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NECF mocks wounded sheep

The above title may appear too strong-worded to some but from the perspective of those faithful ex-Calvary Church members who had been ridiculed, slandered, wrongly accused and sacked by Pastor Prince Guneratnam (PG) at the height of the Calvary Church crisis a few years ago, simply for speaking out against PG’s mismanagement of Church funds and various abuses of power, the title says it all.

During the Church crisis, the Assemblies of God Malaysia as the main governing body of the AG Churches in Malaysia failed miserably despite appeals from the affected Church members for help. Instead of making efforts to resolve the conflict, the AG Malaysia sent two (2) of their heads to discredit and dismiss the Proposed Resolutions put forth by the concerned Church members at a specially convened EGM of Calvary Church.  The governing body of AG Malaysia was just too “chickened” to act against PG who is their General Superintendent Emeritus.

NECF was the only Christian organisation which showed some sympathy to the plight of the wounded and hurt sheep of Calvary Church and even made several attempts to mediate between PG and the members. PG however, rejected the mediation efforts of NECF.  

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During the crisis, NECF even terminated the membership of PG’s personal ministry CIM (Calvary International Ministry) in NECF after discovering some misrepresentation in CIM’s membership application.

NECF took some action even though PG is the advisor for NECF. NECF was a hero to the wounded sheep of Calvary Church then. 

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CIM to be De-Registered by NECF. November 15, 2008

However, today, NECF has made an about turn and appears now to be in full support of PG. NECF has decided that the closing of their annual 40-day fast and prayer for this year will be held at PG’s newly completed Calvary Convention Centre (CCC). The controversial  freemasonic building, built at a massive cost of RM200 million, has today turned the once  cash-rich Calvary Church into the biggest Church debtor in Malaysian banking history.

The selection of the CCC by NECF for this year’s closing rally is certainly ironical. PG, despite being the NECF Advisor for all these years has never supported this fast and prayer programme. He has never publicised this event in Calvary Church throughout the years and he has never attended any of  the closing rallies which have been held yearly.

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Berita Calvary : GDOP 2010 Klang Valley Report. May 26, 2011

The only rationale for this choice of venue has to be PG's overpowering influence over the NECF Board. If this is the reason, then it is sad that our Christian leaders continue to kow-tow to PG despite his wayward ways. One of the main focus of this year’s fast and prayer is for a revival in Malaysia in this Jubilee year. How can a revival come unless we have righteous and holy Christian leaders?

The Bible says, If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. (2 Chronicles 7:14) 

Of course, NECF may argue that the number of wounded sheep involved is only a fraction of the Christian population in Malaysia. Whilst this is true, the Bible also teaches that we ought not to do anything that may cause another brother to stumble.

On a separate note, some well-meaning Pastors, having taking cognisance of the sensitivity of the above matter to the ex-Calvarites as well as the axed-Calvarities, who are now attending their churches, have taken a different approach to address the issue. 

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They have advised their new members to forgive PG and to attend the event.  At least one of them has even suggested that once a project is started in God’s name, we as Christians, ought to protect the good name of the Lord and do what we can to help.  This is a preposterous argument.

There is no need for mortals like us to defend God’s name. God is very capable of defending His name! Throughout history, many big-time pastors and even churches have fallen but God’s kingdom has not shrunk. God will continue to build His kingdom and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. God is not interested in buildings, even the great Temple of Solomon was torn down.

Jesus said, And I tell you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. (NIV)
The Message version elaborates it more clearly, And now I’m going to tell you who you are, really are. You are Peter, a rock. This is the rock on which I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out.”
This clearly tells us that it is Jesus who will build His Church which is made up of people, not of brick and mortar. And it is for His Church, the people, that Jesus died on the Cross to redeem and protect so that we His sheep, His Church will glorify His Wonderful Name.

The Pastors and Church leaders' duty is to feed His sheep and not to build an iconic Church building with bank borrowings. We see this very clearly in the Bible.

John 21:15-17 (NIV)
When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?”
“Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”

Again Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.”

The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”
Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Feed my sheep. 

Jesus builds His Church which is you and I, and by our words and actions, we will glorify Jesus’ Wonderful Name.

Micah 6: 6-8
With what shall I come before the Lord
    and bow down before the exalted God?
Shall I come before him with burnt offerings,
    with calves a year old?

Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams,
    with ten thousand rivers of olive oil?
Shall I offer my firstborn for my transgression,

the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.

 And what does the Lord require of you
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

If it is God's will that a Church building be built, be it a grand iconic one or a simple structured one, He will provide the resources and the funds. There will be no need to borrow. In fact, the Bible discourages people from getting into debt.  If CCC is indeed the vision of God, as PG has claimed, would there be a need to borrow money to fulfill God's vision? God certainly does not need to borrow from man to build His kingdom. He is a debtor to no one.

Therefore, there is no need for Christians to rally together to bail PG out of his debt. 

As an example, if a Pastor or Church leader takes a loan to buy a Porsche or a luxurious bungalow which he cannot afford and when the Bank comes after him because he is unable to pay, should the Church members chip in together to pay off his debt? Surely not! And why not? After all, if the Bank comes to repossess the vehicle or foreclose the property of the Pastor or Church leader, it would surely be a bad testimony to the Christian community. 

Or should you ask him to sell the luxury items off and live within his means?


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed and feel with pride as I read the above article NECF MOCKS WOUNDED SHEEP so well written out by Calvary Today2. Praised God for such spiritual wisdom.

To all the APs and pastors of CC you all need to read it, be preached by it and learned a lesson on biblical truth from this article. Simple folks can understand this spiritual truth, whilst supposed leaders like you all that carried titles like, "Reverends,pastors or church deacons" cannot even understand what the Word of God teaches. How SHAMEFUL!!.

Anonymous said...

From the comments of "Letter from a pastor", he must be a young man who lacked spiritual maturity and experience. Trying to be wise he make himself looked spiritually foolish with comments that lacked spiritual wisdom. This is someone who does not know his bible at all.

the problem with people like you all frm what i read at this blog is a pastor is your pastor only if he agrees with you.
if not then he is a bad pastor.
open your eyes la... as long as there is a group
of people there must be a head. and all must follow the leadership. yes one man. if you dont like that one man then you go to a church that you can fit in.

i realy thought only women gossip but man the poison you all spew is killing.

some advise since you think that necf has conspired and all pastors too....
why not the 400 ppl that left, stop moaning and complaining and start your own church in dsara heights to calvary there is a group of methodists meeting on sunday in one of the bungalows. you guys can do the same what you can do rtott (reverse turn off the tap)

ok i wrote the comment above, this is what i want to say...the piece above proves what i wrote about conspiracy...
when a group doesnt get what it wants it blames complaines and gripes, if still further no help they will resort to conspiracy theories....
brothers when are you going to learn that bad things will happen in this world even in the guys must move on seriously...but i see here u dont want to move on...but are hungering and thirsting for the down fall of pg. this is unscriptural...

i agree with the pastors letter...but as a brother commented well that pastor is a young guy...precisely my point if they dont agree with your thinking then they are bad pastors...please check yourself....there was a time in the bible that saul was killing christians what did the church do? did they plot the downfall of saul NO they prayed for him and tried to stay away from him. then saul became paul and the rest is history.

if you really believe pg is in the wrong you must pray for him and bless him -- and his pastors too...if they have really done all as you claim they will have ccc as their reward but not heaven. but if you whine, complaine , grumble,curse, harbour bitterness, spew vile words about pastors and the church and the aog group ...what are you trying to your eyes please, start your own church 400 guys tithes at approx rm300 each is 400x300= rm120000 mothly -- my god brothers enough money for you to call visiting pastors every week la...
and if you dont want to tithe, offering at rm200 each rm200x400= 80000 per month la. you guys can show calvary the true church that you are talking about then even you friends from calvary might come a join you guys - not only it will teach calvary a lesson on how to treat people but also you guys get to prove your true christianity.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 12, 2013 at 9:48 AM

Anonymous said...

To blogger Sept 12 at 11.37am.

Brother, do you feel better since you don't like to be addressed as 'young man'. You are writing utter nonscense.

It is not about whether you agree with our thinking or we agree with you or others thinking. Its all about spiritual wisdom and biblical truth that God teaches to each one of us in His Word. You mentioned about Paul, well how do you know that nobody prayed for PG and his pastors to come to the right path. It least Paul knew he was wrong and changed, but did PG and his pastors changed. NO. They still insisted they did no wrong when ample proof and evidences say otherwise. My friend about few hundreds left CC not just one or a few. Common sense and logic would tell anyone that something is very wrong and not right. The many comments on this blog are not our grouses, moanings or complaints as you said, but are the expose of CC leadership's mismanagment of funds, abuse of power, spiritual harassment and abuses against members. It was written for others' benefit hoping they would see and know the ungodly acts of CC pastors and not be deceived by them. I admit that we are somewhat angry and feel disgusted( but not condemning them), as it was unthinkable how they of whom some of us knew very well could even commit such spiritual unrighteousness on its members.
400 members was sacked and a sister was deprived the right to speak on stage and was humilated by being physically forced out stage. Is this you called "love thy neighbour as thy self"? This is something Jesus and His apostles would never do.

My friend if after reading and knowing what SP and his pastors had doned and yet you can say "they did no wrong", then something is not right and very wrong with your understanding on the Word of God.

Anonymous said...

This piece abt necf is not true, necf is not taking sides. It making the best of the situation. I believe as I said b4 that the ppl who got hurt should move on. U guys keep talking abt the word of god but can you c its not abt that its abt an organization and every organization has a head and a leader and if you want to be part of that org you got to toe the line period. You start to q why this and why that then you get kicked out of the org then u cry. When the church wants to build u got no say just follow or leave. Why make fuss. Transperency what nonsence that is in a perfect world. In malaysia u tell me friends where got transparency....? I think the mistake begin when u think that every church is god, s church run by him that is a big mistake. The truth is every church is an organization made of falible men . Roman c r fooled into thinking that the pope is infalible and protestants r fooled into thinking that their pastor is god rigth hand man. This is the mistake. So you build up and look up to you pastor but he is just like any man prone to fail and when he does boom you start your complaning. The true church of jesus is an invisible body of millions of people all across the world. Who one day will be raptured to Him.
The way calvary did the whole collection for ccc was so bad they should have just been clear abt it from day one and should have apologised. But they went into defence mode because the leadership was challenged. My plea to you ppl who r hurt forgive and movement on. I didnt say that calvary is right. If they r wrong then bravo they got ccc but they will not get to heaven. And if they r forgiven by god then you need to move on.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 12, 2013 at 5:35 PM

Anonymous said...

Brother who commented on paul.
Dear bro , u miss my point pg did not kill any body, the 400 who did not flow with the vision was axed, how would u react if they killed the 400. God saw saul kill christian jewish fathers and mothers and god did nothin abt it. Then the church prayed and them GOD changed saul by meeting him. You said some prayed for pg then gud , wait 4 god to teach the leadership la. U dont hv to take matters in your own hands. U make police report what happened? You go to necf they sympathic to your plight but now u feel that they r against u.? So where does it end.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 12, 2013 at 5:49 PM

Anonymous said...

I commend your site continuous highlight in this ministry making known the sham of "wolves in sheep clothing". (Matt 7:15)

All are called only few are chosen (Matt 22:14) for this mission of divulging stumbling-blocker and exploited principles within the church sanctuary.

Many shepherd have gone astray from Jesus truth and live in their sheer sinful harden conscious of God luminary abusing and misleading many in that simple disguise of God’s cloth of righteousness. This they have to maintain status quo to nourish their lifestyle and continued existence in worldly affairs. Persevere with this forewarning, firm love, strong faith and persecution in trial and test Jesus gone through same struggle to stage out those unrighteous pastors within the midst. (1 Peter 4:12-14) His principles is truth because we are his disciples (John 8:31) and we always pay attention to Jesus Christ voice a good Shepherd to our soul. (John 10:16)

Since Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam and his band of crony which alongside from many years of leading, mentoring and sustenance this is alarming because evil concept will begat evil principality creeping into the congregation of Christianity. Those thieves and partakers have stolen the right to themselves from God's children in term of contribution and wealth to the Kingdom. Their lifestyle and avarice will no longer be abstaining from those theft and guilt! (Jer. 11:15)

He has forgotten who the Owner and purpose on the congregation that have supported him!

I infer the 'Calvary Convention Center Monument' and the legacy that Prince Guneratnam trying to build towards himself and his extended family creating more offense, transgression and disappointment to those naively participate in this ‘cultist’ ministry. Incurring and lying to this ‘enormous debt’ this has field more alleged reason in monetary contribution, service to God for only the privileges, while poor, destitute and lost are abandon in those midst.

It takes a Christian to prolong in this congregation to be aware of this hoax.

Remember our Lord Jesus Christ has warned (Matt 23) about those "wolves in sheep clothing":
(1) Everything they do is for men to see (v5)
(2) They love title, recognition and honor important seat at market place (v6-7)
(3) Outside their cup and dish are clean but inside full of greed and self-indulgence (v25)
(4) Outside appear righteous but inside are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. (v28)
(5) Even though he denial to such participation but in authenticity murderer mortify to those act of abuse and remorse. (v31)
(6) When God sent wise and reliable people to warn and tell them of their wrongdoing they "psychologically kill and persecute" those Christians. They shed those righteous "testimony and blood" of those Christians between the sanctuary and altar of God. (v34-35)
(7) Because of that 'iniquity' the pastor committed; his house (and assembly) will be left desolate and empty. (v38)

This is what happening!

Continue this discerning ministry, lauding out the truth of Jesus protecting against shepherd that have err and going towards destruction!

The Church Observer

Anonymous said...

NECF is just towing the line. After all they are dealing with a Tan Sri.Orang itu ada pangkat.Just recently NECF head preached at FGA on "madman's anointing"( No joke) Lookslike he has the got the same anointing.

CC has become a test case for all abusive Pastors. Now they are tryingto heal the wounds by using empty words.

One blogger is way off track. I am not thirsting for PG's downfall.TO ME HAS FALLEN A LONG TIME AGO. The rest of you are just trying to help cover up his trail of slime.And NECF has decide to join in to "help" cover up the Pentecostal Crap.

I feel so relieved after leaving CC.My $$$ only goes to orphanages.

Anonymous said...

Some shepherd has forgotten land-dwelling and responsibility given to them is lease pending the Landowner return. So does our shepherding commission towards the Kingdom of God. We have forgotten that we are rent out on charter from God to meet and take care after his great acreage (Home or Church). (Matt 20:1, 21:40)

Yes those shepherds were hired and labored for the Lord began to feel perturbed and dismayed toward their hardworking and many years commitment they still get a denarius out from wages by the Owner. (Matt 20:8-9) When the Owner was absent on a long journey the occupant shepherds hired saw the blossom of fruits harvest from the land they gluttony and think up ways to maintain this possession for them. They knew should the owner come back they only get each a denarius from their wages. Because of their acquisitiveness and materialism in the riches of the gain they design evil scheme and wicked ways to possess and lust after that estate.

When the Owner knows from a distance His land begun to flourish in his plenty He wanted to share it with all his beloved acquaintance and servant of his household. He sent His attendant to collect and enjoy the fruit of His soil. Unfortunately the hired shepherds of the land has evil plot to take over the property and start to ‘seize abuse and kill’ in callous heart to secure control to reclaim the plot of property possession. The Owner sent many Christians to warn and advice them about Owner truthful and righteous intention sharing the heritage privilege equally toward his household and kin but was unfortunately snub, thrash, afflict and maltreat shamefully. Those who continuously heed the instruction and voice of the Owner were being severely ill-treated. Even the Owner son and children has not being spare from that nobility and confiscation. The treatment remains the same until possession taken. Finally they stole the title deed of the Owner and decree over inheritance from his children estate. (Matt 21:34-39)

In finale the ‘cornerstone’ that the builders rejected has become a ‘capstone’. The living Christians (children of God) have been rejected sacrificed and become lest importance to the lifeless building Calvary Convention Center that was erected to emphasize His glory and triumph. (1 Peter 2:5-7)

This should not happen at the sacrifice of a single soul to reach out to mass of lost. Jesus would retaliate! (Matt 18:13)

What do you think The Trinitarian Owner will execute and endorse to those hired shepherd not only ‘stolen his tenancy, possession and killed his inheritance?’ (Matt 21:40)

So sad!

“A stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall.” They stumble because they disobey the message—which is also what they were destined for. – 1 Peter 2:8 NIV

The Church Observer

Anonymous said...

Before pointing fingers against NECF, why not go and clarify with them for using this venue. They may have good reasons for using CCC, for example no need of authority permit to hold such a big gathering, saving cost for NECF. After all, it is just a venue and using CCC does not mean siding PG or Calvary church.

- Outsider's opinion -

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous Sep 13 11:35AM

I feel so relieved after leaving CC.My $$$ only goes to orphanages.

M proud of you. Keep it up. Jesus is smiling.

james said...

To all the wise brothers and sisters in this blog. Please present actual facts before accusing and commenting......Be a vessel of God rather than the enemies

God Bless


Posted by james to Calvary Today at September 13, 2013 at 1:49 PM

Anonymous said...


toilets cannot flush, door knobs missing, air conditioning switched off (or maybe malfunction) 1/2 way through service.

Hey 250 Million building can be like this man????
Short-changed or money went to someone else's pocket.....

Good luck

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 14, 2013 at 12:13 AM

Anonymous said...

CCC - Cannot flush toilets, malfunctioning aircon and stolen door knobs??? House of God has been vandalised even before all debts are paid. LOL.

I thought the CC preached a God of Plenty, instead a God of Thieves and Debts hv emerged. LOL again.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

The event is not even on Calvary Church's website. Do you really think the SP is supporting this because he cares and shares with the rest of the churches concerning the welfare and state of our nation? Do you think he is spiritually engaged in the Prayer & Fasting effort? Think again! Allowing the event to be held at CCC is not so much to demonstrate that Calvary Church is now supporting and co-operating with the efforts of the churches (it never has and from what's happening will never be so as long as the present SP is in power) but rather for the personal agenda of the SP. How sad!

Anonymous said...

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 12, 2013 at 5:49 PM ( September 13, 2013 at 10:56 AM )

" U make police report what happened? "

There is NO TIME BAR for a Criminal Breach of Trust Offence under the PENAL CODE ! A Warrant of Arrest can still be issued for the next 7 lean years and many more years beyond !

Try to read the CHARITY ACT under Singapore Law and understand why it was different from the Trustee Act 1949 (Revised 1978) of Malaysia !

If PG escape to US he can still be extradited back to Malaysia for Trial !

How many of you believe PG was and is still sleeping soundly every night ever since 2006 !

Please DO NOT put GOD to the TEST using secular Timing !

Continue to FAST and PRAY for the SPIRIT of DISCERNMENT as we read and comment on this BLOG !

Be of Good Cheer to ALL Believers of CHRIST RESURRECTION !

Anonymous said...

THe debt is only a byproduct of bad stewardship. What is more terrible is the core principle of the pastors that orientated at Mammon - worldly wealth, pleasure, fame and power. Such has to be speak against no matter what.
The letter from NECF show that they are no different. Any true Christian will speak against PG corruptions, but NECF is full of PG 's cronies.
It is not how others see, it is more so about what really is - that many pastors in our nation nowadays are corrupt,and PG is the chief in such.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 15, 2013 at 7:17 PM

Anonymous said...

NECF is not neutral in their letter, but clearly sided on PG despite they know well of his corruptions.
NECF said when one part of the body hurt, the whole body hurt. It refers to the huge debt. The body referred is not the body of Christ but PG's cronies.
When 400 sacked, dr lum sacked, LG demolished,many christians hurted by PG abusive acts, what NECF writes? Nothing. Where is the rest of the so called body?
NECF is so hypocrite!!

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 15, 2013 at 7:27 PM

Anonymous said...

if you really believe pg is in the wrong you must pray for him and bless him -- and his pastors too

If this had happened in a secular setting,the person whould have been given the boots
(PLURAL) after the 1st Directors meeting.

But since this is a church setting, we were the ones who were given the boot for asking questions.
(the air con was working at CC, they switched it off as the bill could be enormous.)


Anonymous said...

Since CC's preaches abundance, why need to switch off the air-con???

Doesn't make sense does it?

Where is the abundance?

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

Can someone comment as to what happened during the prayer rally?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can.

God did not respond to the coercion (threats) issued by PG to the Sheeps for more $$$. Hence, CCC is still drowning in debt.

When the Electricity tariffs increase after Budget 2014, we can expect the air-cons to be shut off completely. Then PG will issue new warnings as to how hot Hell can be for those who do not contribute to God's cause. Make them sit in the heat to feel the suffering. Scare tactics.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

To all AOG Pastors out there. Why are you sitting silently in the shadows? Don't you have a voice or a conscience? If a small time Pastor had been sued in Court, these so called AOG Rev's voice will heard loud.

Pastors these days- just sit around to collect their pay checks & to write stupid letters on this blog.Only thing- they talk tough inside their own church.


Anonymous said...



WHEN A CHURCH OWES A LOT OF MONEY TO PAGAN BANKS--& EVERY PRAYER LIFTED TO GOD IS ASKING GOD FOR MORE MONEY-..... I have grave and serious doubts whether AOG churches represent Gods interest anymore.Christianity in many churches has become another pagan religion.

It happened in Israel- and it has happened here AGAIN right before our very eyes.It seems satan has a foothold in many churches./

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Sep 19 2013 1:06 PM.

You are right when you said "... But we have stopped praying for him.Because he is beyond prayer right now."

Not only is he beyond help but he has virtually sealed his place in Hell.

I expect CCC to get even hotter now as the air-cons will stop working indefinitely as it will mirror the conditions in Hell for those members who did not contribute enough to get CC out of debt.

I once had an acquaintance in CC a few years back who was very keen to promote CC and kept pestering me to attend their functions. Even offered to drive me there on the weekends. She even believes that she can 'speak in tongues'. LOL. But all that came out from her mouth were a bunch of utter nonsense gibberish. No, she is still not holier than thou after all these years. Some ppl just never learn and never change. Too bad. One more for Satan I guess.

Christianity today is no longer sacred and a religion. It has become a commercial business. The churches have become a den of thieves. The truly holy and worth sons and daughters of God ... you will recognise them by their gentle demeanor and their unconditional acceptance of anyone and without judgement. There are still such ppl today but far and few between. Pray for them. They are the chosen ones of God who will lead us to Paradise.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...


It is surprisingly preacher like Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam talk of lately faced with problem and situation in juncture he blames it on "Satan" (insinuate Christians against him). As a righteous Christian loving firmly and faith in God trial is endure nominal and goodness shall prevail in every purpose that encounter in the experience with Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 1:3-4) Our Father in Heaven will ensure and avert that inconvenience and harm to stumble believes. Misery and corruption are foreseeable towards those leaders in the Kingdom committed atrocity and sinful against the Lord. (2 Peter 2:9-10)

This is about God punishment towards those shepherd that defy and manipulate against His Mighty will and adverse teaching of His Son Lord Jesus Christ. This rigorous reference applies to those exercises God will and minister representing His glory and authority in the Lord.

Most often upon facing criticism and reproof instead reflecting on consideration of the people he will unfavorably quote Ephesians 6:13-17 about God armor gears and the gifts related to rise against the spiritual principalities of Satan scheme (meandering bigotry to those opposed him). This preacher try to group together and reap other cronies or invited preachers associated to emotionally blackmail the promised of God for their own unrighteous pecuniary expansion using God appellation in conceit. Therefore demanding monetary input generated further oppression, stress and bondage to naïve attendance. But soon overlook and let the devil place a biggest lies to ourselves and fellow brethren fighting the same warfare in divine conflict tearing righteousness awareness away. We fought against each other’s and wage war against ourselves within congregation without realizing whose principality we are fighting!

Therefore up-close daily relationship with Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth is important. If the girdle belt of Truth is not set and establish within the decree of our Lord's Love (Eph 5:9-10) and breastplate of righteousness the truth will gradually surrender uprooting considerable yielding of divine sword and tatter of faith over to devil. Thus gospel peace will be blown up and ultimately helmet of salvation in the Lord will be severely affected. It is only at the mercy of God grace through unswerving prayer Jesus will raise us as Conqueror even towards decease. There the victorious battle still continues.

Anonymous said...

Even Paul the apostle concluded though we have the gifts of discerning in truth, morality and righteousness, faith and peace of God secured with salvation of God enclosed at soul but without the love of God in commission, in ministry, amongst church this armor of God is already powerless and battle is lost even as the war begins. Those Christian does not exemplify loving their neighbor in application resembling sounding gong and clanging cymbal of waste noise toward humanity. (1 Cor 13:1-3)

Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam has lost his "agape" love and practice "rhaka and moros" in his ministry and his blasphemy blood will be upon Calvary Church altar. He sin against his fellow brothers and Christ (1 Cor 8:12) in his spiritual testimony. (Matt 12:31) (We have Holy Spirit in us) Never is he treated God children equally with his own justification and partiality his confession has betray his adherence to Christ!

His gifts and offering to God is rejected for this simple basis of truth there is brothers against him that he has transgressed. Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam refused forgiveness both to himself and acceptance not reconciling with those fellow brethrens that he stumbled. Such denial to settle this matter with those Christian brethrens and sin has cause God judgment on him. He will be taught the hard way as his days are certainly number! (Matt 5:22-25)

Unless full repentance and humility on Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam capacity to settle offense and come forward boldly from this iniquity. The storm of judgment will carried forward down to the very descendant of his. (Matt 5:26)

The wrath and curse of God follows throughout! (Malachi 2:2-9)

The Church Observer

Anonymous said...

Maybe got to pay rental too?

Anonymous said...

BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM. - Get it Right Prince Guneratnam!

Calvary News September 2013 unbelievable piece of sham of Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam dream comes through with horde of theological fabrication. Put it this way every part and route of life individual have dream of own. The fact is dreams are always act upon by self ambition and funded by self-earning resources. (2 Th 3:6-10) They do not depend on church charitable offering, siphoning and intimidating resources in achieving self ambition plan! (Even the photo taken was aim at certain angle to mass crowds)

How can Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam muse on dream of bigger monument of Calvary Convention Center @ Calvary Church leeching and lavishing upon congregation money would make more godly transparent character convert out as God dream fortify and enforce it down on congregation when he is not funding his dream project by himself? He forcefully pushed (some crony guest speaker consider it strong leadership) through ambitiously and veto his authority against the majority counsel and nominated for himself unrighteous motive and intention.

He forgotten he has deceived and stolen earlier Calvary Church support and current tenure abusing his power to expel earlier Christians! His action is amount to "coup d’état" in God Kingdom. This symbolizes Prince Guneratnam "unfaithful" personality. (Leviticus 6:2-4, Number 5:5-7) and unquestionably God promise to those who is disloyal to Him, He will turn His face against those. (Deu 32:20)

Notice how he always extort manipulative pressure giving reason it is "Your Dream" stressing across participation hijacking from “his dream” to “God rationale” which ultimately round up as "church dream" in disguise? Hidden in God's dream as his? A smart psychosomatic transcendent conditioning that position weight of guilt and blackmailing Calvary Church between God's dream and his mischief by coercion the congregation to inject financial fund to accomplish it?

God's people are suffering not only from period of economical challenges and trials of debt on the nation. Knowing that his self interest plan will begin to cave in with further debts incurred (Roman 2:8-9) on bank loan and breaking payment diminishing through absence of fund. Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam took on instantaneous measure once more to mislead and implying with the aim of giving up contribution is not faithful to God commandment, He reliantly stated, "In time of breaking you will be tempted, to quit and run from your dream. But don't because God is faithful. "Therefore know that the LORD your God, He [is] God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments; (Deu 7:9)

Anonymous said...

But he forgot that the people are failing in contribution and participation was scatter because he has driven God children away and do not care and love for them. God will punish those shepherds! (Jer 23:1-2)

It is a shameful pledge and discrimination to contempt God decree by misinterpreted theology of God on theocratic separate with democratic concept of godly and righteous action. Unfortunately to his unwise explanation the Holy Scripture suggest casting lot and voting is part of pious feat to intervene strife and difference of opinion amid righteous conclusion to those arguments. (Proverbs 18:18)

Once more Prince Guneratnam lied and deceived (Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam thinks he is God) to the unaware congregation by expressing, "But God does not need the majority to make His will come to past. The bible is theocratic but not democratic".

He abhors and contradicts the example of biblical democracy standpoint in the course of God theology!

When the sin offering sacrifice was made even a democracy casting of lot was placed in time of Aaron and those lots stood out as sacrifice relation to goat that appeal to Yahweh. (Leviticus 16:8) Even Joseph in Shiloh at the door of Tabernacle assigned portion by casting vote amongst those seven tribes most fitting and convenient to them according to the will and counsel of God in matter of such acquisition. (Joshua 18:6-10)

Nehemiah has also created a system by which duty of supplying the "wood offering" laid to various responsibilities decided upon democracy preview by lot ended to a duty to gather wood for this important festival. (Neh 10:34)

Thus, upon Judas Iscariot betrayal the eleven apostles cast a vote to add Matthias as to their twelve. (Acts 1:26)

This fact Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam does not believe in democratic votes because he is autocracy, arrogant and chauvinist believer which has sway from doctrinal truth in his own closet dream. He believe in control yielding trusting in God is contradictory. Every pastoral network related and relationship intact will be based on mutual gain financial revenue and hope of commercial profitability exchange. That why you will encounter known crony as invited preacher to reason and justified his Calvary Convention Center pursue. Prince Guneratnam selected preachers always “condemn the righteous” and love unrighteous associates. (Psa 7:14) Since backdoor there is 'some secret shared' arrangement agreed upon to maintain his status quo position!

Anonymous said...

Part of the theology of God is about the belief of democratic selection trusting in the unseen faith of God working in transmission through our decision. The bible did not say God directly like to work with minority but Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam placed his word in God mouth implicating and conceited God name by disclosing, "He is God and that there is none that can be compared to him. He (God) also specializes working with the minorities". This is definitely putting God name in vain and He will hold him accountable in his mischief!

But Prince Guneratnam said that if it God dream pursue it. We have to understand how our Father in Heaven work if it His dream He will not stumble, make effort to manipulate the voting criteria involved by trivial out reason (1) to terminate those hundreds from exercising their casting lot and ownership through God natural selection, (2) transgressed and offend his neighbor by not making peace attempt, (3) wanted to contain God in gigantic Calvary Convention Center monument indirect glorying himself (Future occupation and family security), (4) abusing funds and placing his family members and selected crony at specific Calvary Church top responsibility. (5) Placing hefty risky weight and debts in multi-millions with interest from the bank incurred by thousands per month. (6) Hence ruined out God reputation and testimony throughout. This is not God's dream, for if it His provision matter will come timely without any disappointment, stress, offense, borrowing and obstruction. This is not God trials and challenges but learning the hard way after transgression and iniquity committed. God resources will be "yes and amen" in abundance! (2 Cor 1:19-24) God will never glorify Himself at the expenses and suffering of His children salvation and faith. By not lording over God faith but bringing joy and goodness reign.

It is also hilarious that Guneratnam quote the selection from out of contextual scripture on miracle about his Calvary Convention Center dream. Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 15) and Mother of Moses (Exo 2:1-6) to justified his bias reasoning into God purpose without realizing God dream is about fulfilling His miraculous dream and purpose through "His people on an entity of each believer experience" in that order of faith rather than glorifying a huge stumble-block and "wasteful empire of Calvary Convention Center monument" symbolizing the foretold example of destruction in temple of King Solomon and manner of his salvation was placed in past. Remember this is New Testament order of Jesus Christ where God Spirit and Temple work inside us! (1 Cor 6:19)

Take note even Lord Jesus Christ himself warned about this teacher of the law at Moses' seat (who continuing like to quote Moses law to establish control and obedience) (Matthew 23:2-3) Wouldn't this teacher Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam acted the same?

Be cautious of false teacher and share the discerning across! (Matt 7:15, Matt 24:11, Luke 6:26)

The Church Observer

Anonymous said...

A democratic system in the Protestant system? Doesn't the name "PROTESTANT" sound something to you?

To my knowledge, most of the AOG Reverends are just power based. The church just centers around their personality and teachings.It is also their source of livelihood.Sure - a worker is worthy of his wages but if starts throwing his weight around- then its time to move away.No point resisting.


Anonymous said...

CC is cursed with debts. No way out now.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

I have been to many AOG churches.To be fair,most of them are okay - but as usual the bad apples are there too.A few are real sick monkeys and should be locked up.

As the end draws nigh, churches would once again revert to the days of the Acts of the Apostles where the believers worshipped and broke bread in churches.

A word for Pastors here- the churchis NOT YOUR FAMILY PROPERTY and you cannot demand that the sheep OBEY you. Who are you to be elevating yourself like that? If you take a salary from the church- then KEEP YOUR ATTITUDE PROPER.Your bread comes from the sheep- dont ever forget that!!

Anonymous said...

Readers - has it occured to you that PG had to kick off sheep who asked questions? During the recent 2013 AGM - One of the agenda ask those who attend as voting members ALLOW HIM THE LIBERTY TO SIGN RM 2 Million cheque without having to call for EGM to explain and to obtain consent.

This is passed with only 2 voting members asking questions - the rest like sheep led to the slaughter house did not even bleat.

No wonder he never stops asking money - wise up!!!

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 26, 2013 at 1:03 AM

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Tan Sri Gunaratnam is a false teacher, a wolf who exploit religion for money, fame and power. He loves money, his idol and those who follow him have fallen too. The spineless pastors like Richard Yung, Steven Kum, David Seah and Timothy have fallen and backsliding to Mammon.
As for the debt of the church, it is a minor thing. It is better for CC to bankrupt now than for PG to continue to corrupt others. As for him, he has corrupt much and rich now. It is the people's money that lost. PG gain no matter what, of course via corruption. He and his family have so many business and investments and cash and properties, the church bankruptcy will not affect them financially. He can still pretend to go missionary and ask for so called faith promise money.

Anonymous said...

CC is a sham.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

How can the BOD who are professionals and businessmen allow SP the power of authority to sign a RM2million cheque without seeking any approval even though they knew this cannot happened in the corporate world.?? They are businessmen and should understand that in any money matters of any companies there should be accountability or else there would be CORRUPTIONS. Yet they see no wrong OR they knew its wrong, but still gave this one "man" to carry such power of authority and worst of all in a "church". Incredible and unthinkable isn't it!!. Something is very, very wrong and something very unusual are happening at the top!!. Its your guess??

Anonymous said...



EX- CONMAN (repented long time ago)

Posted by A.VI to Calvary Today 2 at September 30, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Anonymous said...

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 26, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Anonymous said...

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 26, 2013 at 2:16 PM

Anonymous said...

Saw the 2 youtube postings. This is Christianity in the steps of Jesus?

Anonymous said...

These AOG Pastors survive on the gullibility of the sheep.Because they can preach and carry a title, they think that they are somebody and get abusive. But if they resign- what else can they do? In the secular world who will employ them? Maybe they can work as lorry drivers OR sell "yah chah kueh" at the pasar malams.--

Pastors, do you know why Christians have chosen to come here instead of talking to you? Think man...THINK!!!

Anonymous said...

“Peter and the other apostle replied: “We must obey God rather than men!” – Act 5:29 NIV

You see the crisis begin when men start to obey another man in that godly masquerade and taking God name in vain. His authenticity and testimony fail him in his act and strut from divine inconsistency. The kingdom surrounding those has been defiled and spoilt!

We respected the will of “Calvary Today” doing and continuing to fight this absurd principles (Rom 1:29-32) that adverse the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ from being plundered and corrupted by the nature of “elite in Calvary Church lead by Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam” that took advantages of fellow blind brother (since they are partaker) to confuse their faith and bring them back to the light and glory of God. (Gal 2:4, 1 Peter 2:16)

You will face resistance even from the highest religious council and pious person on the state of “speaking against God”. But they have forgotten the real reason for “this righteous revolution” that needed to rise up for Jesus Christ! It is so real until today “Jesus Christ” fought, tortured and suffered before being hung to corruptible cross that symbolize victory over those unrighteous principle with his life. (Effort, time and commitment) Those ungrateful and corruptible “Pharisees” at the time of Jesus have been singled out and rebuked from the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and their exploitation and prosecution will continue surplus to flow by killing their forefather those days even to this presence generation blasphemy their brethren in the Kingdom of God. (Luke 11:46-48)

The history discourse will repeat it nastiest!
Since some are from the paganism or heathen background have been taught through “Chinese culture” that we must obediently obey and submit to the culture of figurehead authority. It is through those religions that the adversary knew and taught us in flesh not to speak against the evil despite those wicked principles causes’ massive harm, sin and disaster towards the Kingdom of God that may destroy the soul of our and others. We saw the “blazing fire” but did nothing to pull a person out from that tragedy! We leave it to God to settle while watching “many” that have been slaughtered and killed by that appalling sword and demonstration. Similar those “Pharisees” always abused the name of God as their weapon in their own scrupulous interest such as “obey the leader” not knowing that you have the “Spiritual Being” in you that he need to honor. They will induce themselves as your “Spiritual Father” that has done so much for you that he forgot this is how Father God’s Spirit work in them to build up His precious children.

They confessed that the “Spirit of God anoint and speak” to them as if you as believer do not have the same “Temple of Spirit” articulate within. (1 John 2:27, 1Cor 1:21)

This Pharisee will quote commitment of tenth percent of those hard earn to give it to them for extension of God kingdom but forsaken that the tithes is a covenant and agreement that God has made to the Levites in their sole devout and concentration duty to serve God in the past. (Malachi 2:4) Those “Pharisees” try to control the contribution by oath tithing rather that charitable offering and faith giving. (Matt 10:8) It is so sad that the “Gentiles Pharisee” began to abuse and alters the covenant of Levi by proclaiming their right to that inheritance because of greediness and money. They rebrand God copyright and taken the context of His spirituality for their egocentric increase.

The Church Observer

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 2, 2013 at 8:03 PM

Anonymous said...

Remember there are four reasons that those “Pharisee” will take God name in vain and proclaimed men as obedience:


They have made their earlier promises and commitment to Jesus Christ invalid, disintegrate and beguile the business of God to themselves rather for God people purpose.


Those “Pharisee” seem to connect their own selfish vision and God mission into their vice and passion of their mind through the matters of God. Desecrating by dismemberment the charge of God through own lies and deceptions.


Many of those “Hypocrite Pharisee” have make believe and put on a public show that they are truly doing things of God and have even sacrifice their office for the purpose of pleasing God’s commission and obedience. Unfortunately Jesus Christ has seen through the intention and discerning of those “wolves in sheep” clothing acted out of pretention and self-righteousness. (Luke 11:39-40) Their love and personal treatment to the congregation has betrayed their faithfulness to God! (Matt 24:12) They act as if to be for God people but they are not God people because they want all the benefits but not the commitment.


They have sworn falsely and profane the name of the Lord. They began profanity by treat God lightly and without that sovereignty, glory and honor. Ultimately making jokes inconsequential and dismiss God when they are done.

“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness,” -Rom 1:18

“Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.”- 2 Tim 2:19

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.” - Matt 12:35

“… adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. 23 All these evils come from inside and defile a person.” - Mark 7:22-23

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” - Matt 5:11

The Church Observer

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 2, 2013 at 8:04 PM

Anonymous said...

CC - No way out now. Debts will keep rising until the whole CCC gets shutdown. Then all Sheeps will run astray.

A House made by Man is fallible. A House made by God is not.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

" But if they resign- what else can they do? "

(1) Their houses will Default on 4 Loan repayments and will be placed on Auctions by their respective BANKS !
(2) Their Cars will Default in Car Loan repayments and will most probably be repossessed by their respective Banks !
(3) Not enough Funds to support their Children Studies In UK, Australia or US !
(4) CCC will eventually DEFAULT 4 Loans Repayment and placed on the Auction List Jointly by their 3 BANKS !

They will then be subjected to more SECULAR Laws of the Land as Defaulters !

Let's FAST and PRAY and Continue to TOTT ! AMEN !

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a an AOG Pastor acknowledging his fraults or wrongdoings.They are incapable of apologising because they see themselves as the "head of the church".

These bullshitters are not there for God but they just exist to be approved by the system and support the AOG denomination, no matter what.To these pathetic so called "Reverends" others are just laypeople.The CCC episode is a clear example of this state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Amen to you Anonymous October 6, 2013 at 10:35 AM and October 7, 2013 at 10:49 AM.

These sick and wicked pastors will soon face the wrath of God. They choose to blaspheme his Holy name. Soon their empire will crumble before them when the Lord shines the Truth to all humanity.

Go, go TOTT.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

All the events happen in CCC is good for Christians overall. Their eyes and ears open to discernment. Information in this blog have some positive pointers that all church member should take note and read with an open mind.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 8, 2013 at 10:57 PM

Anonymous said...

To Those Who Leaves Their Comment/s or Readers Alike… I cannot help but to recognize (in no particular order) the unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, hatred etc… in your postings. I must agree that the pastoral & lay leadership has let many people down with their actions, decisions, behavior, ethics etc… , but by no means should we allow them to dictated our emotions. Please allow ourselves to be set free from their ways and let our God takeover the situation. Calvary Church Kuala Lumpur belongs to God, and that He is still in control though Prince Gunaratnam might think otherwise (but that’s his problem). This is still God’s church. Let us also mind our language when posting our comments.

Anonymous said...

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” – Eph 6:12 NKJV

As Christians we were being dominated by principalities of the world on daily basis. Some beside our working place, home, leisure, alongside entertainment, relationship and extended to social network activities. Without noticing some of these principles stay with us while we are young follow down when adolescence and build up to be the foundation of man faith and believe. Hence our core personality and character were being displayed or learned in that evidence. Some accepted in as an agreed noble value while some experiences throw out as it influence negatively. Because of this addition and subtraction of those principalities this will impact both our accrued life and shaped personality.

“Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.” - Col 2:8 NKJV

“Therefore, if you died with Christ from the basic principles of the world, why, as thoughliving in the world, do you subject yourselves to regulations—“ - Col 2:20 NKJV

When we were unbeliever we were being lock away with the basic principality of the world order functioning within our circles and grasp the understanding and boundary of this physical life.
It is so sad and how timorous to notice that even those Christians that have faith in Jesus Christ did not even dare to challenge those principles that adverse against the commandment of Jesus Christ. We observed most experience Christians rather leave them to the will and faith of God and be a decent service person without taking a stand and accepting the consequences of battle in principalities waging war in the very beginning of time. (Heb 5:12-14) Those Christians somewhat settled in between be a “lukewarm” to be a secure side. (Rev 3:15-16)

As Christian we fear trouble, afraid of our name will be taken out in vain, penalize from the team and make into example, possibly some do not want to be inflicted with the hassle of inconvenience or anxiety to be disassociated from the acceptance of the meritocracy norms. (Rom 3:27-28) Have we ever considered how Jesus Christ fought to fulfill God will by himself in that loneliness and self motivation? (Heb 5:7-8)

The same matters that Peter told Jesus that he will not deny him and it is he who deprived him when the coerce is mounting the stress of relationship is unsafe and the danger of representing Jesus Christ will be synonymous to give up one life for the Lord. (Matt 26:75) We must not bend and run away from those principles that Jesus Christ taught as in the description of Peter insolence (Luke 22:34) which overturn such denial and encountered those adverse principles into victory for the Lord’s Church (Matt 16:18) and place of pasture feeding for all sheep. (John 21:17)

• Why thrashing the wrestle now when the devil whispers lies to let it rest?
• Why escape to other vicinity when you are still living in Satan’s planet?
• How many escape routes that God willing to spare until one come to face with those principalities?
• If you cannot overcome those wicked principles victoriously with Jesus principles what is a purpose for being a Christian? Are Christians still a slave? (Gal 4:3,9)
Therefore as a devoted and unswerving Christians in the Lord Jesus Christ indict and commission we must enlarged sharing without apprehension and favor this Jesus Christ’s principalities with more courage, boldness and confidence. (Eph3:10-12)
“For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.” - Col 1:16 NKJV
“Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.” - Col 2:15 NKJV

The Church Observer

Anonymous said...

If they resigned, I don't think they have to sell their properties. You see, these wolves had put their Judas hand on the church fund for many years. They fleece on it enough to be rich now. Do you really think CCC cost so much? Or could it be they report the fake to cover up their personal 'investment'? Why the secrecy to hide the truth when it is about charity n church?
These wolves had corrupt much, plunder much behind the church mask. If they resigned, CCC goes auction, anyone who borroW bank to give church will left suffer, but they remain rich as they will not give a cent to rescue others.

Anonymous said...

When I was a young woman, Pastors were a highly respected lot.Now I have many gray hairs on my head,the years have passed on and so has the reputation of Pastors. It's shameful when the Pastors just hang onto the church for their paycheck even though the members do not want them anymore.When a Pastors does not have the love of God or love for men- he should just move on.


Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous October 12, 2013 at 10:40 AM.

Well said Sister.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous of 11th October, 10.59am.

The trouble with believers of todays' churches is a total lack of spiritual discernment and from your comments that lacked spiritual wisdom, I had to say you are one of them. CC is now a false church and a false church is NOT God's church. If you truly want to grow spiritually you need to leave CC and go find a church where their pastors truly served God in His Spirit and in His Truth. You will never, never grow spiritually if you remain in CC.

Anonymous said...


That is the name of God as found in the Jewish Torah- written my Moses.But today Church leaders with their usual 'Dr. Rev' titles have gone to Court insisting that Allah is the Bible God.So far 3 reasons have been given

1. The use of Allah predates Islam
2. Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia have been using the name Allah
3. Muslims do not have an exclusive claim on Allah.

But all these arguments are taken from outside the Holy Bible.Me and my family have left the church and pray at home as in our opinion, the church is no more "a pillar and foundation of the truth" but the pulpit is used by hirelings who preach for their pay checks.We left after the Pastor cited the above 3 reasons why Christians can use the word Allah during the morning service.

No doubt my view would not be posted but we have said what is in our hearts as a Christian family. The present day chruch with its many backslidden Pastors with hidden problems has become a defiled place.

Blessed be the Name of Jesus. Farewell.

A Christian Architect.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this blog. My pastor has stopped screaming when behind the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

Its highly regrettable that the last phase of SP's ministry will be spent in begging for $$$ week after week- sermon after sermon. And now his main theme is a DEBT FREE CCC???

The level of stupidity Christian leaders are capable of these days!!!

Anonymous said...

A Christian Architect thinks he/she is biblical while others who defend that Christians be allowed to use the word "Allah" is somehow not. It appears that he/she has not/is unable to understand see the bigger picture. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous October 16, 2013 at 10:23 AM.


Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

"The level of stupidity Christian leaders are capable of these days!!!"

Even more stupid are the people who support CC.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed and supported what Anonymous of 16th Oct., 11.08am commented on the usage of the word "Allah". Dear brother I am so glad you wrote, you are not alone as I believed there are others who share your views too. The word "Allah" is out of the Bible and had no connection and DOES NOT at all represent the Hebrew God of the Bible, ADONAI ELOHIM. Its a shame that some christian leaders or organisations failed to understand truth and error and got themselves involved in the controversy.

I share with what this Christian brother said, "today's churches are no more a pillar and foundation of truth". Just look at how CC pastors corrupted the gospel of Jesus Christ.

calvanist said...

1 Cor. 4:1-5 So look at Apollos and me as mere servants of Christ who have been put in charge of explaining God's secrets. [2] Now, a person who is put in charge as a manager must be faithful. [3] What about me? Have I been faithful? Well, it matters very little what you or anyone else thinks. I don't even trust my own judgment on this point. [4] My conscience is clear, but that isn't what matters. It is the Lord himself who will examine me and decide.
[5] So be careful not to jump to conclusions before the Lord returns as to whether or not someone is faithful. When the Lord comes, he will bring our deepest secrets to light and will reveal our private motives. And then God will give to everyone whatever praise is due.

Above verse Paul is asking them to look at what they have been doing abt judging 2 men of God. Paul says or should i say the Word says that when He comes HE will judge our secret motives. You see friends this is your mistake here to take God's place in judging. Stop your disgusting posts about PG and his pastors and even AG in have no grounds or rights...these are spiritual matters...if they have done wrong then boy i don't want to be around when they are being judged. Clean your own heart and mind first.

calvanist said...


That is the name of God as found in the Jewish Torah- written my Moses.But today Church leaders with their usual 'Dr. Rev' titles have gone to Court insisting that Allah is the Bible God.So far 3 reasons have been given

1. The use of Allah predates Islam
2. Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia have been using the name Allah
3. Muslims do not have an exclusive claim on Allah.


That is the name of God as found in the Jewish Torah- written my Moses.But today Church leaders with their usual 'Dr. Rev' titles have gone to Court insisting that Allah is the Bible God.So far 3 reasons have been given

1. The use of Allah predates Islam
2. Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia have been using the name Allah
3. Muslims do not have an exclusive claim on Allah.

to the person that wrote above.... instead of staying at home and praying...why not visit other churches such as fga,dumc, glad tidings, metro tab...and choose a suitable place. don't judge all churches and all pastors by this one church.

from this blog i get the notion that some here want calvary to flop and fail because they have already judged and condemned it..and for it to continue to exist is too torturous. all the slanderous, vile and judgemental people who comment here just don't get cannot tear down what you deem to be unfit esp in spiritual person commented that God is still in control of calvary....i totally agree with that...PG is still God's child and if he has done wrong there is a greater judge than you to judge and correct him. thank God that God is not like you...otherwise there will be alot of dead people. God doesnt give up on people so fast...don't you know one of the attributes of God...isnt HE SLOW TO GET ANGRY. Rich in mercy.

Posted by calvanist to Calvary Today at October 19, 2013 at 5:08 PM

Anonymous said...

...from this blog i get the notion that some here want calvary to flop and fail because they have already judged and condemned it..and for it to continue to exist is too torturous...

Those with the Spiritual Gift of Discernrnent will NOTICE and KNOW these many Comments were not Judgemental !
It simply fulfilled some parts of the PROPHECY that CC and CCC will eventually FALL in due Times ! AMEN !

Anonymous said...

thank God that God is not like you...October 20, 2013 at 8:40 PM


It is because there are many Christians today, that there are many errant Pastors throwing their weight around.Were you one of those who wanted the change of Goverment in the recent elections? The many prayer meetings prior to the elections, it was plain to many that the Christians wanted the Goverment to go because of the ongoing corruption. Why not just pray for them .. after all, according to you God is rich in mercy.All can be forgiven.

I did not find this bloggers condemning. At the very outset, the cry here was " Transparency and Accountability. I think it is rather hypocritical to evaluate the church leaders and the Country's leaders by 2 different standards.

I believe if Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Botak Chin attended the church you attend, they would feel right at home....: because according to your belief, "he dosen't give up on people so fast." It is because of people like you around that Teoh Beng Hock did not get justice.

Further,It is because of your way of thinking, that SP can still strut around after axing 400 other Christians.And now he wants to sign a RM2,000,000 cheque without and EGM?

The church must demand that leaders be accountable in their financial dealing instead of shouting about the " Scorpene Submarine" sales against the goverment leaders.


Anonymous said...

A Christian Architect thinks he/she is biblical while others who defend that Christians be allowed to use the word "Allah" is somehow not. It appears that he/she has not/is unable to understand see the bigger picture. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Refering to this so called 'calvanist' of Oct.19th at 8.40am and Oct.20th at 8.40pm.

From your comments you come out to me as someone who lacked spiritual maturity. Nobody is taking the place of God to judge SP and his pastors, but God in His Word had called upon us to live by this verse, "YE WHO ARE SPIRITUAL, JUDGES ALL THINGS". This biblical judging (discernment) helps us not to fall into any kind of spiritual deception to many of today's false prophets in our midst. Haven't you read how the Lord exercised this 'biblical judging' upon the Pharisees and Scribes by exposing their spiritual misdeeds so that others will know and not be deceived by them. This is exactly what this blog is doing, exposing the spiritual sins committed by SP and his pastors for their abuse of power and dictatorial leadership over the flock. I do not know how long you have been with CC and whether you have obtained the complete knowledge and information on the spiritual misdeeds and great injustices of SP and his pastors doned against many members.

Why many of you fall into spiritual bondage and spiritual deception by today's false prophets is because you want to be innocent & humble and fear being judge by God that you kept silent and refused to admit they are wrong and their misdeeds must be exposed so that fellow believers will not be deceived by them. I ask you this question to your saying that God is in control of CC, if this is true then surely CCC should be free of debt. Why is it in debt? and also is it right to allow a rock band performing in the premises CCC which you all claimed to be the temple of God. You said PG is still God's child, in other words being a child of God, he abides in God's love and God's love abides in him meaning he understand this love and should extend God's love to others. Then how come PG can abuse his power and refused justice for a sister the right to speak and cruelly ordered his pastors to physically force her out of stage? Is this the behaviour of a child of God towards a fellow believer, whats more from a servant of God? What about the sacking of some 400 members? Are you to say God asked PG to sack them? Why are CC pastors doing things that Jesus and His apostles would never do? Is this a church that is controlled by God or is it a church that is controlled and ruled by dictatorial leadership?

Sure God is slow to anger and rich in mercy, but do you know that a loving and a merciful God can also be a terrible God and does can get angry as you saw Him showing His anger against the Israelites during Moses time. My advice to you, young christian is to read more of your bible and hope you are able to grow more spiritually matured.

Anonymous said...

We are all in denial if we think CC can be saved. There is no more saving. It is over. CC will crumble and be gone. Only God's light and truth will prevail.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

I notice that at official functions, these AOG Reverends like to wear facny shirts and sit at the most important seats.Some of this religious sickos
need to look into the mirror real hard and evaluate themselves. Frankly, I dont see any spirit of servanthood in them.Its all about themselves.Just take a look at SP. He is the modern day King Saul and he has got many other fellow AOG Reverends to help him cover up-OT describes them as the sons of Belial.

I saw this signboard in the State of California -
(And no doubt this applies to SP & AOG Reverends)

Anonymous said...

Well said bro Anonymous October 22, 2013 at 12:14 PM.

It is no longer Wolves in Sheep's clothing but Rattlesnakes in Reverend's clothing that we need to beware of.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

The big picture?

1. The word “Allah” is part and parcel of the spiritual lives of so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ – shouldn’t we defend their right to continue using this word to address God Almighty? Shouldn’t we encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ by standing with them on this issue which is not just about a word but strikes at the core of their faith? Our faith? Even if you personally have a different opinion. Aren’t we called to be our brother’s keeper?

2. The basis of the judgement among others is that Christian using the word “Allah” will cause confusion among Muslims and pose a “threat”. If Christians, other non-Muslims and Muslims alike do not object to this warped reasoning, the next time it could be Christians cannot use the word “Jesus” because it will cause confusion among Muslims and pose a “threat” (since Christians are using the word wrongly – by the way Jesus is mentioned/taught in the Quran)? Don’t think it will happen? Well, it won’t only if all of us (including other non-Muslims and Muslims) object to this judgement!

3. Shouldn’t all of us, as good citizens of Malaysia especially we Christians, stand against people who are using religion for their personal agenda and to cause strife and division in our nation? To stem the tide of extremism while we can? To be involved in nation building? Or is our “salt & light” applicable only within the four walls of our church buildings? “The only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”!

And incidentally, devoted and committed Christians (probably more devoted and committed than most Christians, including A Christian Architect) have gone to court to protect and defend the rights of their flock in particular and Christians at large and A Christian Architect “condemns” them? And he/she left the church after the Pastor provided reasons why Christians can use the word “Allah” during the morning service? And in his/her own words relating to this issue – “The present day chruch with its many backslidden Pastors with hidden problems has become a defiled place.” This is called spirituality? Thank God that He is both merciful and gracious!

Anonymous said...

I passed by CCC yesterday and this is what i noticed. The painting is fading (cheap paint, I guess) and at some parts - the paint is wearing away revealing patches here and there.

The shape looks more like an alien submarine, or a primitive spaceship just excavated somewhere in Peru.No doubt the Mayans would have worshiped this and maybe offered 400 human heads on its altar- as 400 is a significant number in their calendar.In Hebrew 400 is represented by the alphabet "Tau".

It occured to me that Christians are losing perspective of the cross.We are no longer interested in visiting the sick, or seeking out the wounded and lost sheep.Rather, these days the Pastors are more keen in getting titles to their names,putting up enormous buildings and going to Court, insisting that Allah is our God.
I agree with Christian architect about staying at home.But don't stay away too long Sir because God is still around, and there are Pastors who are loyal to him- but these Pastors are usually not much heard about.

Sp is a disgrace to the Pastoral profession/.A Japanese would have committed Harakiri by now, but these are AOG paycheck hirelings.Who cares about the shame and humiliation?

Anonymous said...

I think too many of us are judgmental with our comment. Please be very careful that least we be judge ourselves.

Anonymous said...

In the late 80's I was very invloved in the Bahasa speaking ministry. At that time, there was a very specific prevalent anxiety among the Malay speaking Christians. Do you know what the FEAR was then? ( Syaitan banyak kacau loh!) It was the fear that one day the Goverment will order the Christians to insert the word ' ALLAH" into our Bibles.The fear was well founded since we are living among Muslims who form the majority in this country. So there was a lot of fasting and prayer- Shouting and screaming out in tongues, rattling the tamborine violently, and the beating of drums in the background, waving of colourful flags - complete with one lady blowing the shofar (which sounded more like a Dinosaurs roar in Jurassic Park).binding this spirit and that demon.They fasted until the tummy crammed and faces turning colour. I could not endure the tummy cramps- so I usually sneaked out secretly for a nice banana leaf meal and return to "fast". Our Prayer,WHEN THE TIME COMES ...WHEN THE GOVT ORDERS THE CHURCH TO INSERT THE WORD ALLAH INTO OUR BIBLES GOD WILL RAISE UP CHURCH PASTORS WILL STAND UP AGAINST THIS ORDER AND RESIST THIS DEVILS.

Well, 25 years. have passed..what is before our eyes??

So what will the modern day church fight for in the next 25 years? START CLAIMING THAT ITS OKAY TO USE "ALLAH HU AKHBAR"?( last words uttered by suicide bombers) DURING MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE?

All Spirit led Christians- wake up from your spiritual slumber and be alert. There are more seducing spirits waiting to descend on the assembly.Some churches have already given satan a foothold.Modern pastors are more concerned about money, buildings and fancy suits.Losing 400 sheep is terrible,yet so far no pastor has sought them out.Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

Jesus 1st Utterance in the Jewish Synagogue

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.

Isaiah 61 --In Hebrew
Ruach Adonai YHWH alay yan
Mashiach YHWH otiyer ivaser....

It was not Allah's spirit that he was pronouncing.Wake up Christians!!

The result of a perverted gospel of today is a monument like CCC, a love for $$$ and a fear of Scriptural truth.Together we stand for scriptural truth with our brothers and sisters.

Jesus final Words before he ascended.. The Holy Spirit shall come upon you and you shall be My Witnesses.. ( Acts 1:8) no reference to Allah here.

Christian Architect.

Anonymous said...

1. The word “Allah” is part and parcel of the spiritual lives of so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ – shouldn’t we defend their right to continue using this word to address God Almighty? Shouldn’t we encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ by standing with them on this issue which is not just about a word but strikes at the core of their faith? Our faith? Even if you personally have a different opinion. Aren’t we called to be our brother’s keeper?

A Reply to the above blogger posted on October 22, 2013 at 8:45 PM
Firstly, I want you to know that our discussions may no more be posted on this blog and rightly so because the objective of this blog is, briefly stated- good Church Governance.
But I think we are both agreed that the birth of this blog has brought about tremendous awareness for many Christian bloggers. Perhaps God has a bigger purpose for this blog.

I admire your stand about standing with other believers. I also admit what you said - that " Allah is part and parcel of so many believers...:

But I also understand the Muslims consternation and anxiety. I am not a pastor hidden away who lives within the 4 walls of the church preparing his 4 point sermons.I work for my bread in the secular setting.

I believe the church is sailing into troubled waters. Let me explain

If the Church "Dr. Rev" says Allah can be referred to as the Bible God,
then I have to ask " Which Allah are you referring to? Because Allah does not have 1 name but 99 names.

Is the Church embracing the one and rejecting the other 98 Names or is the Church embracing the whole Islamic Theology?

Is the Christian using " Allah" in the same way as Muslims use in the Quran? Simply stated - Is the Pastor saying that Allah in the Bible and the Quran is the same?

If the answer is Yes, then this raises issues about the inspiration of the Quran.

It is in this material aspect that the church is strangely quiet about these issues.The next generation is coming up and there are many young people in the church. Let us not pass on a legacy for them a house built on sand.

When we stand with others, let us do so without departing from the Holy Scriptures.

Have a Blessed weekend.
(I appeal to this blogsite to release this write up, I have not written anything condemning, but I urge all Christians to be aware of the incoming tide.)


Anonymous said...

As another week draws to a close,may you be refreshed in His presence. God Bless you all here.!!!

Anonymous said...

I think all you guys have missed fhe point. Allah is just the Arabic word for God. Don't think anyone is saying that it is the NAME of God. So, what the issue of using the Arabic word instead of the English word?

Anonymous said...

It does not matter whether Allah is rightly used or not. No word should be the ownership of one party. The verdict of the judge is ridiculous and bias with obvious prejudice. Even nonChristian find such verdict ridiculous. The fact that the word Allah has been used by nomMuslim even before Malaysia is formed, before Islam exist show that the word does not belong to them. This land is so full of prejudice, injustice and corruption.

Anonymous said...

To Anoy of 11Oct at 10:59am.

Those who love much affected much, but those who love less care less.
There is something called holy agony. Such is godly sadness and holy anger toward wickedness. They have not “move on” because they choose to stand firm on God’s righteousness to speak against wickedness that invaded the church. They have not compromise as you did. They have their emotion affected because they love the church much. Their godly intention of exposing wickedness of PG and calling for repentance is greater than their emotion. They lament at the invasion of wickedness rather than welcome it. Those who choose to leave their so-called “unforgiveness” and “bitterness” comments are those who love much and therefore have their emotion affected.

It is clear that CC ministry is no longer functioning on God’s side; as God does not approve false teachings and corruption of PG. Ministry at CC has collapse long time ago. Now it is merely about plundering the people for money rather than ministering unto the people. The pastors in CC are spineless; who work to exploit the people rather than help them walk in the way of the Lord. God is not in control of CC. It is PG who is in control, as he had craftily sack many members, sack DR Lum and carefully do all the wicked deeds to ensure that he is in control. In the end, he get what he wanted: fame, wealth and power in CC; but the flock of God are left abandoned, not fed with God’s words, unable to tell their right hand from left hand. Ministry has collapse in CC. Our young people are swayed from the way of the Lord. Fund that should be used for the advancement of the Kingdom of God had been wasted in luxury lifestyle of the pastors and boasting their fame.

If we are Naomi, shouldn’t we call ourselves Mara? If we the wife of Phinehas, shouldn’t we call our child, Ichabod?
We have just seen in our time, an entire church fell into the hand of Mammon, and continue to lead others in a perverted way. The corrupt pastors still cling to their position, cheating for money and swaying many; while Christian organization and bodies do not confront them. These, we see it in our lifetime - filthy corrupt false church of Prince Guneratnam, the chief wolf in sheep clothing; and the compromise of many pastors. Justice had been trembled on ground.

Friend, don’t call those who have the Paul’s anxiety for the church to move on. Instead, go and tell PG to get out. May the watch dogs of God’s flock bark at the wolves.

Just like the brother with much gray hair had said, the pastors in CC should “move on” instead. With CC embracing wickedness and corruption, the church cannot move on. She is backsliding.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 27, 2013 at 4:04 PM

Anonymous said...

Referring to Anonymous, Oct. 23 at 1:32pm, the deterioration of the external surfaces of CCC had started much earlier. I noticed it sometime around the time the Easter presentation was held.

If you are waiting at the traffic lights, you will be able to see that the structure for part of the "wings" on the right side on the roof is defective. This defect was noticed more than a month ago.

Recently the video system had failed for most part of the service. And last Sunday, the sanctuary was like a furnace. PG said that he can see people fanning themselves but this would not distract him in his message. The airconditioning system for the whole complex had failed.

Some may say that for a complex of this size, breakdowns will occur periodically. This is unacceptable. If the video system and airconditioning system are properly designed, installed according to specifications, tested and commissioned before handing over, such failures should not occur!

Bear in mind, CCC is less than a year old. I dread to think what will the external surfaces look like and the facilities like audio-video, airconditioning system in the near future. When the liability period and the warranty for the equipments is over, a huge part of the church's income will be spend on maintaining the CCC with regard to building structure,equipment and related facilities.

Anonymous said...

In reference to:-
"PG said that he can see people fanning themselves but this would not distract him in his message. The airconditioning system for the whole complex had failed."

So now it is hot as Hell yah? Not quite. This is just a test run of the real thing. When they finally end up in Hell, then they'll know how hot it really is.

Maintenance cost alone will kill CCs cashflow.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

I noticed it sometime around the time the Easter presentation was held. By anonymous October 29, 2013 at 1:00 AM
I very much share your observations. To me, this is a just a sheer waste of so much of the sheep's money.The millions that could have been spent on orphans who don't know their parents and the meaning of the word "love".So we are happy with CCC now? SP has become a circus clown. He got his new toy.And now he must maintain it- with the sheep's money of course.

If there is such a thing as a Grammy Award for "VANITY & STUPIDITY" it has to be given to CCC leadership. "Best Supporting Role" - this Award goes to all AOG Reverends and NECF.

Anonymous said...

Discerning and God Purpose!

How many really understand the purpose of God in us? To extend His direction and spirituality that He stirred us to steadfast his course and will. Each of us has a determination and purpose to serve some as righteous and while some as wicked and evil into His Revelation. (Act 2:23)

We pointed fingers and began classes of discerning and enhance thoroughly the state and circumstances from the perspective of our imperfect experiences and testimonies that we have confronted during our lifetime. Generally in some discourse and drive to do extremely well making our life better than others, we have fallen short. Others may have decided to pursue the route of divinity and be conspicuous in decision impacting their live forward.

So don’t look from one area of understanding while pursuing the area of judging and elucidation. Look at the deeper motive of the individual if he does fine at the expenses of injustice it is impropriate. Jesus did it all the way without betraying at the expenses of denial and admittance to the cross at Calvary. But if he concocts goodness and derived into the expenses of honesty this is favor in the eyes of the Lord. A pious Judge for God have to discern from various angles and participations to derive and come to a hefty conclusion of that factual and scenario that effecting both the life of individual and community.

“Men swear by someone greater than themselves, and the oath confirms what is said and puts an end to all argument. Because God wanted to make the unchanging mature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath. God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope offered to us may be greatly encouraged.” – Heb 6:16-18 NIV

God cannot lie but man can deceive! Because of that strings of dishonesty and treachery we have change the path of God direction for us in that Book of Life.


Anonymous said...

Each of us, as Christian and unbeliever are building on a string of God purpose and fulfilling the will within our soul, body and mind for the greatness of God. (Rom 8:28) On the contrary those who has fallen short into the glory of God suffer the same analogy and consequences influencing their life through choice, way of life and ulterior motives that representing the aspiration to choose side-whether for God or hostile to the devilish in applications. Every events, conduct and decisions made will mature into a string of direction and purpose that make our life complete or limited.

Unless you are strong in faith, mind and body to venture into the case of trials, persecutions and distresses, you will not be perfected from the experience that God has portray each and every believer in it own diversity and uniqueness. (2 Th 1:11)

God is not an undecided being as explained in Heb 6:16-18. He has decided the righteousness of His will persevere and the oath has flown in us through Jesus Christ. To be for God there is a residual behavior, character and connectivity that we associate, like love and etc. But love itself is diluted, while some believe in love conquer all but they are “no action” in determination. Certain people believe “doing deed” is part of purpose of God love but do not have the meaning motive. So the entire application of God has fallen short to His glory.

So many have argued and wanting to move on, “Move to where I would question? Aren’t this whole earth are His and to where we are going to move to?” Whatsoever denomination, conceptual fraction and men tradition that satisfied our conscious and ego eventually we still have to deal with the “principles of God” within. The transformation start inside us as the light of God against the outer darkness reclaiming backs our spiritual path and inheritance.

That is why we must fight against the wicked principalities that bring contempt to the “divine destiny of Jesus Christ in us.”

Again the Psalmist evokes in his summary to all Christian who are “The gods the sons of the Most High.” (Psa 82:6)

“Rise up, O God, judge the earth, for all the nations are your inheritance.” – Psa 82:8 NIV

The Church Observer


Anonymous said...

How sad that so many people have to "suffer" for the arrogance and wrong doings of one man.

Anonymous said...

Days of Nostalgia

I fondly remember those Calvary days. Prayer meetings, Bible studies. We were "the church" in town. With our resources, we could have been a world wide missions body, supporting more than a thousand open our hearts wide to the poor and unfortunate in this country and to fulfill the Great Commission.

SP's ambition is a lesson for all believers. All great speakers must be put on a leash otherwise they would do the same thing that SP had done.The problem with the AOG system is this, the Pastor is above the Board and accountable to him. In fact it should be the other way around.

The way SP got rid of Dr. Lum so easily and so quickly.How did he do it? He surrounded himself Salesman Pastors, who would obey without a question being asked. Sometimes I think Charismatics have an incurable disease who love preaching and sitting on a throne inside a church.

The AOG is a diseased body right now, who were strangely silent while SP was doing his circus tricks. Any other Pastor would have gotten himself into real trouble if members take him to Court.


Anonymous said...

I knew that Deepavali was around the corner, but I was surprised to know that it is tomorrow- when a Hindu colleague invited me to lunch in his home. When I was a young believer,I refused to step into a idoltrous home, and also caused quite a fuss during CNY dinner about eating this or that - as we were led to believe that Christians should not be celebrating pagan festivals.

May I say this to all Christians who have Indian friends- almost all of them have never stepped inside a church, and chances are- they never will.You may not have realized this,- the most ridiculed Christian group among Hindus is - " Oh the Born Again" group.

If you have been invited, please find time for a visit.It gladdens them that people of other faiths visit them-especially if they live in a lower middle class area. That is a time for Christian testimony, good speech and behaviour but never be dragged into a religious argument. Dont stay away because "Your Pastor told me so"

That is how I won Thirupathy Kailasam to the Lord 15 years ago.He is part of a church and is very active in missions now.He was very moved when a man of another race in a big car visited him in a run down area.That very day he allowed me to pray over him and for him and family.

May Gods Spirit be your guide.Be Gods Witness this Deepavali by acts of generosity, friendliness, meekness and saying things that edify and built others up.Let Gods Spirit shine through you. God Bless you.

"Let your light shine among men...."

Anonymous said...

What ?? Its already November 2013? The only legaly SP is going to leave other Christians is a very big bad debt and a smeared reputation for CCC.

I noticed during lunch time even employes are reluctant to say they attend church CCC.This is one legacy SP is leaving for CCC members.

So those other AOG Reverends who are itching to flex their muscles on their sheep- just remember the repersussions.Another blog may appear on the net AND THERE IS REALLY NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!

Anonymous said...

We don't need big buildings to impress others.The biggest idol is standing in Batu Caves and the other is Kuan Yin in Penang.Biggest Mosques are in Putra Jaya and Shah Alam. But these religious buildings are not comparable to the Temple of Harlotry in Bukit Jalil.

10 Special features of this Temple of Harlotry-
1.Shepherds who abuse and fleece the sheep in the name of their god- Mammon
2.Built with borrowed money from non- believers,
3 The foundations are laid in Debts.
4.Beautifuly designed by a Freemason
5.Shepherd can sign a cheque of RM2,000,000 without consent from the sheep. (In Malaysia even Cabinet Ministers are not empowered by law to do this without an express sanction in Parliament)
6.The Salesman, Jelly fish, Mr. Yes Sir, and that Fei Chai (always with a lost & anxious look on the face for fear of being found out for hiding SP's Crap)
7. Shady Accounts
8. Forever begging $$$ from the sheep
9. Shamelessly EVEN asking "money that you have access to.." ( a subtle suggestion on the sheep's EPF $$$)
10. The Grand Theme of Harlotry- A DEBT FREE CCC!! What an awesome title for a Church!!! -- not seeking out the lost.


Anonymous said...

“SP” –Saint Person, Senior Pastor or Prince Guneratnam Name him!

It is interesting when one goes through split with name and expression pass on to Prince Guneratnam as an abbreviation of hidden “SP” or “Senior Pastor”? Be intrepid and choose your godly allusion and name side to adverse or support the principality that prevailing thereafter.

It is evident our choosing side intimidating against our own conscious will and prayers to God. Remember even we speak, complain or so praise an individual or situation our prayer still converse to God in its own meaningful and respected ways and directions of trail construct a positive phenomenon or fulfilling those words in resistance.

One end we fix to pray for Prince Guneratnam wisdom and leadership, on further so batter him up in those despicable encounters others added to shame him in nuisance and defile him wanting him to be beleaguered in God wrath.

Our enthusiasm in him will also determine our faith in God through choosing side. God does not like those who sit in “middle pew” and does nothing fancy being in selfish safe zone.

Rise up again Christian men! And build back the former church into the pure devotion and sanctuary of God! The same as David has been forced to appoint Solomon as God’s choice of governing as another son Adonijah was wickedly plotting to seize the power from him.

“And you, my son Solomon, acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought. If you seek him, he will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever. Consider now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary. Be strong and do the work.” - 1 Chronicles 28:9-10 NIV

If you still reverence that person as a Senior Pastor then in that simple reciprocal value give him the honor appropriated. On the contrary if you think that person is suffering from ramification iniquity of dilution and falsifying deception passing against God directive. Give him no dignity and respect! Arise and fight! Choose side your words will establish faithfulness or denunciation to your premeditated conscious!

“I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.!” – Rev 3:15-16 NIV

“Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming.” - Ephesians 4:14 NIV


Anonymous said...

Remember why won’t you enter to Calvary Church now? It is still your Father House! (John 2:16) Your own mind has divided you by thinking that it is Prince Guneratnam’s House. If your mind choose to gives in the House of God whom appointed Jesus Christ as Head, who can go against you? (Rom 8:31) You may receive some psychological jeer, surprise, ostracize or even hateful face of revulsion of your wonderful present, their strings of action should the Host misbehave, will be attitude of their representation to God, Christ and the Spirit of God functioning. The condemnation will be upon them! That little Napoleon!

Apart from that you may be blasted with spikes of giving and impale pressure to submit to that con principle, the temple of God will discern the rationale of intend giving and messages. The Spirit of God decides through you! If you cannot take little devious pretense how are you going to prevail against those mighty battle on the Day of Judgment?

Because many Christians could not take this simple disrespect flesh of retribution within us that is operating and convulsing to utter out dissatisfaction on these pious principle that was violated and dishonored so crookedly. By mean of godly judging this reflects on the failure capacity of Prince Guneratnam’s management and handling of church people. If he unsecured and breed sin we should continue to flock this evil place and diverge it righteously and transform into a consecrated place. By destroying body of Christ “disassociation of membership package” does it hurt you? Conceivably not physically somewhat emotionally time, effort and financial resources wasted. Is it “membership” or “our convicted holy presence” that hold our accountability and heir to God kingdom against those abusive leading?

No! We were erroneous we ran away to escape from those squiggle clouds and buildup of evil rising. Through this we have surrender new innocent sheep or unbeliever to more deception. We not only fail ourselves as a Soldier, Shepherd and Priest for Jesus Christ, but induce drawback that we unable to shift our spiritual passion and evoke our allegiance to a higher stance.

Go back to the distress Father House fill the pews with the radiance of Jesus Christ, your righteous presence will dissent the loss of destruction as well as sin and accelerate destructive measure to wicked principles that is operating happily and dying scheming.

What do you think will happen when all those hundreds that he be-headed by disassociation came back alive shining not only in revealing luminosity and bringing back divine convocation to the glory of God in this sacred place - a Safe haven?

Aren’t we Christian is free and way above the laws? (Rom 3:19-20, 1 Tim 1:9)

The Church Observer


Anonymous said...

The Lord Bless Thee & Keep Thee,
Cause His face to shine upon thee
And give you Peace.

As the year draws to a close, and the unexpired days of 2013 are numbered, let us walk in peace throughout our remaining days on this old Earth.A Christian must never be a monkey on anyones back, and he must also be able to sense any monkeys around him and disappear quickly. Dont try to change him/her. Some diseases are just incurable.
How quickly people change. Until today I am amused how quickly SP removed Dr. Lum. The many years of knowing him amounted to nothing.The friendliness, chuminess and hearty chatter. Was all this real? Just issue him a letter saying he no more shares the vision of CC anbd SP got rid of him Just like that?.All seems so professional and ugly.

This is a lesson for all believers. Your presence & welcomeness in your church is dependant only at the so called "Rev" 's pleasure. The many nice Bible verses he spews out from the pulpit, and his "God revealed to me..." statements is nothing but Religious Crap.

This is the day, the Dr.and 400 were worried about. A huge debt which will lead to taxing the sheep continuously. Do Calvarites really need the huge building? Who can say there is no religious freedom in this country? The Goverment response " Hey idiot, we gave you the permit to build the biggest church(?) in this country- which outranks even the State Mosque. What freedom are you talking about? What freedom have we taken from you?

But all this does not register on the AOG Reverend's brain.He is not interested in missions or feeding the poor or visitng the sick. What is important to him is a Title, an expenseive looking Bible,a huge building and a handsome paycheck.

A Christian must reflect on this events and learn the lesson.So who is really up there behind the pulpit?

Let us pray privately before stepping into a church.God Bless you all.---

Anonymous said...

I feel greatly saddened by this blog and its contents. In sincerity this blog should never have been birthed but as the unbelievable attempts to cover up the events that have unfolded before our eyes THIS BLOG has become necessary.

The family of believers of the Christian faith have witnessed the spirit and works of these AOG leaders dragging the church in debt at the sheeps cost.

There was no explanation forthcoming for axing 400 members except the " God told me so build"

Christians on this side of the world must be aware of other rogue ministers who just refuse to be accountable.I was rather disturbed by the fact that the whole AOG just sat in the shadows quietly.

It was even more disturbing that most of the AOG churches during the CCC crisis were preaching "......submitting to the church leadershhip."

I think God was just passing by. But He is going to pass by again and the following verse will be fulfileld

"Once more I will shake the heavens and only those things which cannot be shaken will remain..."

Every plant that has not been planted by my Heavenly Father shall be rooted from the ground..."

Anonymous said...

I quote below what AP Steven Kum said in the November Calvary News Magazine.

"Completion of CCC is but an example of His faithfulness. God had kept His promise & given back to us far beyond what we had given towards His work. He has given us pressed down, shaken together & running over."

However,the truth is that they are now been "pressured, shaken all over and running scared with the rising CCC debt". I urged the congregants to ask them questions lay out by blogger CHRISTIAN ARCHITECT Nov. 3rd, 12.58pm to back up their claim that CCC is God's vision to build. I bet you they are unable to answer those questions. They might deceive you with words which are improper and unbiblical. Be wise congregants CCC never was God's vision or call to build. Don't waste your money, God wants you to keep them for your family, if you wish to give, give to the poor and thats true biblical giving instructed by the Lord. Whom do you want to follow? God who is against the building of CCC or men??

Anonymous said...

,...the truth is that they are now been "pressured, shaken all over and running scared with the rising CCC debt" ...

In Spiritual WISDOM , let us continue to Fast and Pray for the LORD of HOSTS to SHAKE CC and CCC !

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows what is the attendance in Calvary nowadays on Sunday?

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at November 15, 2013 at 3:24 PM

Anonymous said...

Did SP and crew collect an offering for the Phillipines? ooops...I forgot....their debts will not allow for a "mission offering"

ICHABOD- the Glory has departed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brethren, Come this Sunday and we will be stepping into December 2013.It has been quite a journey and I am sure we have been learning many things.I thank God for the maturity of many of the bloggers here (not all). When a crisis hits the fellowship it affects all one way or another. In this respect lets stand together against abusive Pastors and who lord it over their flock. Especially in a situation where the Pastor himself is beyond prayer and simply refuses to be transparent.

God Bless you all and as the countdown begins and 2013 beginsto disappear, lets keep our eyes above....and our heads and our hearts on the Scriptures. God Bless you all. Thanks for your fellowship here.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that the wings on the roof at CCC is poorly maintained?

If you are on the main road, you can see that the wings consists of three sections. The section on the right is disfigured, part of the structure is missing. This sight greeted anyone who looks at it even before the PWC. Isn't this structure under warranty? Or the church has no money to pay the supplier? So the supplier just couldn't be bothered to expediate repairs..

Look at the roof panels carefully and you will see discoloration on some on the panels. A case of substandard materials or what........? A 200milion dollar question.

Whatever it is, it's a shame - CCC was only fit for occupation when the first service was held during Easter. Something very wrong somewhere! This monster will cost the church a bomb to maintain.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. Cost a bomb to maintain. You're right. A Nuclear Bomb's ransom to be exact. This is what happens when the leadership decides to take matters into their own hands without God's blessing. CCC is finished. A modern Tower of Babel, although not quite a tower. What a shame. Let it be a lesson to all, seek God's Kingdom not Man's.

Son of the Morning

Anonymous said...

CCC is a monument to a AOG Pastors ego and his Award Winning stupidity---standing ovation please!!! Clap, Clap, Clap, Drumms rolling in the background, whistles, Blow the Shofar,,God is Good all the time ...Amen?? Amen?? Louder Please, I cant hear you....Ushers Please-- its collection time........


Anonymous said...

I want to be the first to all my fellow bloggers here----Have a Most Blessed Christmas.I hope you find some time to visit an orphanage. God Bless you all.--


Anonymous said...

Our mission just returned from a mission trip to interior of Sarawak. What we saw -abject poverty among Christians -- but their fellowship and generosity is without parallel.We helped to paint the church, bought foodstuff, preached the gospel and they drank tuak with us until 3.00 am.Clapping and singing.

Next afternoon- baptism services- 24 of them- men , women and children. They did not speak a word of English so all the services were in Bahasa Melayu./They speak Bidayu but can understand Melayu. There was so much joy in their fellowship and the whole village were there to say farewell- more than a 100 of them.=and our heart were heavy as we left.

Coming back ot the city, I shared this with a church man and showed some pictures. The following were the questions thrown back at me--

1. Under which Church did you go?
2. Who are you submitted to ?
3. Were you ordained as a Minister to baptise?
4. Did you conduct holy Communion?

Of course he was an AOG guy and he has been mentally programmed to think like that.This is the pathetic plight with the present church leadership. When I told him that we a a group of Christian lawyers, architects and accountants and we did not need the so called "Rev" church leadership giving us directions-= on where to minister, he just swallowed his food with a pink face.

During this Christmas time- I urge all fellow Christians about giving something for the poor. Visit an orphanage or an old folks home.No more building funds for us.Grace and Peace be to you.

Christian Architect.

Anonymous said...

Are churches of AOG modern-day cults? What is so important about their pastors who are 'power drrven' and 'money hungry' and assumed authority over its members. People who go to church in their search for solace and spiritual needs easily fall prey to these 'religious scroundrels' who inflicted psychological & spiritual abuses upon them and using methods of brain washing upon them through the use of twisting scriptures to put fear, guilt and intimidation. Thats why you hear a testimony from this lady in the December Calvary News magazine who said that she would readily gave her money for any church projects. This is an example of how she had been affected by the twisted sermon and out of fear and guilt believed its the will of God to give as much money possible and 'hope' to receive more returns from God. Many I believe had been affected in this manner without realising they have fallen prey to the 'brain washing methods' these CC pastors uses as their 'sermon'.upon them. In the end, who suffers and who gains. Its the members who suffers but its a financial gain for these band of 'religious outlaws' and their building agenda. This is what happened if believers do not want to discern with their hearts if what these pastors said is true and in accordance with what the Lord and His apostles teaches us in the Bible.

With all the evidences of countless spiritual abuses and scandals involving the pastors of AOG churches, they are clear examples of what Jesus Christ had warned believers that false prophets will arise in the end times and called upon us not to be deceive by them 'even though they preached in his name'. Scripture said we are to know them BY THEIR FRUITS. Yes, AOG had all the characteristics of a modern-day cults. Look at how PG is able to yield his power and influence over his multiple pastors , BOD and the church congregation and he is enjoying it, isn't this tatamounts to be like a cult leader.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today 2 at December 7, 2013 at 3:16 PM

Anonymous said...

What a year it has been!!! It is inevitable that in life we are sometimes confronted with bad situations, destructive relationships and monkeys on our back. But i believe that the Christian can always learn some lessons in every area.Grace & Peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.--vj--

Anonymous said...

Christmas is a time of giving but as stewards of the money we earn through the favour of God who give us strength and ability to work, let us not "FLOOD THE RICH WITH MORE"

To add to the Christian Architect, I wish to share true episode
A group of us from a small church pays monthly visits to an Orang Asli community in Negri Sembilan. We normally bring them foodstuff donated by our church food bank and then bave service with them, teaching the kids etc.

There was one occasion that we decided instead of just bringing them dried food-stuff we packed some roti-canai to eat with them. The Orang Asli there ATE roti canai for the 1st time in their lives. We were indeed touched with their lack.....their appreciation of simple food which to them is beyond reach - both in terms of money and their isolation from towns.

The worth of RM1.00 in the case brings joy to an Orang Asli.

In the past pastors in CC gets "offering from the congregation" in addition to their 4 or 5 figure salaries and bonuses.

Please consider sharing with the poor and needy - there are good organizations like Salvation Army, Beautiful Gate and orphanages who really depend on your kind generosity.......give to them rather than those with fat pay, possibly CCC pastors earn more than mercy to the poor rather than blessing those may earn much more than you and I.

Fooled before, now am wiser

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at December 20, 2013 at 4:49 PM

Anonymous said...

I used to b very proud to be a Christian. Until I start to see some ugliness within chuch 4 walls. I know of v close church friends not in good term (cutting ties) with own family members; dismissal of pastor (not to mention church name); pretentious in church settings; act differently once outside church; and condemning underprevilege or smaller groups. This is not what Jesus wanted us to do. Reading this blog really saddens me further. Can't imagine this is happening. I hv chosen to be a good Christian in my daily life, not to be bounded by 4 expensive church walls (money could have been used more wisely by helping the needy). Well... there is still hope after I read th3 article below: .

For me.. I will choose to be on the fields (where workers are few), and be as much Christ-like as possible, not to condemn but to love; instead of sitting in expensive comfort of church buildings.

Anyway this is only my personal view. I still love Jesus. I still love God. And I choose to express my love for Him to those who need them most...outside of chuch walls.

Blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe the AOG system anymore. Most of them in there are caught in a religious rut and have hidden issues- even worse- some of them have very little love for those who disagree with them.We cant change them we I just leave these men and women alone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I used to b very proud to be a Christian. Until I start to see some ugliness within chuch 4 walls. I know of v close church friends not in good term (cutting ties) with own family members; dismissal of pastor (not to mention church
Comment on the above

I hope you had a pleasant Christmas.Mine was spent in a Christian house (I left as soon as the gossip began after dinner)

For some reason I felt a warmth towards you as I read your article. Sorry if this blog saddens you.Although I disagree with many bloggers here, still I feel they have a right to express themselves. This blog was not meant to curse,ridicule and condemn. I came here because, the people who "sit in Moses seat" were getting out of control with church finances and many were" lording over the flock"

This blog has done wonders to create awareness among believers. At least we dont have to suffer in silence anymore. I noticed that you are aware that Christians condemn under privileged and smaller groups. I personally think that the Holy Spirit gave you that awareness.God bless your soul as you continue your pilgrims journey.

After CCC episode, I wont give a single cent to any church building fund. My money only goes to orphanages and the poor.In closing, I want to say this, If you pastor starts the nonsense again buy claiming that god told him to build, ask him straight on where he plans to get the money...because it is your money that he is taking about.These are the spiritual lepers amongst us who feed off the flock with no conscience.

Wary of AOG Pastors

Anonymous said...

"Sorry if this blog saddens you. Although I disagree with many bloggers here, still I feel they have a right to express themselves. This blog was not meant to curse, ridicule and condemn.

"I noticed that you are aware that christians condemn under privileged and smaller group. I personally think that the Holy Spirit gave you that awareness"

To blogger who wrote the above comments. I cannot get to understand what you meant by christians in this blog had condemn under privileged and smaller groups.? You have said to disagree with many bloggers here. Are you saying that the many criticisms, the verbal attacks or some name callings levelled against CC pastors seemed too harsh that you considered them as cursing and condemning. Perhaps you have a nicer, a more gentle way of confronting these CC pastors, I sure would like to hear it. You read your Bible, when the Pharisees & the Sudducees came to John the Baptist for baptism, John exposed them and called them "OH GENERATION OF VIPERS, WHO HATH WARNED YOU TO FLEE FROM THE WRATH TO COME?" Is John cursing or condemning or redicuing these set of people? The Lord is even meaner and harsher than John in describing and exposing the Pharisees & Scribes. No my friend, CC pastors do not deserved any kind words or any gentle approach. Considering all their unholy acts of spiritual abuses and unrighteousness, it is proper and just to expose them in a harsh manner. Don't be afraid or that God would judged you wrong for its our christian duty to expose them in a manner that others would wake up to know who they are and not be deceived by them.

No doubt you also mentioned that others still had the right to express themselves, I still disagree with you for labelling the many bloggers as cursing, condemning or ridicuing CC pastors. I am of the opinion that inspite of what they said, they knew that in the end it would be the Lord that judges them. Its truly utterly disgusting to see the unholy behaviour of CC pastors and every christian had the right to be angry. I have regretted giving money to them and they do not care a bit at all. Mind you these guys earned much more than me and others too. Yes I admit I am angry too and have made some harsh comments about them, but in no way do I see myself cursing or condemning them, and you should not look it that way too, considering the financial losses that many had regretted and other personal and intimate pains & anguishes that many have gone through.

CC pastors are still as ever arrogant, proud, self righteous people and because of their 'sin of pride' refuses to acknowledge their wrongs. Many have commented that they are beyond any prayers. Its seems true as you see their hearts are even more hardened to the truth of God.

Anonymous said...

No doubt you also mentioned that others still had the right to express themselves, I still disagree with you for labelling the many bloggers as cursing, condemning or ridicuing CC pastors.
I had a certain Pastor in mind (100% AOG Rev) when I wrote that.He said from the pulpit that this blog was just condeming pastors. But I did not see any vendetta here. We expressed ourselves and rightly so. I wrote some nasty things here myself because of my own experience in church.

"pretentious in church settings; act differently once outside church; and condemning underprevilege or smaller groups,:

I was responding to the above blogger who used those words.Maybe you can seek some clarification from that blogger.posted on 22.12.2013

Maybe what the blogger meant was smaller church groups who had broken away from their church because of the Pastors conduct. I once conducted Bible studies with the Malay speaking Nepalese - mow cheen, mow meng- they have dispersed now. Nobody know where.

Anyway may you be blessed as we close 2013.I am still visiting different churches and hopefully can settle down in a church before CNY. God Bless You all and Shalom.

God bless your 2014

Anonymous said...

As the Year closes, I wish all the bloggers here,
"May the New Year 2014 bring many new blessings.Shalom from the God Of Israel to all"

Anonymous said...

To blogger of 30th Dec. at 1:05pm,

I apologised to you if I had misread your comments.

No more AOG churches for me, thats for sure. Pentecostalism which they practised are not from the true spirit of God. This is true as testified by the Word of God, the Bible. Hope you can find a proper non AOG church. Still I would form a home church like during the New Testament period. This is true worship and which we will not see things happening like you see in CC.

In CC many things had been said about PG, but what about the APs, they are just as worse, In fact I find them more disgusting, unable to know what are spiritually right or wrong. They just follow what PG tells them to do, just like 'robots' without their own minds.

God bless you, brother.

Anonymous said...

Say it with truth and honesty, they are hypocrites and sheep in wolves' clothing.

To all readers of this blog, a very blessed new year. They well know the Bible but temptations rule.

Anonymous said...

Dear brother & sisters,

I have been following this blog since the start. It saddens me to read many hurting & angry comments on this blog... and also how things are being exposed here concerning poor leadership.

The complex is completed, but yet the fight still goes on. I can only pray & hope that as people of faith that we should no longer enticed ourselves with this, but rather move-on towards what our God has in-store for us.

The leadership and everyone of us will have to give an account for our actions... thus, let our actions be that of one where we truly lived our lives for God and according to His purpose.

Anonymous said...

The pastors of Calvary Church are the modern Pharisees of today. We know this from the characteristics of this set of people, whom the Lord made known to us form Scripture. One of the traits, " For they bind heavy burdens & grevious to be borne & lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers." And they subtly deceived their flock and draw them away from biblical truth to a different direction to suit their own agenda and by abusing their power they seek total control of the masses. Believers fallen under their deception are been led to a false holiness and are unable to know what is truth & error, carnal & spiritual, good & bad, godly and demonic. This is the scenario in CC, and a fullfilled sign of the end of age of the rise of false churches with false believers. THE DEGENERATION OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES INTO A WORDLY-MINDED, PLEASURE/PROSPERITY SEEKING APOSTATE CHURCH.

Anonymous said...

May God Bless all the Chinese Brethren as you celebrate CNY. For your family sake, please drive carefully and reach home safely. If some stupid idiot "tail gates" you on the highway- let him pass. And never "tailgate" on the highway at that speed.

God bless you all. may you take a good rest. Bye. -- Vijay--

Anonymous said...

Wishing all the bloggers here a Blessd and most prosperous New Yeat 2014.
Thanks forthe bloogers here ( by strange miracle my Rev. Pastor observes office hours now- previously it was the teh tarik stalls everytime, almost most of the day)

Anonymous said...

To Blogger on 27 Jan, 2014 at 9.21am.

If you knew and understand how deplorable the actions and the ungodly behaviour of CC pastors and the spiritual abuses they acted upon many members, you should not be feeling hurtful or angry with their exposure in this Blog. The purpose is to make known to others who may be ignorant of what is actually happening with their high handed and abusive leadership. How can you be silent to their spiritual unrighteousness and pretend its not happening, and say just move on. Why had so many left Calvary Church ?? What have caused them to leave? You said you have been following this blog since the beginning, so what have you learned from this CC saga? Can you still support and say they did no wrong. The many comments, some are hard and rightly so, had provened beyond any doubt that the pastors of CC had committed spiritual unrighteousness and failed to live by what they preached on 'loving they neighbour'. They have broke every biblical principles in shepherding their flock.

If you think the charges against them are not serious, and overlooked them as many others do and say just move on, then you failed to understand spiritual discernment and your personal relationship with the God you worshipped.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon on January 27, 2014 at 9:21 AM

You are a victim of the deception that CC pastors and leaders have been spreading. They have been telling people that the conflict was over the building of CCC. That people left because they could not agree with the project. This deception has taken root. Many Christians believe the deception.

The conflict was never about CCC. It was about the diversion of mission funds into PG's personal ministry. The people were sacked when they questioned the accounts. They did not leave because of the building.

Anonymous said...

To both Bloggers on the February 12, at 10.12am & February 13, at 11.37am,

That's exactly what I mean... look at your reply or comments back to me. Does it not sound judgmental? You are a victim yourself by your own bitterness of this entire saga... and if I would have posted my comments as my own profile (with my actual name posted), what more do you thing I would be receiving from your end? Anger, judgment... etc.

Anonymous said...

The conflict was never about CCC. It was about the diversion of mission funds into PG's personal ministry. The people were sacked when they questioned the accounts. They did not leave because of the building.

February 13, 2014 at 11:37 AM

Comment on the above.

You think they are going to tell the truth? They are just skillful liars and they have a brood of vipers to help cover up their Pentecostal Crap.

Many say that the Goverment is not transparent. I think the present day church lacks transparency too. We msut be especially wary when 1 man presides over the congregation- and he has a board(?) all selected by him who would not dare to question him/ her.

AOG Reverends are famous for this kind of set up. You disagree with them and you are going against Gods will.!!

Anyway let us walk forth together. I think we have learnt a lot from the CC episode. I did not leave because of the building too. WE almost trapped that snake, but it slithered quickly and quietly into the grass.

Anonymous said...

A message to all AOG Pastors for 2014.

Keep your inward life clean and so will the outward be. Never engage in gossip or spreading slander, because it is not one of the giftings of the Holy Spirit. Keep to the preaching of the Scriptures and your sheep will be blessed.

If you feel other are doing wrong- dont badmouth them - pray for them and use words of healing.Read proverbs.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

To Blogger of 17the Feb, 10.06am.

Talking about hurt, do you know that many members who have left the church have been truly hurt emotionally and spiritually and some to the point of even shedding tears. Off course you may not care at all. Anyway my friend, the issue here is not about you getting hurtful reading the comments. You are still avoiding the main issue. The main issue here is about CC leadership. Just answer the question according to your opinion, HAVE OR HAVE NOT THE CC PASTORS COMMITTED SPIRITUAL MISDEEDS AND SPIRITUAL ABUSE AGAINST MEMBERS? HAVE THEY PRACTISED TRANSPARENCY, TRUTH AND ACCOUNTABILITY? Just a simple answer from you, Yes or No. So be brave and be honest to yourself and especially to God.

Anonymous said...

David Yonggi Cho, Founder of World's Largest Church, Found Guilty of Breach of Trust, Corruption
By Editorial Dept. ( Feb 21, 2014 10:05 AM EST

David Yonggi Cho, founder of world's largest Pentecostal congregation, was found guilty by South Korean court for committing breach of trust and corruption of 130 billion won (US $21 million), according to Yonhap News Agency.
Yoido Full Gospel Church senior pastor received a suspended sentence of three-year prison term with a five year probation and ordered to pay a penalty of 50 billion won (US $4.7 million) by Seoul Central Court on Feb. 20, 2014.
The court also sentenced Cho's elder son Hee-jun, secretary general of Yeongsan Christian Cultural Center and former chairman of Next Media, to a three-year prison term without suspension. He was formally arrested before the court ruling, the Yonhap News reported.
In 2002, while serving as chairman of a church-affiliated newspaper Kookmin Ilbo, Hee-jun sold the church 250,000 shares of stock in I-Service at 86,984 won (US$80.06) per share, which was much more expensive than the market price of 24,032 (US$22.12) per share, the hankyoreh reported.
Prosecutors identified David Cho as an accomplice to the crime of breach of trust, claiming that Cho used the money to help his son recover losses made in stock investements.
According to hankyoreh, Cho had directed the transaction, which the church has "absolutely no need for" and resulted in a loss, to be dealt with as quietly as possible despite his full knowledge of the potential "uproar" from the elders and congregation if they find out.
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The church's loss of 131 billion won resulted in 29 church elder's filing the lawsuit in 2011, accusing him of embezzling US $20 million. In addition, prosecutors acquired evidence of tax evasion during the investigation, where Cho was suspected of evading 35 billion won (US $3.3 million).
While Cho has denied the allegation, he has also been criticized for privatizing church assets.
Although the judge believes that Cho should be severely punished for committing breach of trust, especially for a person of his status in society, he gave a light sentence on Cho's tax evasion in consideration of Cho's long-term contributions to the society, the Yonghap News reported.
The court sentenced Hee-jun to three years in prison for being the main culprit, who tried to evade responsibility - placing his personal financial loss on the church and the blame on others.
Cho, 75, founded Yoido Full Gospel Church in 1958 and it now claims more than 450,000 followers. His proteges have built their own "disciple churches" across the country, creating a congregation of around 800,000, with Cho as the leader.
- See more at:

Anonymous said...

Message to Blogger 17th February at 10.06am.

Do you know that satan is a grandmaster of deceit. He works through deception, and his deception are so very subtle that many won't even realised that they had been deceived, and this usually happened to those believers who thought they are smart and wise enough to know the tricks of the devil. Brother, I saw that many of satan's subtle deceptions going on in Calvary Church and am so very surprised how was it that many don't even noticed them and had believed those lies to be the truth of God. I would name one of the actions of CC pastors which I considered as deplorable. They have traded some of the seats in the Suanctuary for money. They offer good seats for sale and those wanted those seats have to pay a certain price for them. But firstly, they would convinced you and assured you these buying of seats are for the building fund of CCC and you are doing a good service to God. What a blantant lie this is !!!. Would God asked you for a price for His seats? Yet believers believed them & those who bought them are proud that they have done a good deed for God. Where are their conscience? This is simply so very wrong. I cannot imagined that CC pastors are able to commit such a deplorable thing, lying in the name of God to achieve their agenda. I call this a work of satan to deceive members and he is using CC pastors to do the job. What impression would non believers have if they knew there is such a thing of selling seats in a church? So if you and others think that its not a wrong thing and is scriptural to sell & buy seats in a church, then you all are victims of deception, like it or not. You see even well mean christians can be subtly deceived and they knew not. How is it? The Bible kept warning us to be alert and beware of the enemy's deceptions and yet believers kept falling into them.

Anonymous said...

To bloggers February 22, 2014 at 8:34 AM and February 23, 2014 at 2:38 PM,

Firstly, let me answer blogger February 22, 2014 at 8.34AM... yes, I'm fully aware about how many members who have left the church that are emotionally and spiritually hurting. I'm one of them too.

Secondly, yes... the pastors of CCKL will have to give an account of their misdeeds, abuse of power and authority and also for the mannerism of their spiritual handling of God's people.

But here's 'MY' point... we have to move on and not allow ourselves to be continually enticed by their wicked and ungodly ways of being a minister of God. They will have to stand before our Holy Judge, our Lord Jesus to give an account for all their actions... but so do we. Why do we allow the misdeeds of the pastor to determine our actions?

To my fellow blogger February 23, 2014 at 2:38 PM, yes... I agree with you. We are living at the very last league of the last days. Our Lord Jesus clearly warns us of such. I agree that this is not the work of God, as the work of God does not bring division, but rather the work of the Holy Spirit of God brings about what God the Father desires according to His will, plans and purposes.

The pastors of CCKL may have used the misguided ways of man, and that's a really sad shame. I once had fellowship with some of the pastors of CCKL. I called them friend and brother too. I know they are wrong... but they too deserve the opportunity to repent. But it would be impossible for them if we continue to be accusers, prosecutor, judge and executor. Are we too in the danger and carelessly doing the work of Satan?

It is time to move on... in faith. In these last days, we cannot be wasting our time with such, but rather let us focus on what the Lord has in-store for us.

Anonymous said...

At the Judgement seat, this pastor will say, " Lord we have built the biggest church in town" Then JESUS will say, " That's what you think. Come here. You are going to give an account of yourself".

Remember, pastors of CC, you are accountable to God on all you have done and how you have tended God's little sheep. At the judgement seat, no way one can pretend, hide or lie. GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Here is an article that may enlighten and interest you in your walk with Christ.

God Bless

Ps. Would be grateful if moderator can post as an article to enlighten our brothers and sisters in Christ

Family First, Not the Church
By David J. Stewart

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at February 27, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Anonymous said...

Why don't you start to post articles on how to identify False Teachers n False Prophets. It will be great help to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

God Bless


Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at February 27, 2014 at 11:26 AM

Anonymous said...

Church Growth International (CGI) conference is scheduled to be held at CCC from 28 to 31 October 2014. CGI is a ministry of David Yonggi Cho, senior pastor emeritus of Yoido Full Gospel church in Seoul, Korea.

David Yonggi Cho is found guilty of embezzling US12million of church funds and tax evasion. He is sentenced to three years jail, suspended for five years and fined US4.6million.

When David Cho came to officially open CCC in 2013, he was already under investigation by the authorities in Korea.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at March 1, 2014 at 9:05 PM

Anonymous said...

When a person committed SIN (big or small) , it is a SIN no matter how sincere or ignorant he may be. May God have mercy on Pastor Cho.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at March 6, 2014 at 8:03 PM

Anonymous said...

'Pastor' Cho and friends. Birds of the same feathers flock together. I am not mentioning names but 'siapa makan chilli dia rasa pedals'. Money, money, money, it's a rich mans' world. No wonder the world is mocking the church.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 11, 2014 at 2:35 PM

Agree, we need to set our priority right. It's God first, then family , then church.

Anonymous said...

When the boss gets into trouble, they claim ignorance and innocence, and pass the blame to the staff or somebody else. It's the same in politics, business and the church. Those taking orders, please insist it is in black and white.Don't be the one to eat dead cat.You never know when it will come and haunt you.

Anonymous said...

To Blogger on 6th March, 9.55am.

One moment you said you are one those who had been hurt, and admitted the pastors of CC had done wrong. The next moment you implied we are the accusers, prosecutors, judge and executors. What are you? If the ones who acted as accusers, prosecutors judge or executors, it should be them, not us. PG and his pastors pronounced judgement upon some 400 members, excommunicated them by sacking them. PG execute his judgement upon a sister and instructed his pastors to physically removed her from stage disallowing her right to speak.

You are living in self deception if you think that CC pastors will repent. How could they when they held upon themselves as having done no wrong. Brother, you must understand the mindset of these preachers. They regard themselves as the "voice" of the church and would silence and shut the mouth of anyone who dares to question their authority. Thats what happened to this sister. This is the real face of these CC pastors behind the charms & smiles that they carry.

So how can you just simply ignored such ungodly acts of these pastors and say just move on. If you are truly hurt, which I doubt, by the spiritual unrighteousness of these pastors, you would have left the church like many others.

Anonymous said...

To blogger March 12, 2014 at 7.39PM...

Your comment to me is exactly what I mean about moving-on. I'm not living in self deception, but rather everyone deserves that opportunity to repent before God... including the CC pastors. If they repent, praise God, and if they don't... then it is very sad to see pastors heading the wrong direction eternally.

I do not ignore their 'ungodly' behavior, nor do I agree with their actions... but however, all I know is what the Word of God says.

Your comment truly reflects bitterness and unforgiveness... and I am quite sure that your next comment or reply to me would one that's full with anger. Now think about that for a moment... let us realized that this whole saga has truly affected each one of us in an ungodly way, and that's exactly what the devil wants. By that... we expose ourselves to great spiritual attacks from Satan and his demons.

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Anonymous March 6 , 2014 9:55am

What if the elders in 'Pastor' Cho's church followed your advice and quietly moved on and not pursue aggressively the crime committed by him and sons. Evil triumphs on earth when we chose to 'move on' and let it be and say God will judge him in the hereafter. Why do we hold politicians and the government and businessmen to a high and strict standard of integrity and yet not hold the same for church leaders ? Pastors are required to hold to a much higher standard of accountability and integrity, are they not ? Yes, they will be judged in eternity, but that does not exempt them from being accountable to members and earthly authorities on this side of eternity.

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A lot of questions people should start asking themselves. Should they tithe 10% of their wages or giving away their money as offerings that comes in various names? There has been a lot of secrecy with their handling of financial matters. You have every right to hold them financially accountable to every dime spent. Many senior pastors and pastors are having a "good life" with church funds, with some becoming wealthy as millionaires. They preached christians must be good stewards, but they themselves failed to live as one. Part of good stewardship is that they must adopt and follow a proper system of accountability & transparency in handling tithes and offerings. This is in accordance with what Jesus taught how a church is to function. Be good stewards.

Off course if you ask them about their riches and good life, they would show you that they had also done good by giving to mission and maybe some others, but this justify nothing. If you ask them about their riches and "good life" they would say they are God's favor and blessings upon them. But again, this doesn't line up with the Word of God that Christ and His apostles taught us. We must be good role models living as a testimony and witness to others.

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Response to Anonymous February 23, 2014 at 2:38 PM. I detest and feel sad that pastor(s) can encourage and deceive church members to build idol in the sanctuary of God by buying seat/s. They forgot the 10 Commandment. The church members are so naive...May God have Mercy on us.

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To blogger 13th March, 2.32pm.

We are only exposing the spiritual unrighteousness of CC pastors to alert the ignorant so that they may not be deceived by them, and you keep telling our comments are of bitterness, anger or unforgiving. Read your Bible and see how Jesus confronted and exposed the Pharisees.

The way you wrote, I think the angry one is you not me. No, I am not angry with anyone, I only wish you could be brave enough to stand up for God's righteousness to prevail by facing CC pastors. I truly admire this sister, her name I think is Liza who did just that and its really a shame that there are members who are cowards, who knew she was right but for fear of been shut out by SP and his pastors kept quiet and move on.

How do I feel about CC pastors? They had been my friends, to be honest I am disappointed with them for not showing enough love,understanding and sympathy to members who had been sacked, but to feel bitterness and anger in my heart with them, NO. As for you, you must be a young man and sorry to say this, you still had a lot to learn on spiritual maturity.

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Anonymous March 6, 2014, 9:55am
Your remarks telling people to let it be and move on is negative and patronising. In 2002 Roland Poon was forced to apologise for his remarks on misuse of church funds in CHC. With few on his side and threats of legal action, he apologised and moved on and moved to another church.Other whistle blowers took where he left off and now the CHC case is on. Whistle blowers also did Cho Yonggi a favour and stopped him from doing further wrong and we hope he will not insist on his
innocence but instead repent. If you choose to give up and move on, that's your business, but don't ever think that makes you righteous. Evil triumphs only because we let them be.

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Anonymous March 13, 2:32 PM,
If a minister or leader in the government was involved in a corrupt act and misused state funds and repents and seek forgiveness, what would you do ?Forgive him , let it be and move on ? or forgive him but still agrees hoe should face the consequences of the law and must stepped down from office or be sacked. Just note the standard the bible sets for the minister of the church is so very much higher. Eg forgive Cho Yonggi but he must bear consequences of his wrong and step down from office.