Thursday, June 27, 2013

CCC is finally built ...

CCC is finally built… and the journey of financial slavery begins

Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam (PG)’s dream of a 5,000-seat auditorium to accommodate his 2,500 congregation was finally realised with the completion of the Calvary Convention Centre, Bukit Jalil (CCC) in March this year. But he could have chosen a better time than the recent Easter season to hold the inaugural service at the new venue.
Whilst Easter is a message of hope and salvation and freedom from sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Easter service at CCC on Easter Sunday heralds the beginning of financial slavery for the members of Calvary Church. With an estimated bank debt of at least RM60 million, borrowed to fund the construction of Phase 1 of the CCC costing some RM200 million, the financial burden on the church is simply unimaginable. 
The monthly interest payable on the bank loans at say 7% per annum will amount to a whopping RM350,000 per month or RM4.2 million per year. This is excluding the principal repayment which, over a 10-year repayment period, amounts to RM500,000 per month or RM6.0 million per year. The operating overheads and the building maintenance cost, hitherto not fully divulged to the congregation, will be another killer.
To incur a monthly costs of between RM850,000 to RM1 million per month, just to hold 4 Sunday services there, is just plain illogical. Enslaving an entire congregation to fulfil a pastor’s dream is sinful, to say the least.
From feedback from the members, the call for money is now even louder and is sounded at every service.  How long the members can continue to take it is anyone’s guess.
The completion of the CCC also made it into the local online news, The Malaysian Insider recently. 

Some of the interesting comments to the above news article are appended below:-
true Malaysia 146p · 2 weeks ago I'm not sure what kind of Christianity this Calvary church is expounding ... The prosperity gospel is still very much alive sadly

lavinesh24 151p · 2 weeks ago This money would have been better spent on the various underprivileged homes in Malaysia which today are in real dire needs of funds. This show of opulence is evident in all religions while funds needed to help our fellow humans is lacking.

Pekan Mari 151p · 2 weeks ago Gosh RM 200 million....I thought Christians were beyond this sought of thing and it was UMNO Muslims who indulged in showcasing giant mosques which are never even 20% full even during Friday prayers. In fact the little mosques in small townships, kampongs are the ones that are regularly utilised. Good luck. BTW have you heard of AFM. That stands for Asset and Facility Management. In short, maintenance. Your battle may have just begun.

bukan_buta 150p · 2 weeks ago Lord Jesus never aspired for any opulence nor extravagance.
What is the use of a RM 200 million building if it fails to deliver Jesus' message of LOVE ??


The brand new RM200 million Calvary Convention Centre, Bukit Jalil taken recently,
looking dirty and weather-worn.