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PG’s Buddy Convicted of Breach of Trust and Corruption

Rev. David Yonggi Cho, mentor and good buddy of Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam (PG), was recently found guilty by a South Korean court for committing the crime of Breach of Trust and corruption of US$12 million of his Church’s funds.

According to the news report, Rev Cho had directed the transaction which involved the purchase of stock by the Church from his son at a much higher price than the market price, resulting in the massive loss by his Church.

For the conviction, he was given a suspended sentence of 3-year prison term with a 5-year probation and was ordered to pay a penalty of US$4.7 million.

He was also charged and convicted of Tax evasion of US$3.2 million for which he was given a light sentence in view of his contribution to society.

After his conviction, Rev Cho told his congregation that he has learnt that “an individual shouldn’t possess anything” and that “status, fame, authority, money….are matters that are unworthy of any pursuit”. Rev Cho added that he hopes that God forgives him for his actions.

PG similarly had some Breach of Trust and Tax evasion issues which were exposed during the height of the Calvary Church saga. Although a Police Report was filed against him by a church member on the Breach of Trust of Missions funds and much evidence was furnished to the police during the course of the investigation, no action was taken against him.

 However, PG subsequently had no option but to return the funds which he had “illegally” transferred from the Church Missions account into his personal Calvary International Ministry (CIM)’s account when the Bank closed CIM’s bank account.

PG was also investigated for personal Tax evasion during the Calvary Church crisis period. The Tax Department raided his office and home. However, he promptly paid up the penalty and taxes due on his undeclared income and no further action was pursued.

Although PG has been more fortunate than Rev Cho to escape the long arm of the law, it is hope that nevertheless, he will learn the final lesson which his mentor learnt and that is, “status, fame, authority, money are matters that are unworthy of any pursuit”.

And instead of trying to defend Rev Cho, as he did at a recent Church service, PG should learn to call a spade a spade and also acknowledge his own indiscriminations, seek God’s forgiveness and change his ways.

Pastor John Piper, in his response to Rev Cho’s conviction, has this advice for pastors:-
1.   Kill every desire to be rich and get rich
2. Pastors, if you see your income starting to grow, set a governor on it
3. Be totally transparent with your fellow elders about your sources of income
4. Live simply to show that your treasure is in heaven and not on earth
5. Put in place a leadership structure of a plurality of elders


Anonymous said...

Why would PG want to defend him when Yonggi Cho himself acknowledges his error and hope that God will forgive him. Why is he trying to find excuses to defend him when all Yonggi Cho wants is God's forgiveness. Guess only he knows why.

Anonymous said...

Members of CC, learn a valuable lesson from the corruption and embezzelment of church funds by Pastor Yonggi Cho. Becareful and wise in your giving. Look what happened to the church funds where Pastor Cho embezzled to enrich himself and family members. And this is also happening in your own Calvary Church. The church funds are your money and you have every right to seek transparency and accountability from them. Do not be bind by this unscriptural ruling that your duty is to give and not ask questions. God give us liberty, do not let them take away your liberty.

PG has illegally transferred funds from Church Mission Account into his personal ministry CIM. He had tried cheating the government by evading tax. What manner of man is this? He is dishonest and cannot be trusted, able to lie and capable of corruption. He had a bad reputation of being sacked from his Lake Club membership for his "unbecoming" behaviour. How can CC members be so naive and still have respect for such a man to be their leader? Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

If Yonggi Cho truly repented , he should honestly tell Christians that tithes are not the requirement for New Testament Christians. The prosperity health and wealth gospel has always been built upon this false doctrine of tithes. New Testament Christians don't need to abide by the levitical laws of the Old Testament or other mosaic laws related to the ceremonial worship in the temple. In fact if you are an ardent believer in tithes you should give 23.3 % or you rob God of His tithes. Tithes are not a mere 10% as invented by word of faith preachers.Don't believe me, then study the levitical laws which command the giving of 2 tithes (20%) a year and an additional 3rd tithe in the third year which averages about 23.3 % a year. The prosperity on their own illegal authority discounted it to a mere 10 % because they are aware that many cannot afford that 23.3% . To them 10% is better than no tithes at all. So if you believe in giving tithes , then give 23.3% or know that you rob God as mentioned in Malachi. I hope you prosper as the preachers of tithes prosper from your giving.

Anonymous said...

In the 50s pastors command great respect from Christians and non Christians alike. Now they are look at with apprehension and often scorn. Of course, there are still good honest God loving and God fearing pastors but they are few and their image have been tarnished by the greedy materialistic majority esp those pastors of the word of faith teachings.

Anonymous said...

Christians are accused as hypocrites. They are quick to point fingers and shout at the misdeeds of politicians and government officers but keep very quiet when one of their leaders do the same. Always covering up so as not to disgrace Jesus. They must practise tough love. The worst bad man is a religious bad man.

Anonymous said...

You know, a few months ago Peter Ong was asked whether it was true that Cho Yonggi was being charged. He denied it saying that there was no case. Either Cho Yonggi lied to Peter Ong or Peter Ong lied.

Anonymous said...

Peter Ong is defending his fellow AOG pastor. Whatever wrong they do , these 'breed of people' always support one another. 90% of those reported financial scandals, sexual scandals, corruptions or spiritual abuses involved with AOG pastors, which means 90% of the false prophets of today are AOG pastors. Have anyone heard any of the CC pastors preaching and warning the members against the false prophets of today? I haven't heard them preaching on this subject during my time in CC, and I don't think they ever preached on this subject presently, because if they do, they are preaching about themselves.

Anonymous said...

Feb.28, 2013: it was reported that David Cho is being investigated for financial misdeeds relating to church funds.

June 9. 2013: it was reported that David Cho is indicted for allegedly causing high losses to church.

Aug. 27, 2013, CCC dedication with David Cho doing the honours.

Feb. 21, 2014: David Cho found guilty of CBT and sentenced to three years jail.

From the chain of events, it can be seen that David Cho was being investigated long before the dedication of CCC. And yet he was invited to do the honours. Does this not show that PG had ignored the allegation against his mentor or was in denial?

Anyway, as long as CCC stands, the plaque with a tainted senior pastor emeritus will be there for all to see!

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at April 6, 2014 at 11:26 PM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous April 6, 2014 11:26PM
This would mean that Christians in CCC should therefore be fair in their judgement of others. They should also close their eyes to the corruption and lack of integrity of people and leaders in high places both in business and government. The opening ceremonial plaque with Yonggi Cho's name engraved on it will be the constant reminder to them.

Bamboo Conspiracy said...


Please hear what this brother/sister wrote...March 25, 2014 at 8:19 PM

I have been saying this many times but majority of Christians think I got my theology wrong. Good to know there are others who have discernment and see the light regarding tithing. Lord ...continue to raise more discerning Christians!

Bro/Sis March 25, 2014 at 8:19 PM wrote......

If Yonggi Cho truly repented , he should honestly tell Christians that tithes are not the requirement for New Testament Christians. The prosperity health and wealth gospel has always been built upon this false doctrine of tithes. New Testament Christians don't need to abide by the levitical laws of the Old Testament or other mosaic laws related to the ceremonial worship in the temple.

God has not spoken HIS LAST WORD on Calvary Church!


Anonymous said...

David Cho is the founder of Yoido Full Gospel Church. 30 elders from Yoido initiated the process of the investigation into David's financial misdeeds. The elders were threatened with disciplinary actions if they did not withdraw their reports. The elders persevered and some were sacked and some expelled.

The elders in Korea deserves praise and respect when they seek justice even though they were acting against the founder and senior pastor emeritus of the church!

In Malaysia, a deacon was sacked and members were axed when they brought up issues related to their pastor.

Can you see the parallelism? Need I say more?


Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at April 8, 2014 at 12:46 AM

Anonymous said...

It was also claimed that Yonggi Cho's wife Kim Sung-Hae, president of Hansei University has yet to account for US$9.8 million paid by Church as support for Bethesda Christian University, an institution she runs in US which bought US real estate worth US$15million using church money.

Senior Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church who is also facing trial in Singapore travels to nations outside Singapore promoting his innocense and at the same time hoping to receive from members "love offerings" to pay for his lawyers' fees. Another act of 'fleecing from the flock'. Remember PG of Calvary Church uses church funds(members money) to pay for his lawyers fee. Is this the way christian leaders behave. When will the flock wake up to see the spiritual misdeeds of these wayward pastors? They are a disgrace and brought shame to the name of God. These are the modern "money changers" of today, and the Lord called them " a den of thieves".

Anonymous said...

If you see a Pastor and he is from the AOG circle---just be wary and on guard.They dont like any of their sickly breed to be challenged. Just question their authority and you are singled out for abuse or given the silent treatment... it will come sooner or later. Looking back, I ask myself how can I be so Stupid to believe everything my ex-pastor said.

AOG Pastors from the 70's to 2000--" IF YOU DONT PAY YOUR TITHES YOU ARE UNDER A CURSE!!! "

The real curse, in my mind is listening to this deceiving or deceived AOG chimpanzee.

Wake up- lah half baked roti canai AOG Pastors !!!! When people are blessed they will give-- no need to start begging. What a disgrace!!! The church is not under any of the Levitical Laws.Christ has set us free but this Reverends have brought back the people into bondage.

Anonymous said...

It is a known fact that David Yonggi Cho has been found guilty of embezzlement and tax evasion.

Cho is the Chairman, Church Growth International and PG is the Host Chairman for the CGI Conference 2014 to be held at CCC on 28 - 31 October,

Will PG hold this conference as scheduled disregarding the effects Cho's guilt will have on the Christian community?

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at April 12, 2014 at 11:57 PM

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Yonggi Cho will be there as by that time it will be back to normal, and he'll probably tell the crowd he is a changed man now.

There always will be foolish people who will follow their leader regardless of whatever wrong they had done, never knowing that they could be 'hero worshiping' man rather than God. If you put men on the pedestal, this is what will happen, just like you see happening in Calvary Church, almost like a cult leader.

Anonymous said...

I was hookwinked by PG & AOG pastors for 24 years. PB2G that I am no longer under bondage to AOG pastors who preach Prosperity Gospel (PG) so that their dumb sheep will give generously out of the fear created by the AOG pastors.

Find out the Truth About Prosperity Gospel Churches at " "
in a sermon by a Singaporean pastor who exposes such PG pastors.

You have been warned, be wise as a serpent & run away from PG Churches.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at April 25, 2014 at 9:22 PM

Anonymous said...

Who is the PG? This man is no ordinary man. He is able to hold power and influence over his pastors, deacons and church elders and other members into obeying his instructions and orders even they may be wrong. How is it? He preached Jesus as Lord but at the same time, he does things that runs contrary to Bible teachings. He surely did not live by what he preaches and he don;t give a damn about it. This man is no servant of God, he will draw you away from biblical truth. He is not preaching the true Christ of the Bible, but a counterfeit Christ. He is a minister of satan. CCC is no temple of God for he allowed CCC to be tainted with freemasonry which is occult. He knew that God of the Bible is against anything that is evil, yet he ignored this. WHY? Is he serving God or the devil. WARNING all members, something is very wrong and not right with this man, don't be deceived by his charm and his speaking. From my observation and perhaps some others, I find it so strange that I can't help but wonder if he is actually human, or some "fallen angel" in human form!! But one thing is for sure, HE IS A FALSE PROPHET.

Anonymous said...

Grace & Peace to all bloggers here. I appreacite this blog because it has become an eye opener for Christains like me who hardly read the Bible because I have to earn bread for my family.God bless you all.

The Church I attend suddenly gave up " Pastors Day" - I think they finally realized that it was just plain bullshit at the expense of the church. The church can appreciate their Pastors in simpler ways. Ours was a church comedy--food spread out on the table and the Pastor being treated like Barack Obama-- served by gullible sheep (oftentimes stupid)- and a nice $$$ offering.)

Everytime time I drive pass the church- he would be at the teh tarik stall. No office work besides preaching on Sundays? ( Nice job)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother, I still attend Calvary Church but not supporting it financially.....Enjoy the facilities mah....

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at April 26, 2014 at 8:29 PM

Anonymous said...

To Blogger 29th April, 6.40pm.

Not supporting them financially or enjoying the facilities should not be of importance to you. The main issue is this, how could you or anyone grow spiritually listening to the preachings of these false preachers who had committed spiritual unrighteousness and abuses upon the members. I mean how could anyone accept the words spoken from the mouth of 'tainted pastors'? There is a false holiness in Calvary Church. If you are truly concern with your spiritual growth, you have to come out of them and leave CC. God had impressed upon the hearts of many with spiritual wisdom and they left.

Follow Christ and His righteousness not the grandeur of CCC.

Anonymous said...

For anon April 29, at 6.40 pm. Please read anon 26 April, at 8.54 pm carefully and commit to your heart.
You do not wish to be "learning" from false teachers when there are so many churches to attend. Ask, seek and knock and you will find a place where you and family will have the joy and at peace with the Lord. Pray for that change in your spiritual life.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame SP....the sheep are so lazy to study the
Word of God themselves but instead just taking the simplest way out...i.e. listen to what the 'Hireling' said without checking whether it is Truth or Deception.... Who to Blame except yourself....Yon want to be deceived ....What can we do....

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at April 29, 2014 at 7:43 PM

Anonymous said...

In korean, at least 80 elders stand outside the church protest against Ps Cho, but at Calvary, no elder even whisper against PG. The korean christian demand and protest against crinimal Cho, but here, only an isolate blog was made and even dying now, with less people visited. Seem like PG win by dragging the battle long enough to wear down the truth.

Anonymous said...

Referring to Blogger May 11, 2014 at 8.09pm.

The TRUTH that this blog is fighting for is the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. No one and in particular PG can ever win or wear down His truth and His righteousness. Instead the unholy acts and spiritual misdeeds that PG and his pastors had committed will always remain as a thorn in their flesh and it will continue to wear down their conscience. To me, PG and his pastors are the defeated ones as TRUTH always win against lies.

This blog will continue to be here, so lets continue to stand up for God and fight to expose the false preachers of today.

Anonymous said...

I'm no longer residing in KL... was previously a member of CCKL. I was in KL over the weekend and I drove pass CCC. The only thing that came to mind was this question, "Is this really the Hand & Work of God or the working of man?" I was really sadden to see how that a multi million building was in a poor condition from the exterior and also understand that the Sanctuary of God was used for a worldly concert not too long ago. Can the things of God be mixed-up with the things of this world?

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri PG has absolute power because over the years he has successfully brainwashed the Deacons to support him all the way. Along with the church's growth and the monetary resources, he has a gold mine behind him - he has tremendous financial clout. He had used the church's money to pay the high profile lawyers even though the legal case was in his personal capacity. When the Singapore authorities decided to bring Kong Hee to court, City Harvest was not allowed to use the church's money to pay his legal fees and the church was also not allowed to raise funds in this respect. Kong Hee's buddy is the controversial Phil Pringle who had subtly encouraged participants at a conference to financially support Kong Hee.

In Korea, it was the Elders who initiated the report against David Cho and in Singapore, somebody blew the whistle. In both cases, the authorities took time to painstakingly investigate, resulting in court action. David Cho has been found guilty and sentenced while in Singapore, Kong Hee and company has a case to answer.

Btw, is the Church Growth International ConferenceI 2014 on as scheduled? No further mention by CC since the announcement in Calvary News March issue and even the promotion leaflets at CCC is no longer seen. It would be a shame if David Cho who was the founder and chairman of CGI can leave Korea and preside over CGI2014 with PG as the Host Chairman!

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at May 12, 2014 at 11:21 PM

Anonymous said...

CC recently held a Magic show by a Singaporean Illusionist/Magician Pastor Lawrence Khong. He entertains his magic to preach the Word of God. Is it right to use entertainment in preaching God's Word and here a magic show. Magic glorifies the Magician and his magic acts. The Word of God glorifies the Lord and his cross and empty tomb. When you turn the Word of God into some showbiz to entertain the crowd, the Spirit of God will never be there. Only by preaching the Word of God can the Spirit convicts people of their sinful self to repent and turn our lives to Christ. This Illusionist Pastor Kwong had a company called "Magic of Love". As one Singaporean commented the company's posters had snakes and hands of demons on it . How can this be right!, he said. Is he an Illusionist or a Satanist?
This Illusionist Pastor had also called on all pastors to support Pastor Kong Hee of CHC who is on trial for corruption and who now lives in a $9.3 million luxury Sentosa Cove Penthouse. They are all 'Prosperity gospel" preachers, growing rich from church funds, peoples' money.

Anonymous said...

The true giving according to Bible teaching is to give only to THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED, not for use to build mega church funds or for the pastors personal gains. The Word of God had been taken out of context by these pastors to teach the flock that the blessings of God are measured by how much they give financially. This is unbiblical and a false doctrine. They also frightened you by saying if you don't give, you robbed God. If you read the sermon on the Calvary News, this was what PG preached, a false teaching on giving. Give to God by all means, but only to those WHO ARE IN NEED, thats a clear biblical instruction taught by the Lord in the Bible.

Who is robbing God in CC anyway? Looks clearly its them, the pastors, they had abused the church funds which are peoples money given to God by looking after their personal gains first with high wages, attractive perks & benefits and their so called pastors gift or love offerings. Their welfare comes first, God second. There had been so many cases of embezzeling of church funds these days that its time the members start to fight corruption in churches by seeking for more truth, transparency and accountability from these church leaders. After all its their money and they have every right to know where their money goes.

Posted on May 23, 2014 at 8:06 PM

Salocin Dot TEN said...

Latest event to be held there at the CCC will be the TEDxKL.

See the official website:
Fee is about RM 140 early bird.

I support this event because my friend is the "lead curator" of TED in Malaysia. If I am correct.

But it is very interesting to note it being held in the CCC. Also because according to the friend, they "offered" their massive 5k seater hall when his crew asked for an auditorium to cater for that large a crowd.
After reading the blog posts on here, I feel undecided.

Well, I may go just to see the place for the first time since leaving CC in the early 2000s. Also to lend support to my friend.

The fees are claimable by HRDF anyways.

Anonymous said...

Magic show has its origin in soccery & witchcraft. Sadly churches today had compromise everything to the lowest in the name of Mammon. Pastors no longer bother if Christians led to false teachings, as all they want is money, fame and pleasure. This is the sign of Mammon worship, the fruit of their true color. They don't care about ministry, they only concern about income & profit. Look! They have build network of crony that will speak for each other. Look! They have influence naive young people who can't tell their left hand from their right ; to defend them. All these have not happen overnight, but through careful cumning over years, the secret crafty scheme that we failed to speak against.

Anonymous said...

They preach positive thinking, they preach against judging to subdue the watch dogs, they urge blind giving to plunder, they teach tithe, they build pastors network to exclude those disagree with them, they make church membership to control others, etc all these flood our church and we allow these. So our children led astray from the true Christianity, manipulated their wealth & trust, spoiled to commit to the pastors but rebelling toward their parent, perverted with all kind of false teachings, and exploited their precious period of their life in worshipping the senior pastor and institution church. We live to see one if the lowest moment of modern days Christianity in Malaysia. We hope for the revival as in 1980s but all we see is the spread of yeast and the signs of decay in Christian community. True pastors fear to speak up, while wolves pastors never cease of boasting. The stage in churches are so polluted with wickedness, corruption, false teaching, selfish greedy dream, arrogant spirit and exploitation, that people begin to accept and approve. It seem like nobody bother of revival, or reaching the unreachable, nobody care if the needy die tomorrow or the young generation suffer poverty of God's word; nobody bother anymore. All that pastors care nowadays is to plunder more from the sheep, and boast loud over others by building mega building and enrolling many "obedient " members to boost their image in so called ministry. We are living in times of distress. Lord, forgive us of failing to guard your gate.

Anonymous said...

I dont think these AOG pastors are ever going to change. I used to attend an AOG churchThe pastor had no motivation whatsoever, was clearly anti Goverment in his preaching. I think he was in it just for his bread and butter.The present church I attend is led by matured elders and there is collective responsibility.Nobody shouts or screams for the money.

These AOG guys- they just know how to talk. Dont mistake them for Mother Theresa.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous June 4th.

My Ex- Pastor looked very spritual.If the truth be spoken, he hade issues with other Pastors and was a hopeless gossiper.Any scandal that takes place within the AOG he would be one of the first to hear it- and then spread it to the others.A sly kind of character.

He once told me that so and so had a smoking and drinking problem.....Another members marraige was breaking down. Another time it was some College guy who had been on dope and he ( the pastor) was spreading the news to the other youth.
When I asked him if he had prayed for that people,he looked at me like I came from Mars.
This so called pastor is not as innocent as he looks-- but a misguided monkey with a wrong spirit but somehow got into theological school and found a place in the church.

I do not believe in a 1 man show anymore. After what has taken place in CCC,our family has moved on.

Anonymous said...


Where is it and what happened.? So we heard it all--from pilot sabotage and passenger crew conflict to the Mangoesteen from JB theory.But I believe the most famous remark came from Dr. Mahathir when he said,

"They are hiding something.The ships were deliberately sent to search the wrong areas and even if the black box was found, it would be replaced by a fake box"

May I talk to the Christians now- This is nothing new- covering up the Crap.Lets us look at what has taken place in our Country- Bolehland.

Teoh Beng Hocks death (official statement- he jumped himself)
Altantuya's murder-- Only thoery left - she shot herself and then she blew herself up with C4 explosives.All Accused acquitted.
Flight 370---No trace and we dont know what happened.
Chinese Hostage released---Official statement-- NO RANSOM PAID? (They obviosly think the Malaysians are morons with very little gray matter!!)

The CC fiasco-- I was surprised at the number of these AOG Rev's who came around to help SP cover up his Crap.SP even got away by using RM100,000 sheeps money to pay for his legal suit.Our Compliments!!! Well Done!! Bravo!!

I do not believe Christians are any different than the Goverment in hiding their Crap.THE CC FIASCO HAS DEMONSTRATED THAT VERY CLEARLY .....AND WITHOUT A REASONABLE DOUBT.


Leftin2009 said...

Heard that CCC's audio and video equipment are currently all rented every week! I wonder what the costs are

Anonymous said...

US 5,000,000 REWARD

Thats the reward for a whistleblower for an insider who will come foward with some information about Flight 370.Money does wonders and someone out there who is not satisfied with his lot in life is going to start thinking ....and itching. Money does wonders and there is always a Judas Iscariot in any group, no exceptions. (My own opinion). Money is a seperate religion by itself and is a real nemesis to loyalty and integrity.

In reference to church matters, the sheep are always KEPT ignorant about the $$$ the Pastor is getting. It seems to be some kind of secret and only the inner circle, the insider knows about the payout to the Pastors.Maybe its about time that the Church Accounts are put up on the Church Notice Board.After all, we are always praying for transparency right?

Once this is done in our own house, we can continue to shout and scream in prayer meetings for the Goverment about transparency and Good Governance.

In my personal opinion. most of the Churches do not practice transparency.If any questions are raised by the sheep,then you are quietly ushered out or axed if the leader gets nervous and fidgety.

Its already June and Grace and Peace to all of you out there.


Anonymous said...

"The Tithe is illegal" by Gary Amirault. This long article proves that Biblical facts are that those who teach tithing as a christian doctrine are in fact the ones "robbing God". The deception on this false doctrine on giving are been taught to members lof churches as biblical and that if you don't tithe you will not receive blessings from God. True believers need to take heed of this deception and ignore and reject how these pastors with their flattering words and twisting of scripture to convince you that tithing is require of you. I suggest that those who are not sure to read the above titled article and let the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Truth to reveal to you His righteousness, for If He is in us, we will not be deceived. Don't listen to men like PG and his pastors, but let the Holy Spirit teaches you.

We must beware that today we are living in a time, the bible described as a great time of deception. Men will be lovers of themselves. Look around you the corruptions that has been going on in churches today. Leaders are embezzeling church funds for their personal gains. Pastor Yonggi Cho had been charged and is a jailbird today, Pastor Kong Hee of CHC is on trial for corruption, and look at how PG& wife had became rich taking advantage and benefiting themselves with church funds which he also uses to pay for his personal legal fees. These people are in fact the "God Robbers" of today.

Anonymous said...


Thats was what one AOG Pastor told me after the service.( That would imply that all the 9 spiritual gifts (Corinthians) and the 5 fold ministry (Ehpesians) are active in his ministry).

To be frank- here was another misguided bullshitter holding the pulpit. The most important think is the edification of the church and it cannot be done by a 1 man show no matter how eloquent he sounds or the number of titles he has. When I enquired about his title Dr. Rev - where he studied for his Doctorate he became evasive. Later I was informed by another "gullible" in that church
that it a honorary title from a church in the US. When I told him that churches are not in a position to confer Honorary titles on anyone- he gave me the menacing look and walked away.

The AOG Council must make a statement about these titles. Dont wait until the Education Ministry makes a statement about these "Doctorates" ... that ther was no research done.Its quite an embarassing state of affairs. It can even be purchased online.

Of course since SP holds a Doctorate too... his followers started in his footsteps too. Maybe its about time that somebody should call up the Malay Mail to investigate these Titles.


Anonymous said...

"IDOLATRY" IN CCC. The following was what I read by writer Buff Scott.

" If we consider the hundred of thousand of dollars, even millions that are spent on church structures & designs and compared that amount to the few dollars we spend on seeking & save the lost & feeding the genuine poor. If this isn't 'idolatry', then I've lost my ability to reason. 85% of church contributions are squandered on materialistic projects & programs( and I would add on the pastors spending) and only 15% are spent on evangelism and feeding the world's genuine poor. Isn't it amazing how gullible people are & how quickly they will empty their bank accounts to a man for his ministry. We failed to see God no longer lives in temples built by human hands. His only sanctuary today is in the believer's heart. Blame is on the shoulders of the professional clergy. They devise, invent & create and we blindly follow them. Are we no longer capable of thinking independently."

The above described clearly the scenario of Calvary Convention Centre, the so called pride of Calvary Church. They are just "idols" of today & the worshipers are "idolators". They esteem as though God Himself built it, and their pastors even praise and glorify over it. When the disciples pointed to the Lord of the marvelous structure of the temple, the Lord rebuked them and prophesied and told them that every stone of the temple shall crumbled down and be destroyed. This showed that the Lord simply does not pride in big, luxurious and expensive modern sculpture of any building.

To CC members, I hope after reading the above, you would rethink and be more careful of what you give considering that 85% had been wasted and only 15% of your money are been used for God's work. You need to seek for more transparency, accountability and good governance from these leaders to reveal to you all a detailed account on how church contributions are been spend, especially when the money spend on pastors' salaries and their perks and benefits are not known. As there had been reported corruptions of mishandling and embezzelment of funds in churches, members need to fight and curb such crimes.

Anonymous said...

In a article in Sinar Harian, the attention seeking Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is unhappy by the size of CCC, saying that "Christians did not deserve such a big place of worship given that they only make up 10% of Malaysia's population". He added that "Buddhists deserved bigger temples because that accounted for 20% of the population".

Published in the Rakyat Post today, MCA's Religious Harmony says that Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has gone too far in what the party claims as an attempt to incite hatred between the Christians and Buddhists. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah should be charged for trying to pit different religions against each other.

Even though the purpose of this blog is regarding issues and concerns of CC, as Brothers In Christ, let us unite in the face of the rantings of such an extremist who is out to cause disharmony among different religions.

I am sure many of us have friends or even family members who practices different religions. For me I have not let different beliefs drive a wedge between my family members and friends.

Let us consider words that come out of Ridhuan's mouth as rubbish that do not deserve a second thought.

Anonymous said...


The Pastoral profession used to be respectable.But not anymore.

Recently, a friend invited me to a wedding dinner. At the dinner table I was introduced as a Pastor. One lady enquired -- "which denomination?"

I said AOG. The next thing they were all looking at me though I was a Con- man or something. I felt really awkward to say the least!~!!

Anonymous said...

Another week almost gone. It seems each day just represents 5 minutes. And with the current heat, it is just so dizzying out there. My prayer for all who hold field jobs. God bless you all and lets stay connected.There are many reports that many Pastors are behaving like meek lambs after the birth of this blog. Of course there are also bound to be angry Pastors because their behaviour has been exposed.

A message to all AOG Pastors-- Hey-- its not just about preaching.. but reaching out to those who are hurt,( many out there) restoring, loving ..binding up their wounds.

If you cant do the above, then do the right thing, resign and look for another job that does not require those qualities.You Rev title does not mean a thing out there.

Thank you to all the bloggers here.

Anonymous said...

To date I have never seen or heard an AOG Pastor admitting his mistakes. maybe they exist on another planet.I think its best just to move away from them if you sense they are abusive.No point fighting them.CCC is a lesson for all.SP wins the church pays for it. Sheeps money--RM100,000 gone with the case.And he still has the sheep listening to him!!! Thats the marvel of it all.

Anonymous said...

Knew a business man who also like to attend this church. Although he knew what SP has done, this business man did not against SP's action but still can say he understand SP. Then later found out that this business man has the same character as SP. That why there is a saying "Birds of the same feather come together" . Both CON people to give them $$$ to spend and support their luxury lifestyle and hide that in manipulating the accounts. Oh God please sent your judgment to them soon.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at June 24, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Anonymous said...

Nowadays church pastors are known to be associated with corruption, abuse, arrogant and greediness. What a shame!!
By right, there should be true pastors who begin to publicly call these pastors to repent. But sadly none. Why? Cronyism, that why. Each one concern about their own position, by not speak against corruption, in fear of their own corruption will be exposed too.
Do you think churches nowadays are bringing good impact to the world in malaysia? The answer is an obvious no. Despite pastors getting richer, and church building getting expensively bigger, nothing good actually grow. In fact, we see deterioration in every aspect of Christianity here.

Anonymous said...

Do u think mr Cho actually regret and feel sorry for his corruption and abusive attitutde? He only ask for forgiveness after his conviction. He was given chance to repent when Christians including the church elders protest but he did not. Instead, he kick them out, preach againt them and have lawyers to protect himself. I think the apologies are only for court to lessen his sentence and to make way to return. If he is genuine, he will do what Zacchaeus did in the bible by returning all the money he had cheated. And mr Cho should also expose his cronies, who have use the similar tactic to plunder the church.
Do u remember when PG was asked why he spent church money to bring all his family in business class fight? He said, " do u want me to go there by bicycle?"... This wolf is good at pretend. Even the tears of PG2 in one of her preaching is fake, a show to gain support. Conpastors are good at acting. If you put them on a wrestling match, they will make a star.

Anonymous said...

Remember why the daughter of PG disappear, and then news arise saying she opened a furniture shop?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Cho will be speaking at Church Growth International Conference in CCC? If true then it is a perversion of justice. Other pastors were made to subject themselves to discipline for two years for infringements much lesser than his. How come he is not under discipline? Is he too powerful to be disciplined? Untouchable? Or is it touch not God's anointed?

Anonymous said...

Well, brethren- half the year has vanished and the second half will disappear just as soon. Heard Rev. Peter Young ( Malaysian Care) has left his earthly body and the Funeral is on Wednesday. He even gave up his British citizenship because of his calling to serve in Malaysia.he literally gave up his life for the disadvantaged. He is a role model for all believers.

No role models right now in the AOG.They are just there to hurt and wound others and can just carry on preaching.........for the paycheck!!!

Anonymous said...

In the promotion brochure for CGI 2014,, there are 17 speakers in the list Our Host of Speakers. In this list, there are three speakers who are controversial: 1) Yonggi Cho found guilty of CBT, 2) Richard Roberts found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, 3) Phil Pringles canvassing money for Kong Hee's solicitor's fees.

Yonggi Cho and PG are buddies. For many years, PG was a director in CGI. While under investigation for financial fraud, he was invited to officially declare open CCC during the Pentecostal World Conference. That is transparency by PG and the attitude of all the pastors in CC.

With three controversial speakers, those who attend the conference in August are either ignorant of the controversies these speakers are mired in or they choose to be in denial and ignore it. Probably they choose to be in denial because in today's borderless world and the internet, it is hard to believe that these participants are not aware of these controversies. Also bear in mind that many of the so-called rev's trip here will be paid by their respective churches. So, what the issue? Go figure.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at July 2, 2014 at 11:51 PM

Anonymous said...

1) Yonggi Cho found guilty of CBT, 2) Richard Roberts found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, 3) Phil Pringles canvassing money for Kong Hee's solicitor's fees.

I know of a brother who got himself into trouble for drinking alcohol.MANY years later the Christians are still harping on it!!! Richard Roberts can still preach at CCC? The AOG monkeys deserve a medal for HYPOCRISY!! ha..ha!!!!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, most of the Christians leaders are interested in outdoing one another in putting up a bigger building.Millions and millions are poured out on these projects by Pastors who say "god" spoke to them. There are so many out there who dont even have a proper meal. Suicides among young peopel are increasing in our Country.It seems the churches have everything except the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Christians- be wary of these so called Pastors.I know some of them are wolves in sheeps clothing.

Visitor from Venus

Anonymous said...


So another plane down? One thing I am very sure-- you can bet your last dollar that the real truth will never come out.

But no point complaining.


They came- the most seasoned serpents within the AOG system- to use the system to deceive and silence the sheep.

Has anyone of these so called REV's gone out to seek out the stary sheep.? ( Ooops -- I forgot---there is no money $$$ and glory in that. Never mind lah... just pray for them USING the church pulpit...AFTER ALL THE SHEEP WERE THE TROUBLE MAKERS.. ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT CHURCH $$$$.

Any self respecting man would have resigned by now. But not these wolves...must defend their position at all costs...paycheck at the end of the month ... and other perks...(shooh...quiet....dont talk about are talking about Gods anointed...)


Anonymous said...

CC pastors and Sister Seaward still continue to lie and deceive the congregation that CCC is God's vision to build. They have a recent "CCC Debt Free" campaign asking the flock to give more and more of their money. Deacon Chow told members that God had trememdously blessed CC financially. Is that so, then why CCC still in debt?? The fact that CCC is in debt proves beyond any doubt that it never was a God given vision. If it was God's intention to build, God can never, never end up be in debt. He can by His supernatural power create enough money to build CCC. God don't have to keep and keep asking, presuring and putting fear upon His children that they must give or else they rob Him or that He would behold His blessings upon them. Thats what PG is preaching. But is our loving and caring Heavenly Father like that? NO, NEVER. Brothers & sisters, the episode of whats happening with CCC being in debt is a good lesson for you all to learn. God never indulge Himself with mega churches that cost millions and millions to build. God built lives and He build His Kingdom in you. No where in the Bible did our Lord tells you to give your money to build mega churches. Its CC pastors self created doctrine on giving. Christ taught just the opposite of PG and Seaward. He told the young rich man, "sell all your possessions and give to the POOR. The Lord's heart is with the poor not with mega churches. He understands what is to be poor. PG or sister Seaward does not, they are rich. PG says the more and more money you give to CCC, the windows of heaven will open and pour blessings of wealth upon you. I say, and I say it according to the Word of God, you give to the poor and feed the hungry and God will surely bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...


To all the Christian Brethren out there who are employees, during this Raya season, take time to visit your Muslim colleagues.
They are our neighbours.
Dont stay away from them because " my Pastor advised me so"

It is a time for Christian witness by meekness and without words.

And maybe its time to tell all the AOG Pastors out there- to step into a Muslim home and feel their hearts this Raya.There is a big harvest field out there and our generation must intermingle.The oldies who have been using the pulpits to churn out subtle racism and line their own pockets and hurt and wound the sheep-- there is very little hope for you ..... for it is written " wine cannot be poured out into old wineskins.."

The AOG Reverends have replaced the Pharisees today.

God stir us all to repentance and prayer.MH370, MH 17 ....and that just before Raya...PM cancels open house.......I THINK MORE EVENTS ARE HEADING OUR WAY IN THE COMING DAYS. Be prepared in personal prayer that our hearts will not faint.( mens hearts will faint...Matthew 24)

Anonymous said...

To my mind many of these so called AOG Reverends from the AOG are just monkeys in disguise throwing their weight around.They are great preachers though, but humility and integrity their qualities.

Anonymous said...

To my mind many of these so called AOG Reverends from the AOG are just monkeys in disguise throwing their weight around.They are great preachers though, but humility and integrity ARE NOT their qualities.

Anonymous said...

I think the birth of this blog has done wonders.It has brought the brethren together so that none of us have to suffer spiritual abuse in silence.Mother Theresa once said that the worse suffering is when you suffer in silence.

Today most churches are just religious clubs with lots of loud music, flag waving like Ching Kay festival in Penang and the blowing of shofars like maniacs.There is no such thing in the entire NT.

All believers must get back to the Scriptures, not depend on great speakers only.

Tau Sah Piah Church

Yau Chaw Kuai Denomination.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what is going on at CCC these days? Are they in debt???

Anonymous said...

Dearest Brethren- If you sense spiritual abuse in your church, just make a quiet exit. Dont be under the mistaken notion that you canchange these people.A leopard does not change its spot.You are your family are entitle to worship under a stress free atmosphere.If any Rev begins his sermon by mentioning the dollar sign- move away.

REFLECT ON THE NEW MOTTO FOR CCC-- A DEBT FREEE CHURCH!@!! Who guided the church into debt? And now the sheep got to pay for it? INI SEMUA BODOH PUNYA KERJA!!!MALU BETUL!!

Anonymous said...

Top all the beloved Brethren here, Grace and Peace be to you.To those of us/you out there who have been hurt and abused by the pulpit man,and the preacher just carries on as though he has done nothing wrong-- don't stay away from church because of that one syaitan.

There are still many pastors out there who have a golden heart who serve God quietly. Someone has once said that the best Christians aee the ones we seldom hear about.


Anonymous said...

and abused by the pulpit man,a
The above is just a sorry state of affairs.What makes the pulpit man hurt and wound others? Is he struggling with some hidden demon in himself? Or did he realize that he had made a mistake by becoming a pulpit man and that he really belonged in the secular world?I know that most of them outside a church would not be able to influence a single soul much less than get any attention. Today the Pastors need a pulpit -- that is the only thing that gives them a sense of authority.

The one sickening thing they do is to badmouth their own former friends.Yeap- I have heard it myself from the lips of an AOG Reverend.I had the misfortune of drinking tea with this "Tai Kuai" . The way he very subtly ran down one of his own- they used to drink tea together- a former Pastor friend of his with whom he had quarelled. And his assistant pastor the "Sai Kuai" was listening quietly BUT attentively.

That's why I don't feel that I am backbiting about this Kuai from the AOG. ALL the bloggers here should know about these Kuai and move away (don't fight) when they start spreading their bullshit.




Anonymous said...

Another week is coming to an end.Sometimes I think about my bros/sis who were axed. Where are you all? I pray all of you have been planted near good Shepherds who will not tear the sheep.
Your objections went unheeded. Now CCC 's theme is praying for a Debt Free Church. The utter stupidity of it all!!
Just remember- don't let one church leader ruin your everything.Gods work and grace in you is greater than that.You are much loved... much remembered by many of us out here.


Anonymous said...

CCC's atmosphere is now very different.I suspect that its their muddled conscience itself. We we hoping that SP in his later years would raise up others for the mission field--slums in Calcutta, Phillipines,Mexico, India, Hong Kong.....where people scavenge through the dustbins to get a scrap.

Instead he put up a huge building and got the whole church in debt-no doubt a monument to his ego.

Anonymous said...

The question now is what ought to be done. Here we have a monster summoned by Mammon, who fleece on Christian money, exploit them with false teachings and yet still sit on important seat in Christian organisations (to the shame of Christianity) but nothing much done to expose him other than just an isolated website here.
If this is a series killer or rapist going loose in public and all we do is just like those Christian in German during the WWII, then it is utterly defeated scenario and evil has won.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone stopped and wondered as to how a sanctuary that is God's house of worship can be kept under lock and key every Sunday that a practice as such could indeed be considered a grave sin. I am referring to Damansara Heights since they moved on to Bukit Jalil. Is it any wonder then that they are struggling to have new visitors and worshippers at the CCC sanctuary and to have all their debts paid off? There is a dearth of space for Christian houses of worship in the Klang Valley. Calvary Church talks so much about giving and receiving the blessings of God. Please give Damansara Heights to another church that is in dire need of space to grow and see if God does not fill up all the 5000 seats and more and wipe away all their debts.So many sermons on faith and trust in God...of giving and receiving.It is time to put into practice what they have preached all these years.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at September 10, 2014 at 10:02 PM

Anonymous said...

SP continues to misuse, pervert and twisted bible passages for his own interest. In the September Calvary New magazine, he misinterpreted and twisted the story of the widow in the Bible to support his CCC agenda. This man seemed to have no fear or concern whether or not Scripture passages or verses remained true to its original context of the Bible. Yet the congregation failed to check and discern if what they hear are from the Spirit of God or from human spirit. Any blatant mistreatment of God's Word should be ignored. SP and his pastors had already committed spiritual abuse, now they are committing 'scriptural abuse.' Any minister who misquote, pervert and set his own doctrine apart from what Scripture says for his own advantage is a false prophet.

Because of GREED, LUST & EXTRAVAGANCE in Calvary Church, God has given CC a corrupt leadership.

Anonymous said...

I think they are planning to sell DH as a contigency plan to reduce their debt. Do you think PG is willing to reduce his perk and benefit and corruption money to pay CCC's debt?? You must be dreaming.

Edwin said...

Pusat Aktiviti Calvary in Damansara Perdana does not look like it is there anymore, as the sign has already been removed.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is a disease; it is evil like a dog returns to its vomit and a sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud. It is a tragedy.

Be prayerful that God be merciful to such wayward leaders.

Anonymous said... one of the ex-members. In reply of 28.8.2014 about the whereabouts of the ex-members - practically almost 95% of us are worshipping in churches whose pastors welcomed us and we are serving in ministries which CC took away from us as we asked too many questions.

In fact I for one am thankful and on hindsight, the Lord has been very gracious to us - He allowed us to be axed to move to other churches to be blessings to them...we love the Lord and are leaders and so we are now absorbed into the work of the Lord. We also brought our money with us too.

Instead of giving to CCC and to support the rich and famous, we are now giving to the missions field, poor and needy and supporting many pastors and workers who draw reasonable salaries.

Posted by Anonymous to Calvary Today at October 3, 2014 at 12:46 AM

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous of Oct 7th at 6:44 pm., "He allowed us to be axed to move to other churches to be blessings to them......"

Dear brother, I would not really say God allowed the concerned members to be axed, but rather it was just another wicked act conspired and carried out by SP and his pastors. But God out of this bad deed can turn it out for good and be a blessing for those concerned members, and He did. "All things worketh for good to them that loved the Lord". You have triumphant over the Pharisees of Calvary Church, so thank the Lord and rejoice in what He had done for you.

Anonymous said...

To say everything is ok now and God has 'allow' us to be axed or God has work.things ti be good for us to settle we are settling now, and be complacent is rather selfish.
Have we ask what happen to others whose family had divided, whose children still attend CCC while parent attend elsewhere; or the couple who split in broken relationship due to disagreement of the Calvary saga? What happen to brothers and sisters who no longer attend any church or even stumble in backslide?? And the many potential Christian who now see Christianity merely as a mean to gain rich and thus scorn at it??
When evil had happen in Calvary Church and is allowed to remain, i don't think there is any good thing that we should be thankful such evil haf happen. Meantime the Calvary saga show no victory to the kingdom of God. While there is some consolation, there are much condemnation. We see Christian fall onr after another. Those who claim they grow stronger are mere hypocrites as they did very little to confront the corrupt and bandage the wound of the hurt. To claim that now things are stable to you and "move on" is no different from a selfish pharisee, for you don't saw a girl being raped and "move on". The whole saga only conclude 2 facts:
1. Many pastors are either corrupt or indifferent. They are quick to preach against minor issue done by common believer but will not preach against corruption among them. In fact they are quick to avoid issue and excuse themselves. They work for their position only, not really serving the Lord.
2. Christian in malaysia are mostly ignorance. They want a church.of entertainment where they can belong to. It does not matter if the devil goes to church with them. And for those who against corruption, the only thing they do go to another church and start new. Nothing much they can do in an era where cronyism has govern the ministry for years. We see no leader, no prophet, no judges raised by God in this manna poverty generation. We are living a time worse than the time in the book of Judges.

Anonymous said...

I think the Church is no better than any other secular institution in terms of transparency and accountability. The bigger the church - the bigger the collection.
I feel more relaxed now. No more sitting under a "power sermon" ministry. Its just plain bullshit.Just serve quietly-low profile these days.

God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Don't be discourage! The fullness of time has not yet been reached. God knows the hearts of men but we don't! For instance, God knew Hitler's heart but we didn't - until that evil doer was given his fullness of time to express his wickedness. If God had stopped him from committing all that atrocities and judged him for what he was planning in his heart, we could call God unjust and question his perfect judgment. Likewise, many false teachers continue to flaunt their wealth and so-called growing ministries, thinking they're getting away with their clever schemes.

"Fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man."

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