pastors and Deacons should be more concerned with cleaning up their act rather than trying to silence the whistle blower. Consider the Calvary Today blog as the “thorn in the flesh” which is placed there to nudge our leaders back onto the right path.
Members should vote against this resolution.

9. Closure of CalvaryToday, Berita Calvary, Calvary Kini and Calvary Unity. (Vote: NO)

Similar comments as item 8.

10. Resolution on Review of membership rolls. (Vote: NO)

This resolution technically provides for the termination of members who do not contribute to the Church financially AND who do not attend Sunday services AND Friday prayer meetings AND Life group meetings AND are not involved in ministry.

This proposal seeks to give even more absolute powers to the BOD & SP with regards to Church Membership. If approved, this would give the BOD & SP the reason to arbitrarily sack any of the members at their whims and fancies. They do not need evidence to declare that a member did not support financially, as it cannot be proven or disputed by anyone. They do not even need to set up a Kangaroo Court to sack members. All members should strongly object to this resolution.

11. Proposed amendment to Church Constitution RULE XII: FINANCIAL
PROVISIONS, Item 3a, 3b and 3c. (Vote: YES)

This resolution is to provide for the appointment of external auditors to audit our Church accounts and should be supported.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting Facts from Annual Report and Accounts

We are certain many members would have uncovered some interesting facts from the 2008 Calvary Church Annual Report and the accompanying Extended Ministries’ accounts. Below are just 3 items that we wish to highlight:-


On page 27 under Capital Commitments, the balance of monies required to complete the CCC is stated as RM121, 401,649.

If we deduct the balance of Fixed Deposit left in our bank which amounts to RM19,596,603 (page 24), we will still need to raise a whopping RM101,705,046.

CCC contribution from members for 2008 was RM7.8m (page 22) which is a drop of RM2.1 million from 2007.

Now, if we borrow RM100 million from the bank (which will be a miracle at this time) at an interest rate of 7% per year and assuming the members continue to give RM7.8 million per year (which will be another miracle), it will take 32.7 years to pay off the loan !!

If the bank charges 6% interest, it will still take 24.5 years to repay!!

Our SP and Board of Deacons must have lots of faith (or total loss of touch with reality) to believe that members will continue to give sacrificially for at least the next 24.5 years.

The above calculations are done using normal banking loan software and assumes interest at monthly rest and NO change in interest rate in the next 24 to 32 years. We shudder to think what will happen when interest rates go up in future. Is this the legacy we wish to leave behind to our children and grandchildren?


If we add up all the cash and bank balances in the Extended Ministries’ accounts, we would find that there is a total of RM2.85 million cash idling there. (see table below)

But the interesting fact is that out of this sum, a total of RM1.86 million are in ministries controlled by the children of SP.

The 2nd interesting fact is that despite the large amount of cash left in the ministries, 2 of the ministries, namely the Calvary Life Ministries and Calvary Communication Ministry, continue to receive financial support from the Missions Dept.

The question that comes to mind is, why is there a need for the said ministries to keep such large cash surpluses? Since the church needs so much money to complete the CCC, should not these cash balances be returned to the main church accounts and used for the CCC or other overheads?


The main Church accounts states a stipend cost of RM2.39 million (page 22) excluding EPF, SOCSO and staff welfare. But if we add the salaries and allowances paid out under the Missions Dept and Extended Ministries, the total stipend comes to RM3.85 million. This represents 45% of the total tithes and offerings received of RM8.57 million. This appears to be a large percentage.

We wonder if the Deacons have done any comparison with other churches to see if our stipend percentage is too high and if we are overpaying SP and our Pastors. (We know that most of the general church staff are underpaid, so their salaries are not an issue.) SP has always maintained that we are a Church and therefore, cannot be compared with the secular world. So we hope that our Deacons will revise SP’s salary to be comparable to other churches of our size, with a membership of 1,800 not 10,200.

Friday, June 12, 2009

CCC – A Matter Of Concern?

While the whole church waits in prayerful anticipation of a conclusion to the 15-month saga which has caused much hurt, confusion, strife and division in Calvary Church, another threat looms in the horizon. This is the financial disaster that can erupt in the event of a failure of the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC).

In the report of our Church Auditors contained in our 2008 Calvary Church Annual Report, our auditors have highlighted their concern over the CCC under “Emphasis of Matter”. Their report states:-

“Without qualifying our opinion, we draw attention to the Note 1(a) to the financial statements. The Church has contracted capital expenditures of RM80,955,054 in respect of Calvary Convention Centre as at 31 December 2008, and as at that date, the balance of the Church’s fixed deposits is RM19,596,603. The ability of the Church to meet its liabilities is dependent on the availability of external funds and continue contribution from the members to provide adequate funds for the Church to meet its liabilities when they fall due.”

No one can really fault the auditors for voicing their concern. This statement is very much in line with accounting standards and the code of corporate governance and transparency. Nevertheless, it is also a timely warning for the members to take heed of.

The CCC has been fraught with controversies right from the beginning. If the members recall, the project was supposed to cost only RM50 million excluding land cost. From the initial project budget of RM50 million, it has quickly ballooned to RM150 million.

When it was first announced that the church was spending RM35 million to purchase the 4.9 acre land in Bukit Jalil, it had caused a flurry of, albeit, relatively silent protests from the members. It was a hefty price to pay for a small piece of land especially when it was during a time of economic slowdown when property prices were going a-begging.

The subsequent appointment of Ken Yeang, a freemason to design the CCC was another controversy. Despite being informed of this fact by a few members and also Dr Lum, SP and the Deacons continued with the award to Ken Yeang.

The approval for the initial construction budget of RM50 million was again controversial. During that unforgettable AGM, members were asked to stand to give praise to God after a presentation of the CCC. As soon as the members stood to their feet and began praising God, SP quickly announced that he took it that their standing up was indicative of their support and approval for the project. That ‘sleight of hand’ maneuver did not go well with the members.

At the last year’s AGM, the members were told that construction cost and material costs had escalated greatly and to keep within the RM100 million construction budget, they will only build the sanctuary fully and leave the rest of the building as “shell and core” (bare cement rendered without finishes or electrical installations) which will be un-useable for the time being. In essence, it meant that the eventual cost after full completion of the whole project will be higher than RM150 million. The budget for furnishing the sanctuary and AV equipment remain at RM50 million. Subsequently, the Board of Deacons granted a RM80 million construction contract to Nam Fatt Bhd, a listed construction company with a poor balance sheet which is a risk to begin with.

The concern now highlighted by the auditors is real. The church does not have enough money to pay for the construction. Even with the RM35 million loan provided by Alliance Bank, there remains a big shortfall. Of course, the church leaders will ask, where is our faith? But apart from faith, God has also given us wisdom to plan and to make wise decisions.

One reader commented that there has been no work done at the CCC site in the last 4 weeks that he has driven by. Could it be that the contractor has abandoned the project? Is CCC on the verge of failing?

With the controversies and concerns the CCC has caused, there arise one question that begs a serious answer. Is CCC a vision from God or is it the vision and ambition of a man?

If CCC is God’s vision, why would God want a freemason, Ken Yeang to design His house? The Deacons may argue that actually it was Ken Yeang’s assistants who did much of the designing work and that the assistants are not freemasons. This is childish argument because it will still be recognized as a Ken Yeang design. Ken Yeang, at the onset, had told the members that he plans to put CCC on the world map with its iconic design. He made no effort to hide his ambition to gain international fame through this project. Naturally, if that happens, it will also bring great fame to SP. How can such ambitions for self-glory be in line with God’s will?

If CCC is God's vision, why does He want a design for His Temple, which resembles a cobra head and an outline that resembles a pharaoh’s coffin? See photos below.

If CCC is God’s vision, why was there a need to apply for approval under the guise of building a convention centre and not a church, for fear of not getting approval from the authorities? If indeed it is the will of God, nothing can stop the project even if the church came out upfront and tell the authorities that CCC is a church. This fact was highlighted by a ruling political party member in his blog where he alleged (mistakenly, of course) that our church banner at the CCC site displaying the words "Adanya Harapan....There is Hope" is linked to the Opposition Leader, who has used the tagline "Harapan" in his political propaganda.

If CCC is God's vision, why was there a need to keep feeding members with half-truths about the actual costing and be evasive when questioned during AGMs and EGMs? Surely God will want the leaders to be truthful and transparent in everything.

If CCC is God’s vision, why does the pastors and deacons need to think of all kinds of ways to get the members to give? Why do they need to encourage the members to sell paper bricks to non-members and non-Christian friends? Everything on earth belongs to Him. Our God is a rich God; He does not need to beg. He can open the windows of heaven and pour His blessings on the CCC that we have to tell the members to stop giving because we have more than enough. Why is this not happening? SP and his Pastors and Deacons can point their fingers at the TTG group but the TTG group certainly cannot thwart the will of God.

So is CCC God’s vision or man’s vision? God’s vision will always materialize, man’s vision will always fail.

Take Calvaryland, for example. This project costs the church RM10 million for the land and buildings and today it houses only 6 residents. For the same amount, the church could have bought at least 30 houses and cater to hundreds of orphans and homeless. The wanton waste of money for the Calvaryland cannot possibly be the will of God. So is Calvaryland God’s vision or man’s vision?

The 2nd example is the vision for a 5,000 seating church in Sri Hartamas many years ago. After much time and effort spent, even with visiting pastors having poured oil onto the land to anoint and make claim on it, yet nothing materialized. So was that God’s vision or man’s vision?

The 3rd example is the vision for a 3,000 seating sanctuary at our present DH site, with provisions to increase to 5,000 seating. Because of that vision, the church embarked on buying up many of the neighboring houses. Now, the church is trying to sell those houses to pay for CCC and in this time of economic downturn, it will likely be at a loss. So was that God’s vision or man’s vision?

With so much controversy concerning the CCC and with hind knowledge of SP’s misadventures with his visions, how then can the members be certain that CCC is indeed God’s vision. Because if it is not so, it will spell financial disaster for the church. Not only can the church lose the CCC land but the bank (if the church defaults in repayment) will also auction off the DH properties which are charged to the bank in respect of the CCC loan.

The current saga will not destroy Calvary Church but the CCC will, if it is not God’s will and God's vision.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Resolutions To Be Tabled At AGM On 19 June

We notice that readers are referring to the Resolutions listed by us here as resolution No. 4 or 10 and so on. Please remember that the numbering has been assigned by us here for easy reading and may be totally different on AGM day in terms of sequence. For example, the resolution No.10 on review of membership may be the 2nd (or 4th or 7th etc) resolution to be tabled by the BOD at the AGM. Therefore, please pay close attention to the resolution being tabled during the AGM and vote wisely. Do not expect the Resolutions to be numbered as listed here in CT.


Finally the BOD has decided to table all the Resolutions submitted by members. Below are the summary of 7 resolutions proposed by some concerned members, 3 resolutions by other members and 1 resolution by the Board of Deacons which will be tabled at the coming AGM on 19 June 2009.


Whereas, it is paramount that members be able to make decisions at this AGM without fear or favour;

Whereas, any allegation of improper voting processes may undermine the results of this AGM and should thus be avoided;

Therefore, RESOLVED,
that all resolutions of this AGM be voted on by secret ballot.

Rationale for this resolution:
Members at the AGM must be given the full right to exercise their votes without fear or favour. Making members stand up to vote exposes members to unfair and unjustifiable scrutiny. Moreover the leadership must have the opportunity to know the true feeling and decision of the congregation. This can only be achieved through voting by secret ballot.


Whereas, Rule IX(3) of the Church Constitution states as follows:
The Senior Pastor shall be the Chairman at all General Meetings. If at any such meeting the Senior Pastor is not able to be present, the Secretary of the Board of Deacons shall act as the Chairman of the Meeting.
In the case where the Senior Pastor is unwilling or where he deems it not conducive or inappropriate to perform his duty as Chairman, he may appoint a representative to act in his place. The representative must hold credentials with the Assemblies of God. If the Senior Pastor does not appoint a representative then the Executive Council of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia shall, upon the invitation of the Secretary of the Board of Deacons, appoint one of its Executive members to preside at such General Meeting.

Whereas, any allegations of conflict of interests during the AGM may arise from Senior Pastor chairing the AGM, thus undermining the proceedings and which must therefore be avoided;

Therefore, RESOLVED,
that one of the Associate Pastors of the Church be appointed for the purposes of chairing this AGM.

Rationale for this resolution:
Senior Pastor is no longer able to chair the AGM with impartiality and independence. He has vested interest in each and every decision to be made at the AGM. As such the AGM must be chaired by another person who holds credential with the AOG.


Whereas the Church is in a state of disunity and the continuing division for more than a year has rendered the Church unable to function as the Lord intends.

1) pursuant to Rule XIII (2) of the Church Constitution, the General Council of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia be requested to appoint a caretaker committee composed of such Voting members of the Church and representatives from the General council as it deems fit. The caretaker committee shall be charged with the responsibility of managing the Church and its activities until the Church is deemed capable of managing its own affairs, and

2) pursuant to Rule XIII (1) of the Church Constitution, the Church Secretary shall minute and convey this decision to the General Council of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia forthwith.

Rationale for the resolution:
The conflict and division has gone on long enough. The pain and the hurt keep intensifying. Calvary Church needs healing and reconciliation and we need it now. The problems are unlikely to be resolved with the present leadership and the existing division.

Over the one year the division has gone deeper and wider. Instead of healing and reconciliation, each general meeting of members aggravated the situation even further, e.g. the EGM on 4th April 2009. If we allow the problems to persist unresolved, the situation will grow increasingly worse. We need outside intervention; someone with the necessary spiritual authority and seen to be adequately independent by both sides of the divide and with the necessary skills and expertise to help us resolve our problems. We need the General Council to step in immediately.

Our constitution provides for it. The intervention of the General Council would stop the escalating tension and division in the Church and would provide the opportunity for healing and reconciliation under an independent party. The General Council has the spiritual authority.


Whereas Rule XI(1)(a) of the Constitution states, “The Senior Pastor shall be appointed by the Board of Deacons. The appointment shall be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of the Voting members present at a General Meeting properly convened for that purpose. The appointment shall only be subject to a re-election at the request of the Board of Deacons or not less than two-thirds of the Voting members.”

Whereas it is the intention and spirit of Rule XI(1)(a) that the Senior Pastor enjoys wide support and acceptability by the members of the Church.

Whereas Section 2 of the Calvary Church Staff Handbook states that all the staff of the Church are classified into 3 categories, namely, Pastoral and Ministerial Staff, Office Staff and General/Technical Staff. The position of Senior Pastor falls within the category of “Pastoral and Ministerial Staff”, as it is also stated that “Senior Pastor heads the pastoral team (pastoral and ministerial team) comprising staff categories such as Senior Associate Pastors, Associate Pastors, Assistant Pastors and Ministerial Staff.”

Whereas Section 11 (1) of the Calvary Church Staff Handbook states that the Retirement Age of all Church Staff, with the exception of Pastors, will be 55 years of age. Section 11 (2) further states that the Retirement Age for Pastors will be 60 years of age.

Whereas Rev Prince Guneratnam had retired upon reaching the age of 60 years and had been reappointed by the Board of Deacons as Senior Pastor for an extended period. Such reappointment pursuant to Rule XI(1)(a) of the Constitution would be subject to ratification by not less than two-thirds of the Voting members present at a General Meeting.

“It is hereby resolved that the reappointment of Rev Prince Guneratnam, upon his retirement, as Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur, by the Board of Deacons be ratified by two-thirds of the voting members present at this AGM pursuant to Rule XI(1)(a) of the Constitution.”

Rationale for this resolution:
It is of utmost importance that the senior pastor enjoys the full support of the congregation. Therefore his reappointment must be put to the vote. An endorsement by at least two-thirds of the voting membership would indicate that he still enjoys the support he needs to continue as senior pastor. Failure to garner two-thirds of the votes would indicate the loss of confidence in the senior pastor.

CT Comments
This is the most controversial resolution. If less than two-thirds of the members vote in favour of this resolution, then SP has to leave. Do not be surprised if the pastors and deacons start warning members not to touch God’s anointed and quote scriptures, taken out of context, to frighten members. Remember that ALL Born Again, Bible-believing Christians are also anointed by God. The deacons had ‘shed first blood’ by terminating Dr Lum, a member/deacon anointed by God and this disqualifies them from preaching this.

There are many perspectives to this concept of “Touch Not God’s anointed”. Click on links in blue to read.

a) The NECF article “Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed!” at,

b) “Touch not my anointed” at,

c) “How to fire your Pastor” at,

d) “The Untouchables: Are God's Anointed Beyond Criticism?” at,

e) “Touch not the Lord’s Anointed?” at

If SP is confident in his spirit that he is still God’s anointed to lead Calvary, then he should be able to sleep easy in the next 2 weeks. If he and the pastors and deacons are not able to rest in the Lord, then they ought to examine themselves because nothing the members do can thwart the will of God.


Whereas a Constitution Review Committee had been established by the Board of Deacons to review the existing constitution, its composition is deemed to be unrepresentative and not adequately independent; plus its scope is limited.

Whereas the existing Church Constitution, incorporating Rules, By-Laws and Tenets of Faith amended in 1985 is no longer adequate for the present-day running of the Church and had to be updated and expanded, that there is a need for a new independent Constitution Review Committee to be established.

Therefore: RESOLVED
that the present Constitution Review Committee to be dismissed and a new Constitution Review Committee to be established to review the existing Church Constitution and to make recommendations to the members at General Meeting for amendments, additions and deletions to the Constitution for the improvements of Church organization structure, church governance, accountability and transparency, operational efficiencies and to safeguard the assets of the Church.

The Committee shall report its proposals and recommendations to the members at a General Meeting within 91 days from this AGM.

The Committee shall comprise 7 members nominated and elected at this AGM from among the members of the Church. The 7 members shall not include deacons, pastors and staff of the Church. A member of the Committee shall be elected from among themselves by a simple majority vote to be the Chairman of the Committee and he shall have a casting vote in the event of equality of votes. The Committee shall determine its own terms of reference, time-table and work reporting procedures and processes.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the existing Constitution granting the Senior Pastor the right to be an ex-officio member of all committees in the Church, the Senior Pastor shall not be a member of this committee.

Rationale for this resolution:
After almost 9 months there is no evidence of the effectiveness of the Board appointed committee. The committee must have the skills and competency and the independence to do a fair and balanced job. They must not be seen to be protecting the status quo. To go forward the constitution must be reviewed and amended such that the work and ministries of the Church can proceed efficiently and effectively whilst giving substance to the fact that we are a congregational church. The constitution must have adequate checks and balances to provide for good church governance. The separation of powers and improvements in the system of internal control would help protect the leadership from unwise decisions and practices. As such a new committee must be elected by the AGM.


Whereas many questions had been raised about the finance and accounts of the Church and its components arising from inadequate accountability and transparency, there is a need for a Truth Committee to be established.

“Resolved that a Truth Committee be established by this Annual General Meeting to review the financial statements, accounts and accounting records including but not limited to minutes, vouchers, band statements, documents of ownership, correspondence and reports of the Church, its Missions Department, the extended ministries, auxiliary ministries, outreaches and all other components related to, principally financed by, or controlled or managed by Calvary Church or its personnel including Calvary International Ministry and Care Relief and Development Agency (CARED).

In carrying out its work, the Committee shall have the full power of the Board of Deacons as conferred by the Church Constitution including the power to appoint outside professionals to assist in its work.

The Committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the members at a General Meeting within 91 days from this AGM.

The Committee shall comprise 7 members nominated and elected at this AGM from among the members of the Church. The 7 members shall not include deacons, pastors and staff of the Church. A member of the Committee shall be elected from among themselves by a simple majority vote to be the Chairman of the Committee and he/she shall have a casting vote in the event of equality of votes. The Committee shall determine its own terms of reference, time-table and work and reporting procedures and processes.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the Church Constitution granting the Senior Pastor the right to be an ex-officio member of all committees in the Church, the Senior Pastor shall not be a member of this committee.”

Rationale for this resolution:
All these months the Board had managed the information flow to the members; starting with the so-called reports from the forensic accountant and the criminal lawyer. Even the report from the church auditors on the special audit was controlled by the Board. We need an independent committee to look into all the alleged irregularities and come out with a complete and independent report to the members.


Whereas Rule VIII(1) of the Church Constitution states, “The Right to discipline Church members shall vest in the Board of Deacons (BOD). The names of those who walk disorderly and depart from the stated Tenets of Faith and are unrepentant of unscriptural conduct such as sexual immorality and fraud, etc. shall be removed from the Church Membership Roll, by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Deacons with the counsel of the Church Elders.”

Whereas, the BOD has BREACHED and FAILED to comply to the said Rule VIII, Item 1.:-
I) The rule consist of three elements to be satisfied conjunctively in order for a member to be validly removed vis-à-vis
i) walk disorderly; and
ii) depart from the stated Tenets of Faith and
iii) unrepentant of unscriptural conduct

II) The rule also requires the decision of the BOD to be made together WITH the counsel of the Church Elders.

Whereas, the BOD has BREACHED and FAILED to comply with the Rules of Natural Justice in removing Dr Lum from membership.

Whereas, members are concerned that the BOD appears to sanction the use of their non-compliance of the Rules; and unreasonable interpretation of the Rules and questionable methods in the removal of its members.

i) the decision made by the Board of Deacons on 19th March 2009 in removing Dr.Lum Siew Heng’s name from the Church Membership Roll to be declared NULL and VOID; and
ii) the Church Constitution to be amended to include detailed provisions on disciplinary committee, functions and procedures.

Rationale for this resolution:
The process leading to the removal of Dr Lum from church membership was against the rules of natural justice primarily because the Panel of Inquiry was not independent or impartial. He was not allowed proper representation and the findings of the Panel were not proper as the Board of Deacons had earlier already indicated that they had decided to remove him from membership, even way before the Panel was formed. Therefore the decision of the Board must be declared to be null and void by the members at the AGM.

(submitted by other members, no rationale provided)

Whereas, there have been articles and comments written on the various blogs which are disrespectful of our leaders, pastors, members and worshippers and/or causes divisions amongst our members.

Whereas, we feel that the continued publication of our church matters on the public domain is totally unacceptable.

We, the members therefore RESOLVE:
(a) That the following blogs, CALVARY TODAY, BERITA CALVARY,CALVARY KINI and CALVARY UNITY be closed within 3 days from 19th June 2009 i.e. by 22 June 2009.

b) That failure to close the said blogs by 22 June 2009 be deemed as contravening the wishes of the Church members and leadership of our elected leaders and that the Board of Deacons do investigate and take firm disciplinary actions against person(s) connected in anyway whatsoever to the blog that remains open.

c) That any member found disseminating slanderous and untrue information about the church through public domain be subject to disciplinary action from the Board of Deacons.

(submitted by other members, no rational provided)

Whereas, the existence of these blogs are unacceptable.

Whereas, it is also acknowledge that there is a need for members to have a platform to discuss, debate and deliberate various issues within a private environment that will not impede the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whereas, it is essential that deacons open an appropriate channel for such discussions by setting up an official private blog for Calvary Church members or enabling comments within or something similar.

We, the members therefore RESOLVE:
I) That the following blogs, CALVARY TODAY, BERITA CALVARY, CALVARY KINI and CALVARY UNITY be closed within 5 days of this General Meeting, held on 19th June 2009

II) That the process of the closure be as follows:
To cease posting new articles immediately after this General Meeting
To disable comments in the blogs immediately after this General Meeting
To delete the blog in its entirety by 24 June 2009

III) That except as resolved above, no new blogs that discuss or invite discussion on matters that pertains to Calvary Church be set up in the public domain.

IV) That the Board of Deacons immediately creates a platform for real-time discussion of church matter within a member-only environment.

CT Comments
The 4 blogs do not belong to Calvary Church and therefore, technically, the members are NOT in a position to vote on the above 2 similar resolutions. Conducting a vote on this matter is similar to asking the members to vote to shut down the New Straits Times or the Star.

It is strange that the proposers included Berita Calvary in this resolution. Berita Calvary does not discuss our church issues, it only publishes inspirational articles and testimonies meant to edify the body of Christ. Why would they want to close a blog that builds faith in God and propagates the gospel?

The proposal that the Board of Deacons establish a blog or discussion forum for members to voice their comments is good provided that we have a Board which is independent, mature, open to criticisms and willing to listen to the members, otherwise it will be a failure. These 2 resolutions are also barking at the wrong tree. The blogs exist because of the unresolved saga in Calvary Church. Once the church issues are resolved, the blogs will die a natural death.

(submitted by other members, no rationale provided)

Whereas, it is known that there are many Voting Members who have openly declared that they will not contribute or are currently not contributing to Calvary Church by:-

a. Not attending Sunday Services, Friday Night Prayer meetings and Life Groups; and /or
b. Not giving Tithes, Faith Promises or Offerings; and/or
c. Actively involved in ministry

However, these persons still retain full privileges as Voting Members

We hereby RESOLVE;
That the Board of Deacons do re-examine the membership roll and review the status of those Voting Members who are not contributing to the church.

CT Comments
This resolution, if approved, will result in easily more than 80% of the church members getting sacked. Most of the members attend 1 or 2 out of the 3 meetings mentioned and this will disqualify them to be members based on the above criteria which requires members to attend all 3 meetings.

On financial giving, many members pay tithes and faith promise pledges without stating their names on the envelopes and nobody puts in their offerings with their names written on the ringgit notes. It is therefore, impossible for the deacons to determine who gives and who does not. This criteria will disqualify the poor members, the housewives who have no income, students, maids and poor foreign workers. Is this what our church wants – kick out the poor and minister only to the rich?

Money should never be the yardstick for church membership for any true Christian church.. We cannot imagine any Calvarite supporting a ‘worldly materialistic’ resolution like this. It is shocking that someone would even propose a resolution like this.

On ministry involvement, there is no clear definition of what is meant by “involvement”. In Calvary, members are handpicked for the main ministries. No member can walk up to the pastors and volunteer to serve communion, for example. This criteria is too ambiguous and difficult for any Board of Deacons to establish.

11. Proposed amendment to Church Constitution RULE XII: FINANCIAL PROVISIONS, Item 3a, 3b and 3c. (submitted by Board of Deacons)

It is hereby resolved that RULE XII: FINANCIAL PROVISIONS, Item 3a, 3b and 3c be amended by deleting Items 3a, 3b and 3c and substituting the same with the following:-

a. External Auditors shall be nominated by the Board of Deacons and shall be elected at a General Meeting by a simple majority vote.

b. The Board of Deacons is authorized to fix their remuneration.

c. The External Auditors shall be approved audit firms pursuant to the Companies Act 1965. The assignment partner of the firm shall not be a member of Calvary Church.

d. The External Auditors shall not hold office for more than five consecutive years unless otherwise approved at the Annual General Meeting.e. The External Auditors shall be required to audit the annual accounts of
(i) The Church
(ii) Missions Department
(iii) Individual Extended Ministries
(iv) Any other ministries as determined by the Board of Deacons and issue their report to be received at the Annual General Meeting.

f. The External Auditors may also be required by the Board of deacons to audit the accounts of the Church for any period within their tenure of office at any date, and to make a report to the Board of Deacons.

CT Comments
This resolution seeks to amend the above section in the Constitution to allow the appointment of external auditors to audit our Church accounts.
This resolution is a revised version of the resolution which was tabled at the recent EGM that was rejected by members. This new revised version is more or less, in line with the changes proposed by the TTG group. We are of the opinion that it should be supported by members.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Member’s Perspective of the Small Group Meetings

Below is a personal thought by Liza which is adapted and revised from a letter she wrote to Pastor Steven on 4 June 2009 in response to his invitation to attend the small group meetings.

On Wednesday 27 MAY 2009 morning, I received a call from Pas Steven and the following is the gist of it:

“ hi, liza, this is Pastor Steven, I supposed you know about the church having small groups meeting to explain the situation happening in the church… to clarify allegations…and allow members to ask questions and to know any concerns they may have…

The telephone call wasn’t a surprise—it had been speculated for few weeks amongst those who have attended because many had asked the “Presenters” at the different sessions, if the CC ‘leadership’/BOD would invite the “branded” TTG members--i.e. ANY concerned members who have been identified to be supporting the Truth, Transparency & Good Governance Cause.

I said, I’d think about it.

So, this question has been on my mind since. I thought deeply and, carefully pondered over the entire events leading to this most unusual “meeting”. Then, I found myself asking the following questions, probably like many who are close to this saga would have asked too:

1. Why would the PG & BOD & Assoc Pastors go to this length to break-up members,--(who are carefully selected and sieved to be in the ‘right-mix’ of mind set for each session) and then confined them in small groups, to explain?

How can it be beneficial when every session (between 50-80 sessions?) differs because the different Presenters/facilitators said different things and respond with their personal and subjective answers to every question asked, every concern raised, every doubt expressed from the floor?

How can truth be established by the mere showing of some ‘selected’ documents and photographs of a cleaned-up storeroom , taken after Adeline Koh has moved out, and the presentation of a bias crafted script by specially selected members, some of whom are too new to know the roots of the church and the issues that have its origin decades ago?

Besides, for every reason /justification cited, they open-up more areas for TTG to disprove otherwise. Every seemingly clever move the BOD has made, only served to deepen and worsen and the crisis and exposed their bad faith.

2. This method employed is a complete departure of what the BOD has assured they would do in The Way Forward. (Since they didn’t say “promised”, so no one can hold them to it, I supposed, but where is the SINCERITY? )

Honestly, does this latest ‘Move’ show genuine intent to resolve the Crisis? Or Are they all out to discredit the TTG CAUSE, although the events and the discoveries unfolded to-date revealed beyond any shadow of doubt, truth, transparency & good governance have been lacking and ignored by those vested with power and authority in the Stewardship of CC?


I got to read ( from CT) the Scripted response for Part1,2 &3 which is attributed as: “Address from “CC’s Perspectives” -- This is NO ownership at all! I’m sure it is so worded not without carefully deliberation among PG /BOD & Assoc Pas, for obvious reasons:

i) those were just “perspectives” hence not Absolute Truth…they were not even ‘Answers’! So, this would leave room for interpretation to defend their ‘perspectives’ when the TRUTH confronts them, as it surely will.

ii) Using “CC’s perspectives” they hid under the cover of Calvary Church. NO ONE among them, not even PG himself as the SP & Chairman of BOD have the courage to take responsibility & accountability for every word, decision and action stated in Part 1,2 & 3.

So, is there credibility to the “perspectives” and those behind it?

The CC perspectives were nothing more than justification and rationale. For all intents and purposes, they DO NOT tackle the REAL serious issues confronting the entire leadership (PG, BOD /Assoc pas) and its administration at large.

Rather, it seems, its true objective is to counter genuine concerns of abuses and improprieties discovered by concerned members of TTG, perhaps hoping the simplistic and shallow retort would sway unsuspecting layman’s mind. Their explanations parroted by facilitators appointed by them, who have NO full grasp of all the issues of the CRISIS and its dire consequences in its present state, is most disturbing.

While it cannot be discounted some may be convinced by what were presented, the fact remains that all those responses in Part 1,2 &3 showed one thing:
The actions and decisions of PG & BOD in question were done in bad faith and intent. Just one of the many examples came to mind to substantiate this, is the claim of “ministering” to 10,200 people (!) It’s obvious the word ‘ministering’ was carefully chosen with an intent to give a false impression of its actual congregation size. (the made-up breakdown given, is most embarrassing to say the least). Another example is the CARE belonging to Missions and then the setting-up of CARED under CIM!

These examples, precisely underscore the fact that PG , BOD, Assoc Pas consistently choose to twist and turn , misrepresent and mislead the Congregation on a host of matters, even when the truth stares in their faces.


1. I have raised questions at AGM and also written letter after letter on the key issues confronting CC over the past 6 years, yet, typically what I got was an acknowledgement of receipt, ‘concerns noted’ and a courteous meeting which eventually amounted to nothing. (And I hasten to add, I am not alone, as many has even gone before me, including former deacons)

2. I have also gone to see a Deacon 07/08 on numerous occasions expressing my concerns over disturbing practices by associates with matters of criminality, wrongful action, improper conduct or abuses of power of PG & BOD, but was met with an indifferent attitude, closed mind and defensive stance, which left me disheartened--but fortunately, more determined to press on as God enabled me.

3. On 31 May 2008, (over a year!) The delegation comprising of myself, KC Lim, Lim Siew Chyuan and LF Teng, met formally with the Board of Deacons to discuss the following:

· Review of the Church Constitution
· Matters pertaining to Church accounts
· Transparency issues and governance
· Calvary Land – Current status and future plans
· Calvary Convention Centre
· Calvary International Ministry
· Senior Pastor’s Leadership Issues and Concerns

All present, including Rev. Peter Ong, were each given a hard copy of these 7 issues, compiled as a Memorandum with many proposals and solutions. The BOD had assured the delegation of follow-up dialogue and action, but these were all spoken in vain. Instead, they went on to undermine and discredit our sincere efforts, culminating to the present crisis.

Not only there was no Godly fear to correct what have gone wrong by doing the JUST thing, they also did not heed the outcry of concerned members’ demand for accountability and responsibility.


Only PG/ BOD and Assoc.Pastors. themselves know WHY they not only REFUSED to come to terms with the reality of the crisis, but instead go to great length to use legal, the Pulpit, and divisive means to ‘quash’ TRUTH which can never be buried, or shut the LIGHT which can never be extinguished.

The MAN HOURS for this small meeting campaign alone [approx total of members, associate members & entire CC Staff: 1,800 x 4 hours (average per session)= 7,200 Hours! as well as all the preparation and meetings of ‘leaders’ for CIM’S defense, EGM, Workshops and over 14 months of politicking etc, etc, have robbed resources of time, money and effort which could have been directed for proper and meaningful use in the Harvest field.

So, would I want to attend? NO. Thank you.

I shall, however, be at the AGM, the right forum for Q & A, where, hopefully, every member will be allowed to speak openly, and for PG/BOD/Assoc. Pastors to address all and sundries as a congregation.

Foot Note: For a 48 year old church , with a congregation of approx 3,000, and 1,738 actual Membership, it’s high time (long, long overdue) for our high salaried SP and Assoc. Pastors to take a HARD look at themselves and ask honestly if indeed their ministry is of KINGDOM’S SUBSTANCE or merely worldly GLOSS & GLITZ?

Monday, June 1, 2009


That was the strong 2-word warning from Rev Dikran Salbashian in his sermon yesterday at Calvary Church’s Sunday morning services.

Preaching from 1 Corinthians 3, where Apostle Paul taught on the subject of divisions in the Church, Rev Dikran warned against rumour-mongering, gossiping and quarrelling in the Church. He lashed out at gatherings and meetings where the prayers said and agenda were nothing more than gossip in disguise.

This is indeed a timely and apt message to our Pastors and Deacons who have been feverishly conducting countless small group meetings for invited church members in the last few weeks (and more in the next 2 weeks) which have caused much confusion, strife and division in our already embattled and hurting church. These meetings have resulted in even more gossip circulating around.

The meetings have also caused problems among some husbands and wives who were invited to attend the meetings separately at different times, for reasons best known to our Pastors and Deacons. Some interpreted it to be an attempt by the church to ‘divide and conquer’ the minds and opinions of the members even between husbands and wives.

Adding to the confusion, in one of the meetings, a lay leader (nominated for deaconship), a Deacon and a Pastor gave 3 different answers to 1 question by a member. So not only are the members confused, our leaders themselves are equally confused if not more confused than the members.

These meetings were designed with a single agenda which is to explain our Pastors and Deacons’ side of the story to the many ethical, moral and legal issues raised by our ex-deacon, Dr Lum in his private resignation letter to Senior Pastor. Most of these issues which were actually disclosures of weak governance, poor stewardship, wrong-doings, misuse of funds and abuses of position and power in our Church, were also subsequently highlighted in Dr Lum’s interview on CalvaryToday (

These small group meetings by our Pastors and Deacons are the only meetings currently being organized and held in our church for the members. The TTG group, on the other hand, has not held any meeting for the members since the last one on 26 July 2008, almost a year ago. Obviously, Rev Dikran’s message must be directed (under the direction of the Holy Spirit) to our Pastors and Deacons.

As far as the TTG group is concerned, both sides of the story to the issues raised by Dr Lum have already been made known to the members. Our Pastors and Deacons already had the opportunity to present the findings of the Auditors on some of the issues at the recent EGM on 4 April 2009. Dr Lum has already been unfairly and arbitrarily sacked as a member of the Church after refusing to subject himself to a Kangaroo Court set up by the Deacons. He no longer has any more avenue to speak. There is no need to further “bury” him. There is, therefore, no need to hold these small group meetings to explain the same issues.

Although Dr Lum was denied the opportunity to defend himself at the recent EGM, the TTG group has already concluded that it is best to leave the issues to rest as continued fighting over these issues will not benefit anyone but only serve to create more strife and division among the members.

And although the TTG group has submitted a resolution to be tabled at the coming AGM for the reinstatement of Dr Lum’s membership because it is the right thing to do, they will not be distracted from the actual issues which can destroy our Church.

The issues facing our Church are the lack of transparency and truth, poor governance and bad stewardship. Dr Lum’s issues have highlighted and emphasized the need for greater transparency, truth, better governance and good stewardship. These ARE the Real Issues! These issues are what the whole Church should focus on. Bro Hong Meng had earlier written an article highlighting some of the real issues that should be addressed by the Church Leadership but sadly, in all their actions and meetings so far, they have avoided addressing the real issues of Truth, Transparency and Godly Governance in Calvary Church. (Read Bro HM's article entitled "What is it all about?" at

So, dear Pastors and Deacons, please STOP IT now!