Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is PG Planning His Escape??

During his opening address at the recent AGM of Calvary Church , Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam (PG) shared on his desire to go into full-time evangelism.

He claimed that since his bible school days in the Bible College of Malaysia (BCM), his desire had always been to become an evangelist. He expressed his hope that God will give him “some years to go into full-time evangelistic work”. This is the clearest hint yet, of things to come!

To be fair, PG’s revelation of his desire is not totally new. He has said it before many years ago. Those were the days when Calvary Church was the richest and fastest-growing church in Malaysia. Despite his talk of going into full-time evangelism then, he did not leave.

With high pay-checks for him and his wife and generous self-granted perks like free education for both his children in the United States, business class travels, exclusive gym club membership and the like, he would be mad to give it all up, right?

Besides, there is this vision from God to build a grand 5,000-seating Church, remember? Who else will be able to accomplish this vision for God? He had to stay.

After all, the poor and the lost will always be there and besides, there’s Pastor Ah Chong, Pastor Aru and the many other graduates from BCM every year! Yes, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are many also!

Coming back to PG’s calling, to prove the seriousness of his desire to eventually go into full-time evangelism, he even set up Calvary International Ministry (CIM) to be the vehicle to fund his evangelistic ministry.

Of course, as things turned out, it was discovered several years later that he was, with the assistance of the Church Mission Director, happily transferring Church funds and Missions offerings into CIM’s Bank account, without the knowledge of the Members, of course. This modus operandi is quite similar to that of his good buddy in Singapore, Pastor Kong Hee.

If not for the exposure by the TTG group, the pilferage would have continued to this day. If not for the efforts of these concerned members, the pilfered funds would not have been recovered and PG may very well end up like Pastor Kong Hee. PG must be quietly thanking God for the TTG group!

Today, the situation in Calvary Church is totally different. With all the cash gone into the building of the wasteful Calvary Convention Centre, Bukit Jalil (CCC) and with the offerings not coming in as much as what PG had wished for, the Church is plunging swiftly into massive debts.

Once the entire RM43 million Bank loan for the construction of the CCC is fully drawn down, the interest alone (assuming only an interest rate of 6% per annum) will come up to RM2.58 million per year or RM215,000 per month. The principal loan repayment over 10 years amounts to RM4.3 million per year or RM358,000 per month.

To raise a surplus cash amount (after church expenses) of RM6.88 million a year or RM573,000 a month to service the banks is no laughing matter. And this is excluding the costs of maintaining the mammoth building and assuming that no further borrowings is required, which is highly unlikely and assuming the interest rate does not go up. Calvary Church certainly appears to be heading for a financial catastrophe. In a scenario like this, PG will be mad to stay on, right?

PG may have declared that he has been called to build the CCC but to be fair, he has never declared that he will stay to clear the debts or sort out the mess that he has created.

How can he stay? He has been called to be an evangelist, remember?  Jesus is coming soon, don’t you know? And there are so many poor lost souls out there to be saved and somebody’s got to do it!

Click on the audio clip to hear PG’s story.


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Anonymous said...

There's a saying: 'When the going gets tough the tough gets going' Does that mean 'CABUT'

Anonymous said...

That will be the end of his 40 years in CC. Just like Moses.

Anonymous said...

Look like the PROPHECY for Calvary Church will be fulfilled soon ! Legality issues and Financial debts will also come to pass !

Anonymous said...

But the building looks completed.

Apparently the church have yet to update the building progress since Jan 2012.

What is the latest development for the CCC?

Anonymous said...

If I were a deacon or pro-PG leader of CC I should now start thinking of excuses to Jesus on Judgement day as to why I encouraged this irresponsible debacle to take place. But, alas, no excuse will do at that time; it will be too late.

wise up said...

Many years ago when he mooted the idea of going to become an evangelist the church gave him a seed (starter of approx RM30K) and suggested those members who support this give love offerings. Impression given to most of us, he would retire to go into his calling of being an evangelist.

I was a fool, I gave out of my then limited income but months past and he was still pastor in CC, that put me off completely.

Is he playing with words again? Hope the existing die-with him members will not be taken in by his talk like I did at one time.

Anyway Paul too was an evangelist, going to at least 3 missionary journeys, working with his hands to support himself and his friends WITHOUT burdening his congregation.

He.....ha ha ha.....sit tight and expect riches to fall out of the pockets of sheep when he is not even fit to be their shepherd. A shepherd will never want to axe (discard) 400 sheep who do not believe his words, actions.

What a sham!!!

Posted by wise up to Calvary Today at July 26, 2012 12:20 AM

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I will say it again. The time will come when SPG will pack his bags together with his family and get ready to hightail out of town leaving Pastor Peter Ong to face the shit. But before he step on to the plane, he might look back, with that famous smirk of his and say: so long suckers! Thanks for the generous contributions!

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at July 26, 2012 7:50 AM

Anonymous said...

Will the SOCIETIES ACT 1966 @ for Unlawful societies and the Malaysian PENAL CODE be used to ENFORCE and check subtle FINANCIAL ABUSES which some church leaders had vehemently selected to ignore for years ?

News from Singapore :
CHC ex-finance chief Serina Wee, 35, was charged on Wednesday morning with 10 criminal charges - six for criminal breach of trust and four for falsifying accounts - over her alleged role in siphoning church funds at City Harvest Church.
( Making her the sixth person to face criminal charges over the alleged siphoning of church funds.)

Anonymous said...

When you are part of the team, you become equally or somewhat liable for any offence the leaders do. Some church office bearers esp those involved in accounts think that in church administration, they are completely free from the obligation of performing or observing any legal requirements of the law pertaining to how the church's finances ought to be managed. So they do things and carry out the instructions of the leadership without question or concern about their legal implications and any legal risk they may put upon themselves. In the event of any breach of the law, I hope they are not made scapegoats. Even if you are no longer an office bearer, the long arms of the law can still come after you and try you in court, as in the case of Serena Wee.

Anonymous said...

THat is exactly the syndrome of manipulation. He exploit and plunder the resources and when it is finished, he just goes away irresponsibly. Such is not a pastor, but a mere hire man without God's calling.
We see the same thing in our corrupted Mahatir who left the position of President with an empty account and numerous debt.
But i would rather they leave.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, PG will ABSCOND.
Those who already see through him will tell you, once again, PG has carefully worded his 'opening address' and had timed it to perfection--
"sharing" it at AGM. ( watch out, when he actually takes-off for good, he will say, "I have already told you so--but you didnt pay attention at the AGM")

Who is PG kidding? he wants to be an evangelist at this 'ripe-old' age, when he has been living a life of jet-setter at his prime??? A true evangelist is one who will live by faith...who is prepared to face hardships, persecution... bec the servant of God genuinely love the lost.

By his own lifestyle (coveting Fame,Fortune & Power) all these 40 years--it speaks for itself what kind of man he really is.

Evangelist? This has to his trump card when he has to escape under such circumstances. Sweet talker to his end.

REALLY? said...

Wow, How convenient is that for scooting-off preamble using yet another ploy! "...we desire to have some years into Full Time Evangelism..."

1) How is that he made no mention at all about his own Vision of CCC --
the 5,000 seating hall, so that many in M'sia & the region all be reached?
Is it not the Evangelism?
In our now backyard--the harvest is plentiful. Why, PG 1&2 can certainly-start with the outskirts of the communities in Calvary Land. He speaks tamil too, so evangelise to Indian community as well,etc. Why, is he even thinking about anywhere else, one wonders.

1b) Is his idea of Evangelism in his address, about some big time-
evangelist ala America styled: jet set from City2City in 5star luxury?

( Seriously! wld he & his Puan Sri actually use *'Land Rover' to double-up as his platform to preach..villiage2village or tribes/orang asli --as implied?)* Imagine, 40 yr ago, PG already think of LAND ROVER, why,wouldn't the hardy Datsun Pick-up do? Does reveal his good taste.

2) Can he so conveniently, just say "my desire is..."( note, always about his desire) Now, what happen to the Grand plans he had for CCC--his RM300 MILLION landmark in Bukit Jalil?

One can conclude from the outset of happenings and as the saga unfolds... PG's own CCC dream has turned into a nightmare and he wants to run..as fast and as far away.

ps PG is CEO, enjoys all the perks &benefits+more that come with the position/title EXCEPT, the Buck never stops with him, but gets pass on...(

Anonymous said...


We suspect that many Christians, at home and abroad, are shocked, like us, to read in the news about investigation by Singapore authority over allegations involving certain details about funds in the City Harvest Church. We too wondered at the possibility of such alleged wrong happening in a such a large church.

We are also very shocked to learn about certain details regarding faith promise collections. And like others, we have come to the conclusion not to participate until more transparency, accountability, responsibility and truth is practised.

We greatly rejoice over Almighty God's Revelation to us all. And pray for His Lordship again over our church. We welcome His Divine protection and authority over His numerous long lost sheep.

Anonymous said...

We put no stumbling block in anyone’s path so that our ministry will not be discredited Rather as servants of God we commend ourselves in every way:in great endurance in troubles, hardships and distresses......
FRANKLY I do not see the above qualities in SP & Crew and in many other AOG hirelings.I just discovered my present Rev.Pastor is just another whoremonger and slanderer.It did not appear like that at first. But recently,my College daughter has been telling me about his remarks on other AOG Pastors,telling her "...to be careful" Why is it these men cannot just do the church work without discrediting their own ministry? I guess its time for our family to move on again.

I hear SP has been CRAPPING about his real calling to be an evangelist? No doubt he is planning his escape by the back door-but he is trying to word it VERY CAREFULLY and to act in a most timeous fashion.Probably has cash hidden away somewhere.Anyway,whats the surprise? Pam disappeared when her cash from CC dried up, then Rev.Jerry,then the Accountant.I wouldnt be surprised even if that SALESMAN preparing his EXIT by the back door soon.

Anonymous said...

Is it God that exposed the sins of CC pastors? or is it the work of satan that exposes them. I tend to think it is satan that exposes the CC pastors. Satan knew how & whom to pick his right people to be his 'false ministers' to do his job, and when the job had been accomplished, he will then do the next thing, he will exposed them with the aim of destroying the image of christianity & thus the Word of God. People will turn away from Christianity when they see the ungodly behaviours of these pastors. This strategy of satan attacking from within churches seemed always works,he would deceived the leaders first and the the leaders will then deceived the flock. We saw this happening with the City Harvest Church and Calvary Church. All these pastors strangely don't seemd to realise they are been targets of the "master of deception", satan. They thought their lofty position as pastors being so called 'annointed by God' will not be possible to fall under the deception of satan. Well, it is this mistake that make them easy targets of satan.

Anonymous said...

To Anony of 2 Aug 9:54am;
First ask, is God the God of righteousness or wickedness? If He is the God of righteousness, then the answer to your question is not Satan, but God who expose the corruption of CC pastors. God who is righteous could not tolerance evil. He doesn't want reputation by sacrifice righteousness. Therefore, He will rather expose CC pastors and clean the church. He doesn't want to fabricate a fake reputation, because He is the God of truth.
As for Satan, i think Satan want to hide away the corruption of CC pastors. Afterall, these corruption keep the wolves inside to lead the sheep. For years, the sheep are not feed with solid food but instead fed with all sort of giving scheme which do not help them to grow.
Besides, with Satan keeping CC pastors to continue to corrupt, charity fund will continued to be filtered so that the needy are not helped but instead money is dumped into renovation of pastors' mansion and luxury lifestyle.
But hey, God is doing house keeping. He will expose the deed of the Satan inside the church. Be clear in this truth, that God is righteous and Satan is the thieve. God is light and need to hide nothing. It is Satan who is full of darkness and fear of exposure.
THink brother, think.

Anonymous said...

Read the report on page 32 Sunday Star "Funds being raised to help CHC pastor" - Execs plan private move as board had barred use of church money.

It is reported that the church's board rejected four motions at its AGM to channel church funds to offset the legal fees of senior pastor Kong Hee and five other key members.

Here in CC, the legal fees for PG and the other church leaders were paid by the church even though the court action clearly stated that this action was taken against them in their personal capacity.

What can you say about transparency and accountability in CC!!! Isn't this a case of 'as clear as water' on the misuse of CC's church funds. What PG said at the 8am service that when you fear man, you do not fear God is indeed the truth. When PG makes a decision, no man can say no!

Anonymous said...

When Christians are brain washed, their irrational emotions control their behaviour and they pledge alligiance to their organisation and their supreme leader as in the video put up by CHC young people.. You'll be shocked to find out that in the video God is not mentioned one single time but a man is exalted sky high, the Greatest they ever knew or will ever know. How sad and misguided. The lyrics read:

"There is a man with a soul full of faith

With a soul full of love and one big heart

And as he stands with his arms stretched open wide

To every broken heart, they’ll never be the same

Of all thing’s his love is undeniable

His words impact the hearts of the world

He’s a world changer and a history maker

The greatest man that I have ever known

The greatest man that I will ever know"

You can listen to this on youtube under " The Greatest Place-City Harvest Church.

Anonymous said...

.....This my church my life..."
.....The greatest place I love to be"

If the leaders of the church cares for these youths, they should immediately ask them to take the video off youtube. Tell them to stop exalting the organisation and their leaders but learn to start exalting God exclusively. Exalting the 'greatest place' and the 'greatest man' but not a single word given to exalt God is very troubling..

Anonymous said...

The utter stupidity of SP in sacking Dr. Lum and sacking 400.He has joined the others who just forgot where God brought them from.And the Pentecostal Church History is just so full of these idiotic church Pastors.
My own message to all AOG Pastors.
Ministry is not just about preaching and throwing ones weight around.There are great preachers in non-Christian circles too.But sooner or later the AOG Rev.grows too big for his own boots. He welcomes whom he likes to "his church" and gives the cold treatment whom he does not like. You see- his father was crucified on the cross for "his church" and so he can treat the church as his family inheritance.What a bunch of sick jokers!!I believe the glory days of CC are already over.

Who can worship freely at CC these days??Not a week passes by without another money appeal.The CC church leadership(and many other AOG churches) have been converted to become a beggars who beg professionally.I do not think this is the work of Satan- it is the result of the Pastors own stupidity.SP's acts are so stupid and reckless that he deserves a Gold Medal for it@!=

Ex- Calvarite.

Anonymous said...

To Annoy August 6, 4.05 pm.

What is happening in CHC and CC is THE WORK OF SATAN. Why do you think the apostle John spoke of satan , "he deceived the WHOLE WORLD". Our Lord, called him "prince of this world". By saying this, John and our Lord is calling us to be vigilant, to be alert and beware of the deception of satan. When satan tried to tempt the Lord in the wilderness, he uses scripture by twisting/misinterpreting to tempt the Lord to sin. Satan is exactly using the same 'subtle deception' with these leaders in CHC and CC and this time, he succeeds and out comes many false doctrines, like the false gospel on giving. The Bible teaches on giving to the poor, they teached its the will of God for us to give our money to build mega churches.

Satan is working tirelessly to destroy the Word of God whilst the sleeping ones are the so called "pastors" of today and those who called themselves 'born again christians'. They have become lovers of men, no more lovers of God. These are the conditions of most churches today.

Anonymous said...

What bring shame to Christianity is not the exposure of sin and corruption of the church leaders, but the protection of such sin and corruption.
Such mindset of those who still protect the corruption is an indication of how blind they are - like the people of Nineveh who unable to disinguish their right from their left hand.
Look at the youth at CHC who still support Kong Hee, look at the blind supporters in CC who laugh at Sister Lisa, look at AOG committees who choose to ignore such corruption; all these shows how shallow and ignorance are many Christians in spiritual discernment.

Btw, i don't think NECF and AOG is worthy to voice or pray against the nation's corruption when they make little effort against the numerous church corruption and scandal who under they care and vicinity. I don't think their effort to pray for the nation in many of their campaign is genuine. It is simply so fake and hypocrite, when they have the authority to judge the corrupt pastors but they don't; but want to judge the nation leaders that they have little influence. Afterall, before the last election, people have highlight to them abotu speaking against the naiton corruption but they reply "respect each other religion"...an answer so irrelevant. Now, when the popular bersih and spirit of Malaysia arise, why they suddenly concern so much? Tumpang glamour i guess.

Anonymous said...

Dear Borthers & Sisters of Calvary Church KL,

This saga will never come to an end when the people of God do not seek repentence... and receive the forgiveness of God. Once we have done that... truly healing & restoration will come.

Let us not wait for the pastors & leaders to fulfil that, but rather let us be encourage to do so.

Praying for all of us. Blessed ya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

A very interesting and perhaps relevant book is Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff, published in 2009 by Thomas Nelson. It is available online . abt 430 pages.Many people including evangelists have been exposed through research and thorough documentation. Hope this book will be a great encouragement. I got it from www.bookfinder.com at only RM58.20.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at August 12, 2012 6:10 PM

Anonymous said...

Many people still remain royal, I believe is because they think that the Ps is called by God. That is good.God will have His timing as we trust him. What about Ps 'Saul' in the OT Bible? Wasn't he chosen, called, anointed but finally rejected ? He tried to get rid of David but God preserved him for his purpose and honour? What a comfort and encouragement from the Lord!

from someone not in any way related to Calvary but experienced David's kind of treatment in a church up north.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at August 12, 2012 6:27 PM

Anonymous said...

All things work for the good of those who love (Jesus says to love is to obey) the Lord. Through all this we may know that many people are suffering the same or worse things all over the world. According to the author of Pushing Jesus ( see link below) 37 million people in usa drop out bec of church abuse. Thank God we are not the abuser but we can ray for the victims and claim the victory of Christ for them. Put on the garland instead of ... see Is 61:3


Genesis 50:20 ...people may mean harm but God will turn it into something good even eternally ! God is sovereign. He will overcome evil with good.

We can still forgive 7x7 times even if there's no reconciliation. forgiveness and reconciliation are quite different things.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at August 13, 2012 12:43 PM

Anonymous said...

I am not sure of the whole story but I believe the number four is not a coincidence. e.g. 4 is used in the 4 gospels. in forty days, 40 yrs ...400 united in the love of Christ can be very powerful channel of God's blessings for the abused, the mistreated and the persecuted all over the world to the honour and praise of God.

Psalm 52

"Be exalted O God above the heavens, let your glory be over all the earth."

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at August 13, 2012 10:16 PM

Anonymous said...

In the early days, the church refers to the Body of Christ but today the mindset really sees it as an organisation of people with an image or brand of its own and the real goal or emphasis is to push, expand and exalt that organisation or brand. The pastor used to be respected and approachable as a caring shepherd but now is awed and worshipped as a celebrity or some divine CEO or guru. You can see that in churches in Malaysia where the pastors become materialistic and worldly, and have big personal dreams and ambition in the name of doing "God's work".

We are coming closer to a time when it will be safer to stay at home to worship, pray and read the bible. Unless the tide is turned, it will soon become dangerous to fellowship in a 'church' or rather an organisation of people that exalts itself and where anything goes and where confused and cultic theology is accepted as biblical.

Anonymous said...

As far as my experience goes- many of the AOG so called Reverends are abusive and forever talk about submission.recently I visited a church and the AOG pastor wasted no time in asking me" Who are you submitted to? I REPLIED HIM BACK IMMEDIATEly- AND WHO ARE YOU SUBMITTED TO??- AND HIS FACE TURNED PINK!!!!

Thts a sure sign of another AOG wolf masquerading as a Servant of Christ!!!

Anonymous said...

Whom do you think are more dangerous people and the real threat to Christianity, David Koresh & Jim Jones or PG and his band of APs?? Who are the real "wolves in sheeps clothings" that Jesus Christ warned us about??

We can easily know that David Koresh & Jim Jones are false and many would not believe or follow them, for though they may deceive some but not in masses. But PG and his APs are hard to recognise for they looked harmless and innocense, and parade themselves like true ministers. You need to check them thoroughly BY THEIR FRUITS to know they do not lived by what they preached. Because the ministers of satan comes as "angels of lights" they are hard to notice.

PG and his APs are more dangerous & deadlier than the David Koreshes or Jim Jonesnesses. These Pentecostal AOG ministers are the real wolves in sheeps clothings the bible warned us about.

Anonymous said...

To Annoy Aug 14,10.05am.

Totally agree with you that the time will come, and in fact it has come when its now safer, and more spiritual benefit for us to worship God in our homes. Just like in the old Testment period where believers met at their homes for worship.
No coming across false preachers of those institutional/organised religion churches who are nothing and a den of thieves stealing church funds for their personal gains or abusing members by their dictotorial rule.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 57 :7-8 ... I will sing and make music ...I will awaken the dawn. Yes, dawn, new morning, new day, new chapter of the Sovereign Lord's goodness in our lives through praise for there is power in praise, acknowledging the Sovereignty of God as we sing praises unto Him, individually or/and corporately.

Wish you all God's presence, blessings and increase.see Gen 26

Also Gen 26 from Esek, Sitnah to Rehoboth and Shibah unto his praise and honour. Just move on and claim God's promise that vengeance is His. We know he will work all things out for our good.

I've posted 5 affirmative/ positives notes, beginning with the first one on Christianity in Crisis. Hope God will bring deep comfort, fresh counsel and much needed encouragement, and healing of the mind and soul and spirit. New powerful purpose and tremendous honour to the Lord.

God's richest blessings, bye
from someone up north.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at August 14, 2012 8:04 AM

Anonymous said...

Much of today's churches have sunk so low spiritually and living in a lie. They are lost in an entire system of deception - like Calvary Church being such a good example. They preached a "humanistic jesus" whom they claimed longed to rain down continual blessings upon us if we keep on giving more of our money to the church. They created man-made programes like carnivals & fun fairs, art auctions, sports tournaments, etc to raise funds for building their mega churches which is totally unscriptural.

Also, certain church pastors today are like the "tax collectors" of the New Testament where the tax collectors collected over-charged taxes, then give to the government a flat rate and keep the difference for themselves. The pastors of Calvary Church created offerings with various names and enforced them upon the congregation that its their christian duty to give. Such 'collections' are unbiblical but they 'make believe' to members that its the move of the holy spirit. However, this is a gross misrepresentation of who Jesus Christ really is and is a serious offense of today's modern churches. CC pastors are like these tax collectors who gotten rich by keeping the difference for themselves. Basically, they should be called con-men, traitors or religious crooks.

Anonymous said...

CC pastors are like these tax collectors who gotten rich by keeping the difference for themselves. Basically, they should be called con-men, traitors or religious crooks.

August 18, 2012 10:47 PM

Nothing is going to change at CC except the pressure to give sacrificially is going to get more deceptive and subtle.

SP and gang have tarnished Gods vineyard.How they canstill lift up their hands to God and pray is baffling to my mind.They have served for filthy lucre.

Anonymous said...

David Seah written a sermon warning others to "be suspicious" of satan. I like to put this questiion back to you and your fellow pastors, "Have you all not been suspicious of the enemy, satan keeping you all under his deception?" a deception so subtle that none of you even realised that you all had been deceived. You may probably laughed this off and say not possible. It would be too long to list out all the wrongs you all had commited. Just go through all the comments & accusations in this blog against you all and tell me if none of you had doned any wrongs. Do you know that its already an act of rebellion against the King of the universe you mentioned in your article when you all took upon yourselves its no sin and not wrong that CCC was designed by a freemason and build in the likeness of a Phoroah's tomb resembling a cobra's head which is satanic & with a freemason logo on top of CCC. Take a really good look at CCC and if you still say nothing wrong, then you and your fellow pastors had commited an act of rebellion against a Holy God and are under the deception of the enemy, satan. So are you not "suspicious" of satan? Are you all not the ones that had been enslaved by satan and needed to repent and be set free.

In your arrogance, your pride & ego, you and your fellow pastors may ignored & brushed away this accusation, but deep down in your hearts you cannot escape the consciense that you all have to deal with God if actually you have committed an act of rebellion against the King of the universe and trangressed against His laws.

Anonymous said...

PG and gangs are stubborn as Pharaoh of Egypt.
They are definately not going to change.
Afterall, despite the drop in offering, they still get free money from the ignorance church. Where they can get so much money without have to work?
In fact, if you want them to change; you must try hard to change them...yes change them away.

Anonymous said...

Davis Seah is walking about with a seared conscience and is inviting the chastisement of God.He is not walking in the light but is privy to concealing the deceptions at CC- and he is not alone in this. That salesman RY is another walkabout fallen.It does not matter that they have lost their reputation as ministers of Christ. All that matters for them is their next pay check. I would rather stay at home then to be giving these men my ears. Period.

Anonymous said...

Tha is the fruit of a corrupted church. When the senior pastor is corrupted and remain without chastisement; then all pastors whether old or young will grow up in the wrong way. We can see David Seah an example indicating that the church is not going to the right way. The more pastors produced by such church, the more are there corrupted and boneless pastors around.
Btw, if he label the concern believers as satanic, remind him on who demolish life groups.

From satan or not, we should judge the action, not merely on whose side one stand. Can sacking 400 and stealing church's money be said as godly? Aren't all such action from Satan, the thieve?

Anonymous said...

From satan or not, we should judge the action, not merely on whose side one stand. Can sacking 400 and stealing church's money be said as godly? Aren't all such action from Satan, the thieve?


Anonymous said...

You must be fair when you judge people....Lev_19:35

People in the world sin by taking "a one nite stand". Christian leaders sin by taking "a one side stand".

Anonymous said...

big story about calvary press will come soon

Nothing New said...

Does anyone notice/ realize how PG always use this wish or " desire to be 
Full time evangelist" to either get money into his own pocket or as an excuse
to leave / retire from CC?
1. When PG and his wife invented CIM, and sold the idea that they wish to prepare to go full time evangelist to the Board of Deacons (who fell for it hook &sinker) and in turn told the congregation, he got  RM30,000 as 'seed' money + a big dinner @5 star hotel to boot!( this was over a decade ago!)
and the rest is history..BOD &  missions Dir.authorised  transfer of approx RM2million, etc.

2. Now 10 years later, he is still " desiring" to be full time evangelist
But,this time it is for the latter excuse-- his  seat gets too hot, they both need to leave before the CCC's catastrophe hits full blown.

PG's opening remarks at this AGM is thoroughly conniving.

Anonymous said...

Now 10 years later, he is still " desiring" to be full time evangelist

hahahaha...heheheh...hoho...... YOU ARE RIGHT- CC SWALLOWED HIS CRAP- HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Extract from global.christianpost 80440:

"COC told the Straits Times that neither City Harvest Church's employees nor members are allowed to raise funds for the legal expenses of the case, and that a restriction order had been place to stop the church's board from using any already available funds for the same purpose."

However in CC, church's funds were used with impunity for the legal expenses of PG and the deacons even though it was clearly stated the that the court action were against them in their personal capacity.

Extract from global.christianpost.com 77396:

"Associate Professor Mak Yuen Teen from the University of Singapore Business School told Channel News Asia that one of the reason that the alleged scam become so exorbitantly expensive was because the church gave too much power to Kong and his wife."

Best description of what is in CC and here it's worse. Kong was the founder of City Harvest Church. PG was employed by CC in the early '70's. But now treats CC as his own private domain. Kacang lupakan kulit!

Anonymous said...

Since July 22, there was no display on screen the amount collected weekly for the Faith Promise. On Aug. 5, SK said that the display was an indication of the Faith promise collection and was only an average figure and he proudly announced that the pledge for the next six months is RM450k.

The weekly display was a practice started many years ago. PO used visuals to emphasize the amount collected. Regretfully, SK has stopped the practice of even the display of the amount collected. Even this tiny weeny bit of information in respect to transparency has been denied by the church. Such is the conduct in church - no information is given to members and givers. All financial details are shroud in secrecy.

Yet every week, SK will call on members/givers to give tithes, pledges, F.Promise and building pledges.

CC should change the name "Faith Promise" to "Faith Promise aka Building Pledge" because whatever is left after the monthly budget goes to the building fund. And that's a mighty huge portion!

The tagline in CC is "We are only interested in your money. So give, give and give. The rest you need not know."

Anonymous said...

The sacking of the 400 members and the unjust denial to allow sister Liza to speak, and the shameful actions of pastors RY and Susan Tan to force sister Liza out are DEFINITELY NOT the will of God. PG and his pastors acted on their own free will for their own interest and selfish gains and NOT upon God's will. If they were to say they have prayed to God before taking these actions, then THEY ARE LIARS. Would a loving God took such actions upon his own children? Any right thinking christian would say God would NEVER do such a cruel act. They have not sinned against God but instead stood up for God's will that there should be more transparency,accountability and good governance in the leadership. Sister Liza's courageous act to stood up for righteousness would put all the lady pastors to shame for they have no feelings for a fellow lady but stood and watch her being being humilated to force out. Pastor Susan Tan, its a shame to see you treating like that to a fellow lady.

It is very clear from this CC saga, PG and his pastors had sinned for they have lived by their own will and agenda and failed to live and serve God on His will. They are just a bunch of self righteous hypocrites, the modern Pharisees & Scribes who served for their own welfare and comfort living.

Anonymous said...

David Seah written a sermon warning others to "be suspicious" of satan

Oh Come on brother..!!!!only now you are suspicious of satan...?? Are you the only one in Jerusalem who does not know all that has already taken place??

In my opinion, the people who are doing Satan a great service are SP and the reprobate Pastoral staff at CC right now.(And I believe many other A.O.G Pastors out there too).

What is most surprising is that none of you have volunteered to step down.Is this about your EGO & rice bowls REBROBATES? Even the Accountant has disappeared without a fanfare.After all- how long can a person cover up for SP? At least that man has a conscience---just cannot carry on like covering up one thing after another.

Just a reminder Rebrobates out there---there are some serious things mentioned in the Bible...one of which is ....." I saw the dead....and the dead were judged according to what was written in them..."

You have trampled Gods Vineyard, lived off the fat of the sheep and scattered the sheep.What right do you have to be talking about satan??Satan knowneth that you are already doing his work- so he taken a long vacation.


Anonymous said...

When one has made mistakes, the first step is to admit ones mistakes.Trying to rectify the problem without admitting ones role in creating the problem- only makes the problem worse.Taking personal responsibilty is very important. But in the field of politics,that is a very rare thing- because we can always make someone else a scapegoat.Thats the convenient way out.But in that one act- INTEGRITY is lost.And that cannot be recovered by giving out nice sounding speeches and promises.The rakyat will sense that the speeches are empty.

[Dr. Mahathir's advice to the contesting parties in the coming election]


Maybe SP and the other "help to cover up" vultures at CC can learn something from the political field.


Anonymous said...

To those unawares still worshipping in CC. Beware of these false "prosperity gospel" CC pastors who tells you or promise you the more money you give and invested in CCC the more richer blessings God will reward you. This is not true and not a teaching from the Bible. The 'god' of this prosperity gospel they promote is NOT the God of the Bible. God does not indulge in luxury of mega churches that cost millions of dollars and most surely He is not a God who begged, coaxed, pressure & put fear in you to give or desperate for money that He had to borrow money from banks.

Don't be deceived into believing what these CC pastors said with their trickery of words and misinterpretation of bible verses to support their agenda of CCC. God surely don't need any physical buildings to save lives. He uses people like you me. I urge you all that for the sake of your spiritual & financial welfare, it is of absolute neccessity that each of you should pray fervently for a discerning spirit to know the difference of what is of God and what is not of God. Like the bereans, check the Word of God in the Bible. Do not listen to the voice of men but listen & obey to the Voice of God.

The danger that is facing true christianity today is the loss and inability of believers to exercise their gift of discernment.

Anonymous said...

A COMMENT ON ANONYMOUS ON September 6, 2012 2:23 PM

I used to attend an AOG church- but as far as my experience goes-- an AOG Rev. who admits his mistakes and blunders are only fictional in nature and imagination.They will usually explain their abusive behaviour by dragging someone elses shortcomings into the public eye-(with a few Scripture verses thrown in- of course) but they themselves are not knownto admit it.


Anonymous said...

When Chee Veng spoke on Aug. 19, he cited the Eiffel Tower as a monumental moment. The Eiffel tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel a Freemason. Here CCC is also designed by a Freemason

Chee Veng talked about forgiveness. And before the service ended, PG also talked on this subject.

On Sept. 2, PG again talked about forgiveness.

Does PG walk the talk? It is an obvious NO! His past actions clearly shows that forgiveness is not in his heart.

1. When a prominent calvarite painstakingly set up a meeting for PG and the concerned members to meet, he pulled at the last minute.

2. When his counsel who is a Christian suggested that the problem be settled amiably, his counsel was replaced.

3. Dr. Lum was not given a fair hearing during the inquiry.

4. He had axed 400 members.

Is he forgiving? Go figure!

Anonymous said...

To those unawares still worshipping in CC. Beware of these false "prosperity gospel" CC pastors who tells you or promise you the more money you give and invested in CCC the more richer blessings God will reward you. This is not true and not a teaching from the Bible.
Forget about giving $$$ to the monumental CCC. Instead go and visit the orphans and widows and look into their physical needs-That is the true religion - according to James.Thats where our family contributes. I have been to many AOG churches- but I never heard about the orphans and widows needs. But what we continually hear is some bullshit about PASTORS DAYS -- and his needs.One even blodly announced from the Pulpit "Our Pastor needs a new car"

They get their salary and other mysterious perks.Get even get a new Honda CRV while we manage with our old vehicles.

These so- called Reverends do not know the meaning of the word "shame"- and are thick skinned. A church must not stress out the peopel by asking $$$ all the time. Why do we need such a a big and expensive building?? Do they know how many families are struggling financially? These religious monsters are stonehearted and they are just bullshitting their way through.

What is even more alarming is the fact that there seems nobody who can call these hypocrites to task. When I see they sell off their own properties and contribue to CC then I will believe their sacrificial giving- NOT GOING UP ON STAGE AND BREAK AN ALABASTER FLASK BEFORE THOUSANDS TO PROVE HIS SACRIFICIAL NATURE. Right after that little drama- staff at CC "are encouraged to buy lunch for SP"


ICHABOD--- THE GLORY HAS DEPARTED. Better to sell "yau cha kueh" for my money than to be carrying a Bible and then start begging....Give....Give.... give generously...sacrificially....money that you have access to....giev...please give...give...( soft music in the background) God is speaking to you right now....He has plans to prosper you...dont turn away your blessing....give...give.....


Anonymous said...


As disciples of Jesus, we need to be forgiving. No one disputes that as we are taught to do so in the Bible.

However, for a person to seek for forgiveness from those he has wronged, he needs to come forward and acknowledge his sins (the wrongs he had done, and in this case to the CC church members, past and present) and then seek for their forgiveness.

And to show his sincerity, like Zacchaeus the chief tax collector (Luke 19), he not only confessed his sins; he also made compensations to those he has wronged.

So, the question I would like to put forward to CC church leaders (and especially to those who have the effrontery to speak on the topic of “forgiveness”, do they follow the example of Zaccahaeus.

The answer is a definite NO. They talk about forgiveness but never come forward to ask for forgiveness. They are not prepared to humble themselves.

What a sad spiritual state they are in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous September 8, 2012 4:03 PM

Would like to beg to differ, your statement regarding "for a person to seek for forgiveness from those he has wronged, he needs to come forward and acknowledge his sins" may not be entirely true.

If you look at what Jesus did on the cross, the Pharisees and soldiers who hung Him on the cross did not come to seek for His forgiveness. Yet Jesus forgave them, for they know not what they do.

It doesnt matter if people come up and seek for forgiveness, we still need to forgive. If a road user makes you angry on the road, if he doesnt come down from his car to apologise to you, means you will harbour unforgiveness? No definitely.

So whatever the circumstance, let's practice forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

May I encourage all of us to read 1 Corinthians... and let us discover where are we spiritually today. Most of our churches today are just too similar with the Corinthian church... and I am not just talking about the leadership alone.

Anonymous said...

Addressing Anonymous, September 10, 2012 12:13 PM

Matt 6 : 12 "And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors."

Forgiveness we have given to PG & CC leaders long ago.

But it's our MONEY that we are not giving them.

Anonymous said...

Does PG pay taxes? It is not fair if he does not. Can someone alert IRD to check his income and assets? Even the feng shui fellas have to pay!!!

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 12, 2012 11:00 AM

Anonymous said...

Does PG pay taxes? It is not fair if he does not. Can someone alert IRD to check his income and assets? Even the feng shui fellas have to pay!!!

You so smart...why don't you do it!

Anonymous said...

To Annoy Sept 10th, 12.13pm who said "whatever the circumstances, lets practise forgiveness."

Obviously in the end we forgive. But we don't simply forgive for the 'sake of forgiveness'.
Take for example PG and his pastors, they knew what they are doing, yet they do not feel any remorse or regretted for their spiritual unrighteousness against members and in fact continue in their sins. Their pride & ego as pastors are so high that they do not think their actions are wrong and therefore no need to seek forgiveness. So how can you forgive them unconditionally when they are still continuing in their sins. Before we are forgiven, there must be an admission and repentance of our sins. Thats Bible teaching.

Anonymous said...

To September 10,2012 12:13 PM

"It doesnt matter if people come up and seek for forgiveness, we still need to forgive. If a road user makes you angry on the road, if he doesnt come down from his car to apologise to you, means you will harbour unforgiveness? No definitely. So whatever the circumstance, let's practice forgiveness."

Wow, such an amzing guy you are. I am just trying to imagine you saying exactly that even if someone had almost beaten you or your family memeber to death as in 'whatever the circumstances'. No police report; no need to identify or apprehend the culprit; no need to talk about it; no need to complain if police fail to act; just forgive whatever the circumstances. Wow, I must salute you.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter if people come up and seek for forgiveness, we still need to forgive. If a road user makes you angry on the road, if he doesnt come down from his car to apologise to you, means you will harbour unforgiveness? No definitely.

If you look at what Jesus did on the cross, the Pharisees and soldiers who hung Him on the cross did not come to seek for His forgiveness. Yet Jesus forgave them, for they know not what they do.
A COMMENT ON THE ABOVE by Anonymous on the September 8, 2012 4:03 PM

No doubt the above blogger's attitude is noble and ought to be imitated by every believer. But,with all due respects- I think the bro/sis has misread the Scriptures.Let me give my reasons.
First of all he has put SP and vultures on the same level as rude drivers on the road. Rude drivers we meet occasionally and we can put up with them- but they dont approach us with a Bible and win our trust,love and respect over the years fleecing our $$$ and eventually are found to be frauds.The sense of betrayal is beyond words.SP has been talking about forgiveness- does this mean that he has owned up to his abuse of power and financial mismanagement? This is another example of his conmanlike behaviour. Has he even attempted to restore any of the 400 he axed? What is before our eyes??Dont listen to his preaching alone.

2.Of course,Jesus prayed for those who crucified him. But where do you think those guys are right now? Heaven or hell? If those guys made it to heaven surely Judas would be there too because Jesus specifically prayed in John " I pray for them whom thou has given Me...." Judas was prayed for too and yet according to Acts ".....Judas left his office to go to his place..." ( and what place was that??)

There is a disease lurking at at CC right now.And until that house is cleansed,there can be no free anointed worship, no liberty of the Spirit and no preaching from Gods Word.Period.

2 Cor 17
Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God(All AOG Rev's should read this daily)

The 6th Columnist.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Firstly, forgiveness does not mean approval. We forgive, does not means we do not against PG's wickedness.
Secondly, it is more relevant to preach repentant now than forgiveness. Forgiveness now is irrelevant. It is like you saw a rapist in the act of raping a girl, and then you say in your heart, "i forgive him" and walk away. Such is insane and irresponsible. The most relevant thign to do now is to stop the raping. In CC case, the abuse of power, the corruption, the stealing of fund, the false teachings, the scandal and moral issues of the pastors should be stopped immediately. Chee Weng should preach repentant to PG and gang instead. But sadly nowadays, spineless pastors are everywhere.
Thirdly, the sermon of forgiveness... is it really about forgiveness?? or it is still about money collection??
When Dr Lum is sakced, where is the sermon of forgivenss? When the 7 plaintive is badly treated, where is the sermon of forgivenss? When the 400 members were sacked, why no pastor preaching asking PG & Gang to forgive the 400 members? When Sis. Lisa is dragged out of church, why don't they considered forgiveness by not badly treat sis Lisa? When the many Life Group were demolished, where is the sermon of forgivenss? Why they don't consider forgiveness, but instead they badly abuse God's little ones for the sake of money. When the people question the account, why the laughing against them? Where is forgiveness? But when many aware of their corruption and stop giving money to church; ahh..now they preach forgiveness. So is the sermon of forgiveness really about forgiveness?? Sadly no, it is still about money collection.
To Annoy of September 8, 2012 4:03 PM who talk abou Zacchaeus; you are right. The real motive of the sermon of forgiveness is moeny collection; for there is no sign of any remorse at all.

Anonymous said...

Connect Meeting on CCC coming up soon. Wonder what its all about? Just thinking aloud. May be wrong or maybe absolutely correct.

Q. Will the CCC be completed?
A. Most certainly.

Q. Will we get the CF quickly and on time?
A. Shouldn’t be a problem since the government is under pressure to be nice to Christians; from 2 fronts: (a) the GE, and (b) international limelight, the World Pentecostal Conference.

Q. Have we enough money to pay for the completion, at least Phase 1A & 1B?
A. I think there may be a problem here. At the last presentation, we were told that CCC needs RM97.6m for 2012 of which RM5.8m is coming from 2012’s surplus, RM26.5m from Exsim and RM28.8m from balance of available loan. As such there is still a shortfall of RM36.5m.
Note: Exsim is suppose to pay us (for 2012) RM32.0m - RM5.5m when SPA sign; RM14.5m when we transfer the land to them, for them to get a loan, and then RM12.0m from Sep to Dec, monthly of RM3.0m. The balance to make up RM55.0m will be paid from 2013 to 2015. So far the only announcement is the receipt of RM5.5m. Hopefully at the Connect Meeting, they will announce that we have received the RM14.5m and the RM12.0m for Sep to Dec is on track. If this does not happen and together with the shortfall, we will be in a real mess!

Q. Even if we get more loans to pay for the completion, can they be adequately repaid?
A. It would be an understatement but it appears now that Exsim is CCC’s saviour. If they can pay us as promised (on time), then CCC’s loans can be paid (earlier) and this will elevate the financial strain on the church. If Exsim cannot pay us as agreed, we are staring at big-time trouble! Don’t forget about the maintenance (nobody is telling us how much this is costing) cost – how we are going to finance that? And also the members’ loans which are due in 2013 and 2014 – how are we going to repay?

- see continuation ...

Anonymous said...

Q. What can/are they going to do?

Corporate(Worldly) strategy will come up with the following:

Members’ advance
– go on a PR initiative to “encourage” members to convert their advance into a gift, for God of course. There will be sermons preached, announcement made, personal chats, testimonies, etc... to convince members to give God a special offering, an act of faith, how by converting we will fulfil God’s calling/vision for the church, how much we can save in terms of interest, etc...

– we all know that if Exsim cannot carry out the project on time and/or they cannot sell the units adequately, they will not be able to pay us, on time or even at all. How can the church help Exsim to repay us? Well, don’t be surprise that the church will “encourage” members to buy from Exsim (with special price/discount of course) and the special way to look at this “purchase” is that the money we are paying to Exsim is actually being used for Exsim to pay the church and therefore, when we buy a unit from Exsim, we are infact contributing to the CCC! Never mind if we don’t really need to buy another property and/or we are even considering changing our existing house/property – see this as an offering to God (CCC), an act of faith. God will be please and our lives will be blessed. That’s how the selling will be pitched. No, no I am not saying that the church is going to do this but that’s how the corporate world, that’s what worldly thinking will come up with. Hopefully this does not happen but if it does, than we know how our leaders operate and think.

Fatih Promise
– more and more funds will be channelled to the CCC. Incidentally, there has been no update on the Faith Promise collection/numbers. Wonder why? From a worldly perspective, there can only be 2 reasons why the updates have stopped – (a) the collection is so poor that the church does not report the “failure” of Faith Promise or it does not want to discourage the members or (b) the collection is very good; however there are members who once they see the budget achieved (the amount which goes to actual ministry, notwithstanding almost all is consumed internally), they will stop giving and the church does not want this to happen and therefore don’t tell members the weekly collection figures. You pick which is the more likely reason.

Just some of my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, what is he goal?? Just to build a building for World Pentecostal COnference to boast PG's career; even to the point of neglect moral, abuse members and embrace flase teaching.
The worse is that not all money is used for CCC even it is channelled there. We know PG often put his Judas hand into the church account; for he cares nothing about the church.
And after the empty death shell of CCC, then the above article will fulfilled. PG escaped to be an evangelist (of course a false one), and discharged from the responsibility of the great debt.

Anonymous said...

All that SP has proven is that he is thick skinned and is determined to stay on for the sake of his rice bowl.Together with that salesman- who appears to have no shame at all- is distorting the Scriptures and still has the money appeal.The whole CC crise has exposed the AOG system for what it is- oprtared by vultures and shameless "WAN SEK' reverends./

Anonymous said...

Latest book from Rev.Susan Tang "God's Final Call for the End Times".

Watch what direction most Christian leadership is heading today. So many pastors, unconsciously fueled and influenced by this evil 'nimrodic' spirit of arrogance ("Let us build and let us make a name for ourselves!")are raising up their churches after the 'nimrodic' pattern. The buildings must be high and storied towers, monumental 'landmarks' which are usually an expression of their personal vanity and built with exorbitant finances which are painfully fleeced from their flock.

PG, she is talking about you!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Annoy 23rd Sept. 4.39pm. Just when will these self righteous 'Pharisess' be investigated? They are just plain corruptors who had only profitted for themselves with church members funds.

Read from Yahoo news today that an AOG minister in US, Rev.Carl Keyes was accused of using church funds for sons education, paid of mortgage for his house and also he and his friends benefitted from a sale of a l9th century church for US30 million(watch out for this in CC as it could happen with PG & friends if any church property are to be sold). Doesn't all this sounds familar with PG & family.

Annoy 25th Sept is correct,these are today's "nimrodic pastors" who fleeced from their flock to build a "convention centre" and make a name for themselves.

Anonymous said...

How dare these people preach tithes when under NT grace there is no such doctrine or requirement except free will ofering as God leads us. Even though we are exhorted to be generous, there are no mandatory percentages or rules.
How then did 10% tithing even come about. Those who insist that tithing is biblical and mandatory should then pay all the tithes fully or they rob God which they themselves frequently preach about. In Malachi and OT, 2 tithes were given each year and on the third year 3 tithes were required making the average total of 23% annually. Therefore anything less than 23% is robbing God.
There is no such thing as a one tithe or 10%. Which pastor has been given the authority to discount tithing to just one tithe of 10% ? Either all the tithes (23%) or you are robbing God as Malachi said.

But praise God for those who live under grace and not the law as we are free from such curse of the law. Now you know who are the robbers Malachi talks about. Next time someone preaches their own created version of tithing to you, tell them they are robbing God.

Anonymous said...

The buildings must be high and storied towers, monumental 'landmarks' which are usually an expression of their personal vanity and built with exorbitant finances which are painfully fleeced from their flock.


These AOG so called reverends.May of them- all they can do is stand up and preach "Jesus this and Jesus that" most of which is theoretical.But in their personal dealings they can be extremely hurtful if you happen to stand in their way- as SP has proven very well.After hurting and abusing other Christians-this AOG reverend can still stand up and preach on forgiveness.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to TTG.

Another Assembly of God Pastor in America exposed today:-

"AP IMPACT Tragedy meant big money for NY minister"


Christians, give to God's Kingdom, but discern and be wise in our givings. This is stewardship.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 25, 2012 5:57 PM

Anonymous said...

My Brothers & Sister in Christ,

The on-going struggles with the leadership of the church, misconduct & abuse of power plus with the misuse of finances/funds will never-ever end.

This is precisely what the devil our common adversary desires... to drain us up spiritually, to derail us from the faith, to hinder us from receiving spiritual truths & insights from God's Word, to split the Body of Christ... causing brethren to come against each other, to cause great hurt, to build unforgiveness etc.

Please let us be alert to the attacks of the devil through the lives of the leadership.

Anonymous said...

The episode with the pastors of CC is a fullfilment of the signs of time that our Lord told the apostles in the Mount of Olives. The Lord had warned believers that false preachers shall arise in the end times, that even though they preaches in His name,yet we must be on guard not to be deceived by them, by their bad fruits. CC pastors are these false preachers that had played a part in the fullfilment of this prophesy and shamefully they do not even realised it. In their pride & arrogance they refused to acknowledge their wrongs, and still think they are holy & right; but they worshipped the Lord in vain.

Anonymous said...

In their pride & arrogance they refused to acknowledge their wrongs, and still think they are holy & right; but they worshipped the Lord in vain.

Anonymous said...

By entertaining of strange persons, men sometimes entertain angels unawares: but by entertaining of strange doctrines, many have entertained devils unaware.

John Flavel

Anonymous said...

I for one have knowned Pastor Peter Ong for many years & held him with high esteem. He often encouraged me in many ways to be faithful & steadfast in the worship of God. He comes across to me as a gentleman, who is fair & honest, someone who walked close with God and surely able to identify what is right or wrong, what is holy or sinful before a HOly God. HOW WRONG I WAS. After witnessing what happened in the CC saga, he was just the opposite. He had failed in every way to help the spiritual welfare of the members, had failed to stood up for the righteousness of God, cannot even know right from wrong and had instead being a party and committed spiritual unrighteousness and been involved in the mismanagement of funds. I am just utterlly dissapointed with your unholy behaviour. Peter, you have betrayed the trust the members had on you. Is this you called love for your brothers & sisters.

This message goes for all the other APs as well.

Anonymous said...

Why did AOG minister Oral Roberts uses a masonic logo symbal for his Oral Roberts University? Similarly, why did AOG minister Prince Gunaretnam of Calvary church also uses a masonic symbal on Calvary Convention Centre the building designed by a freemason to look like a "pharoah's tomb". These 'ministers' must have knowned the satanic history of this secret society freemasonry, yet these so called "servants of god" can even disregarded them and enshrined the symbals upon their 'house of worship'. Don't you all smell a "stink of evil"
in the establishment of these Assemblies of God churches. Is there an occult connection with these Assemblies of God???

Anonymous said...

The situation in CC can be described as dire. On Sunday at the 10:30am service SK made an impassion plea for giving.

Being the first Sunday of the month, the church will ask for a missions giving for worthy causes like feeding the poor, natural disasters, housing the homeless or supporting the building of a church.

However, last Sunday, the church made a arbitrary decision to make the missions giving for CCC.

You can bet your last dollar that there will be more activities to collect money for CCC as what SK had said "cash flow for CCC is very important"!!!

Until now, there is no detailed accounting report regarding CCC. The picture painted is always a rosy one. Worshippers and members are always given the minimum figures. Only PG and his inner circle knows how serious the situation is.

Anonymous said...

So now giving to CCC is also called Missions...I guess the response to "sponsor a chair" (RM1000 per seat)and "buy a condo unit" at the recent Connect meeting must have been pretty lame.

Anonymous said...

God's work in so many places need our support financially - helping our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are poor and hungry; supporting those who are persecuted - helping wives whose husbands have been killed for the Faith, helping children whose parents have been murdered because they love Jesus; contributing to simple buildings they can call their "church" so that they need not meet under the tree; so many needs, desparate needs - REAL Missions. If you listen, you will hear the heart of God. Give to where it matters - give to God!

Anonymous said...

CCC is designed and built by a well-known architect who is a freemason. CCC will be in the annals of freemasonry as a monument built by freemasons.

Therefore, should a practicing Christian compromise his/her Christian principles and beliefs by participating in an activity that is involved in freemasonry? If you "sponsor a chair/seat at RM1000 each in CCC, your name will be etched in the seat forever for all to see in a building built by a freemason. Though many Christians do not know about freemasonry, your name will be the subject of discussion among your fellow Christian brothers or sisters who knows what is freemasonry.

Anyway, who was the supplier for the seats? Was this done through an open tender or awarded arbitrarily? Again no transparency is evident.

Anonymous said...

Everything now revolves around ccc, even the "Christian" programmes and activities. The focus is no longer the church, the Body of Christ. The focus is the building, no longer the life.

Anonymous said...

We are called to be slaves or servants of Christ, never to be slaves to an extravagant grandiose landmark building, preoccupied constantly about its associated financial cashflow and servicing its mountain of debts.

Anonymous said...

RM1000 per chair x 5000 = RM5,000,000 wow!!!
wonder how the chair looks like? Wonder how much will go into the pocket of you know who?????


Anonymous said...

Each chair will not cost RM1,000. Just a marketing gimmick to lure those prideful Christians who want to have the thrill of having their name etched on the chair. Some will go for one whole row or one whole section so others would know how much they gave. This is nothing more than the pure commercialization of our faith. May God forgive them for cheapening the cross of Calvary in this deceitful way.

AFFinTrade said...

Let PG squeezed RM 5 Millions out from his OWN existing pool of Blind & Die Hard supporters ! I PRAY in WISDOM that the member of the PUBLIC will not be CONNED and FOOLED into contributing to his SECULAR freemason scheme!

Anonymous said...

Each chair does not cost RM 1000. But you can sponsor a chair for RM 1000 in this fundraising project. You can choose to put your name there or opt to be an anonymous sponsor. If this were to help a church in a poor area in dire need of funds, I believe we would all want to contribute...

Anonymous said...

September 25, 2012 1:16 PM Anonymous

Latest book from Rev.Susan Tang "God's Final Call for the End Times".

"Watch what direction most Christian leadership is heading today. So many pastors, unconsciously fueled and influenced by this evil 'nimrodic' spirit of arrogance ("Let us build and let us make a name for ourselves!")are raising up their churches after the 'nimrodic' pattern. The buildings must be high and storied towers, monumental 'landmarks' which are usually an expression of their personal vanity and built with exorbitant finances which are painfully fleeced from their flock."

PG, she is talking about you!

Continuing from above:

"To finance these expensive projects, many have allowed market forces or market dynamics to invade their church; many have permitted these market masters or revenue generation to direct the church. As a result, forces of religious consumerism disguised as 'compassion' to bring the lost into the kingdom ("let's give the people what they demand") are unleashed and permitted to steer the direction of many churches. Religious consumerism has turned many pastors to become pleasing and cheating salesmen."

Thank God for honest ministers of God who dare to speak out against her own. CC fits the description. Very soon you can pay to reserve a front row seat or a parking bay.

Anonymous said...

Just watched a short video clip on BBC News on (the poor in) India where the wife mentioned that her husband gives her US$10/- (around RM32/-) per week and this is feed her family of FOUR. Sponsoring a chair is equivalent to feeding a family of FOUR for around THIRTY weeks! Two chairs will ensure a family of FOUR will not go hungry for ONE WHOLE year! Just imagine!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, show that you accept and condone freemasonry. Sponsor seats in CCC which is designed and built by a freemason. Your name will be etched on the seats for the whole world to see! CCC will be recorded in the history books as a landmark built by a freemason

Anonymous said...

A saintly woman of God reached out to the poor in the streets of Calcutta. Like Mother Teresa there are many who sacrifice their personal comfort to help the less fortunate. RM1000 is better used to buy mattresses for the needy than spend it on a chair to rest my bottom a couple of hours a week!

Jesus and His disciples never built any monuments or mansions. In fact the very opposite was their lifestyle.

I wonder how many beggars, derelicts or the wretched will be invited to attend service at CCC?

Anonymous said...

Let's take the opportunity to break our alabaster jars for Jesus and go out into the hurting places in the world to spread the aroma for Him by generously helping the needy and destitute. If individuals wish to sponsor chairs or parking bays, leave them to God. He will guide them to do what is right if they listen. But "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This having your names carved on seats you sponsored contradicts the Bible's warning on giving. What the right hand does, the left hand need not knpw and vice-versa. What is happening now is like the Malay proverb about one hen laying an egg and croaking loudly to sound out the whole village about the egg she laid. This is more like the leadership ignoring Biblical caution and instead use worldly lure to entice people to give, Brethen, just rejoice that your name is written in the Book of Life, no need to reinsure it by engraving it on the earthly man made seats. They don't count one bit at all. In fact it's a negative act since it's an act that ignores bible's warning. Is this a sign of desperation on the part of the leadership that such biblical injunctions are of little concern to them ? Sign of end times ?

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 18, 2012 1:06 PM

Anonymous said...

You can remain Anonymous when sponsoring a chair just like many of us are when we give our comments here. That's not the issue - the issue is whether God wants you to give to where the greater need(s) is(are). And if you but look around and seek God, the answer becomes crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

They must be desperate for finance. Don't they should know by now that CCC never was a call or a vision of God to build. Yet they can be so stubborn and still held to their belief that CCC is a vision of God. They are just deceiving themselves and lying to the members to make belief to them that its God's vision. How foolish and a total lack of spiritual wisdom for these people who called themselves 'pastors'. Perhaps they are now so deep in troubled waters that its already too late to pull out & would do anything to achieve it even though they knew its against biblical principles. Oh! CC pastors when will you all ever learned!!.

Anonymous said...


To borrow a phrase which I saw in a news headlines recently, these guys in CC are either 'DESPERATELY STUPID" or 'STUPIDLY DESPERATE.

Or perhaps both.

Surprise and yet not surprise, these so-called spiritual leaders go so low to resort to such secular promotional gimmicks. Where is "their god" - an OT prophet once asked.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are now so deep in troubled waters that its already too late to pull out & would do anything to achieve it even though they knew its against biblical principles. Oh! CC pastors when will you all ever learned!!.
October 19, 2012 8:17 By anonymous

The unbelievable stupidity of it all- and Most AOG Reverends are capable of it- if the assembly allows them to throwtheir weight around/.

Of course, it is too late to pull out now.Not onlywould they not be able to recover a single Ringgit, what would happen to their image as people perceive them.

CC is not in fact and reality a church filled with professional beggars.The Word of God is adulterated - this is an undeniable fact before our eyes.There are going to be more lies from the pulpit than ever before.

If the mask is removed then this is what the worshippers will see---- NOT A PULPIT BUT A FILTHY TOILET SEAT CRAPPED ON FOR YEARS!!!THIS IS WHAT SP and pastoral team have been doing since the CCC issue came abot.

What a bunch of shameless and incurable liars and beggars!!! And the AOG is just so full of these arrogant and bigoted liars!!!



One way the secular way raised fund is to feed on the donors’ ego and reputation. The higher you raised it, the more the donors will give.
October 19, 2012 9:30 AM

Just observe the way the way the fund-raising for charities is conducted in Hong Kong. With live audience plus live telecast the donors and the companies they represented are emphasized for all to see. And for reputation and ‘face’ the well-heeled donors can’t give peanuts, right?!

In my kampong, when they have fund-raising for the local school here, building fund for the temple, the recreation center etc etc etc, a similar style is employed. Usually at the end of the fund-raising, a thanksgiving dinner is organized (of course you need to buy a seat to attend).

And during the dinner the big donors are appreciated by being called on stage to be given various tokens like mini hampers depending on the amount they had given. Needless to say, they are usually lined up accordingly with the biggest donor at the finale. And the clever organizer will make sure the diners know the amount given by each and every one of them. In addition, praises are heaped on them. Quite often pamphlets containing the donors and donation are circulated.

In addition, a plaque with the names of all donors who donated above a certain stipulated amount is displayed perpetually in the place for which the fund raising was for, for example in the school.

Many years ago for a nearby school for its building fund, if you donate above RM30,000.00/RM50,000.00 you can have a classroom named after you!!

CC had started with the ‘sponsor a chair’. Wonder if the pastors and BOD are contemplating more secular fund raising method like the above; like sponsoring the many different lecture rooms/halls/nursery etc…

Whatever it is, the remaining sheep at CC must be wise.


Anonymous said...

Lamentations 1
New International Version (NIV)
1How deserted lies the city,once so full of
people!How like a widow is she,who once was
great among the nations!She who was queen
among the provinces has now become a slave.
CC does not represent the Kingdom of God anymore(My own opinion). It has now become a slave to creditors and the worshippers are taken on a guilty trip to give more $$$ because "the cash flow is very important." (SK)

This is one example before our very eyes how a Minister who is ordained to preach the Words of God can stoop so low for the money appeal. It is indeed a shamefool state of affairs.

Once CC was so full of people. Even people from other churches would fill our gates.Today the remnant that is left have to cringe everytime a minister takes the Pulpit- because he is going to beg again. This is the AOG virus-leave them unchecked and they will be on your head and pulling at your hair- GOD HELP.... THERE IS NOW AN AOG REV MONKEY ON MY BACK!!

How SP,that Pentecostal salesman RY and the Jellyfish go to sleep every night is still a mystery to a few of us out there.Has RY sold his CRV and given it up for the sake of the glorious CCC ???His statement at Cheras-" JUST IMAGINE- YOU BEING A PART OF A LANDMARK CHURCH...WOW...JUST IMAGINE!!!'

You call the above preaching?? Is that what ministry is all about??Come on man----you have converted CC into a den of lying thieves!!!


YOu were once held in very high esteem- just look at you yourselves now....so pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

The love of Money (Mammon) is indeed the root of all evil. In chasing after wealth and fame, PG has put CC into a mess, scar the image of Christianity AOG, and casue so much hurt; all just for building CCC for gaining temporary fame in World Pentecostal Conference...an event that its name tell it all...it's "World's" Pentecostal Conference, nothing to do with the Lord. BUt the glory of men is like a flower that fade. In the end, he will be reminded for the corruption and shortfall of AOG system. Sadly, many fall with him.

Anonymous said...

Today during the 8am service at DH, SK shared with the congregation the "sponsor a seat" for CCC. He said this is one way of leaving a legacy when you are long gone.

But he failed to mention that your name will be there for all to see in a church designed by a freemason.

What is coming next? Sponsor a carparking lot? Or get a multi-millionaire to sponsor a meeting room with the hall named after him? The list is endless - it's left to the imagination to those in CC! It's so pathetic when CC resort to raising funds these ways. When you are desperate for money, desperate action is indeed needed.

Anonymous said...

What will be the FORCED SALE PRICE VALUE of CCC during an AUCTION in the near Future ? The PROPHECY for CC will surely come to past !

Anonymous said...

Hebrews 13:18
Pray for us:for we trust we have a good conscience,in all things willing to live honorably.
The above 2 prayer requests by the Apostle Paul-- I think SP and most of the AOG so called Reverend crooks need to be prayed for in this respect.1st is to have a good conscience....and you can't have that if have a Bible in one hand and your other hand is into the collection box...and somehow... expertly hidden from the churchs eyes from years of conning others.Most AOG Rev's do this.Dont be deceived by their innocent looks.
(REMEMBER HOW SP PARKED HIS PERSONAL MINISTRY ALONGSIDE CC'S MINISTRY AND QUIETLY SCRAPPED INTO ITS COFFERS FOR YEARS VERY QUIETLY? AND HE GOT AWAY FROM IT) And 2nd ..to live honorably. This is a quality that is most lacking in CC leadership right now.In Exekiel this kind of priesthood is mentioned as a "...filthy prostitute who goeth after the gold and silver..." And that just about describes CC's leadership right now.
The AOG system smells like a sewer- just like our present political system.It is my own view that many of these AOG Reverends need to be born again- or need to get into the secular world and do WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO DO- MAKE MONEY. It appears some of them have enormous ambitions and there is always a naive and stupid crowd of believers to deceive.

RY & SK- Rightly did one blogger describe you as a Pentecostal Salesman and a Jellyfish.Do the honorable thing- step down and stop preaching for a season and reflect. Just think---are you not ashamed of continual begging from a Church Pulpit??
And now its sponsor a chair? How about sponsoring an orphan or a destitute?? Ooops... Sorry.I forgot!!!There is no glory in that. SAYA SANGKA KAMY SEMUA SUDAH MURTAD TERUK !!!!
(rebrobates concerning the faith)

You call yourselves Pastors?? What a sick joke!!!

Anonymous said...

Jehovah Shammah – The Lord is there
(Ezekiel 48:35)

When I look at CC today and compare it with what it was 20-30 years ago, it is as though the story of Ezekiel 48 relive itself.

The church (CC) was packed then every Sunday and as we entered the church, there was an awesome atmosphere and we felt the presence of God there – JEHOVAH SHAMMAH (The Lord is there).

However, the story turned for the worst as at the height of the idolatry of God’s chosen leaders and people, God withdrew His presence from (a) the temple and (b) even from the city of Jerusalem. Such was His anger and displeasure over the repeated rebellion of His people.


A tragic parallel is unfolding itself in CC. We can only pray that God will cleanse the church from all the demonic influences of despotism, greed and corrupted practices, and there will be a new set of church leaders so that “THE LORD IS THERE” once again.

Anonymous said...


If you do not bring in you tithes, then you are condemned to live in poverty.....you are robbing God and are under a curse....BRING IN THE TITHES FIRST....

The above is an example of an AOG Rev. preaching.Frankly, he does not look poor to us and his dressing is pretty neat.. rather expensive looking for a preacher from a modest church...

I guess, after what is going on at CC, the endless money appeal...he feels okay to do this..after all ... compared to CC what is he asking..just crumbs..

All Christian need to pray for a season of renewal.

Bamboo Conspiracy said...


A few have asked whether I have forgotten the cries of those who write here. No beloved, I have not...it is only that every cry I read here, I take it to the Lord because I cannot find any solution in man or organisation.

I have no solution and the only comfort I have is the Lord has a solution. If I look at the problem it overwhelms me but when I look at the Lord, I find His peace, joy and love!

One book that has helped me find the deep things of God is a book by Norman Grub called Intercessor. I just found today a site where you can obtain an online copy free and is available at the following URL:


For those interested, I suggest you copy and paste the URL in your browser as it is not hyperlinked.

This book is NOT easy reading. In fact, I strongly recommend that you read this book as the Spirit leads. We are not all called to be “Rees Howells” and what he did was according to the call of God. He was led by the Spirit and the Spirit will also guide us if we allow Him.

(BTW...stop looking within to determine whether you qualify.....we are all sinners saved by the grace of God. We who are ‘Born Again’ are invited to know the secrets of the Lord... it is whether we are willing to sacrifice our comfort zone .... again if you cannot, tell Him you CANNOT, but you are WILLING to be made willing! I was very unwilling! In fact even today, I am most unwilling .... but the Lord makes us willing! Remember the Blood of Christ! Once you know Him, you will Love Him....His love is everlasting...He is the most loving Person in the Universe! But there is a personal cost to know this Love!)

I believe, the solution to the problems in Malaysia is found in the secrets of Intercession. Christians need spiritual authority. We need authority to speak and call upon God to destroy the monuments man build.

The central truth, which the Holy Ghost gradually revealed to Mr. Howells, and which was the mainspring of his whole life's ministry, was that of intercession. Perhaps believers in general have regarded intercession as just some form of rather intensified prayer. It is, so long as there is great emphasis on the word "intensified"; for there are three things to be seen in intercession, which are not necessarily found in ordinary prayer: Identification, Agony and Authority. This book explains the true meaning of Intercession.

May the Lord richly bless those who are called into the secrets of intercession and learn to speak with spiritual authority that all works of man will collapse. Let us intercede that only the House the Lord builds will stand and be glorified.


Anonymous said...

he above 2 prayer requests by the Apostle Paul-- I think SP and most of the AOG so called Reverend crooks need to be prayed for in this respect.1st is to have a good conscience....and you can't have that if have a Bible ...


That was what the AOG Reverend shouted from the church pulpit.Of course we all stayed quiet until now.Maybe he was just having a bad day.

Anonymous said...

The damage that PG did is nto just in area of financial of the church which he often put his Judas hand in; but also many negative impact on Christianity. He scar the image of Christianity in Malaysia in the eyes of unbelievers. His dictatorship that demand those who support him to not fellowship with those against him has cause much damage in relationship. Family broken, couple split, friendship broken etc.
All of these bad deeds that PG done in order to gain fame. How foolish!! And for AOG superintendent, he is 2nd in the queve.

Anonymous said...

CC and SP's leadership was always about HIMSELF. Even in those days, if there was some famous preacher in town,Calvarites were not encouraged to attend.At hindsight,the reasons become obvious.It was not about protecting CC people from doubtful doctrines-IT WAS ABOUT THE $$$ ALL ALONG.Its rather too late in the day for SP and Conmen to deny this.

Almost every AOG have this virus.They become extremely selfish. The fact that church members benefit from another Pastors ministry is of no concern to this religious demons.Members must be under their control and Bible verses are carefully selected to prove this point.


(this was on our 1st visit )
3.WHO ARE YOU SUBMITTED TO?(as though he was submitted to anyone.Bt the way who does SP report to? He used RM100,000 from church money to pay the legal bill and worshippers had to foot the bill finally?Where WAS the accountability??)

4.IF YOU WANT TO WORSHIP HERE,YOU HAVE TO FILL OUT THE MEMBERSHIP FORM.( Here are some of the terms.I Agree to submit to the church leadership and recognise his spiritual authority to rebuke and correct....I agree to tithe 10% of my income faithfully besides love offerings...)


By God'S grace we finally found a small fellowship we felt comfortable.He may not be able to preach weLL. but he certainly has a heart for people.Every Sunday lunch is on the house.WE later disscovered that the church did not pay for the lunch- but came from his own pockets.( His wife and daughters actually do the cooking)


Anonymous said...

What about the APs and other ordinary pastors, they too had also caused damage and split in family and friendship relations. It irks me to see them acting, following & supporting all the bad deeds that PG does, people who looks religious & innocense in appearance but inwardly they are ravenous wolves who cheats, lie and steal. "Pastors" who failed to live to be more like Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Quoting the above: "......please get out of MY church...."
Was that really said. If so, then that's the root cause of the problem. "MY" church, not Christ's. I shake my head in disbelief.

Anonymous said...

This may sound like a pessimitic attitude but I do not think anyone can do anything about it.A Church deserves the Pastor it gets.Yesterday CC was a vibrant worshipping church but today it has been converted into a parasite.

It seems that SP will stick to CC like a parasite as there is really nothing anyone can do about it.Further there is that Pentecostal Salesman to do his bidding.

Our family have grown much since we left CC.We not only left CC- we left the AOG system and left it behind for good.We are now part of an interdenominatinal church- small though it is- nobody stresses out for the money.


Anonymous said...

Church is not what itused to be these days and many of the flock are scaterred here and there.Pastors should take heed not to abuse their sheep becasue there is only one great Shephard and you are also a sheep.Dont try to Lord it over others. Bottom liner is this-you are not serving God for free- your bread and butter cometh from the sheeps pockets.Keep that in mind and it will get you the real pespective. You need to know that.

And with your theological training- who is going to hire you in the secular world? You will probably end up being a security guard at some shopping complex or car park.

God bless you as you labour in the Lord and love the sheep- NOT AXE THEM.

Anonymous said...

"When you eat in MacDonalds, you pay in MacDonalds and not KFC".
This is the trend in the mindset of leaders as money becomes the central concern of church organisation seeking to expand their earthly fame and glory. It happens when they see the church as some business concern competing with other church concerns for the scare resources of people and money and less and less as commonly belonging to the Body of Christ. It happens when pastors and leaders begin to behave as competitive businessmen and begin to view their congregation as contributing members and not see themselves as shepherds to the flock. Their so called vision and mission takes on a corporate worldview and style and their business strategy is to make people loyal members and faithful contributors, and not so much concerned about making disciples. They no longer become concerned about sound doctrines but follow the current popular but questionable teachings and styles, but what do they care, as long as they attract more people and contributors and brag about how big and rich they are. To them that is the ultimate indicator of success. It's really no different from the number games of commercial businesses. So in that worldly and business spirit, they must at all cost create a glamourus corporate image for themselves by putting up their extravagant landmark corporate building that will be the talk of all in KL and Malaysia and the world and make them famous and fulfil their corporate vision to be the biggest this and the biggest that like a kind of New Creation or City Harvest church of Malaysia.

But the Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that HE MUST INCREASE AND WE MUST DECREASE but we do exactly the carnal opposite. Brethen, we are living in endtimes where even our pastors and leaders are easily seduced by the lusts and desires of worldly fame, riches and personal glory. Be aware of this and be very discerning and do not naively follow them. Always be prayerfully watchful and alert like good faithful Bereans.

Anonymous said...

Peace to all the bloggers here.The contents of this blog grieve me- but I have to admit that this blog was necessary.What was not necessary has become needfull.Its rather like a state of emergency. If Christians come here with their grief, then maybe the church leadership is not listening or throwing their spiritual authority around.

We hear lots of Leadership Seminars these days- but hardly anything on Servanthood. Anyway,who wants to called a servant these days???-this word is only associated with Filipino and Indonesian maids.

My personal opinion is that these AOG Pastors need to do some serious reflecting and come down from their pedestal.(Even the Son of Man did come to be served but to serve)

Many of the OT prophets, when the divine call came- the 1st excuse they gave was that they were not eloquent.

But today- the only gifting these Pastors have is their ability to churn out their Pentecostal Crap from a pulpit.And good at asking $$$ while holding a Bible. It appears they have preferential concern- they have time for people who can contribute to their church in terms of $$$.The "have nots" will just have to blend in the shadows.

The way Pastors are perceived these days has dramatically been altered- by the idiots themselves.It is my private prayer and hope that those who intend to go full time-seriously count the cost.Ministry is not all about dressing neatly and speaking sweetly.God bless you all. Bye

Anonymous said...

I know from personal experience that even Pastors badmouth other Pastors. I was rather alarmed that Pastors have their own "khaki's"- the little clique that hang out with.Pastors from big congregations gather together and pastors of little flocks also drink together.And I dont think this attitude is going to change anytime soon!!!

Anonymous said...

CC Pastors you all should read what Anonymous Nov.2nd, 10.47am wrote as he so correctly described you all. Truly even a non-believer will put you all to shame as they can even diffrentiate between whats right or wrong, whereas you people who called yourselves pastors don't even have any common sense of spiritual discernment to know. Calling yourselves graduates from bible colleges, just what have you all actually learned?? NOTHING. Don't think you are being holy & righteous just because you preached every weekends. What Anonymous said about you all is absoluetly right... " we are living in the endtimes where even pastors & leaders are easily seduced by the lust & desires of worldly fame, riches & personal glory." You CC pastors have now been a part in fullfilling this prophesy. WHAT A SHAME!!.

Anonymous said...

Now is November and this article published since July. If you look at the rate of article post in the past, you will notice that the rate has drop. Even the comment posted has drop tremendously. It seem that PG has successfully subdue CT at last. The voice that once boldly announce has now hardly pronounce. The passion is dying and the awareness has gone. The voice that speak for justice is diminishing. People lost stim.
Remember the prophecy given by a guest speaker sometime ago; saying that he saw a vision where PG is sitting on a chariot, driving horses and the chariot is moving fast? The pastor is saying that the problem that PG face now will one day disappear. PG will again drives those horses, which represent the congregation as he meant. It seem like it is going to happen, despite all the abuse and corruption of PG, he finally successfully subdue CT and TTG to silentness. From the vision, I think it also means PG will whip those horses to run in toil. If the horses means the congregation, the vision itself is scary to reflect that the congregation are mere animal to be whipped and abused o toil for a goal. But sadly, it seem like it is happening. Evil win, righteousness fell flat to the ground. Despite many evident and obvious sign that PG and his associate pastors have fallen to sin and corruption; the TTG failed to uproot the wolves and fail in sustain passion. The long battle has wear them out, and like we can see in history; wolves in sheep clothing is immune. The failure is not God did not intervene, but His people did not idle and do not eliminate the wicked king.

Anonymous said...

There are prophecies and prophecies and speakers and speakers. Firstly what was the motivation of the speaker? If he was invited by PG what can you expect him to say?

I was told that the TTG sought God each step of the way. They did what they were told to do, i.e, expose the misdeeds of the rogue shepherds and let God do the rest. It was never God's intention to use TTG to bring down any pastors. God will do it Himself so that all will know that it is the work of God not of man. At one of the TTG meetings, we were told that we must not rejoice when God bring His judgement upon PG. Instead we must pray for him. God is the righteous judge.

Anonymous said...

End time events speak for itself ! Watch below and discern in WISDOM whether PG and his CCC secular project will self destruct itself in due time !


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Nov.10th, 8.36pm.

NO, my friend, just because there are fewer comments does not mean that PG had subdued CT and TTG into silence. The guilt and the sins of spiritual abuse and corruption that PG, his APs & other pastors committed & carried with them will never fade away as they will remain LOUD & CLEAR behind the conscience of minds & in their hearts forever as long as they are living. No matter how they pretend to do no wrong, this GUILT can never be washed away or be silenced.

The so called 'prophesy' that this guest speaker testified we all knew is definitely not from God but his own 'created false vision' to support PG and deceived the remaining believers. What a LIAR he is. 'Evil' may seemed prevailing, but they never win, for in the end the righteousness of God always prevailed. PG and his APs may appear to succeed in completing their dream of CCC. But who knows, perhaps a 'great fall & a disaster' of their plans of CCC are awaiting them.

Anonymous said...


Those of you who come from Hindu families, and you happen to be the only Christian- dont forget to go home and pay your respects to your parents.Don't stay away from your homes because your Pastor "told" you that Deepavali is associated with idolatry and the devil itself. I have heard that many many times.

Of course the Christian shuns away from idolatry-but not from paying respects to your parents. And tell the AOG Rev. - instead of labelling other religions in an evil negative light- why dosent he himself go and visit a non Christian family in a non Christian setting and try to present a Christians presence?From what I have seen these Rev. who talk big before their congregations are strangely silent in a secular setting.THE DELUDED "HOLIER THAN THOU ATTITUDE".

Anonymous said...

But who knows, perhaps a 'great fall & a disaster' of their plans of CCC are awaiting them


Anonymous said...

Quoting above: "Remember the prophecy given by a guest speaker sometime ago; saying that he saw a vision where PG is sitting on a chariot, driving horses and the chariot is moving fast? The pastor is saying that the problem that PG face now will one day disappear. PG will again drives those horses, which represent the congregation as he meant"

Well, we can complete our human plans but that does not mean we are fulfilling God's divine will and plan. We can proclaim and 'annoint' our plans even reckless ones by saying 'thus says the Lord' or do anything to fulfil our personal ambition and insist and persist on calling it God's plan, but still that won't make it God's will or plan. God's will is standing up for the truth and not turn a blind eye to errors in the church, be it in the areas of doctrine, finance or morality. If pastors and leaders don't care for it, then it becomes the responsibilty of the body to speak out and contend for the faith, truth and righteousness. Having done that which is required of us, we need to just commit all things to God. Whether the leaders will achieve their personal and reckless goals and ambitions, and whether it is achieved at great costs, should not be of concern to us now. Our biblical and christian responsibility is to contend for the faith, truth and righteousness anytime and everytime, anywhere, and any place and bring awareness to our brethen. In that way many in the body of Christ will be encouraged to discern, and be saved from the clutch of disception. If the blog has succeeded in bringing awareness to pastors , leaders and the brethen who read it, and make them alert to the dangers of false doctrines and human and carnal ambitions, the blog would have done well. But nevertheless, contending for the faith, truth and righteousness must continue. There is no option.

Anonymous said...


That was the essence of Sundays Sermon and the AOG Reverend went to great length preaching about "our contribution" to the nation and possessing the land.The effect of this stupid preaching was that many felt discriminated by the dominant group in our country.Maybe he forgot to read Proverbs- There are 7 things the Lord hates....he who sows discord..)

Pastors who use the pulpit not for preaching Gods Word but for cloaking their own worldly interests should step down and do what they really want to do. To my mind,the Church pulpit is not meant "for changing the Goverment".There are other platforms for doing that.

My family is the discerning sort and we have a long history of church life.To those Pastors who visit this blog, we are a family want to say this- " You are a Minister of the Word,You are ordained to be a Minister of the Word."

If you cant stay true to your ordination,then it is only proper that you hand in your resignation,and throw away your lambs clothing!!It is not a sin to enter politics- but dont do it in church- at least not on a Sunday.The reason? There are lots of weary souls sitting in church- and they need to hear something from Gods Word just to survive another week. Do you need others to tell you this REVEREND?

(Against Errant Pastors )

Bamboo Conspiracy said...

Does God Want Us To Give Up Our Desire?

Should we give up our desire that our prayers for justice and the liberation of Calvary Church be fulfilled? Why continue to pray and hold on to our faith? It seems to get feeble as time goes by and fulfillment seems a long way.

After all, in spite of everything, some good has come out from the Calvary Saga

1. The scattered have blessed other churches where they have migrated.

2. Some have found new ministeries

3. Others have come stronger through the battle.

So perhaps, we can give up our desire to see our prayers answered and justice upheld.

But....what about those who have suffered much? What about those who have psychologically suffered through the event? What about justice? Is it right that those who have done wrong, go unpunished? What about the promise "Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay". What about the many promises in the Bible that God does answer our prayers!

Well, don't yet give up your good fight of faith for according to Soren Kierkegaard consider what we will lose should we give up our good fight of faith!

Abraham became old and Sarah was mocked in the land, and still he was God's chosen and heir to the promise that in his seed all nations of the earth would be blessed.

Would it not be better, then, were he not God's chosen? What is it to be God's chosen? Is it to be denied in youth one's youthful desire in order to have it fulfilled in great travail in old age?

But Abraham believed and held firm to the promise. Had Abraham wavered he would have renounced it. He would have said to God: "So perhaps after all it is not your will that it should happen: then I will give up my desire, it was my only desire, my blessed joy.

My soul is upright, I bear no secret grudge because you refused it." He would not have been forgotten, he would have saved many by his example, yet he would NOT have become the Father of faith; for it is great to give up one's desire, but greater to stick to it after having given it up; it is great to grasp hold of the eternal but greater to stick to the temporal after having given it up.

But then came the fulness of time. Had Abraham not had faith, then Sarah would surely have died of sorrow, and Abraham, dull with grief, instead of understanding the fulfilment, would have smiled at it as at a youthful dream.

But Abraham believed, and therefore he WAS young: for he who always hopes for the best becomes old, deceived by life, and he who is always prepared for the worst becomes old prematurely: but he who has faith retains eternal youth.

All praise then to that tale! For Sarah, stricken in years, was young enough to covet the pleasure of motherhood; and Abraham, though grey of head, was young enough to want to be a father.

So let us not give up our fight of faith for justice.


Anonymous said...

Hi bloggers,

Attached is the link of the message preached by Pastor Lim Ghee Tiong (GT Lim) of Blessed Church, Kuching, the first Sunday of moving into the new church building. Please listen on how he choose to follow God's desire and not his own desire when building the new church building. Church building that cost originally from RM80M down to RM15M. You will be blessed by watching this video clip. You can start listening from 38min onwards if you want a shortcut of I am saying.



Anonymous said...

Hi bloggers,
Correction, you should start listening from 30 min onward from the video clip and NOT 38 min. If you like you can listen the whole sermon, it is about 2 hrs long but it is full of anointing and life changing message, so it is not boring.


Anonymous said...

The first practical step is to remove their Rev titles and replce it with "Servant" titles.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Dec 1 10.05pm (Hi bloggers)

Would be please if you could summarize what is the full of annointing and life changing message by this Pastor GT Lim.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Dec 1 10.05pm

You can find that in the dictionary if you don't understand simple English. Anyway, if you haven't watch this video, than watch it and comments. If your life is not touch, then please seek God and see which part of his message is not correct. I may consider redirect your comments to GT Lim.


Anonymous said...

To Wisdom

The video could be too long to hear. Whats so difficult for you just to summarize as it could be a benefit for others. I understand english perhaps more than you do, if I may say, so can you have some manners & respect in your reply and not to be that rude. If your life is so touched by God, is this the way you talked with a fellow christian. You signed of calling yourself "Wisdom", however from what I see you are not that wise after all and need to seek God to grow in wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Blessed Church Kuching ,her Church building that originally cost RM80M was reduced down to RM15M.

I will definitely Worship in this church if she has a Branch in KL !

Anonymous said...

Can someone give this link of Blessed Church, Kuching to PG to watch and perhaps God can work something in his heart and his leadership team. The message is the Christmas gift for CC.

Anonymous said...

To me the AOG is a diseased group incapable for standing up to the truth.Rather they will cover up the crap of their peers and superiors.But if someone within their group with "mow meng" happend to slip ..then ...: WHACK!!!!!.. Most of their high sounding titles are dubious. I work in the Education Ministry at Putrajaya and am competent to give an opinion on those so called qualifications.(If it is honoraray- it means that person did not study for it)BYE THE WAY- you cant treat the "rev" status on an equal footing with the Datuk's and Tan Sri's.One AOG rev slyly ran down those titles claiming they were earthly and man made. When my son asked where his Rev title camke from.. his face went pink. PADAN MUKA!!!

Anonymous said...


Grace and Peace to all of you.The year has almost passed, but the mists and stains at CC still remain-but there are still many disillusioned Christians gathered there.So why do they still quietly tow the line? And why do they stay on?No doubt there are many reasons. Even Jim Jones had his lions share of the lambs even when he was raving and ranting about the end times.Eventualy it is the stupid sheep that pays the ultimate price-with their very lives.Singing to Jesus until the very end even after drinking poison.What fantastic faith!!God in heaven must be really pleased with their unquestioning obedience to their "Reverend"!!!

In the Malaysian political scene- when one is charged with any misdemeanor-he must step down until his name is cleared.This is especially true if he/she holds a very important post and big $$$ is involved.Integrity is the sole issue to be determined.That is a pre-requisite to lead the people.No need!!!( According to one AOG "Rev", his words-- "We are called by God not by men!!!")

But the AOG system seems to disregard these principles.SP has been alleged with some very serious allegations.So why has the Board collectively not asked him to step down? Maybe they have something to hide too.( Mind you- the Accountant has resigned too)But it is beyond doubt now that CC has lost its witness among the non-believing community.

This,in my mind is a shameful state of affairs for the whole AOG leadership.Here is one man, who has manipulated the church finances,landed in Court,and used the sheeps money to pay for the costs(RM100,000). Bravo!!!--Well Done,good and faithful servant.WELL DONE INDEED!!!

The 13the General election is just around the corner.I believe the Rakyat will speak decisively.The AOG sheep must also not be swayed by these clever speaking preachers.They are just tryign to throw dust into our eyes.Just look what SP has done.And just look at the indifferent attitude portrayed by the other AOG leaders.Its time for a change.The church needs men/women who are called by God and fear God. NOT PASRASITES FEEDING OFF THE SHEEP SHAMELESSLY.

Have a Blessed Sunday.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that despie many clear evident on how corrupted the pastors in calvary church, they could still preach openly. This really tells us that AOG committee is useless, and the entire christian community is not doing well either. Every pastors in Malaysia should feel ashame for not speaking loud enough against PG.

Anonymous said...


This year has bene rather monotanous for me. Although I have left CC for quite some time,I have not settled into one church yet.The reason- many of the AOG churches seem to have some kind of building programme.One church even put their building fund collection on hold. On enquiry- they put it on hold because of the CC crisis-and that episode has raised many quetsions among their sheep.

Anyway- I have learnt many things from my season at CC.I have more $$ now to spend than to give and give and give.

Anonymous said...

Calvary Church started to FALL from the very first day the architect for CCC who is a freemason was appointed to design CCC ! And this CCC Freemsonary Design will stand out as a gigantic EVIL secular landmark in Bukit Jalil !

Please exercise discernment when viewing "Hidden Camera Exposed Masonic Ritual Satan Worship"

Freemasonry is very DEMONIC and is easily Noticed and Discerned by those " Gifted with the Spirit of Discernment" !

Anonymous said...

God had a personal mission to acomplish and He spoke and made a promise to Abraham. Abraham had unwavering faith that God in His time will bring His promise to pass. However did God ever made any promise or spoke to anyone that He will personally restore CC and bring justice against the abusive power & corruption of CC pastorial leadership.? NO He did not. Because of the gross injustices & corrupt practises that CC pastors commited against church members, we assumed upon ourselves that its obvious God will bring justice, righteousness & restore CC and so we wait & wait, prayed & fast for God to do something special for it to happen, however it will NEVER happened. To my view, God does not worked that way. God had already done everthing that pertains to life, He had given to us His completed Word for us to live by. CC pastors & BOD do know the Word of God. They even preached every weeekends to others and if God's Word cannot bring them to their sense & guilty consciense to return to the right path of righteousness, then nobody can. God in His Word had doned His part and He gave men the freedom and free will to chose between right or wrong and what we chose, we are answerable to Him. It does appear CC pastors & BOD refused themselves to be corrected by the Word of God and with their 'high & mighty' attitude, they chose the path of unrighteousness.

However, we can still bring justice against CC leadership, but faith alone upon God without us doing anything will not bring any result. Faith must always be followed by actions. Even Abraham followed up with his actions. But sadly till today no one or any group had continueing seek from the authorites to instigate an investigation against the SP & his pastors and BOD. Apart from our faith if we followed up with actions, then God will be moved and He will be with us in our actions.


I thought it was a new concept so I checked on the Internet.
According to Wikipedia, ‘The Universe is commonly defined as the totality of existence,[1][2][3][4] including planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, and all matter and energy.’ So galaxies form the universe NOT the other way round.
The Bible very first verse (Genesis chapter 1 verse one) tells us very clearly and plainly ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Nowhere in the Bible was there Boom..Boom..Boom.. and NOTHINGNESS BECAME SOMETHINGNESS!!!
I think DS was trying to be scientific today. He even implied everyone including children are sinful because of SIN IN THE DNA. Dear pastor please do not blame/mock God. God created Adam and Eve PERFECT INCLUDING THEIR DNA! When Adam and Eve sin, it was their own choice. It had nothing to do with their DNA! Do you think a murderer can commit a murder and then tell the judge not to blame/sentence him becos the sin in his DNA cause him to do it!?
Pastor DS please don’t distort facts either secular (universes forming the galaxy…he also mentioned electrons spinning round atoms!) or Biblical (creation of the universe…SIN IN THE DNA). Please don’t insult the intelligence (secular or otherwise) of the sheep. They are not dumb. God had given them BRAINS TO THINK AND DISCERN.
By the way, dear pastor, can you please use simple English. I can’t help but feel I am listening to a very well prepared English text being well read with the pronunciation and intonation well executed each time I listen to you. After a week of slogging in the secular world, I really really look forward to some spiritual food presented in simple layman terms.

B. “…the blood on Jesus back NO TOMATO JUICE but real blood…”
I leave it to the bloggers and readers of this blog to ponder on the above statement that DS made in the same sermon in cheras this morning. I don’t know whether he meant it as a joke or what. Our LORD JESUS CHRIST SUFFERED A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE BEATING AND DIED ON THE CROSS AT CALVARY and you DS try to be funny and linked it to TOMATO JUICE!!!???
If he meant it as a joke it was real sickening.
I was so relieved when NOT A SINGLE PERSON in the congregation responded to your ‘joke’. it shows their spiritual maturity.

C. “…woooo…Justin Bieber…” he intended it to be a joke but it fell real FLAT! There was not a single response from the congregation. He tried to make a joke out of some other incidences like the schoolgirl who shook Kate Middleton’s hand but all fell flat.

Anyway, I wonder how many readers notice that the main message in dec 2012 issue was written by PO and not SP. As far as I can remember for the past many years it was written by SP. Is this a sign of more changes to come including changes in the top leadership?

Another year is coming to an end and to all bloggers and readers of this blog I trust this year had been a fruitful one for you and your families.



DSDSDSDS said...

Dear Another Small Fry ........

"After a week of slogging in the secular world, I really really look forward to some spiritual food presented in simple layman terms."



Posted by DSDSDSDS to Calvary Today at December 17, 2012 2:10 PM

Anonymous said...

I think DS was trying to be scientific today. He even implied everyone including children are sinful because of SIN IN THE DNA
The above habit of trying to sound intellectual is not limited to that Pastor.We have one too, in our pulpit.He can talk politics and international finance and space exploration. But everyone knows he has a Diploma in Theology and no aptitude to do any study- a teh tarik sort of person, very laid back, a lazy bum.No discipline to sit in the office.My family puts up with it because he has no ambitions to put up a huge monument like SP. He is quite content(I hope)with his salary and whatever ge manages to squeeze from the church.He used to celebrate "Pastors day" - and sure loved the attention from the youth.Talks like a very accomplished man among them. But mysteriously,Pastor day disapeared after a few write ups here on this blog.

He is, I believe - a WanSek pastor - but just let it be lah!Let it be!! After all, who would employ him in the secular world ?Maybe be a bus conductor or sell "san chee york" or "poh piah" in the wet market.


Anonymous said...


I used to fellowship with a few AOG Revs.One was clearly a whisperer of the latest scandals involving other Ministers.Nothinf servantlike about him.No doubt sounds like a mighty prophet from behind the pulpit.I say- just leave these foxes alone.If you confront them- they can unleash their tactics by demeaningyou or badmouthing yopu. Far better to keep a distance.I am thinking of SP- how he axed the 400 and UNTIL TODAY HAS MADE NO ATTEMpTS TO SEEK OUT THE SHEEP.What a joke- these so called AOG Revereneds!!

Anonymous said...

DS had used the same message two weeks ago at DH. He said "we are born sinners". His next statement made almost want to puke when he said "sin in the DNA". A pastor playing scientist or a doctor? A smart alec.

Some things never change. On Dec. 16, CC had a missions offering for CC pastors. PO drives a Mitsubishi Lancer, RY has a new Honda CRV and changing spectacles so very often while many church goers drive old Malaysian designed cars. The pastors in CC are leading such comfortable lifestyles. Do they deserve more offerings?

Anonymous said...

What they need is not another offering but some self respect and to safe guard their dignity.I would rather send something to those who slog among orang aslis.

Anonymous said...


The pulpit seems to be occupies by starnge material today.When our Lord walked this earth, he once commented "The Scribes and Pharisees occupy Moses seat".Those were the professionals of that by gone era- and they love to walk around in long robes and to be greeted in the market places.They considered a class by themselves.But most of them were, according to Jesus- lovers of money.

Many AOG Rev's seme to fit this description like a hand fits the glove.Lets face up to it.They may not say it but their whole attitude shouts out loud. Both the above mentioned pastors are dangerous- but those who use the pulpit to hurt, abuse and intimidate others with their spiritual authority-(Muslims & Hinduus describe them as Bible Thumpers)- those are in my opinion - the pariah pastors.

What has happened at CC is a cause for mourning and Lamentation. What is most revealing is this-many Christian have been hurt and wounded and have left the fold. But noby is seekibg out the sheep which has been scattered.Neither SP, SK or the other pathetic salespeople.But they ask for more $$$ for the Pastors - another offering?

One cannot fight against this group- especially a religious group with their authority. But we can silently resist them and let them feel the sting.This blog has done wonders for Christendom(My opinion only). the man who proposed TOTT was quite right.

I have no doubt that Christmans time will be another occassion for more begging.To all bloggers and readers-keep your money and take out for family for a most wonderful meal and visit a small church wher you can worship and give thanks to God in a stress free atmosphere.2013 is just around the corner and I think we have learned many things from these AOG reprobates.

Remember your family is very important.So any church that ex-communicates the husband and gives a spiritual post to the wife- you canb discern what manner of spirit is operating at CC.

I take my leave now. Grace and Peace to you from God the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

These CC pastors had gotten so used to squeezing money from church members that they even feel no shame in themselves. If they need money for their so called mission work, then Calvary Church should be the one to supply their funds and not taking advantage and making use of church members to give them their hard earned money. I wonder what 'mission work' had they ever doned or accomplished. Disgusting how low these CC pastors can get. They don't really serve God but only serve for their own interest and comfort living. Hypocrites!!

No wonder, someone said " I admire Jesus Christ, He is a great person and a good role model. He is trustworthy and lived by what He preached.". BUT I HATE CHURCH!!. If you look at the behaviours of these hypocritical self-righteous CC pastors you will understand why this someone said that.

Anonymous said...

I believe CC glory days are over.The ascking of Dr.Lum was just the tip of the iceberg.So callously issuing him a letter -a camaflouged way of telling him to get lost- never mind how many years he has served at CC.What was most important was not that man- but the new building.That is the spirit-generally speaking-that is the spirit of AOG.

There was no 1 man show in the entire NT.But there are lots of them in the AOG circle- who believe that the sun revolves around them.

Finally-its th emembers themselves are to blame for being so meek and gullible and plain stupid. I would not step into CC again in a milliion years. WE as a family have learnt our lesson.The amoutn of disrespect and spiritual abuse that the pastors these days are capable of--is a real cause of concern.

Anonymous said...

To those CC members who are always ready to give whatever these CC pastors asked for themselves. Please read today's Star Newspaper headlines about those charitable sheltered homes who do not have enough financial funds to feed or dress the poor & hungry children. These are the ones that needed your help, NOT these CC pastors who comes asking for your money with all their men created unbiblical offerings like Pastors Love Offerings or Annual gift offerings to pastors, etc, etc. These CC pastors are already well fed with their high salaries & all their special perks & benefits, they are well dressed and driving expensive cars. Please don't be deceived by their sweet & persuasive words asking offerings from you. Read your bible and learn the true biblical giving taught by Jesus Christ & his apostles.

Matthew 25, Verses 35-36: "for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me." Verse 40: And the King will answer them, truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethen, you did it to me.'
You see the Lord also judges us by our service to others. Faith alone without works is dead.

The next time these CC pastors come to you with another of the self created offerings don't be misled by them. If you want to please & obey the Lord, then give your money for some worthy cause and heed to the Lord's true teaching and give your alms to the poor & hungry. You will be blessed. PRAISE THE LORD.

Anonymous said...


Muslims all over the world have one particular difficulty.Before they go for their Haj or Umrah-they have to go and ask forgivenes from all they have offended or wronged. No doubt it is a noble practice.But many struggle with it because the wounds are still festering and the harsh words spoken still linger on as though it just occured yesterday and real forgiveness is well nigh impossible.Especially when the culprits seem indifferent.

The Bible too says much about the need to forgive and it no less easy to forgive someone who has injured us by words,deed or a betrayal of trust.The whole human race still struggles with this injury of the heart.

One other example is the Chinese and the Japanese Goverment- historical enemies and until today the old tension resurfaces in many forms in the form of protests and riots on both sides- torching cars and buildings.

Christians at CC who have been ruffled and have since moved away- as Christmas(I don't believe that Christ was born on this day)approaches,I dont want to say something spiritual to those who may still be struggling within over all that has happened.But what I want to say is this- the people who let you down cannot continue with their connivings because they dont have that opportunity to hurt and abuse anymore.So in that sense we are free from those religious demons.

May the Lords fullest blessings be upon you and your household.May your house be filled with the laughter of your children and your elders.May your finances be blessed to overflow and sufficient.

Let us press on leaving those things which are behind.(Pauls letter to Phillipians)


Anonymous said...

But what I want to say is this- the people who let you down cannot continue with their connivings because they dont have that opportunity to hurt and abuse anymore.So in that sense we are free from those religious demons.
This is just so true.They are able to hurt and abuse bacause they had the opportunity- those big shots within the church.But the good thing is,now since the sheep have moved away- they just dont have the opportunity anymore. And it is unlikely that the sheep will ever return.And they can't beg the sheep for money either- because physically we are absent.That old relationship has been erased and all for the better.

Its a glorious thing to be free again without anyone making me feel guilty with his so called anointed preaching.The AOG quack- be extra careful of him/her.Most of them got issues- real serious of you ask me.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

GODS FAVOUR BE UPON ALL OF YOU FOR 2013.( I am sure glad the world has not ended but sad that the CC saga has not ended in spite of the many explanations from the leadership)

If only the leadership has exercised some humility and accountability when the issues surfaced.

Heaven as strangely quiet this Christmas. So God asked- What aileth thee thAt the sound of music is not heard? The angels just stared at each other. The silence just lingered on.So God asked again "Well?" And one baby angel cried " How can we worship when the new name for CC is called " ICHAQBOD" and the worshippers have been scattered?



Anonymous said...

I remembered many many years ago, my LG leader asked me to donate to Calvary Church's collection for flowers which they changed every week in front of the pulpit. I am just earning enough to stay alive and yet she can asked me to do so. I told her that i have enough of commitment and then only she don't dare to ask anymore. Without her asking me, I DONT EVEN KNOW THAT even for that, THEY ASK FOR A SEPARATE COLLECTION. DAM...the weekly collection, tithes, missions ARE NOT enough to BURDEN THE MEMBERS? YET, YET, NONE OF THE PASTORS OR EVEN STAFF salaries are disclosed to even a so called "Deacon" expect for the ELITE DEACON. JUST IMAGINE, MEMBERS PAYING LIKE A SUCKERS AND THEY CAN'T ASK A SINGLE QUESTION OF HOW THE MONIES ARE BEING USED.



Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at December 31, 2012 12:13 AM

Anonymous said...

I dont think there is any solution to the CC saga.AOG leaders have a certain type of mentality- that they are the leaders and the rest are just laypeople. Those who object have even been interpreted as satans tools.

What is the point of arguing with these foxes and wolves? They will just be indifferent. They will only get excited if some bonus or increment is coming along their way.Their salary is certain- but for many of us it is not certain. It depends whether we can perform on our jobs.

Asking $$ for flowers? The lady probably has no sense of shame. There are still many of them around- its just they have toned down after the CC crisis broke out.

Who cares that your teenage children are growing up and their College education is expensive? All that the AOG wolves is to put up another building. There is some kind of building competion going on out there.I believe it has nothing to do with God. Its just their egos and the dump sheep have to pay the price.

Just look what SP has done.Paying RM100,000 for a Court case? Whose $$ was that? For many of us we can't see that kind of $$$ in an entire lifetime.But what do they care- its not their hard earned money- it came from the sheep.

Its even more doubtful if the sheep are ever going to wake up.In the Middle east even the Muslims are rejecting their leaders and I believe that in the coming election- the rakyat are not going to vote in the same patteren.

God bless you all.

Whisper in the air

Anonymous said...


In their minds, they are the head of the church-but they will never admit it. Some of them can be really abusive with their with their so called "spiritual authority"

Others have hidden issues concealed within their bosoms.(Of course- they will sing very loudly that" We have the victory in Christ Jesus)

As for me and my house- we will keep a safe distance from these loud mouthed religious demons.

Anonymous said...


I used to be a church worker back then and have since moved on.My church stipend was RM500.My Rev BOSS was always attracted to the rich men in the church and even said "special" prayers for them, accompanied by some powerful prophesies. But the Rev's salary was always shrouded in secrecy from the members.His was a 1 mans show.The RUCKUS started one day when a businessman asked for the church accounts to be made public. That was when the timid church members had a chance to see the real side of that AOG monkey.

You see- The AOG Rev. Monkey flatly refused. The truth was- his salary was RM15,000!! Christmas time 2 months bonus.He has traveleld everywhere.And Guess where the money came from from? The monkey is extremely charismatic and can shout down any and every opposition.

This is what the AOG system is.They put up a nice church front and then quietly fleece its coffers.They have a shouting ability and have a Rev title although that title is nowhere found in the entire NT.

I am not surprised at what God has exposed at CC.It has happened in the OT temple too.Human nature has not changed one little bit.

Those of you who have been hurt and feel betrayed by these monkeys operating in the system. There is little you can do.Just move on but remember the lesson.

Leve them alone. They are blind guides to the blind.- Jesus

Anonymous said...

FROm ex- Calvarites

Christmas 2012 we did a new thing.We pooled all out $$$ and went to the Phillipines- squatter area.There are so many people there who live in sheds.We are very rich compared to them.The people welcomed as and there were so many children running around.

I realized that all these years we gave away so much money to a worldly cause- a so called Church.Its no secret now that many Christians today are in debts and that includes the churches.

Why build a massive church when there are so many homeless people out there? Have we no heart for the have nots? We also saw people scavenging for food among the rubblish they collected from the KFC!!

The AOG Pastors we see in the pulpit today- he is there for a reason- and that is to collect your money.To get you committed- he will claim that God told him to build a mega church and will get your financil commitment.

We will be visiting the Jakarta sqatters after CHN.To buy food and clothes for those people- we all came away with our hearts full and our spirits grateful for all GHod has given us.

Do not be deceived-move away from churches who always ask for money.Lay up your treasures in heaven.I feel so free since I moved away from CC.No more requests for more $$$.What a blessing it is!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone enlighten us what has happened to the CC saga? Is the building still progressing. Is there transparency in the accounts now?I am an Ex- Calvariteand have lost touch with everything.Howver I was hoping that the leadership would pack their bags and leave considering what has already taken place.

Anonymous said...

I had the following conversation with a so called Rev last year.I just dropped by for a few times and I went to say helloto the pastor.

Rev-Welcome. Which church are you from?
Me- No particular church.
Rev- Where do you tithe? ( Ahem!! I thought he would ask me to come for Bible studies)
Me- Is that a teaching in the NT?
Rev- You dont believe in tithing?
Me- I dont.Maybe you can show me verse in the NT?
Rev-How do you expect a church to survive if there is no tithing?

Rev- Rev,do you care if I SURVIVE OR NOT?

The look on his face said it all.Of course I was not welcome there anymore.

I tell you its all about the $$$ these days.I wont be deceived by his aura of "holiness"-beneath that exterior was another modern day Pharisee- ANOTHER WAN SEK PASTOR.

Anonymous said...

The following is a description of my last AOG Pastor.
Absolutely lazy with no sense of initiative. No hospital visitation or tracting.Spends lots of time at the tea stalls in empty conversation.Very opiniated about smoking and drinking. (Strangely he has never preached against gambling.There were quite a few gambling freaks in that church)Spends lots of thiem with the youth talking like a knowledgeable academic. Everybody kknows he has got a Diploma in Theology but since last year he managed to get a Dr.Rev Title.Now his name card carries that title.This joker belongs in a circus.

Quick to believe any bad news. Known for his petty quarrels with other Pastors.Sometimes I wonder what these people are doing inside a church.The church salary- I suppose?

Anonymous said...

The damage that PG did is so damaging, it cannot be reversed.

Anonymous said...


As of yesterday 9.pm the above incident has been viewed by more than 800,000 viewers on You Tube.For the ignoramus among us,the incident concerns a 2nd year law student at a University who was humiliated before a crowd of more than 2,000 students- all for asking about free education and the right to a peaceful assembly.
The Speaker just removed the mike and said " If you compare Malaysia to other countries- what are you doing here?"Briefly stated- " if you don't like it here- then get out . This has been the typical UMNO slant a long time now.

But what I want to say is this.The crowd maybe different from a CC meeting but the spirit at CC is the same.Switching off microphones when someone is talking,ordering people to sit down,speaking down at people and axing those who disagree.Indeed it is is a shameful state of affairs to say the least.

The question is- why do AOG Rev's still hang around when it is plainly evident that they have lost their integrity? Considering what has been written on this blog-a Japanese would have gone home and committed Harakiri. But not so the AOG Rev.

These are the thick skinned among us.For them it is not dishonorable to stay.After all they built the church!!!( by using whose $$$)

I do not this brood of vipers are ever going to change.It's in their blood.Maybe I am a proud Christian.A Company I worked for once issued a Show Cause Letter to me relating to $$$. After 2 weeks when it was found that another staff was convicted- I threw in my resignation letter- even though they wanted to give me compensation of RM10,000.

What what I see here- SP and AOG pastors don't seem to be bothered about their honor.There's a disease in the house.

Former AOG supporter.,

Anonymous said...

I passed by the CCC last week and it seemed that it is now 'completed' with gates and barriers. It looks grand and modern but unfortunately, I don't see anything that is related to God (except the word 'Calvary').

What is the real/proper usage of CCC remains a mystery and what's more important is the repayment of bank loans for the completion of CCC. I think it hurts a lot of Christians out there that such scheme is used to lure those who are rich to contribute to CCC.

How are we going to tell the non-believers that Jesus is not about $$$? How are we going to rectify the problems that were created by Calvary Church and other AoG churches? The world is getting worse by the day. People are being more selfish by the population and generations. Politicians are getting more corrupt with no help whatsoever from those who claim that they are Christians. Just look at the Lynas issue: Peter Chin didn't do a thing to ensure that Lynas is wipe out but to be a yes-man to his worldly boss.

Sometimes, I think we can just hope that Jesus would come soonest possible to make all things right.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at January 21, 2013 at 2:04 PM

Anonymous said...

So finally the Grand CCC is nearing completion. To me- this is a monument to an AOG ego. Now cometh the repament of debts, trying to invite the rich and the powerful- in simple language - those who have the $$$ and are guilible enough to fall for SP's con/

The adamence and stupidity of it all. These AOG REV's must be kept in check and be placed under a Board- not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

After years of trying (in your own strength) to stop the corruption in the church... what is the outcome?

CCC is almost complete, the pastors are still up to their blood sucking ethics, the church member are still blindly giving, giving, giving to fulfil the satisfaction of one man's (supposedly from God) vision.

Now with the completion insight... reality will sink in when repayments starts.

Anonymous said...

There is totally nothing grand about CCC an AOG institution not called a church but a 'convention centre', so how can these shameful CC pastors said its for the glory of God. They just want to impress the world and claimed glory for themselves, for God knows better for He knew the hearts of men. Who cares how magnificient CCC looks, certainly not God. Can you make God happy by showing Him its impressive modern structure(a freemason design)? Show it to the poor & hungry and they would just stare at you unimpressed, for their hearts are only looking for someone who cares & love them enough to feed & clothed them. This will make their hearts glad and see the love of Christ for them, not your so called dumb "grand CCC". Do you know with all the wasted millions you build CCC, you could feed & clothed thousands if not millions of the poor & hungry in this world. This would make God glad. If you CC pastors cannot understand this spiritual truth taught by Jesus Christ, then the love of God is not in you & you do not truly love God as you claimed. You simply do not understand the biblical teaching of 'LOVE ONE ANOTHER' as taught in the Epistle John 1,2 & 3. Have you showed 'love of God in you' for the flock in your care when you commited spiritual abuse by your suppression, oppression of members and deny them their rights of justice? You claimed to serve God, but where is your conscience of right & wrong that God instill upon the hearts of each one of us???

Anonymous said...

For the opening ceremony of the newly completed CCC, SP and stale & conniving crew should invite Dr Lum and those whom he axed to the church.

So was it worth it for him?Of Course.You see - God "told" him to axe the 400.And SP literally bull dozed his way through the opposition, including a Court Case - all paid for by its members money (RM100,000)- and can still stand as a respected and admired AOG by the other AOG bad hats and vultures.

I believe other AOG Pastors have learnt the lesson because SP has set a precedent. Now if any other AOG Pastor is sued- it is no big issue.The shameless so called Executive Brethren would have to think twice before stepping into another AOG which has problems.

To all AOG sheep who still sit under an AOG Rev's ministry - if he is highhanded and refuses to be transparent, don't waste your time and money in that particular church.MOVE ON. Don't try to change the leopards spots. It cannot be done.

God bless Dr. Lum and all those who dared to stand up for the truth against this Rogue Pastor. Syabas.

( Another AOG Rev has successfully dragged the whole church into debt and the money appeal is just going to get worse.Well done SP- well done indeed!!!)

Anonymous said...

It is absoulutely disgusting and most degrading that CC pastors & BOD in the name of raising funds can resort to do trade in God's sanctuary by selling seats to members to made a profit. Do they think God would approve such an act? Is this His will? God had warned us against any buying or selling in His temple. Have you not read that the Lord had chased & turned the tables of those doing trade in His temple. Said Jesus "My House shall be a house of prayer, but you have make it into a den of robbers (proffesional CC beggars). There seems to be no limit as CC pastors are able to do just about anything to raise funds; they might as well wear masks and go rob a bank. Brothers & sisters think before you do something that is against the will of God. Can you imagine our loving Father in Heaven would require His children to pay for a seat in His Sanctuary. Surely He is against such an act. CC pastors & BOD are desperate for money to save CCC, they do not care a bit for your financial welfare as they only want your money.

As I see them glory in themselves over the completion of CCC, they never realised that God who is not after any mega project and is not at all impressed or delighted over CCC as CCC was never HIs call to build. Learn a lesson from scripture Luke 21: v5-6.

CC is under a great religious deception and especially CCC being designed by a freemason with a freemasonary logo which is satanic on the building, there is an essence of evil hovering over CCC.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from an axed member

As I look back, I am thankful what PG meant for bad turned out to be good for me......possibly he thot it will put me to shame because churches do not normally expel a member unless he commits a grave sin and after counselling and all that it is of no effect, then maybe exercise the last straw (which in CC case, it is without reason other than we wanted to pursue truthful financial figures). When I shared with my present pastor why I was axed, I was told that all Christians must account for things they do and it is perfectly ok to pursue truth.

For those who are still loyal to PG or CC, they should ask for figures - how much is collected for CC, how much has been spent and how much more must be needed both to finish and to maintain CC. At least members should know the truth. If at this time PG &
his cronies still hide hide - then ask yourself - it is Christian of me to continue to blindly follow leaders who chose to withhold truth?

He sets an example of how a good shepherd should be.......
Is PG worthy to be called a shepherd>>>>>>

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at March 5, 2013 at 2:25 AM


Jeremiah prophesied that all shepherds who refuse to seek God in prayer will
"For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the Lord:
therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered"
(Jeremiah 10:21).

The scene Jeremiah described is exactly what we are seeing today in the church.
Many shepherds have become lazy and neglectful. They see their calling as only a
job—a paycheck.
They lean on the arm of their flesh instead of seeking to know God's heart through prayer.
They have lost all power to feed and keep the sheep
in order, and the sheep are being scattered.

The unity that once kept churches strong is now being broken up.
Jeremiah said of his day:
"My tabernacle is spoiled, and all my cords are broken; my children are gone forth of me, and they are not: there is none to stretch forth my tent
any more, and to set up my curtains" (10:20).

The cords he spoke of, the binding power of God that kept unity among the people, had been obliterated.
The flock was scattered and there was such uncleanness among the priesthood, no
one dared go near the holy things of God.
No priest was worthy to touch the holy curtains.

Posted in Calvary Today on March 11, 2013 at 12:17 PM

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be surprised if CC starts selling toilet seats for the glory of god as the new CCC would have many toilet seats,I suppose.Its high time that SP should go for counselling.

Anonymous said...

The scene Jeremiah described is exactly what we are seeing today in the church.
Many shepherds have become lazy and neglectful. They see their calling as only a
job—a paycheck.
The above comment is only partly true. They are also extremely abusive if you dare cross their path. Most of them are not the academic sort- yet many of them are crowned with either a "Rev" title or Dr title or worse still a Dr.Rev title.( facade to hide their insecurity? )

Just look what SP has done. Never mind what he explains- he is just throwing more dust in the sheep's eyes. Money, power, status had gone into his head. And that goes to many other AOG so called "Reverends" The fact that they have hurt and wounded others is of no consequence to them-They must build their personal Tower of Babel at all costs- and anyone who dares stand in their way just gets booted out.And they justify their acts by quoting Scriptures from the Bible!!! They must be thinking that all sheep are plain stupid.

This blog has opened the eyes of many. One AOG Rev said that this blog is the work of the devil. Is that so?? Here is another AOG REV monkey trying to play the moral card. What about those who were chased out of church - just for asking transparency in money matters?

The spirit of leadership today is just so pathetic. Back in the early 80's Wednesday Bible study was just so popular. What is the condition today? You would be surprised if 3 or 4 turned up!!!

God Bless You all. Bloggers - thank you all!!

Anonymous said...

PG has invited his good friend David Cho the senior pastor emeritus of Yoido Full Gospel Church to officiate and speak during the dedication service of CCC in August on the evening before the conference.

David Cho is mired in controversy over the financial scandals in the church. It is reported in the media news that "The Seoul Central prosecutors' Office last week said it was investigating allegations that David Cho had evaded about 6 million won in gift taxes and inflicted a more than 15 million won loss on the church through inappropriate stock investment with church funds."

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even in the church!

Anonymous said...

The Hankyoreh (A Korean daily newspaper) on March 15, reports that: "Yoido Full Gospel Church has suspended or expelled 28 elders for not withdrawing legal accusations against senior pastor David Yonggi Cho, 77.

The punishments are a form of retaliation for blowing the whistle on alleged misdeeds by Cho and his son Hee-jun."

This is obvious that even though Cho is no longer the senior pastor in YFGC, he still has great influence on the church and its committee.

Can you see the similarity in Korea and Malaysia???

Anonymous said...

For many years, Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam (PG) has boasted to the world that Calvary Church has given away millions of ringgit to Missions and Evangelism every year.

SP is one of the biggest liars in Pentecostal history- there is enough evidence pointing towards that fact.The cat is out of the bag now.So much of the sheeps $$$ being quietly fleeced over the years.SP- THE PREMIER CON MAN OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD. PERIOD.

These AOG vipers are just good for quoting Bible verses and throwing their weight around and to wait for their pay checks. Better to sell yau char kueh and earn an honest days $$$ than to wallow in this PENTECOSTAL CRAP.

Anonymous said...

The behaviour of CC pastors & BOD had degraded into such canality that they can be described as crazy. They are so overcome by money that they created all forms of money schemes and laid the burden of giving upon the congregants. The latest scheme being "choosing & buying" your favourite seats in the sanctuary which I am sure God never intended any of his churches to descend into. By this act, they have shamed the name of Christ & dishonoured God.

CC members, as christians we are always in a spiritual battle, and if indeed you are, you must be alert and able to recognize the devil in his many guises. This is what is happening in Calvary church. Under the guise of religion, they enslaved you with all forms of giving telling the money you gave, you gave to God. Thats not true biblical teaching. Thats another lie of the devil to put you into financial slavery. Listen, GOD gave us FREEDOM of worship. He sets us free not to enslave us. But inspite of Him protecting you all from harm by unscrupulous leaders, you allow yourselves to be subjected to their authority & followed whatever they tell you to do without you questioning them. CC is a canal church ruled by the hands of these group of men/women who followed according to their own passions and human reasoning rather than God. Which would you choose, FREEDOM IN GOD or be a slave to them?

Anonymous said...

Despite how much PG's sin and wicked motive is exposed, the blind supporters remain being supportive and continue contribute to his greedy vision. All these just because they fear of having no church to go. Afterall, PG's disciples are many among AOG churches. They are not hesitate to preach against any who against PG. And with CCC, his influence is even bigger. Just like the past where building is built to gain control and influence over others, so are today.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at March 30, 2013 at 12:57 AM

Joey Dusanjh said...

But so much water has gone under the bridge.The CCC has now been completed and a very successful Easter Presentation held there has been concluded.It is really time to forgive and forget and even give prayerful support for our brothers and sisters who wish to be a part of the CCC Congregation.Please try and watch the History Channel's Miniseries ' The Bible 'There is so much to learn afresh from this epic.
God Bless

Posted by Joey Dusanjh to Calvary Today at April 2, 2013 at 1:36 AM

Anonymous said...

Hi Bloggers,
Below is an interesting link which may be of interest to you concerning churches building expensive building and justification for doing so.
First Baptist Church, Dallas in US built and completed a $130 millions church campus and commissioning the use on Easter day same time as CCC.
Happy reading and reflection.


Anonymous said...

To Blogger of 5th April 12.30pm concerning churches building expensive building.

I have read the link and I do not find them convincing for they reflect nothing or proved anything at all. This Jarred Moore (a pastor) is trying to put guilt on others to justify his support for mega church buildings that cost multi millions $$ and can even see it justified for pastors to grow wealthy and live lavishly, all on congregants' hard earned money. Pastors must live a modest life to impact on others. They cannot seen to be rich, but to live their life serving others for Christ and not living to serve self.

There is simply no justification in this writer's comments on his support for mega church building.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blogger of April 11 8.17pm,

There is no right or wrong in this issue. I do not think he is putting guilt to anybody. What he is saying is sometimes true before we start to judge others on stewardship. Your thinking is the same as some of them who comment on this post. I re-post what this Pastor is saying as below for your self evaluation again.

My main point is simply to say that you and I tend to be more critical of the stewardship of others than we do of our own stewardship. We justify our spending habits while judging the spending habits of others. We often hold others to a higher standard than we hold ourselves.

Returning to the title of this article, “Is 130 Million Dollars Too Much To Spend on a Church Building?” Not being familiar enough with the situation, I cannot judge First Baptist Dallas from a distance. I, however, can judge my own checkbook and spending habits. I need better stewardship in my own life, before I throw stones from a distance, I hope to become a better steward of the resources God has given me. I can’t do a single thing about First Baptist Dallas, but I can correct Jared Moore.


Seems like the CCC completed and the Easter Presentation 2013 was a success. The very first service at this completed CCC was held on Easter Sunday. Last Sunday pastor SK very proudly announced the special collection for CCC on Easter Sunday was RM300,000 (I hope I got the figure right).
Until today was the actual cost of CCC made known to the congregation? I don’t attend CC every Sunday so I don’t know. Can anybody enlighten readers of this blog on the actual cost up to now? And also how much has CC borrowed from the banks? SK, SP and also other pastors appealed to the members to give as God bless and lead them so that CCC will soon be debt-free.
Sometime in the middle of last year the pastors urged the members to give more otherwise CC will have to borrow more and pay interest exceeding RM100,000.00 every month. I am not surprise if CC is already heavily in debts to the banks.
Will all the special collections plus all the other types of collections be able to cover the monthly interests and maintenance of CCC? I think SP, SK, RY, PO and all the other pastors and BOD must be desperate? Otherwise why is it at EVERY ONE OF THE FIVE SERVICES held at CCC so far ( three Easter presentations, Easter Sunday and last Sunday morning worship) THERE IS THIS APPEAL FOR MONEY FOR CCC. That’s right at EVERY of these occasions there was this MONEY APPEAL.
Here are some recent quotes from pastors’ sermons
“CCC is your priority!! Now give your money! CCC needs it”…..SP at DH in march 2013
“You come to CCC you lose all your money!”…..said SP jokingly at CCC last week and then he added seriously “You don’t know how to give!”
By the way did anyone notice that there is a special row/set of seats for the pastors in front? Similarly in DH there were also special seats set aside. But at least the seats at DH were of same material. Those at CCC look more plush and of different quality. Don’t really know, I didn’t sit on them. I am so glad that everyone at Cheras church sat on the same type of chairs. Brownie points for you pastor PO.
Just visit any convention centres { eg. PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Center) }and halls and see how many have seats specially made and installed for their top management. None. Yes they will set them up as and when the occasions arise. I leave it to the readers of this blog as to the implications of this arrangement.
Yes, CCC is world class (as so labeled in the article that appeared in the Sun couple of weeks back)
World class? Anyone gentleman experienced a mini flush using the men’s facilities?? Not to mention the too powerful jets of water from the auto taps. Oh yes, any driver notice the quality of the tyre blocks coming loose (plastic?) at the car park??
As for those attending CC at CCC please exercise wisdom as the MONEY APPEAL WILL CONTINUE ON AND ON AND ON…..


Anonymous said...

How much is the IWK bill per month for CCC ?
You will shivers in disbelief ! Will the remaining die-hard CC members be drained dry financially to quench to pay & satisfy the CC materialistic needs ?

Anonymous said...

When the warranty period is over, the maintenance cost for CCC will be whopping sum.

Even today, you can some weaknesses. If you come from the KL-Seremban way, while waiting at the traffic lights, you will see that discoloration on the wall panels has started. How will the building look in two or three years' time?

The tyre blocks installed at the car park may be of inferior quality. The pair that I saw was breaking up.

The quality of workmanship is also questionable. In the toilets, I found that three bidet holders are already detached from the wall.

There were also puddles of water in the carpark. Is the carpark prone to flooding?

PG said on Sunday that they are aware of the problems in the new building. Many more problems will surface.

On Sunday, the number of people there would not fill a third of the sanctuary with many empty seats at the lower galleries. It is so disgraceful that some ushers in one way or another reserve seats for either their relatives or friends! The chief usher must ensure that this practice be stopped immediately. You can have labels like "For Ushers', "For The Elderly" or Parents with Young Children". During the Easter presentation, I had seen seats with printed labels "Reserved for so-and-so". The occupants were neither elderly nor handicapped. Some even left before the show was over! Isn't this an abuse of power? Let's be fair and do not turn the sanctuary into a wayang gambar hall.

Anonymous said...

The service is not successful but rather failure. It is never a service to the Lord but to glorify PG only. Shame! Money spent to chase after worldly fame. Like they say world class, not God class.'

Anonymous said...

To Blogger at 12th April, 1.12pm.

Friend, actually this is not about stewardship, yours or mine. Whether Jarred Moore is not wrong or right is immaterial. The subject matter here is whether there are any justfication in these mega church buildings especially the money used to built are peoples' money. You said from a distance you would not simply judged them wrong as you do not know their situation. I have read enough of these mega church building and whatever reasons or needs they gave are all unjustified. As it would be too long to go into details to prove my point, I suggest you log into website and read this article on the $130,000,000 FBC in Dallas. THE(POTENTIAL) PROBLEMS WITH CHURCH BUILDINGS by Ken Eastburn. See if what the pastor of FBC quote is justified.

Thats why we need not come close to them to try to know their situation, for from a distance you already will know. They are all the same. I say this in the light of scripture for thats where we find the truth.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Bible that says putting up mega church building is building the Kingdom of God?
The false preachers of CC had misinterpreted Bible & misled the congregations into thinking that their giving for CCC is building God's Kingdom. The truth is Kingdom needs no building or temple, because it has found its home in the hearts of Christ's believers, that the Kingdom is inside of us.( Luke 17: 20-21)

SP & his pastors are copying the western preachers thinking of being big is a symbol of glory & prestige. However many have fell into bankrupties and building standing idle & empty.
They prayed & fast for God's attention, but God is silent to their cry; why is not God helping them?? Because they are building their own "kingdom" not God's Kingdom. There is quote that says, WHEN YOU DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, HE WILL STEP ON YOUR FEET. Thats what is happening in the world of mega churches. And most likely, CCC will fall like them. They are in bondage now and the poor ignorant congregants are been pressured by them that in the name of God they must continue giving their money to save the "kingdom of god', CCC. What a SHAME CC pastors!

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today 2 at April 20, 2013 at 4:38 PM

Anonymous said...

I understand from a voting member that one of the agendas on their coming AGM involves

ALLOW PG TO SIGN RM 2 Million dollar cheque without having to ask members for permission.

Does it not affirm Calvary Today's topic IS PG PLANNING HIS

Why is he wanting to sign RM2 Million cheque (how many times?????)
Remember the last time he signed for his CLM through missions?

This guy is REALLY SLY.......members should block him.....otherwise he
will take away all the funds.......those of us who dared are no longer there
to speak for you because he threw us out..... WISE UP Lah

axed mber

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at April 21, 2013 at 4:06 PM

Anonymous said...

Now that CCC is completed and services are conducted there, PG is riding high.

He is seizing this opportunity to regain some of his old habits such as handling the members money in any way he thinks fit. And if the proposal to authorize him to sign RM@ mil cheques is true and passed, he will be able to do a lot of wheeling and dealings and members will none the wiser. Where is the check-and-balance? Who will he be accountable to? There will be further erosion of accountability and transparency in CC. As it is, he holds himself above all man and his word is law in the church. Forget about the deacons. They are happy to lick his hand.

Even CEOs cannot sign two million dollars cheques without questions. What more when this money comes from church members.

Anonymous said...

A cult in making. The love of money is the root of all evils. And PG is a big fan of Mammon. Sadly many of our brothers and sisters are still blind to see his true color, greater awareness is needed. A bersih move id needed.

Keen said...

hi everyone,

thank you for your continual comments that are keeping me updated. i left calvary about 5 years back.

i would love to see the CT administrator have more updates to the status/situation in calvary.

Please keep it up.

Posted by Keen to Calvary Today at April 23, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Anonymous said...

The pastors of CC are using the Calvary News Magazines to promote their image after their spiritual unrighteusness and abuse of church members are exposed. The articles & sermons they wrote are just a facade of righteousness to hide their true characters. In the May issue, pastor Carol Lim so heaped praises on PG like the book which he authored entitled "Love Wins" which PG dedicated & give a copy to members. This man had failed to practise and show love & compassion for others when he axed & sacked some 400 members, and also denied justice to a sister the right to speak and cruelly instructed 2 of his pastors to physically forced the sister from the stage.
No heart or compassion for this sister. Asked yourself pastor Carol Lim & those who so 'adored' this man, how can such a person be qualified to write a book on loving others as Christ loved us when he so wickedly committed such ungodly acts? In all honesty in your heart, do you think God would do such a thing to His children. I suggest you and your fellow pastors and others who are so fond of PG to take a closer on yourself & ponder Jesus on the cross for He truly represents true love and hopefully you people would be able to learn & understand what this LOVE OF GOD means.

Because of injustices committed against members, church lacking accountability & transparency, suspected corruption & mismanaging of funds had caused many members to leave CC, and yet you can wrote on the Calvary News magazine that CC is a 'soul winning church'. How can that be when many souls had left CC? Honestly, you all truly needs some 'soul searching' in your hearts before you can truly serve God. I doubt anyone of you would be willing enough to be humble & meek to seek and asked God to search your hearts to know His truth & righteousnes. We all needed to do this sometimes so that we do not lose our path to His righteousness and His Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

In the May issue, pastor Carol Lim so heaped praises on PG like the book which he authored entitled "Love Wins" which PG dedicated & give a copy to members. This man had failed to practise and show love & compassion for others when he axed & sacked some 400 members, and also denied justice to a sister the right to speak and cruelly instructed 2 of his pastors to physically forced the sister from the stage.


Since you are so ignorant, let us suggest a few things SP ought to be doing instead of him wrting a book and you putting him high on a pedestal again.

1. Have you contacted Dr.Lum? What evil has he done besides calling for transparecny?
2. Has SP declared all his assets? What is is salary like.
3. Where are the 400 sacked sheep? Love initiates the reconciliation..not like SP and you waiting in an air conditioned office for the others to come back!!!I am getting angry at writing this!!


Anonymous said...

The pastors of CC are using the Calvary News Magazines to promote their image after their spiritual unrighteusness and abuse of church members are exposed
Of course these days its all about their promotion- their image and the larger the congregation the more successful you are perceived to be.

These sick AOG leopards can never change their spots. Most of them are just there for the $$$ and the glory.I dont see any love or compassion for the wounded.Its all about themselves.Sure they look humble enough- but if yoiu dare cross their paths--out cometh the AOG AXE!!! These are the Wan Sek Pastors who dont have any sense of shame. Just look at What SP has done= RM100,000 for a Court Case and it comes from the church!!! AND THIS UNREPENTENT SNAKE WRITEs A BOOK ON LOVE WINS!!! AND GETS COMMENDED FOR IT@!@@ THERE IS A DIsEaSE IN THE AOG HOUSE.


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