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Calvaryland - Another Sad Tale

We reproduce below a Comment posted by a Calvarite on his/her personal experience with Calvaryland. 


Further to Thawed Brain's remarks on Calvaryland, we wish to share our true story about it. After Calvaryland materialised and became a reality, we thought it would be an excellent idea to transfer our aged mother to Calvaryland. We thought it would be the ideal place, full of fresh air and tranquility. Plus we thought it was run by CC, esp since it was supposedly managed by loving Christians.

We were simply shocked by the negative responses to our enquiries on in Calvaryland. Sister Sherren* told us there were no medically qualified staff at Calvaryland. Only periodic visits to governnment clinic far away from Calvaryland. She emphasised we must be self financing, that is, we must pay for all mum's expenses (which we were prepared to do so, in the first place).

Which brings us the the question: If all the ten inmates or less are self paying/self financing - why is Calvaryland being allocated RM300,000 - RM 500,000 every year ? Why need so much money for only ten inmates or less ?

How can the homeless, the single mothers, the drug addicts, the poor orphans, etc be self financing ? How can they pay for their expenses at Calvaryland ?

Why after costing RM 1o million to build and equip, Calvaryland only has ten or less inmates ?

Isn't it obviously not cost effective ? Not result oriented ? We at CC and the general public who contributed to this noble cause would have expected better results, right ?

BTW, we have not finished our true story.

The heart attack shocker we had was - When we were told by Sister Sherren*, "Calvaryland is too far away for your mother, sure you don't mind !"

Question : If Sister Sherren thinks Calvaryland is located too far, why in the fisrt place CC (through PG's grand vison) buy the land and build this RM 10,000,000.00 (RM 10 million) Calvaryland ? Really stupid and Illogical !

We could help being hurt and digusted by the turn off attitude of this person, attending to our enquiries. We had no choice but to conclude having the uncanny suspicion that she was trying very hard to shoo us away. She did not show any concern about accepting or even meeting our aged mother. She seemed to be firm about turning away our poor mother !

BTW we are CC members for decades.
Yet we received such harsh treatment. Thank God. We later found a very suitable nursing home for mum, a home where the staff show genuine concern and care for our mother. NOT Calvaryland.

We wonder whether Calvaryland serves its original purpose as proclaimed in CC by PG. Or has it deviated so much from it original good cause ?

We too were SUCKERED into believing the grand lies Calvaryland being the ideal place for aged people, homeless orphane, single mothers, drug addicts, poor and needy, etc. We also did our share of contributing to this "noble cause". BUT the truth exposed showed the opposite ! we also shared with our home life leader about our disappointment over Calvaryland BUT he said nothing.

No wonder Calvaryland got only ten VVIP extremely PRIVILEGED EXCLUSIVELY SELECTED INMATES !!!!!

We swear to Almighty God everything said in this blog is 100% true.

Another PG's lies exposed. Calvarites be warned NOT TO CONTRIBUTE ANYMORE to Calvaryland.
Wake up people. TOTT. TOTT. TOTT.
Until CC is cleaned of the sinful leadership it has now.
Posted by Anonymous on April 3, 2011 12:41 AM in the post titled PG Chickens Out Again.


Anonymous said...

To anonymous April 3, 12:41.

So you have joined the ranks of people who had been suckered over Calvaryland. You are not the first one who had been turned away and would not be the last one.

RM10M to build the institution and RM300k - RM500k to operate the setup yearly and yet the administrator (sis Sheeren) says that the "residents" are self-financing. So if the computation is correct, each resident is subsidized to the tune of RM30k-RM50k yearly. This is very much more than an average worker earns a year. I cannot see the logic of continuing the operation of this setup.

Calvaryland is a showcase for PG and CC to the whole wide world that being a missions church, it has built a beautiful home for a social cause. Furthermore it is also an avenue for PG to ask for contributions for a "good cause".

Anyway, what is the criteria to be eligible to be taken in as a "resident"? No one know except PG and sis Sheeren. Ten residents in such a huge complex. Really VVIP!

And Sheeren is having such a good paying job and living in a comfort zone with only ten residents to take care of. Nice car, travelling expenses taken care of. If you ask the question "why so few inmates?" Her reply would be "some are on home leave".

See, supporting PG has its advantages. If you are kicked out by the members as a deacon, you will be made an elder. Your wife has a pastoral qualification (correct me if am mistaken on this point) but is employed as an administrator in a home for the destitute. Why? Has the church too many pastors that you are employed in a role which does not utilise your qualifications and training? hahaha.

April 4, 2011 12:48 AM
(Reposted here by CT)

Anonymous said...

I spoke to one inmate of Calvaryland. I was told that all inmates are self support... they may not have the money but they ae the same people who did all the work in Calvary Land in returned for meals and roof over their heads.

How do you expect Calvaryland to accept you when your mom needs to be taken care off? No way.

They needed able people who can work to look after Calvaryland and self support. Not the other way round.

Fr CT @ April 4, 2011 8:56 AM

Anonymous said...

Spiritually, will the Lord of HOST keep quite ?
So it was confirmed that my contributions had actually gone down the drains ! Very shameful to learn about this negative FAILURE !

Anonymous said...

Isn't it true that SP used the church funds to build calvaryland which turns out to be a dismal failure. It failed all 3 acid tests - effective ( do the right thing), efficiency ( do things well) and efficacy ( desired result). It was reported that he was pushing for this for his own pride and glory to get his Datukship and Tan Sri.. PG is only out for his own glory, pride and seeking the favour of men. SP is not only robbing the hard earned monies of CC members but robbing God of His Glory. His motto is simple: "I must increase,the sheep can be lost and roam".Please check on how and who recommend him for Datukship and Tan Sri-ship.. and you will know the real truth of the matter.

Anonymous said...

I remember back then when funds were collected for Calvary Land many gave out of compassion. Compassion to see those who are abused, single moms, drug addicts and those who are deprived be given the shelter and assistance to live a meaningful life.

Well. That was the vision. Today Calvary Land is far from delivering the vision. Instead it lies in a shamble, a product of poor execution and management. The funny thing is those who were responsible are getting away scott free. So much for accountability !! What then is the difference between the church and the secular world ?????

At least in the secular world those responsible would have been fired !!

It is time we bring accountability back to the church !!!!

Anonymous said...

It would be good if the Administrator of Calvary Today would correct facts that are wrong.

The piece of land on which Calvary Land is now on was given to CC as a gift. CC did not purchase the land.

Inmates - perhaps it would be good for those who commented to check on the number in Calvary Land,i.e. old folks, orphans, etc.

We must be careful - if we present wrong facts we are also lying!!

Bamboo Conspiracy said...


Did the German people know what was happening in the concentration camps near their town? With the trains coming and going year after year, long lines of prisoners and the billowing smokestacks of burning bodies, did they just turn a blind eye to the atrocities? Had they become desensitized to the point that they could no longer see the carefully choreographed death operations nearby orchestrated by evil men?

Sadly, Christians today face virtually the same temptation that the Christians of Germany did: the temptation to turn a blind eye in the midst of atrocity within the Church.

Could a similar scenario play out today with Christians within Calvary Church who have developed spiritual blind spots with the atrocities of their leaders?

Most would instinctively say "no" — after all, we have been Christians for many years and know our Bible! However, it is obvious from the happenings within Calvary Church there are still some Christians who see no evil, hear no evil and play dumb!

There is certain predictability about evil. It doesn't necessarily present itself in a monstrous or dramatic way. It can take the shape of simple conformity to what everyone else is doing and whatever the leadership says is right. The congregation develops a herd instinct and blindly accepts whatever is dished out from the pulpit.

The gradual encroachment of evil in our lives can be something we might not even notice because we are not paying attention; it can be something barely on the periphery of our consciousness.

The majority of those who collaborated with some of history's most terrible crimes and falsehoods need not be cast as inhuman monsters; instead, they were often like us.

The Christian German officers of the concentration camps were capable of giving and receiving sympathy and love; they had families and were intelligent, noble, loyal and displayed heroism. Astonishingly, their Christian belief system could co-exist with almost unbelievable evil!

When the full horror of Nazism was revealed at the end of the war, the Christians in Germany responded, "We didn't know." When a Christian was asked whether he knew what was going on in the camp, he gave a more complete answer. "Yes, we knew something was up, but we didn't talk about it, we didn't want to know too much." The German Christians had developed blind spot.

In fact history now has proven that in spite of the varied possibilities for information, most Germans didn't know because they didn't want to know. Because, indeed they wanted not to know. Those who knew did not talk; those who did not know did not ask questions; those who did ask questions received no answers.

In this way the typical German citizen won and defended his ignorance, which seemed to him sufficient justification of his adherence to Nazism. Shutting his mouth, his eyes and his ears, he built for himself the illusion of not knowing, hence not being an accomplice to the things taking place in front of his door.

Perhaps this is what is happening within the congregation that supports the present leadership in Calvary Church?

If you are a Christian in Calvary Church, I pray you are not another statistics like the German Christians who had developed blind spot to the evil around you.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “What pained him the most was the silence of the good”.

Remember, we all have to give an account one day.


PS. I noticed recently the Lord has been warning Christians in Calvary Church to decide - EITHER you are for HIM or against HIM. I want to make sure that those who support the present leadership cannot say "I DID NOT KNOW" when His judgement comes.

Anonymous said...

While I can understand the disappointment, frustration and perhaps the anger of the writer, could I suggest we differentiate between facts and hearsay or what I think is happening? Let me give you a few examples:

- only ten or less residents (the writer calls them inmates)? From what I know the number is much, much more than ten.

- the cost to build is RM10 million? This we can easily ascertain by referring to the audited accounts of Calvaryland which is given to all members.

- residents pay or must do work "in returned for meals and roof" [from Anonymous April 4, 2011 8:56am]? This is definitely not true as I know of residents who do not need to pay and do not need to "work for Calvaryland in return for meals and roof over their heads".

I think the ministry of Calvaryland is growing and showing fruits. What they desparately need are helpers. Could I suggest that if you are angry/concern that Calvaryland is not reaching its potential, perhaps God is challenging you to offer yourself as His servant to help out!

Fr CT @ April 4, 2011 11:30 AM

Anonymous said...

After reading the aboves. I just cannot help but seeking clarification on what I read... Anon-11.30am, Are you implying 'inmates' telling lies or Anon-8.56am is lying?

My personal views - nothing to do with emotion but more on facts and support from my naughty thoughts:
Hearing from the horse mouth is believing, seeing is believing and the worst; experiencing it is devasting.

Based on my personal life:
If the place is so far away from anyone reach, how to offer assist or correct me, knowing it is impossible for people to offer assist due to distant, that's why there's $$ budgetted to maintain it, am I right? If there's none, then we need to be realistic and open, to extend it to any paying 'inmates' to support Calvaryland. Why discouraging intake?

My personal thinking - resident do not need to pay but I do believe they need to assist in maintaining the center, am I right? It's a paraphrasing to a better description compare to work to self support.

I personally do many times wanted to help out in Calvaryland; unfortunately could not do so, as I do not have transport of my own and I work from Monday to Friday (almost till 8pm daily) and Saturday till 2pm. I dont see how can I find my time with my elderly mother to spend quality time with on the other half of the Saturday afternoon. Sunday is church day where I will help in ministry. I am sure if others will also face the same as I do.

Mr Anon-11.30am, Sometimes, we need to be very realistic to assist and request for assist when it is so out of the way. I also pondering if you walk the talk too.

Fr CT @ April 4, 2011 2:06 PM

Anonymous said...

The burden that God gave was correct - to provide help, care and love to the aged, the orphans and the needy including abused women. However, the burden was highjacked for another purpose - to bring acclaim and recognition to a man. The original motive was good but it became ignoble. God sees the heart.

The land was donated but now worth about RM10 million. Cost of development was about RM7 million. A few months ago when Calvary Men visited there were 13 residents. Calvary Land had been in existence for more than 5 years. It is still struggling to get anywhere near to fulfilling the purpose it was built for. The Deacons had been extremely bad stewards. The money could have really helped the aged, the orphans and the needy in a more effective and efficient way. Why should they care? It is not their money. What you give to missions you cannot question but God will question them one day. I wonder what kind of answer they would give or will they just push the blame to PG.

FULL STOP! said...

I have been attending CC for about 30 years minus the last two since I was axed by CC I have never heard that Calvaryland's land was donated to the church.

Now suddenly, I read about the land is donated. I have heard of the land in Cheras which they built the Missions House is donated but not Calvaryland.

So now new things come up when it is exposed. Whatever it is, land donated or bought it makes no difference. After spending so much money it only houses 10+ people is a waste of money.

At the last AGM I attended, it was said that Calvaryland is worth RM35 million now. If we take this RM35 million and divide by say 20 people staying there = RM1.75 million each. Imagine, these VVIP are living in facilities worth more than our house + car + shoplot (if we have it).

OK even take RM10 mil divide by 20 people = RM500,000-00. How many of us stay in a half a million house? Bear in mind, our half million house is occupied by a whole family of 4 to 6 people.

Well I can count all I like, it is not going to make any difference to the way PG and CC leaders is going to run the church or Calvaryland. I am going to TOTT and will tell all my friends to TOTT.

TOTT to Calvary Church
TOTT to Faith Promise & MIssions in CC
TOTT to Calvaryland.


Anonymous said...


Who are you to judge us? Please check yourself before commenting on other (Bro.& Sis. in Christ). I think there is something terrible wrong with your comment.


Fr CT @ April 4, 2011 10:13 PM

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks to you Vijay for opening up my scope of thinking!

....CHRISTIANS WITH SPIRITUAL BLIND SPOTS? ... is extremely difficult for us to swallow but it was the TRUTH !

Let's FAST and PRAY for WISDOM, PEACE and Tranquility to prevail in our daily walk in CHRIST JESUS ! AMEN !

Anonymous said...



PG, perhaps likened to a "dream merchant", sold us all on the grand vision of helping our Malaysian society, by taking off the streets the single mothers, abused children, drug addicts, the aged and homeless, the orphans, the needy - and housing them in Calvaryland. We were all deeply motved, motivated by his call to help others, as caring Christians, as loving Calvarites. We thought then in the future many of those sad cases appearing in the newspapers would be things of the past once Calvaryland materialised. How many single mothres, abused children, drug addicts, the aged, the homeless, the orphans, etc are now housed and cared for in Calvaryland ? Less than ten residents ? Ten residents ? Eighteen residents ? Just for benefit of doubt we plug in the figure 18 residents in the whole of Calvaryland.

Why not we compare what Calvaryland has "achieved" or "performed" todate with what other charitable organisations have successfully done for society ?

Let us take just two charitable organisations: First, we select Shelterhome Malaysia.


There is NO CHARGE for any of their services or shelterhomes. Operating costs RM150,000.00 per month to provide up to 80 children in 4 homes. This amount also include costs of providing for various services through their community and family services.

Financial sources - They receive a small grant from the government. Another source is fund raising charity intiatives. They are definitely NOT RICH. BTW, they are NOT backed by any patron. They are NOT affilaiated to any overseas organisation.

Staff _ They have 40 salaried staff. The rest of human resources come from pool of volunteers who help them regularly.

Annual Report - They aim to be accountable and transparent. They are prepared to send a copy of the Annual Report if requested.

Second charitable organisation se;ected is TI-RATANA WELFARE SOCIETY (PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN TI-RATANA).


It was founded on February 9, 1994.

Its services offered to the pub;ic included Orphanages, Girls Homes, Women Shelter, Community Center, Mobile Clinic.

Motto: Lift a hand, Light a heart.

Number of Orphanage Homes : 3 (boys home. girls home and House of Hope)
Number of Women Shelter : 1
Number of Community Centers : 2
Number of Mobile Clinic : 1
Number of children/orphans : 250
No. of senior citizens : 50

We believe if more time and effort is allocated to discover the details of activities and achoevements of these two orgnisations, the differences between Calvaryland and them would be even more obvious.

Have we been paying too much for Calvaryland ? Are we not disappointed with what they have done at Calvaryland with the millions of Ringgit contributed?

Are there any more surprises, secrets hidden from most of us CC members - like the revelation that the piece of land where Calvaryland sits was "a gift" ? Who was the land donor ? Why hid the identity ? Nothing related to this was announced in CC. Why ?

Are there anymore surpises ?
It was publicly announced that Calvaryland was meantt to be self sustaining in sourcing out funds on its own, to be cut off from CC's financial assistance. Why suddenly the U turn decision to take it back into CC's fold ?

Why did Brother Winslow left the management of Calvaryland ? What made him quit ?

Rere were too many mysteries surrounding Calvaryland. Perhaps the truth should come out, soon.

Anonymous said...

Further to the comments by Bamboo Conspiracy, we would like to add some comments on the alleged reaction of the Germans living in towns and villages, often the vicinity of the POW concentration camps, desined to exterminate, Jews, Russians, Gypsies and other minorities which were delared enemies of Nazi Germany by Hitler and his bunch of advisors and supporters.

These Germans, when questioned by the liberating Allied forces, claimed they were totally unaware of the attrocities committed by the Nazi officers and soldiers within the camp grounds. THe German citizens claimed they heard nothing bad, they saw nothing bad, they did not know what went on behind walls / barbed fences the POW concentration camps.

One American army officer could not believe what they said ! All lies, claiming innocence.

Bamboo Conspiracy said...


There is a difference between JUDGING and WARNING.

As a servant of the Lord, we are duty bond to WARN, but we do not is God who JUDGES.(Note 1)

When a servant of the Lord speaks about Hell, Condemnation and Judgement, his purpose is to WARN sinners and backslidden Christians on the coming JUDGEMENT.

It is TRUE, God is LOVE, but that LOVE must be fair and hence must be JUST. He JUDGE sinners and CHASTISE His disobedient Children. Otherwise, HE is not God. Otherwise, He need not send His SON TO DIE ON THE CROSS. Otherwise, He need not Baptise us in the Holy Spirit so that He may lead us into all TRUTH.

It is because we fail to hear the inner VOICE of the Holy Spirit and the cry of His servant, but instead continue our sinful ways, that He has no choice but to Judge/Chastise.

It is only as we confess our sins and acknowledge Jesus is Lord, that we escape His Judgement..... and Hell!

Similarly, it is only Christians who OBEY His voice, find TRUE FELLOWSHIP with Him. Yes, they are saved from Hell, BUT they can fall into His Governmental Judgment.

He will chastise His disobedient Children because HE LOVES THEM.


PS: If you read the subsequent blogs, you would have noticed two different reactions to my message.

One saw TRUTH but another saw JUDGMENT. Why is this so? This is because as both are Children of God, the Holy Spirit is tenderly speaking to them TRUTH. One was quicker to discern the TRUTH while the other may need a longer time. But by God’s grace, eventually, we pray even the other will see the TRUTH.

It is our prayer that ALL Brothers and Sisters in the congregation will see the TRUTH. We hope they discern there is indeed something not right with the present leadership and change is needed.

Note: Space and time does not permit me here to discuss situations when as Christians we can judge as guided by the Holy Spirit.

RECAP said...


1. PG & his wife (sr.assoc Pas) & family have lived off
the church to covert the things of the world:
Materialism, Power &Position

2. For all they did and still doing to hurt CC as the
Body of Christ, they denied the Sovereignty of God

3. Their actions showed an "unresponsive" heart to
the righteous cause of those who pressed on for
Truth, transparency & good Governance, to the
extent of ruthlessness with harden hearts.

4. and all those Board of Deacons, assoc pastors,
and "Elder" are abettors /collaborators to PGs'
abuse of power & dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Will some Calvarites continue to pretend not noticing the unChristian and unholy style of church leadership ? Will they persist pleading ignorance to all that had happened or is happening under the rouge priest, like the ordinary German citizens did when questioned about the Nazi attrocities committed in the POW detention camps, near their German towns and cities ? They continued their normal daily lives, as if nothing bad happened under the Nazi regime. BTW, they acted innocent and holy too. Nobody dared speak out against the brutality of the Nazi regime under Hitler, the infamous dictator. Nobody dared speak the truth. Nobody dared point out the right from the wrong.

Except for a very small handful of resistance force members (the socalled 5th columnists).

Anonymous said...


Calvaryland stands to symbolise our church project funded by members of the CC congregation and caring members of the public - who ernestly believed that the millions of Ringgit donated/ collected (reportedly estimated at between RM7,000,000.00 (RM 7 million) and RM10,000.000.00 (RM 10million). Many of the donors, including us, gave sacrifially to this what we thought was a noble cause to help others who are/were less fortunate than us in the Malaysian society. Many sponsors too forego their personal needs (for example, perhaps including cancelling their holiday plans (local or overseas), tapping from their children's future education funds, chipping away their precious retirement plan savings, foregoing new clothes, family outings/shopping trips, selling off their cars or motorbikes, etc) to channel their hard earned money for PG's envisioned Calvaryland project. Now in hind sight, we could not help but wonder - seriuosly, if only we could see the future (that is, right now after Calvaryland finally materialised - WOULD WE CONTRIBUTE TO CALVARYLAND, IF WE KNOW THAT THE CALVARYLAND PROJECT HAS ONLY A SMALL HANDFUL OF RESIDENTS, ALTHOUGH IT COSTED MILLIONS OF RINGGIT, COUPLED WITH, ALLEGEDLY, A HEAVY FINANCIAL COMMITMENT/HELP (ALLEGEDLY COSTING ABOUT RM300,000.00 TO RM5000,000.00 ANNUALLY FROM THE CC FUNDS ?

Are the management of Calvaryland practising good Christian stewardship of God's given wealth to CC and its congregation ?

Where does Calvaryland stand in relations to the overall performance and results achieved among other charitable organisations ?

We also must keep in mind that administrators/management of Calvaryland enjoy a major advantage over others, in that (we understand and were informed) the land (on which Calvaryland is located) was donated by somebody. Meaning this blessing help reduce the financial burden in the Calvaryland project.

Despite all these advantages, is Calvaryland being over rated and uner performing ? Is it a major liability ? Should CC continue to support it ?

Since Calvaryland appear to be a failed project, should Calvaryland be sold to help reduce the financial burden of CCC ?

Anonymous said...

If current CC Voting members continue to TOTT on all Tithes,mission offerings," LOVE offerings " etc,etc , will PG & BOD AXED them as well until no more Voting members are left remaining in CC ? I wondered !

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a resounding parallel between the Senior Pastor's administration and rule with that of the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya etc.

Church money is used for personal and family gain.

Anonymous said...


Dear all, esp TTH, CT and concerned brothers and sisters in Christ, your previous efforts towards arranging meetings with PG for amicable settlement and reconciliation between affected parties had so far seemed to fail.

May TTG, CT and concerned CC members please switch from passive ressistance to active mode ? For example, organising a weekly or daily protest group outside PG's house with plcards with words like "Truth, Transparency, and Good Governance" ? Or "Good Christian Stwardship" ? Or "Reinstate membership of 400 plus affected Calvarites" ? Perhaps let our protests attract public and press attention ?

Simultaneously, can you form prayer chains among TTG and CT supporters together with concerned public to intercede for change in the hearts of the present leadership, including certain pastors and BOD, encamped just outside their houses ? Perhaps continuous chains of prayer warriors and protesters can be formed ?

Please count us in if you plan such moves.

Any other better ideas and more effective solutions ?

Anonymous said...

We were very bad stewards of God's financial blessings. We were dumb sheep. I don't believe the deacons came to the members for approval to spend that amount of money on the project. They did not need to because the money collected was placed in the Missions account and even the Deacons may not have approved the expenditure. It could have been approved just by PG and PO. Cheques were signed by both of them.

The Eyes Have Seen It said...

The cheques for the RM 1.9m "moved" from the church's coffers to PG's personal ministry (CIM) from 2002 to 2007 were only signed by PG & PO, the deacons were apparently in the dark, as well as members of the Missions Committee.

Isn't this "Conflict of Interest", since funds were moved from church coffers (public funds) to PG's personal ministry (private ministry)?

Isn't this "Criminal Breach of Trust", since we trusted PG & PO to take care of the church coffers (public funds) & yet they "moved" the RM 1.9m quietly to PG's personal ministry (private ministry)?

I rest my case ......

Anonymous said...

....The Eyes Have Seen It said...
The cheques for the RM 1.9m "moved" from the church's coffers to PG's personal ministry (CIM) from 2002 to 2007 were only "signed by PG & PO"...

(1)TRUST me on this ! The Police case is still in progress ...
(2)For this type of " alleged offences ", usually an ARREST WARRANT will be issued & he will be tried in the Session Court . Probably, Rm1.9m CASH BAIL with 2 Sureties will most probably be posted by the BOD & Elders using church FUNDS ? PG Passport may be impounded as well?
(3)Keep watching out for the NEWS in the STAR and other MSM medias !
(4)I was hoping PG make haste to leave the country if he is FAST & SMART enough ? Balance of probability of this happening is quite certain in this secular world !

Witness said...

In reply to THE EYES HAVE SEEN IT...

The same question has been asked a person during the AGM chaired by GUYNES. It was specifcially asked since PG is the head of the missions board as well as the CEO of CIM, is it not a conflict of interest? PG himself answered without blinking an eye it was not a conflict of interst.

It was one year later during the next AGM, 2 BOD members said the transfer has the approval of the BOD. If this was true, then why PG, the year before did not bring it out.....?

Something really fishy if you ask me; the same with other issues I am sure

Anonymous said...

Referring to Reply to THE EYES HAVE SEEN IT, there is no way that we will ever forget the relatively harsh treatment given out by our dear Bro Guynes during that AGM night.

We could remember so vividly it was the same Bro. Guynes (unless maybe his "identical twins") who imposed special rulings during the AGM. How original was his rule that
only voting members are allowed to come to the microphones (mikes). Associate members cannot do so, having no such rights. (Associates Like second class citizens. You they don't want, But your money they want!)

Sure we remember till the day we die, the same "loving" Bro. Guynes, who lorded over the whole AGM as CHAIRMAN (May the trumpets and cymbals sound to announce his lordship Emperor Guynes) - who was so skilfully in controlling the crowd, esp the "opposition" TTG.

"You must state the main points in a sentence - What are your main points ? Get to the point. We got no time to waste".

Oh yeah, let us not forget to mwention "de piece de resistance" viz. the orginal Guynes' "THREE TIMES YOU ARE OUT".

For the sake of the uninitiated among CC members, "loving" Bro. Guynes meant if he warned you at the mikes to toe the line three (TIGA KALI SAHAJA), you were out. You were supposed to bow your head in shame, and walked away from the mikes.

His excelency Bro. Guynes must be trying to introduce basics of American baseball culture to us. (Are we "uncouth natives" in Asia ?)

The best part is left last : When a voting members' request for clarifications irritated the CHAIRMAN, YOU GET CUT OFF.

Imagine this was the same Bro. Guynes who PG proudly announced to the CC congregation that he (Bro. Guynes) who has submitted an application to be a member of CC, so that he could be part of the CC family ! All the way from his hometown Springsfield, US of A !!!!

Is it the same Bro. Guynes who was publicly acknowledged as one of "founding members" who reportedly help "build up" CC from its humble beginnings ? God help us ...

Anonymous said...


We suspect that Bro Guynes subscribed to the adage "Necessity is the mother of invention." We believe Bro Guynes thought it necessary to protect his outstanding disciple PG, his cohorts and his system of administration in CC from "attacks".

So we think Bro Guynes invented new and very original rules to play the game, to wipe out opposition.

Jalan Sayor migrant said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The heart attack shocker we had was - When we were told by Sister Sherren*, "Calvaryland is too far away for your mother, sure you don't mind !"

Question : If Sister Sherren thinks Calvaryland is located too far, why in the fisrt place CC (through PG's grand vison) buy the land and build this RM 10,000,000.00 (RM 10 million) Calvaryland ? Really stupid and Illogical !

We could help being hurt and digusted by the turn off attitude of this person, attending to our enquiries. We had no choice but to conclude having the uncanny suspicion that she was trying very hard to shoo us away. She did not show any concern about accepting or even meeting our aged mother. She seemed to be firm about turning away our poor mother !

I felt sad after reading this complaint.Shereen- if you are reading this, would you care to explain? Are you the person in charge of that home? Who do you report to? You can thank God that the blog owners know little about law or the most effective way to file an action in Court.If there is a fullblown trail, and you are subpoenad as a witness, you will surely face trouble. I will surely attend Court to witness your cross examination under oath!!